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It’s vast and Ü are small Can Ü make a difference? Some people will say Ü can’t But why stop trying when Ü can start Why separate nature when Ü can form a connection What does it take to make a new beginning It all starts at home Can Ü imagine a home that connects with nature? We have… The canühome. Because yes, Ü can The canühome is for the whole family It’s based on whole systems design It’s a home that takes into consideration Geographic, Climatic, Economic And Cultural factors, While promoting the shared Canadian values of Sustainability and Universality that lead to overall wellness. A home that protects Ü like the ozone layer Protects life on earth Creating a harmonious diversity As balanced and beautiful as life itself The canühome, it’s a start Drawing on the wisdom of tradition While imagining a sustainable future for all.

The canßhome builds on fundamental design principles identified through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), George Brown College’s Institute without Boundaries (IwB) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). These principles combine sustainability and universality for a life well lived. Sustainable Nothing is more sustainable than that which is living. Wisdom challenges us to anticipate, adapt, and accept change. Time is a building material Universal Accessibility lasts a lifetime. The greater the access, the stronger the connection. By designing for universal access from the home to the community, we are better connected. Access is a building material Wellness Living a balanced life requires structuring complexity. To keep your equilibrium, you must harmonize the ebb and flow of daily life. Flexibility is a building material The canuhome promotes sustainable living through Improved indoor air and environment quality, Reduced ecological footprint through energy, water and resource efficiency, Universal, accessible and adaptable design to meet changing needs, And inherent affordability – lasting longer, costing less to operate, and easier to finance.

stop searching for yourself you are here

The canĂźhome can sit on grade, nestle into the earth, or float on water.

Location is a building material. Can Ăœ Move...

Create something old buy a new idea

The canĂźhome is created from locally sourced responsible and renewable materials.

Proximity is a building material. Can Ăœ COOL...

insulate out of thin air

The canĂźhome uses convection and radiance to heat and cool the home passively.

Air is a building material. Can Ăœ Clip...

Thinking of moving grow your home

The canĂźhome can be designed in increments due to the modular floor plates, creating affordable housing that can grow or shrink over time. size is a building material. Can Ăœ Convert...

resources are not limited by design

The canĂźhome captures, cleans and channels water and waste as part of a natural cycle.

storage is a building material. Can Ăœ stand...

Need time make space

The canühome allows you to reset your house with furniture you transform because all the world’s a stage, and the best scenes are yet to come.

space is a building material. Can Ü sense...

absorb as you reflect

The canühome’s cladding uses colour to passively store and exchange energy. In the future, retrofit your roof with solar collectors to meet all home energy needs.

colour is a building material. Can Ü source...

trouble focusing forget about it

The canĂźhome responds to the seasons on the outside, and interacts with the inhabitants on the inside, with an energy, lighting, air movement, and communication nervous system. ResponsEAbility is a building material. Can Ăœ into–it...

“As Canada’s national housing agency and authority in housing technology, construction, design and finance, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) recognizes the important role of housing. It is a basic human need and a basic building block for creating sustainable, equitable and affordable communities. In response, CMHC has developed initiatives such as EQuilibrium, Healthy Housing™, FlexHousing™ and affordable green financing. CMHC is thus proud to be a partner in creating the canühome exhibit to showcase these innovative and intelligent housing solutions” – Peter Friedmann

General Manager, Ontario Region, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

“The Institute without Boundaries’ (IwB) collaboration with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) began in 2006 when IWB adapted housing designs that CMHC had created for nonprofit and affordable housing groups. The partnership continued as IwB incorporated CMHC research into their World House Project in Costa Rica. Building on the research conducted in the World House Project, a team of faculty, students and experts have created the canühome as an exemplary home environment that re-imagines how we may live in the near future” – Luigi Ferrara

Director, Centre for Arts & Design and Institute without Boundaries at George Brown College

“To help consumers make environmentally friendly homebuying choices, the Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Canada Trust) offers green mortgage or home equity line of credit discounts and rebates and a $100 donation to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. As part of the canühome launch we will offer a rebate of up to 1.5% of the green mortgage or home equity line of credit amount, on the customer’s purchase of Energy Star appliances” – Joan Dal Bianco Vice President, Real Estate Secured Lending

“Purchasing wood products certified to Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) rigorous environmental and social standards is one of the most effective ways of supporting healthy forests and healthy communities. FSC is the only forest certification system supported by environmental groups worldwide and the only one recognized under the LEED® green building rating system” – Antony Marcil President and C.E.O., FSC Canada

Can Ăœ Start...

Canühome booklet  
Canühome booklet