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Before the Recruiting Process: Direct Outreach

PERSONALIZED AND VALUE-ADD OUTREACH CAN QUICKLY IMPRESS STUDENTS Direct outreach invariably increases candidate buy in to companies’ recruiting processes. Outreach should aim to put students first; impersonal, mass emails will turn some students away from the very beginning. Components of Stand-Out Outreach

DIFFERENT METHODS OF COMPANY OUTREACH § Direct Emails: Sent with a personal pitch to high potential candidates § Platform Messages: Sent on professional or academic platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, WayUp, Piazza) § Broad Emails: Distributed through campus listservs to relevant student groups

§ Candidate-specific outreach § Direct next steps for engagement § Upfront timelines and contact information

“They reached out to me, saying, ‘Given your specific background we’re interested in you; there’s a recruiter on campus, and here’s their email. That made me a lot more willing to follow up.”

Top Talent is Receiving Frequent Direct Outreach During the Recruiting Season Q: Have you received direct outreach from companies during your recruiting process? (Percentage of Students)

Percentage of Students who Received Outreach on the Following Platforms (Percentage of Students who Received Outreach)

Email Did Not Receive Outreach 36%

Received Outreach 64%








WayUp Other

11% 5%

Personalized and value add outreach can quickly impress students  
Personalized and value add outreach can quickly impress students