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Technology Integration Strategies For Music Instruction

1. Students use software like Apple’s GarageBandas a personal recording studiostudents have the flexibility and resources they need to support their own creative musical exploration

2. Teachers use an Electronic keyboard lab to develop students’ skills in keyboarding, theory, and harmonyNetworked systems allow the teacher to monitor individual students as they build their skills.

3. Software such as Practica Musica serves as a tutorial in music fundamentalsInteractive software gives students hands-on practice in music theory and ear training.

4. Music Ace’s “doodle pad” teaches young students about parts for different instrumentsThe software makes it easy for young learners to “write” music with parts for different instruments

5. Students build a website to help teach music historyThe wealth of images and information on the internet gives students the material they need to research composers, compositions, and periods of musical history and to share their findings on the web.

Technology Integration Strategies  

Technology Integration Strategies for Music Instruction