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Elliott shares, “With every BOTTLE OF SPARKLING that people open, I feel they are CELEBRATING something. To produce a product that is shared in that moment is VERY SPECIAL.” American oak, is a soft, yellow-gold color exuding notes of lemon curd, ripe honeydew melon and golden delicious apples. While the Saddleback is aged in stainless steel, its pale gold color, and flavors of fresh fruit salad brimming with apples, pears and white melon counter-balance the full mouthfeel from lees aging, or allowing a finished wine to sit on the lees to extract flavors. A versatile grape that can be expressed in many different styles, Chardonnay is a staple in the Virginia wine industry. In the U.K., it is grown largely with the intention of using as a fundamental ingredient of the finest sparkling wines. Veritas’s Mousseux Sparkling refers to the French word “mousse,” meaning bubbles, and has a pale pink color with salmon highlights. Extra dry, the elegant rosé was made in the traditional method used in Champagne, France, and winemakers Emily and Elliott sometimes use Cabernet Franc, Merlot or both in this varietal.

“Sparkling wine is one of my favorites to be a part of,” Elliott shares. “With every bottle of sparkling that people open, I feel they are celebrating something. To produce a product that is shared in that moment is very special.” Emily’s favorites to make are Sauvignon Blanc, the first grape to come in, and Petit Verdot, the last batch of grapes to cross the cellar door for the year. The vineyard’s nod to its British roots shines through with its Claret, a deep ruby red wine with rich flavors of black fruit, added olive and mocha notes. The Claret is typically a Bordeaux blend that got its name from the Brits back in the 15th century. Whether it be a sparkling, Chardonnay or Claret, the vineyard’s classic principles of viticulture and vinification support the family’s belief that “the truth in our wine comes straight from our vineyard as an expression of the land where we live and work.” In vino veritas. ~

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Wine & Country Living Spring 2017  

Wine & Country Living Spring 2017