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One of the REASONS HE DECIDED to open his shop in Charlottesville was because of its local food movement with DEDICATED FARMERS... “[At Whole Foods], I met a cheesemonger who seemed to know the answer to every question,” Chouaf notes. “When he left, I looked around and thought, ‘Well, someone ought to learn this stuff.’” Chouaf grew up in a family that loved and appreciated food. With his mother having lived in France, Chouaf had the opportunity to visit the Savoie region many times when he was growing up. In this mountainous part of France, Chouaf was introduced to all sorts of cheeses and


cheese dishes like raclette, where cheese is melted and scraped onto your plate, and tartiflette, made with potatoes, cheese, lardons and onions, and savory crêpes. “There were constant fights over seasoning each other’s dishes, cooking times and proper technique,” he remembers. That love of food has followed him on his path as a cheesemonger. After deciding to steer his career towards cheese, Chouaf began reading every cheese book he could find. The best at the time was Cheese Primer by Steven

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Wine & Country Living Spring 2017  

Wine & Country Living Spring 2017