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Annual Report


A sponsored ministry of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament

3D Printer in Technology Lab

A sponsored ministry of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament

Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament Leadership 2016-2017

Incarnate Word Academy Board of Directors 2016-2017

Congregational Leader


Sr. Margaret Taylor, SIW

Timothy Kulbago ‘84



Sr. Carol Tobler, SIW

Sean Cwynar ‘00



Sr. Margaret Mary McAuliffe , SIW

School Administration 2016-2017 President

Sr. Rosemarie Burke, SIW Principal

Janette Cicerchi

Meghan Patton Schepis ‘95 Sr. Rosemarie Burke, SIW Ann Cancelliere Shanda Coomes Bland Scott Gedeon Tom Genco Mary Hovanec Donna Kiwala Sr. Elizabeth Ann Sheahan, SIW Sr. Margaret Taylor, SIW Jonathan Wolnik ‘94

Director of Advancement

Carli Kistler-Miller Every effort has been made to be accurate. Please contact Carli Miller at with any comments or corrections. Incarnate Word Academy 6620 Pearl Rd Parma Heights, OH 44130-3808 440-842-6818

4 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

Letter from

Mary Whelan Head of School

Dear Incarnate Word Academy Community, Because of your generosity and support to Incarnate Word Academy, we are able to fill these pages with hope, promise and dreams for a stronger and better school for future generations to come. Your belief in the mission of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word, who established this school over eighty years ago, has allowed us to become one of the most respected Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese of Cleveland. Your financial support allows us to educate any student wishing to be a part of this strong academic institution. It provides state-of-the-art technology in each classroom. It allows our science program to be recognized continually by the Ohio Academy of Science as one of a few local elementary schools to expose students to quality science and other STEM opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. Your gifts enable us to hire master educators who set high expectations for their students and remain a part of the IWA teaching community for years. Your gifts enhance our reading program, our world language programs, and math programs. Recently, the following comment was made to one of our math teachers when reaching out to the area Catholic high schools for continued conversation on preparing our students for the rigor of college preparatory high schools, “Let me start off by saying that Incarnate Word does a great job with their math students! Congratulations!! It seems that your students generally are our top math students coming in.” These comments happen because of the investments of our stakeholders like you who know the value of quality teachers and quality curriculum. You are part of a special group of people who share your gifts with IWA students to make their educational experience a foundation for much greater opportunities in their future. Their foundation begins here and your gifts make the difference. Thank you for your belief in Catholic education, your support of our Sisters, faculty and staff, your prayers, and your financial gifts that allow us to teach and shares God’s love and care for our students. As always, we will remember you in our daily prayers and thank God for your belief in our mission to learn, lead and serve.

God bless you,

Mary Whelan Head of School IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


IWA Preparatory Principal The introduction of our Preparatory School has provided our upper grade students with a more focused understanding of the skills and habits necessary to be a successful high school student. The recent hiring of quality high school teachers to educate our students brings a knowledge base of not just content and curriculum, but of life skills and appropriate expectations needed to transition into the high school level. I am excited to continue my working relationship with the many Catholic high school principals in the area to help bridge our programs with those implemented and established in these schools. - Mary Whelan

81st school year begins!

Annual Science Fair

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Sept 2016

Oct 2016

Nov 2016

(Three students earn Superior at State Science Fair.)

Dec 2016

IWA wins St. Ignatius Brain Brawl Championship School celebrates the Birth of Jesus

Jan 2017

Hat & Mitten collection for needy

IWA Campus Minister As Campus Minister, I have been able to create the reflections shared each morning, as well as teach Religion in the classrooms, hold mini- Retreats for the students, start the Guardian Angel initiative and keep focus on the spirituality of our students. In all of my years as a teacher at Incarnate Word Academy, I have always found our students to be open to the Word of God, and open with generous hearts and hands to the poor. God bless our parents for instilling in their children the willingness and readiness to learn, love and serve. - Sr. Rosemarie Burke, SIW 6 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

Feb 2017

IWA Primary & Preschool Principal The presence of the Sisters is felt as soon as you arrive on the campus. The beautiful grounds welcome you to enter a building where a sense of calm and quiet belonging is felt by everyone who walks through the doors. The smiles on the students’ faces portray how much they love coming to school. The students are taught by dedicated faculty and staff in an environment where the students grow spiritually, academically, and socially. The preschool program is rich in literacy and math skills, creating a foundation on which critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity are infused in engaging lessons and activities throughout the primary years.. - Janette Cicerchi

7th and 8th Grade IWA brought home 2 team medIals, 5 blue ribbons, and 3 red ribbons from GCCTM Math Competition.

Mar 2017

Apr 2017

The 6th, 7th, and 8th graders ALL took 1st Place in their division for the State of Ohio in the Catholic Math League Competition.

Three students advance to Power of the Pen State competition.

May 2017

IWA welcomes new Head of School, Mrs Whelan.

Jun 2017

Class of 2017 graduates. Earns over $120,000 in high school scholarships.

Jul 2017

Aug 2017

CleverTouch boards installed in every classroom. New art room is finished.

