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03 02 2011

Yo u r L i n k t o t h e P l a s t i c s W o r l d

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HIPF is actively pursuing its policy of continuously increasing the technical proficiency of its graduates. For achieving this objective the academic and industrial experience of our Japanese Experts and training staff was put together to produce the most updated textbooks and workbooks for plastics fabrication training in HIPF. The books are designed to efficiently impart valuable knowledge and help the trainees retain, recollect and practice the information contained in them. Every textbook was acclaimed for its excellent subject matter, good illustrations and photographs. In addition to these books HIPF periodically publishes two newsletters. ‘The Plastics Link’ containing recent developments and trends suitable for the Saudi Plastics industry and ‘The Oasis’ which highlights the important events in the institute for distribution to all the staff and trainees of HIPF.




b ot t l e s

Mineral water in PET bottles sometimes has a sweet-fruity taste. This is due to a chemical called acetaldehyde that forms during the production and storage of PET bottles. When acetaldehyde migrates from the bottle into the beverage, even very small amounts can be tasted and smelt - at least in mineral water. In beverages with a more intense flavor like Cola or other soft drinks, consumers don’t notice acetaldehyde.

Polyone introduced a additive which trade name is Oncap AA scavenger which

reduces acetaldehyde acid (AA) in PET by up to 82 percent and solves AA- related taste and odor issues, making it ideal for FDA- regulated food and beverages. Oncap AA scavenger additive is less costly and can be used at lower rates than traditional AA- reducing solution. This additive is available in pellet form. AA- scavenger overcomes significant technology challenges associated with the performance and processing of PET products.


S pecial P oints of I nterest:

I n T his issue :

• Recent Path Breaking Innovations in the field of Plastics.

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• Selected International Plastics centered events and exhibitions.


• Publications of HIPF


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New Additive removes acetaldehyde acid in PET by 82%

M ake F uel from P lastic B ags Plastic-to-plastic recycling is an optimum way to reuse plastic waste but it has its own limitations. The recycled plastics had lower value as it is usually comingled. Japanese Entrepreneur Akinori Ito, has developed a portable machine that converts plastic back to oil. This is totally a pollution free system in which the co-mingled plastics waste is heated up and useful gases are extracted and condensed to the oil.

One Kilogram of Plastics waste is converted to up to one liter of fuel

In this system there is no problem of co-mingled plastics separation. Basically all kinds of plastic have the chain like molecule with carbon bond. When these chains are broken by heat, chemical agent and/

or catalyst, different types of oils including gasoline, paraffin, light oil, heavy oil etc can be derived, depending on the number of carbon atom from the fractional distillation. This process is called oil reproduction. The oil made by this machine can be immediately used for industrial machinery, incinerators, and for other uses where refined gas is not required for operation. This oil can be converted into gasoline on further refinement. By implementing effective collection of wastes, we could actually make waste plastic back into oil, and we could use that oil as alternative fuel. Blest corp. is making different models of machines. The desktop waste plastic oil system is capable of converting 1 kg of PP up to 1 liter of oil using just 1 kilowatt of power.


H igh S peed C ap P roduction The new El-Exis SP injection molding machine from Sumitomo(SHI) Demag features enhanced mold movement and increased efficiency for high speed production of caps. Recent re-engineering activities by the company have optimized the drive system and enhanced the platen stiffness. The El-Exis SP comes with an electric drive for dosing movement, an electro hydraulic drive for mold opening movement and a hydraulic accumulator for the Injection movement. The system offers high ejector speeds. To make a forward or backward stroke of 5 mm, the El-Exis SP 250 requires just 130 ms. The ejector stroke can be increased, for example to facilitate the forced demolding of caps from a multi-cavity mold. A new feature, active adjust, enables the user to accelerate each machine movement as a function of the process or molded part. The mold opening, ejector movement or switching from Injection pressure to holding pressure can be accelerated or decelerated by increasing or decreasing the speed by means of slide controls in the control system. This will result in reduced dry running times leading to shorter cycle times.

HDPE screw caps now have cycle time of less than 2.5 seconds

At K 2010, an El-Exis SP 300-2500 with clamping force of 3000 KN produced screw caps from HDPE in a cycle time of below 2.5 seconds. The 72 cavity hot runner mold for caps of 28 mm weighing 1.6 g included tamper proof band for still mineral water.


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Conformal M old Cooling Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is a process that allows conformal cooling channels within inserts in molds. Ralph Mayer, of LaserBearbeitungsCenter (LBC) in Kornwestheim, Germany says that lasersintered mould inserts can drop cycle times in injection molding by up to 60 percent. LBC, a service provider with long years of experience in tooling has two EOS DMLS systems M 270 in operation, successfully cooperating with mid-sized and largescale industry clients on tooling projects. Another important benefit of DMLS in injection molding is also to cut scrap rates. In some cases the scrap rate fell to zero. The Conformal Cooling Advantage Cooling time can account for up to 70% of injection molding cycle times. Traditional methods of creating heating/cooling channels in moulds involve straightline drilling, which is limited in its ability to develop channels that reach critical hot spots. DMLS enables built-in, conformal cooling channels that can be optimized to draw off heat more rapidly and more evenly, dramatically reducing cycle time and

increasing part quality by eliminating warpage and other defects. Some of the results already obtained by using DMLS to create injection moulds and mould inserts with conformal cooling are: • 20 percent increase in mould productivity and a 50-hour toolmaking time for a blow-mold (Es-Tec) • Reduced cycle times from 15 to 9 seconds, enabling a 75 percent increase in productivity on a 4-bottle blow mold with DMLS inserts (SIG Blowtec) • Reduced cycle time by two-thirds using a DMLS designed core effectively cooling down a critical hot spot (LaserBearbeitungsCenter)

