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HOBBS-PAGE has spent a great deal of time studying and consulting with cheesemakers from AROUND THE WORLD to improve her product. For her, it’s all about using locally available... started with a romantic feeling about what I was doing,” she remembers, “but after about six months of doing it all, I was getting burned out. I realized that if I wanted this to be a business, I had to treat it like one.” Since then, Hobbs-Page feels as though she has learned a few things. She has learned about farming, cheesemaking and even managing employees. Most of all, though, she has learned that you need a plan. “You have to think about everything,” she advises. “You’ve got to look five years out at supply problems, but


you also have to remember to turn the lights out when you aren’t in the room.” Hobbs-Page offers cheesemaking classes for those dreamers who want to escape into farming. With a full day of milking, cleaning and all of the other tasks that cheesemaking entails, she can quickly tell who really wants to make cheese. With several employees having spurred off to open their own shops, she should know. Her hope for Virginia cheese is that people buy it, not only because it’s local, but because it’s the best.

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Wine & Country Living Spring 2017  

Wine & Country Living Spring 2017