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“It’s just such a GIFT to be able to share this love WITH THE WORLD and, more than anything else, we SIMPLY WANT to do more of that.”

Originally, the couple figured they’d visit Madeline’s family, play some gigs, figure their next move, and set sail for a major metropolitan area. “We assumed there would be better reception of our American and Brazilian fusion of styles in a bigger city,” says Humberto. “But people here were very positive and, with Madeline’s family in the area, our love of nature and the outdoors, and the proximity to Richmond and [Washington] D.C., we decided Charlottesville made for a perfect base.” For a city known for the collective eclecticism of its taste and passion for cultural diversity, the duo was destined to make a winning impression. Madeline’s old-school, Ella Fitzgerald-esque jazzmeets-soul tonal purity and improvisational agility really intensifies the duo’s sound. Humberto’s ability to mix the rhythmic, harmonic and melodic complexity of Brazilian folk and samba music with classical and flamenco guitar techniques and funky American jazz ignites the experience. Many occasions, the crowd will even join in the fun and dance to the spicy sounds. In the 11 years since moving to Charlottesville, Beleza has put out three well-received albums including, most recently, “Just for Fun,” a collection of children’s songs. Looking to the future, the duo says there is much room for growth and much to be excited about. “We hope to spend more time arranging, composing and recording more of the music that inspires us,” says Humberto. “Otherwise, it’s just such a gift to be able to share this love with the world and, more than anything else, we simply want to do more of that.” ~

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Wine & Country Living Spring 2017