IWA Director of Advancement I am forever in awe of the generosity and committment of the Incarnate Word Academy community. The school is so blessed to have the spiritual and financical support of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word. In addition, several Sisters still serve the school in many capacities, which permeates every aspect of the culture. The IWA Board of Directors are volunteers who give so graciously of their experience. The generous donations of time, talent and treasure by our parents, alumni, faculty and staff never ceases to warm my heart. Incarnate Word Academy is truly blessed. - Carli Miller IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


John Biernacki is an Incarnate Word Academy alumnus as is his son, Michael ‘17. John is a partner at the patent law firm of Lorenz & Kopf. Prior to that, John was a partner at Jones Day where he specialized in M&A and software patent prosecution, licensing, and litigation. While at Jones Day, John was awarded with the BTI Consulting Group’s “Client Service All-Star MVP” based on survey results of outside corporate counsel. He is an adjunct professor of intellectual property law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law and University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. Prior to entering the legal field, John worked as a software engineer for DuPont at a U.S. Department of Energy facility that produced plutonium and tritium, focused on relational database management systems and statistical modeling to analyze nuclear material accountability and safeguard issues. He then worked at NASA Lewis Research Center as a software and systems engineer contractor on the NASA Space Station, Mars Nuclear Rocket, and Space Shuttle programs. John attended Incarnate Word Academy, Saint Ignatius High School, University of Detroit (B.Chem.E.), John Carroll University (M.A. in Ancient Greek and Latin), and University of Detroit Mercy School of Law (J.D.). John is grateful to serve on the IWA board and to serve also on the board for the Diocese’s Catholic Educational Endowment Trust and as the Chair of the Board for the Jesuit Retreat House in Parma, Ohio. He also serves on the Diocese’s Rooted in Faith Advisory Group. He is a past Chairperson for the local Loyola Club organization and is the president of the IWA Alumni Association. Do you feel that IWA was a foundation for your current success? If so, how? My answer is definitely Yes. Without faith which provides our values, there cannot be a proper sense of success and what it means. The Sisters and IWA’s environment were fundamental in forming my faith. The sisters not only taught the faith in our classrooms but lived it. Their example allowed my classmates and me to see faith in action. Their example continues with me to this day.

8 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

My career took a technical turn into chemical engineering, software, NASA, and further into patent law and M&A work in the tech industry. I felt comfortable entering these different areas because the sisters were fundamental in forming in me the desire to learn and not be afraid to try different things. For example, Sister Lucille with her enthusiasm for the sciences was my first science role model. From her I acquired that enthusiasm. The IWA science fair projects, which she chaired, were critical in this. Further, other students’ projects amazed me – one such project was radiation’s effects on DNA. I did not know what DNA was but it created “wonder” in me for science’s reach.

Alumni Update

John Biernacki ‘79

Sister Lucille also had a veritable zoo of animals in her classroom, ranging from piranhas to Beta fishes, frogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, lizards, eels, etc. We were surrounded by the living things that we were studying. This came in handy when my parents decided to move to a very rural area in Pennsylvania where I earned money for college by raising pigs and baling hay at nearby farms. This rural retreat also provided an ideal environment for more intense study of the classics, such as Plato and history through Herodotus and Thucydides. Why do you think it is important to support IWA with time, talent or treasure? Catholic grade schools are vital for children to grow in God’s love and to discern what God wants them to do. We also need Catholics who are well educated in their religion so that they can be apologists for their faith and learn to live their faith by serving others. The Sisters have created an incredible environment for children to achieve this, and we should help with their mission just as they helped us when we were students at IWA. Moreover, Catholic grade schools are the primary feeders into Catholic high schools. For Catholic high schools to survive, Catholic grade schools must thrive. IWA is unique within our Diocese. It is one of the few grade schools without a parish to support it. Therefore, it deserves the support of everyone who appreciates the merit of IWA’s quality education and the values it imparts to its Catholic and non-Catholic students alike. IWA deserves to be supported with time, talent, and funds. Multiple times in my work with the Diocese I have heard unsolicited compliments about IWA without people knowing of my connection to IWA. For me, this type of praise is one of the best objective measures of how well the school educates its students. Importantly, IWA creates a community that includes not just the students, but also parents, alums, and many others. This community started many years ago. With support, this community will endure, renew, and grow in the coming years. Why did you send Michael to IWA and do you see the results you expected? Like my parents, forming a deep faith was the primary reason for sending our son to IWA. Teachers, staff, and many others at IWA fostered Michael’s faith by their everyday example and instruction. Participating in the weekday masses at IWA allowed Michael to recognize and experience Christ more fully.

At a recent retreat, I was reminded of the primary importance of the Eucharist in the Gospel’s recounting of the disciples who met the resurrected Jesus on the way to Emmaus. It was only in the breaking of the bread that they recognized Jesus. I believe Michael grew in his recognition of Jesus through the many Eucharistic celebrations at IWA. Michael became more involved in IWA masses by serving as an altar boy at the Sisters’ daily masses. For me, in the 1970s, this type of serving provided an unveiled look into the Sisters’ devotion to the Eucharist. The experience showed me at such an early age what I should strive for and how I should understand the Eucharist. Because of Michael’s serving at the Sisters’ daily masses, I believe Michael came away with the same belief. IWA’s strength is also in its academics. IWA provided more than just a solid education by pushing him to do more. While I was hoping that he would like Latin a bit more through the IWA programs, he discovered a real love of computers and medicine. The IWA science project allowed him to pursue both areas by using artificial intelligence (neural networks) for breast cancer prediction in images of cells. Every kid shines in some way and IWA gave Michael the environment within which to shine in his way. Anything else you would like to share? IWA continues to amaze me. I only learned in August about the persecution my third grade teacher (Sister Gabriel) experienced in Mexico. She and others in the congregation fled Mexico in the early 1900s to escape the government’s religious persecution. Their exile lead to the establishment of IWA. I also wanted to mention the impact of Mr. Kessler and the IWA wrestling program upon me. I started in the “highly competitive” 35 pound weight class in kindergarten. I do not know how he did it, but Mr. Kessler had incredible patience and care to help so many with life’s early lessons – dealing with success, defeats, and being a team player. Lastly, I would be remiss in not recognizing Fr. Joe Moriarty who served as the school’s chaplain from 1951 to 2000. He was a deep and holy person, and Fr. Joe, along with the IWA sisters and my uncle who was a Jesuit priest, was my role model for those in the religious life. These role models helped guide me and my sense of success (and failure) in my own professional career. For that, I am deeply grateful.

IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


Anamika Veeramani, 2010 SCRIPPS National Spelling Bee Champion, graduated from Incarnate Word Academy in 2010, Laurel High School in 2014 and Yale University one year early in 2017. At Yale, she majored in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. She is currently interning in ‘Reconstructive Surgery’ at the Yale School of Medicine and interviewing for medical school which she plans on starting in 2018.

What is your favorite memory from IWA? IWA Chapel serenity and the events honoring our veterans (organized by Ms. Shalala) are favorite IWA memories.

Do you feel that IWA gave you a foundation for high school and college? If so, how? Absolutely. I am strong in Math, Science and English, thanks to the early foundation from IWA teachers. The opportunity to compete in several competitions in Math, Science, Geography and Spelling were both exciting and impressionable; more importantly, they positioned me to be the competitive person I am today.

The defining moment was winning the Bee, but it was the accompanying experiences that let me leave that shy introvert behind in Washington DC where the event was held. The Bee melted away my tallest personal hurdle – shyness. Now when a question’s asked, or a situation confronts, or an opportunity knocks, I don’t cringe as I would have before the win. I respond without fear or hesitation, supported by the confidence I acquired from the national and international exposure immediately after the championship

The values I acquired and practiced at IWA have helped me to establish myself as a person of integrity, discipline and ethics. I have been able to stand my ground and stay firm with and for my beliefs and causes in the face of adversity and challenges due to the confidence and maturity I acquired from IWA community. The ability to discriminate between right and wrong is the most valuable life lesson IWA taught me and I am very grateful for it.

As I’ve moved forward, I’m not the same person I used to be; for one thing, I’ve forgotten how to spell “shy”.

10 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

What was your takeaway from the spelling championship? The spelling championship taught me humility, modesty and confidence in self.

Anything else you would like to share? I am looking forward to meeting all my IWA friends and faculty at the next alumni get together!

Alumni Update

Anamika ‘10 & Ashwin ‘14 Veeramani Ashwin Veeramani tied for third place in the 2014 SCRIPPS National Spelling Bee, graduated from Incarnate Word Academy in 2014, and is currently a senior at University School. While attending University School, Ashwin placed 5th in the Regional Junior Science and Humanities Symposium and earned an all-expense paid trip to the Nationals and was awarded a gold medal by the Department of of Chemistry at Bowling Green State University for his poster, “The Role of Hair Bundle Protien 7 *HBP7) in the Auditory Hair Cell of Zebrafish in Mediating Hearing Function”. Do you feel that IWA gave you a foundation for high school? If so, how? Yes, very much. IWA gave me the academic and social foundation for high school. I was able to hit the ground running at University School and felt very much at home from the very first day. IWA had prepared me to be a very competitive student in high school and I am able to handle a challenging course load with ease since my freshman year. On the social front, I was able to handle the transition quite easily into high school and made great, lasting friends quickly.

What is your favorite memory from IWA? I loved my art classes with Mrs. Kovacs. I have had some interesting and memorable discussions with her, which I still remember. I was very busy with my science and math classes and did not have as much time as I would have liked to devote to Art. I wasn’t even that good at Art, but I still remember her engaging and intellectually stimulating classes. I wish I could go back to my middle school and reconnect with Art. Actually, I have several favorite memories of IWA – friends from elementary school, Mrs. Mileti’s geography competitions, Mrs. Rossman’s Science Fairs, Mrs. Puin’s Math classes, Ms. Shalala’s English classes and Mrs. Hearst’s spelling coaching sessions, to name a few. Anything else you would like to share? I am very proud and honored to be a part of the IWA community.

IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


2nd grade learning about the Old and New Testament

Incarnate Word Academy Sponsors* $20,000 + Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament*

Incarnate Word Academy Society Visionaries* $4,000 + Joseph & Freda Criscione Michael ‘82 & Roseanne Deucher Catherine Noga

Incarnate Word Academy Society Benefactors* $2,500 - $3,999 Luke & Tracy Gromen IWA Athletic Association Frank Spencer

Incarnate Word Academy Society Members of the Incarnate Word Society play an essential role in the Incarnate Word Academy community by demonstrating a commitment to the mission of IWA. Membership is open to all individuals, companies, and foundations that make a gift of $1,000 or more to IWA during the fiscal year (July 1-June 30). 12 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

*IWA Society Member

Incarnate Word Academy Society Members* $1,000 - $2,499 Anonymous Anonymous Ken ‘81 & Janine Akstens John ‘79 & Laura Biernacki Matthew Blazer & Beth Schenz IWA Music Boosters Paul & Susan Fredrick Michael Hester & Kara Mahoney Brian & Elizabeth Hirsch Chris & Pam Hobe IWA Uniforms R Us David & Mona Jablonski Philip ‘95 & Amanda Klima Eugene & Helen Mikel Richard & Ellen Pignatiello PNC Foundation Matching Gift Program Progressive Insurance Foundation Gregory & Maria Skowronski Daniel & Laura Ryder Lél & Mariana Somogyi Volodymyr & Viktoryia Statsevych Jeff & Arthi Tirey

^IWA Board of Directors Member

IWA Fund

Donations recognized within this report were made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

The IWA Fund helps bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the cost to educate an IWA student.

