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LY N N E G O L D M A N Jewelry Designer

On any given day, curious jewelry lovers can enter Lynne Goldman Elements on the Historic Downtown Mall and feel swept away by the store’s aura of whimsy and Old-World flair. A central aisle of antique wood flooring guides guests through the store towards jewelry cases and vintage décor filled with unique pieces and gems. Lynne creates her signature Old World look using motifs such as the flamboyant, Renaissance-age masks handmade by an Italian family in Venice who’ve created them for generations, and a customer favorite—leopard print, which can be found most notably on the carpet lining the center aisle, as well as her bags and gift boxes. The store’s décor is also in line with her style of jewelry. Lynne’s use of semi-precious stones or Venetian glass beads with sterling silver and/or 18 Karat gold defines an “edgy classic.” When she sits down to make jewelry, Lynne considers the person who will wear it, what’s in fashion and, more importantly to her, what will be a more lasting, permanent design that can be kept for a lifetime. Lynne’s passion for jewelry-making was “very much

by accident.” Having studied art her whole life, she learned to love painting in college. It wasn’t until a visit with her mother in Charlottesville that Lynne’s passion for something different was ignited. It was through seeing people love her mother’s jewelry pop-up shows that Lynne realized her desire to connect with people through the quaint and intimate art form of jewelry. “What I like about jewelry, more than painting (although I love painting), is that connection. A lot of artists and a lot of jewelers don’t want to deal with people. For them, it’s just art—it’s just the material. It’s not the relationship. But that’s what’s fun (for me)—the relationship.” For Lynne, she seeks to be the center-point at which customer and art meet, and her “sixth sense” for aesthetics and artistic quality are what help her guide customers in finding their own connection with jewelry. Her artistic talent begins with her sketches. She creates custom designs to suit her client’s personalities and enjoys every moment of the relationship between herself as an artist and those who will cherish her designs. ~


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Wine & Country Living Spring 2017