Conformal mold cooling increased productivity by 70%


M icro welding

Samples of welding inside the mold

This is the most affordable welding for all diverse needs and allows welding of all kinds of materials such as stainless steel (304, 306, etc), tooling and mould materials (8407, 718 HH, Stavax, Beryllium Copper, etc), customized fixtures and structures (Aluminum 4043, 5356, Titanium, etc). Micro TIG welding to minimizes heat energy to reduce distortion, HAZE problems relating to welding. Structural integrity with least residual stress that requires minimal machining while creating accurate welds and minimizing metallurgical changes to parts being welded. Excessive heat causes dimensional stability problems and even renders the part useless after welding! With high tech optics and good lighting, low temperature micro welding on mold parts to access narrow gaps and deposit enough weld metal for quick post weld machining and an ability to produce and weld with minimal or no shrinkage in the heat affected zone.

Source: ArbinTech

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I n t e r n at i o n a l P l a s t i c s E v e n t s

MOLDPLAS Trade Fair for Machines, Equipment, Raw Materials and Technology for Moulds and Plastics

Batalha ( Portugal ) > Batalha Centro de Exposições

05/05 - 08/05/2011

BRASILPLAST International Plastic Industry Trade Fair

São Paulo ( Brazil ) > Parque Anhembi

09/05 - 13/05/2011

PACKAGING - PLASTIC BURSA Bursa Packaging and Plastic Industry and Rubber Fair

Bursa ( Turkey ) > Tüyap Bursa International Fair and Congress Center

12/05 - 15/5/2011

CHINAPLAS International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries

Guangzhou ( China ) > China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex

17/05 - 20/05/2011

POLYMER MARKETS International Conference dedicated to Polymers Industry in Russia and CIS countries (former USSR)

Alushta ( Ukraine ) > More Hotel, Alushta

22/05 - 27/05/2011

CCG - CAOUTCHOUCCAUCHO GOMMA International rubber and polymer industry exhibition

Lyon ( France ) > Eurexpo

24/05 - 27/05/2011

PLASTPOL International Fair of Plastics Processing. Technologies, Equipment and Machines for Plastics Processing, Packaging, Industrial design, Plastics, Rubber processing, Recycling

Kielce ( Poland ) > Kielce Fairground

24/05 - 27/05/2011

FIP SOLUTION PLASTIQUE International Plastics Industry Forum

Lyon ( France ) > Eurexpo

25/05 - 27/05/2011

POLYTALK Plastics Congress

Rochefort-en-Yvelines (France ) > Châteauform - Château de Rochefort

25/05 - 27/05/2011

PACKAGING - PLASTIC ADANA Packaging and Plastic Machinery, Material and Products, Packaging Process and Environmental Technologies Fair - Mould Special Section - Rubber Special Section)

Adana ( Turkey ) > Tüyap Adana International Exhibition and Congress Center

26/05 - 29/05/2011

PROPAC ARABIA Saudi Arabia’s International Event for Production & Processing, Printing & Packaging, Plastics & Chemicals

Jeddah ( Saudi Arabia ) 29/05 - 01/06/2011 > Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Centre

DIE & MOULD CHINA International Exhibition on Die & Mould Technology and Equipment

Shanghai ( China ) > Shanghai New International Expo Centre

02/06 - 05/06/2011

EUROLITE EuroLite is the European Specialist Trade Fair for the Design and Serial Production of Light Weight Components

Nuremberg ( Germany ) > Exhibition Centre Nuremberg

07/06 - 09/06/2011

PLASTEC EAST Trade Show for the Plastics Industry

New York, NY ( USA - United States of America ) > Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

07/06 - 09/06/2011

Higher Institute For Plastics Fabrication

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PLASTICS LINK Your Link to the World of Plastics The establishment of HIPF aims to prepare Saudi youth to participate as skilled technicians in the booming plastics industry of the Kingdom and to develop the technical knowledge and skills of Saudi workforce towards localization of plastics fabrication technology. The Editorial board of the Newsletter would like to remind the reader that the articles in this newsletter are collated from the various sources of information. HIPF does its best to verify the sources and confirm the authenticity of the articles published in the newsletter. The HIPF will not assume any legal liability for the content, quality, accuracy or completeness of said information and materials. The sources of the articles and the ‘terms and conditions’ of the newsletter ‘Plastic Link’ are available with the board of Editors and are available on request.s

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PLASTICS LINK Your Link to the World of Plastics The establishment of HIPF aims to prepare Saudi youth to participate as skilled technicia...

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