Warrior Club $500 - $999

William & Maria Arroyo Marianne Crosley Clements ‘72 Tim & Pam DeGeeter Thomas ‘74 & Janet Genco David ‘62 & Kay Gleske George & Elaine Hlavacs Jesse & Jennifer Keirn Robert Moorman ‘65 Scott & Kelly Richter Vince & Rose Ruffa Stephen Schnell ‘70 Ritesh & Shilpi ‘89 Shah Mark & Nadine ‘86 Stephens Dave & Jill Thein Jonathan C. Wolnik ‘94 Keith Zupancic

Eduator Club $100 - $499

Mehboob & Zahra Abdullah Renato Agustin Jay & Joann Anderson Ronald & Catherine Andes Jack & Lois Antonius Adam & Amy Behal James M. Bielecki ‘64 Chester Bizga Shanda Coomes Bland Natalya Bobryvets Mark & Brandie Boltuc Barbara Bonezzi Christine ‘84 & Dean Booth Bill & Amy Bracken Richard Broderick Herbert & Regina Brosnan Adrian Cadena Matthew ‘84 & Sandra Camarati Ann Cancelliere Frank & Delia Castelli Jon Castro & Tricia Bravo Tricia Bravo Castro

Louis & Celine Chapman Daniel & Coralia Ciurcel Bernandin & Elsie Congo Eric & Diane Cook Geneen Crocco Rita Cutarelli ‘83 Robert & Carol Deucher Anand Dhandapani Frank & Julia DiFilippo Vincent & Luigia DiFilippo Dennis & Milka Eck Frank & Maura ‘93 Fauskey Mrs. Bonnie Figliano Dale & Linda Gabor Matthew Geiger ‘98Stephen & Elizabeth Glorioso David & Maria Griffiths Gary Habeeb ‘58 Carla Hanson ‘74 James & Laura ‘86 Hlavaty Raymond & Sandra Hong Donna R. McKinley Hornyak ‘45 Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Huberty David E. Hudec ‘68 Thomas Hudec ‘66 Raymond James Timothy Johns ‘80 Terry ‘ 88 & Amy Jordan Thomas & Kathleen Kelly KeyBank Foundation Ann E. Kho Karen Kinkopf ‘79 Jack & Melissa Kinzie Donna Kiwala John & Barbara Klima Vince & Michelle Konopka Bob Kufleitner & Harjas Sidhu Dale Kulbago Amy Bonkoski & Edward Kundla Paul J. Lammermeier ‘53 Lubrizol Foundation Matching GIfts Walter & Lilia Lucas John & Lisa Malloy Daniel Meges Jr. ‘89 David & Monica ‘91 Mertes *IWA Society Member

John & Denise O’Brien Corey & Patty Pacer John Padilla Robert & Margaret Mary Pafford Corinne Patel Tim & Maryann ‘87 Patrick Dr. Colleen Shea Roberts ‘64 Michael Robison Tom & Kristen ‘81 Fortino James Saul & Marina ‘76 Cutarelli Anthony ‘95 & Meghan ‘95 Schepis Mary Beth Schram Rick & Ruth Schwachenwald Mr. & Mrs. William Scott Nick & Despina Semertsidis Brian Sharkin ‘69 John ‘81 & Joanie Soeder Josephine R. Soeder Megan Somerville ‘98 Miroslav Sopka Duke & Shannon ‘87 Southworth Kathryn Tarantino John E. Taylor John & Donna Thomas Anonymous Darren & Mary Tuel John & Carrie ‘89 Tymkewicz Edgar Vanko ‘55 Sarah M West ‘85 Marilyn Wodzisz Hongqiao Wu & Chang Su Michael & Jessica Zajac

^IWA Board of Directors Member

IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


School celebrating Mass together IWA Fund continued

Anonymous Catherine Abraham Steven Alessandro ‘88 Kathryn Benjamin Richard ‘07 & Gail Bindernagel James & Kristin Brennan Arthur & Renate Caliguire Desiree Caliguire-Maier ‘81 Gino ‘81 & Susan Caroscio Bernard Cesar ‘71 Shirley Chambers Janette Cicerchi Dennis & Sharon Colburn Jamie Cordon Carlo & Patricia Constanzo Sean ‘00 & Jackie Cwynar Deborha DeBow Doug & Leona Scholle Deane & Katie Drabik Aaron & Erica Esposito Tracy Evensen Frank & Emily Figliano Frank & Rose Fini Nicole M. Florio ‘87 Scott Gedeon James Goebl ‘48

Loretta Goydos-Hrdlicka ‘53 Mary Suzanne Hudec ‘58 Robert & Deana Hughes Lynn Hulec ‘57 Judy Bonk Kebl ‘54 Heather Kilbane Greg & Patricia Kimnach Christina Chiu Kistler ‘88 Claire & Brian Kovacs Michael Kulig ‘03 William J. Lang Yurly Lasiychuk Christopher J Latran ‘78 William & Julianne Latsko Marilyn Leary Tony & Rachel Leon Joe & Mary Leonard Mark ‘03 & Lois Mangione Kelly McGlumphy ‘92 Meghan Meade Maribeth Meluch John & Patricia Michalski Tony & Karen ‘84 Micheli Edward F. Mihalek ‘63 Kevin & Carli Miller The Gary Montgomery Family James ‘02 & Annemarie Muller Tammy Nairus Rama Krishna Nethi & Parimala Prata Angelica Nieszczur ‘04

