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It’s that FORCING TO BE RESOURCEFUL that brings about inspiration, allowing SPONTANEITY that in turn breeds creativity and thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX. that they are fostering contentment and a sense of a place of belonging for us all. “It is through the invitation to participate that we discover possibilities while also creating a community,” says Wimer. While the park is really just a corner of the larger IX campus that is also home to a variety of retail, office and restaurant spaces, it also hopes to inform the community at large of the potential of arts and culture stimulating the economy while also fostering an intangible quality of life. Many structures and art displays, such as the library space and the chalk wall, are at the heart of expressing creativity at the park. Among the numerous events hosted at IX has been the Cville Timebanks Repair Café—an event

dedicated to community members helping repair broken belongings. For Wimer, it’s events like this, teaching people to be resourceful and using what they have, that helps capture the spirit of the IX Art Park. It’s the act of saying “Yes” and then seeing what happens, while also showing the gathered community that we’re all in this together. They planted the seeds to create a place they envisioned—one that supports new, different and maybe even crazy ideas to move the world forward, while at the same time building a community of positive energy with just a touch of whimsy. It was a big dream that just keeps growing. ~

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Wine & Country Living Spring 2017  

Wine & Country Living Spring 2017