14 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

*IWA Society Member

Patron Club $1 - $99

Steven M. Noga ‘91 Stephen ‘90 & Marie Novak Martin J. O’Brien ‘54 Vivian O’Callahan Our Sunday Visitor Diane Owens Ronald ‘72 & Carol Parkes Linda ‘59 & David Pastor Charles H. Pavluk ‘65 The Periwinkle Studio Charlene Gallucci Picone ‘65 Mary Platzer ‘85 Dave & Dawn Pry Richard & Lydia Rezie Robert & Kathleen Richard Melinda & Todd Rings Ian & Holly Rosby Michael & Mohana Savio Darren & Debbie Schieferle Richard Schmitz ‘86 Debra Schneider David ‘64 & Jennifer Schnell Robert Severs ‘55 Daniel & Diana Smetana Stacey Smith Azlin Biaggi Sola Mary Ann Thomas Anthony Togliatti Mychajlo Tymosch Robert Wehagen, Jr Judith Rygalski Young

^IWA Board of Directors Member

IWA Endowment Donations recognized within this report were made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

The IWA Endowment provides financial aid and scholarships for our families as well as professional development funds for our faculty.

IWA Endowment Jonathon Button ‘97 Paul Gregor ‘65 & Barbara Divine Katherine Holzle IWA Athletic Association IWA Music Boosters Mark ‘03 & Lois Mangione Dean Wolf ‘97

The Dr. Robert and Carol Deucher Family Endowed Scholarship

The Abe and Anna Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Michael ‘82 & Roseanne Deucher*

Samuel H. Miller

The Friends of Sr. Eileen Fitzgerald Endowed Scholarship

The Donald and Catherine Noga Family Endowed Scholarship

Memorials for Sharron Kutz

Mary Ann Beachler Catherine Noga*

The Dave and Carol McDaniel Memorial Scholarship Matthew & Janna McDaniel

The Sr. Mary Ellen Ryan, SIW Scholarship Anonymous

Dress Down for Endowment If you would like to donate towards any of the following funds or establish a scholarship fund, please contact Carli Miller at 440-842-6818 x3110 or

Students could dress down on monthly Dress Down for Endowment days for $5. The program ran from January 2017 - May 2017.

Current Named IWA Scholarships:

Total Raised $4,936

Endowed Scholarships The Janet Walters Biernacki Memorial Endowed Scholarship The Dr. Robert and Carol Deucher Family Endowed Scholarship The Friends of Sr. Eileen Fitzgerald Endowed Scholarship The Dr. John and Rita Hudec Memorial Endowed Scholarship The Dave and Carol A. McDaniel Memorial Endowed Scholarship The Sr. Ambrose Memczick-Pat and Beatrice Catanzarite Memorial Endowed Scholarship The Abe and Anna Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship The Donald and Catherine Noga Family Endowed Scholarship The Thomas F. Patton II Endowed Scholarship Non-Endowed Scholarships The Sr. M. Gabriel O'Regan, SIW Scholarship in Memory of John. R. Kessler The Sr. Ambrose Memzcik, SIW Scholarship The Sr. Mary Ellen Ryan, SIW Scholarship The Sr. Vincent Neville, SIW Scholarship Restricted Scholarship The A.M.O. Mathematics Scholarship

*IWA Society Member

^IWA Board of Directors Member

IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


Kindergarten sorting and learning about seeds.



Holy Spirit Byzantine* St. Elizabeth Ann Seton* St. Julie Billiart*

IWA Athletic Association* IWA Alumni Association IWA Parent Teacher Student Union IWA Music Boosters* IWA Uniforms R Us* Our Sunday Visitor

Matching Gift Companies GE Foundation* KeyBank Foundation* Progressive Insurance Foundation* PNC Foundation *


Foundations Diocese of Cleveland Catholic Community Foundation*

16 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

*IWA Society Member

Justin & Lindsey Cavanaugh Cookie Cupboard Gourmet Dough Rose Fulcher Sophia Kramer SwiftPrint David & Maureen Ryan Roy & Meg Schenz Sue Szabo

^IWA Board of Directors Member

IWA Giving Donations recognized within this report were made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

Honorariums Sr. Rosemarie Burke, SIW Kathryn Tarantino

Charlie M. Kho Ann E. Kho

William and Bernie McKinley Donna R McKinley Hornyak ‘45

Vivian Carli Kistler Carli & Kevin Miller

Rou-Sliman Family Loretta goydos-Hrdlicka

Timothy Johns Thomas & Kathleen Kelly

Sharron Kutz Anonymous Anthony Aleksinski Robert ‘63 & Marilyn Bartkiewicz Philip & Christina Bisesi John & Donna ‘61 Campanella Bambina Cantu Eric & Diane Cook Sr. Elizabeth Cooper, SIW Sr. Eileen Fitzgerald, SIW Florence Izzo Diane Joeright Gina Kaczmarek Janet Kappus Richard & Shelia Magovich Seamus T. O’Brien ‘71 Diane Owens Rodger ‘75 & Nahla Pelagalli Tim & Lisa Platten Jeff & Judy Radin Frederick M. Schnell, Jr. Barbara Shearer Thomas ‘09 & Angela Simon Margaret M. Syroney Nick Tomino Frank & Laura Unger Jennifer Ventrone ‘98 John & Joanne Vinci Sr. Anne Walsh, SIW West Haven Youth Soccer League Terrance Wichmann ‘93

Carole Julian Thomas & Kathleen Kelly

Lynn Leary Marilyn Leary

Sisters of the Incarnate Word Karen Kinkopf ‘79 Carl Tilow Carla Hanson ‘74

Memorials Fred Abraham ‘88 Catherine Abraham The Bielecki Family Members James M. Bielecki ‘64 Carl Ciprian Our Sunday Visitor Carol Deucher Gary Montgomery John M. Farley John Padilla Edward Hornyak Donna R. McKinley Hornyak

*IWA Society Member

^IWA Board of Directors Member

Sr. Therese Marsal, SIW Erik Kutz ‘91 Barbara Moorman ‘64 Colleen Shea Roberts ‘64 Donald Noga Christine ‘84 & Dean Booth Steven M. Noga ‘91 William S. Sharkin Brian Sharkin ‘69 Maryann Soos Thomas & Kathleen Kelly Marid Tymosch Miroslav Sopka Mychajlo Tymosch Robert Wehagen, Jr.

IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


Rachel & Tony Leon A Night to Remember volunteer bartenders

Event Sponsors

Silent Auction & Raffle

Platinum Sponsor Sisters of the Incarnate Word

Assad & Crea Realty Group Janeane Carile Cleveland Browns Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Metroparks Laurie Heinle Holy Name High School Deana Hughes Dr. Mark Iacobelli The Family of Riley Kowal Timothy Kulbago ‘84 Sr. Betty Ann Macatee Carli & Kevin Miller Vivian Miller Music Land Diane Owens Padua Franciscan High School Parma Hardware Parma Heights Fire Department

Gold Sponsor Mark A. Iacobelli, D.D.S. Silver Sponsor Jesuit Retreat House Wells Fargo Advisors/ Robert Bell & Justin Fitchko Table Sponsors IWA Athletic Association Justin & Lindsey Cavanaugh Senator Tom Patton Strongsville Body & Paint

Event Donors

Heather J. Petroll, DDS Mary Platzer ‘85 PNC Bank Amy Roback Dr. Stephan Sala The Sausage Shoppe Schoolbelles Sisters of the Incarnate Word Jane Soposky St. Ignatius High School St. Joseph Academy Family of Riley Kowal United Catholic Federal Credit Union W.B. Mason Tomma Zedella

Anonymous The Cookie Cupboard SwiftPrint

18 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

*IWA Society Member

^IWA Board of Directors Member

A Night to Remember 2016 Annual fundraiser held the first Saturday in October to raise funds for the IWA Fund which helps bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the cost to educate. Program Advertisers

Event Committee

Brookpark Design Builders, LLC Mayor Mike Byrne Chase Professional Transport, LLC Cookie Cupboard Gourmet Dough Tim & Pam DeGeeter GCA Services Group, Inc Hank Bloom Services Timothy Hulec IWA Athletic Association Anthony Mangione ‘01 Daniela Maragos Peter Hasek Glass Company, The TitleCo Title Agency Unity Catholic Federal Credit Union

Joann Anderson Janine Carile Lindsey Cavanaugh Michelle Konopka Lisa Malloy Carli Miller Cathy O’Neill Ellen Pignatiello Mary Platzer ‘85 Holly Rosby Mary Beth Schram

Event Volunteers Joann Anderson Holly Bleakley ‘85 Amy Bonkoski Cathy Bush Sr. Rosemarie Burke, SIW Michelle Brezina Janeane Carile Jan Cicerchi Liz Cynar Deane Drabik Lori Foutz Heidy Gabric Allison Grant Rae Grant Kelsey Guyer Renata Harmatiy Adam Havel Theresa Hovanec-Davey Deana Hughes Erin Hughes

David Jablonski Mona Jablonski Mary Jurcisin Cheryl Kaminski ‘83 Allison Klutarich Sophia Kramer Ed Kundla Tony Lee Megan Leigh Rachel Leon Tony Leon Andi Luzier Sr. Betty Ann Macatee, SIW Jessica Margiotta Chris Meecham Kevin Miller Laine Miller Vivian Miller Diane Owens Robert Reszler

*IWA Society Member

Alison Richardson Jill Rolle Holly Rosby Mary Platzer ‘85 Debbie Schieferle Mary Beth Schram Stacy Shalala Becky Shultz ‘99 Max Shultz Mary Ann Stachnik Donna Thomas John Thomas Sr. Margaret Taylor, SIW Sr. Carol Tobler, SIW Kimberly Vacanti Mark Wentz Erica Yacobozzi

^IWA Board of Directors Member

IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


Alumni Giving by Class Donations recognized within this report were made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

PTSU Field Day Class of 1945 Particpation 9% Donna R. McKinley Hornyak

Class of 1959 Particpation 3% Linda Pastor

Class of 1966 Particpation 2% Thomas Hudec

Class of 1948 Particpation 7% James Goebl

Class of 1961 Particpation 2% Donna Sperano Campanella

Class of 1968 Particpation 2% David E. Hudec

Class of 1953 Particpation 9% Loretta Goydos-Hrdlicka Paul Lammermeier

Class of 1962 Particpation 3% Dave Gleske Frederick M. Schnell Jr.

Class of 1969 Particpation 2% Brian W. Sharkin

Class of 1954 Particpation 9% Martin O’Brien Judy Bonk Kebl

Class of 1963 Particpation 3% Robert S Bartkiewicz Edward F. Mihalek

Class of 1955 Particpation 5% Robert M. Severs Edgar Byron Vanko

Class of 1964 Particpation 4% James M. Bielecki Colleen Shea Roberts David Schnell

Class of 1957 Particpation 3% Lynn Hoffman Hulec Class of 1958 Particpation 12% Gary Habeeb Mary Suzanne Hudec Judith Rygalski Young 20 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

Class of 1970 Particpation 2% Stephen Schnell Class of 1971 Particpation 4% Bernard Cesar Seamus T. O’Brien

Class of 1965 Particpation 6% Paul J. Gregor Robert J. Moorman Charles H. Pavluk Charlene Gallucci Picone

*IWA Society Member

Class of 1972 Particpation 3% Marianne Crosley Clements Ronald J. Parkes Class of 1973 Particpation 2% Linda Rice Pastor

^IWA Board of Directors Member

Alumni Giving by Class Donations recognized within this report were made between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017

Class of 1974 Particpation 4% Thomas M. Genco Carla Tilow Hanson

Class of 1985 Particpation 3% Sarah C. Manville West Mary Platzer

Class of 1975 Particpation 2% Rodger Pelagalli

Class of 1986 Particpation 3% Nadine Caliguire-Stephens Laura Deucher Hlavaty Richard E. Schmitz Class of 1987 Particpation 6% Nicole M. Florio Maryann Patrick Shannon Patton Southworth

Class of 1976 Particpation 2% Marina Cutarelli Saul Frank Strnad Class of 1978 Particpation 2% Christopher J. Latran Class of 1979 Particpation 4% John Biernacki* Karen Kinkopf Class of 1980 Particpation 2% Timothy Johns Class of 1981 Particpation 9% Kenneth Akstens Desiree Caliguire-Maier Gino Caroscio Clauda M. Castelli Kristen Sabetta-Fortino John Soeder Class of 1982 Particpation 3% Michael Deucher* Cheryl M. Trzcinski Class of 1983 Particpation 3% Barbara Bonezzi Rita Cutarelli Class of 1984 Particpation 7% Karen Biernacki Micheli Christine Noga Booth Matthew Camarati Timothy Kulbago^

Class of 1988 Particpation 5% Steven J. Alessandro Christina Chiu Kistler Terry Jordan Class of 1989 Particpation 5% Shilpi Kansal Shah Daniel Meges, Jr. Carolyn M. Scott Tymkewicz

Class of 1994 Particpation 2% Jonathan C. Wolnik^ Class of 1995 Particpation 5% Phillip Klima Anthony Schepis Meghan Patton Schepis^ Class of 1997 Particpation 3% Jonathon Button Dean William Wolf Class of 1998 Particpation 6% Matthew Geiger Megan Somerville Jennifer Ventrone Class of 2000 Particpation 2% Sean Cwynar^ Class of 2001 Particpation 2% Anthony Mangione

Class of 1990 Particpation 2% Stephen Novak

Class of 2002 Particpation 2% James Muller

Class of 1991 Particpation 9% Erik Kutz Monica Mertes Steven M. Noga Kenneth Wolnik, II

Class of 2003 Particpation 3% Michael Kulig Mark Mangione

Class of 1992 Particpation 2% Kelly McGlumphy Class of 1993 Particpation 4% Maura P. Magovich Fauskey Terrence Wichmann

*IWA Society Member

^IWA Board of Directors Member

Class of 2004 Particpation 2% Angelica Nieszczur Class of 2007 Particpation 2% Richard Bindernagel Class of 2009 Particpation 2% Thomas Simon

IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


8th grade volunteer parents

Naga Muktevi Adavi Allen Adkins Joann Anderson Evelin Rios Kathy Bewley Matt Blazer Holly Bleakley ‘85 Amy Bracken Katie Benjamin Butzback Amy Bonkoski Scott Camarati Lysa Camarati Janeane Carile Juan Carrero Lindsey Cavanaugh John Cho Coralia Ciurcel Kristy Colburn Tim DeGeeter Pam DeGeeter Mike Deucher ‘82 Roseanne Deucher Cheryl Di Teodoro Julia DiFilippo Deane Drabik Katie Drabik Laura Elzighondy

Erica Esposito Maura Fauskey ‘93 Cori Finan Frank Fini Rose Fini Cori Finan Jodi Frank Connie Palumbo Steve Palumbo Susan Fredrick Heidi Gabric Stan Gabric Steve Glorioso Rae Grant Venkata Gudkandula Joyce Haas Renata Harmatiy Monica Hayba Elba Heddesheimer Laurie Heinle Jerry Herman Sommer Herman Mike Hester Lisa Hirsch Laura Hlavaty Pamela Hobe Raymond Hong

22 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

*IWA Society Member

Sandra Hong Bob Hughes Deana Hughes Heather Hulec Linda Iacobelli David Jablonski Mona Jablonski Matthew Kall Christina Kamm Jennifer Keirn Jesse Keirn Amanda Klima Heather Knestrick Connie Kowal Gergory Kozarik Edward Kundla Jennifer Kunes Yuriy Lasiychuk Kristi Lehmer Rachel Leon Tony Leon Len Luszczynski Laurel Lutz Venu Madineni Ruchi Mandovara Jancymary Manickam Caroline Soliman Mankaryous Daniela Maragos

^IWA Board of Directors Member

IWA Volunteers


Incarnate Word Academy is grateful to all of our volunteers who give selflessly of their time and talent.

Ljubince Marenoski Janna McDaniel Meghan Meade Patricia Michalski Tijana Milev Brett Milla Rebecca Milla Pam Mindzora Gary Montgomery Dawn Morris Tammy Nairus Chad Nance Jennifer Nance Pushpanjali Nandula Shobana Srinivasan Nishit Maryana O’Malley Cathy O’Neill Margaret Pafford Robert Pafford Mary Anne Palko Aaron Papushak Maryann Patrick ‘85 Tim Patrick Laura Petkovic Ellen Pignatiello Andrea Luzier Scott Potoczak Sue Potoczak Shasha Puni Anaga Rathi Atul Rathi Ramachandran Ravi Kathleen Richard Kelly Richter Sandy Rihvalsky Amy Roback Ed Roback Laura Rosario Holly Rosby Jennifer Rossi Daneene Rusnak

Jeffrey Rusnak Dan Ryder Laura Ryder Stacey Sanders Sreeja Sathish Beth Ann Schenz Mary Beth Schram Ruth Schwachenwald Terri Semancik Despina Semertsidis Crystal Sgro Joseph Sgro Rita Shepard Melissa Skowronski Joanie Soeder Azlin Sola Francisco Sola Mariana Somogyi Duke Southworth Shannon Southworth ‘87 Rachel Spencer Viktoryia Statsevych Nadine Stephens ‘86 Meera Subramanian Sarah Suma

Georgeanne Taghizadeh Anne Tainer Jill Thein Donna Thomas John Thomas Jeffery Thornton Arthi Tirey Anthony Togliatti Michelle Togliatti Kim Trickett Carolyn Tymkewicz Simona Urs Kimberly Vacanti Juliann Vale Larry Vavro Mary Vavro Lisa Vitaz Maria Wancata Philip Wancata Michele Wilde Jessica Zajac Ed Zalar Meg Zalar Tomma Zedella

Sr. Therese Marsal, SIW May 27, 1937 - Feb 27, 2017

Hearts were heavy when hearing the news of Sr. Therese’s passing. Sr. Therese was a kind soul with a wonderful laugh and easy smile. She loved to volunteer in the Incarnate Word Academy library and read to the students. She had been a teacher at Incarnate Word Academy and also served as the director for the IWA Extended Day program. She is missed.

*IWA Society Member

^IWA Board of Directors Member

IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


6th grade learning about erosion

Scholarship (restricted) $10,165 6% Endowment (restricted) $13,302 7%

Parish Subsidies $3,624 2%


A Night to Remember $27,557 17%


Grants (restricted) $20,000 12%

IWA Fund (unrestricted) $89,613 54%

Other (ukulele’s, scoreboard install, etc) $4,949 3%

24 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

*IWA Society Member

^IWA Board of Directors Member

IWA Financial Summary


The fiscal year for Incarnate Word Academy begins on July 1st and ends June 30th.

Investment Income $49,987 2% Contributions $115,493 6% Mandated Services $174, 171 8% Fundraising (Certificates & Box Tops) $25,505 1%

Other Sources $31,766 2%

Net assets releaed from restrictions $76,873 4%

Operating Revenues $2,071,581

Tuition & Fees $1,597,816 77%

Capital Expenditures $38,543 2% Operations & Maintenance $247,276 12%

Administrative $273,248 13%

Operating Expenses $2,054,283

Instructional $1,495,216 73%

IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


Supporting Incarnate Word Academy IWA FUND

In order to keep tuition as affordable as possible, IWA charges 70% of the cost to eduate a student. We rely on generous donors to suppy the additional 30% so that we may offer the best possible education and environment for our students. A cash donation directly impacts the students, faculty and school. Donations may be made online or mailed to the school. Donations may be given as Memorial gifts in memory of someone you loved or admired. Donations may also be given as a dedication to someone or to commemorate all occasions (a student’s birthday, a teacher thank you, or parents’ anniversary, for example).


Double your gift! Many employers will match gifts given to non-profit schools such as Incarnate Word Academy. Please check with your employer’s personnel office to obtain the necessary form, complete it and send it to Incarnate Word Academy with your donation.


The gift that keeps on giving. Donating to our endowment fund helps generate financial aid and scholarships for our families. The community of Incarnate Word Academy wants to ensure that no child is turned away from Incarnate Word Academy because of financial need, and your investment allows us to maintain a Catholic school of academic excellence open to a diverse student body, accessible to all. Your generous gift will put an Incarnate Word Academy education within reach for many families each year. Establish a named endowment scholarship. A gift of $10,000 or more may be used to establish a named endowed scholarship.


Remember Incarnate Word Academy in your estate planning. Deferred gifts are an excellent way to secure the future of our school.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Incarnate Word Academy Director of Advancement, Carli Miller at or 440-842-6818. 26 IWA Annual Report 2016-2017

Incarnate Word Academy

Preschool 4s and young 5s

Real School for Preschool. The Incarnate Word Academy preschool programs are professionally designed to develop skills and transition students from home to school in a faith-based, safe, nurturing environment.

Incarnate Word Academy


Kindergarten - 4th grade Our students learn to think for themselves, practice their faith, exercise responsibility, and become leaders in a safe, dynamic environment.

Incarnate Word Academy

Preparatory Grades 5-8

Our students commit themselves to their classes and develop a strong work ethic, which prepares them for the next stage of their academic life.

Campus Ministry

for all grades

As a community of learners filled with the Spirit of the Word-MadeFlesh, we are committed to living Gospel values and inspiring academic excellence.

Science Technology Engineering Math Expanded Science Lab, Science Fair, bridge building, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry. Expanded Technology Lab Recently remodeled Technology Lab is filled with computers, Raspberry Pi units, a 3D Printer where students learn coding, robotics, 3D modeling, Lego Wedo, iPad carts and so much more! IWA Annual Report 2016-2017


Incarnate Word Academy 6620 Pearl Road Parma Heights, Ohio 44130

We are truly grateful for everyone who gives of their time, treasure and talent to further the mission of Incarnate Word Academy. You are in our prayers.

IWA Annual Report 2016 17  
IWA Annual Report 2016 17