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Elegant Celebrations in Jefferson’s Virginia volume 3 first printing


Volume Three

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With lovely pastoral views nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlottesville is a very special place. People from all over the globe gather here to study at the University of Virginia and immerse themselves in the history of Thomas Jefferson, as well as the trendy scene embodied by our local musicians gone big, the Dave Matthews Band, who celebrate their 26th anniversary this year. We do it all here— art, music, history and culture, along with a passion for nature, gardening and living in a way that embraces the beauty of the countryside and the hip vibe of our downtown. Virginia is for lovers, as they say, and Charlottesville is the perfect place to begin any love story. Charlottesville Wine & Country Weddings comes of our love and adoration of this place. In its editorial and curated collection of portfolios, we feature our town’s many talented wedding professionals. You will find not only beautiful craftsmanship but also people who love love—people you can trust to inspire you as you dream about and embark on one of the biggest days of your life. These amazing artisans have come together from around the world and across Virginia, to create an industry that is growing in joyful leaps and bounds—one that is committed to a level of quality on par with cities from New York to Beverly Hills. Jefferson is said to have found his enlightenment in Paris and, in similar fashion, he influenced our region to adopt many of the same passions from winemaking and sophisticated farm-to-table cuisine to a love of architecture. The beauty of our area and the work of our many amazing wedding artisans are capturing attention in regional and national wedding publications. As a result, couples are coming here to enjoy the stunning views and elegant styles of those who make it all happen for our brides and grooms with grace and down-to-earth hospitality. Just as in romance, we found ourselves similarly engrossed with each and every detail of Wine & Country Weddings’ third volume. We lingered over every photograph, perfected every word, and we now send it out into the world to share the love we have for Charlottesville. Along the way, we’ve been blown away by the responses from our contributors. We have made new friends and have met so many talented photographers, wedding planners, bakers and more … and we can’t wait to introduce them to you. We invite you now to explore the passions and special talents of our wedding community here in Jefferson’s Virginia.

O U R FA B T E A M P U B L I S H E R S | Robin Johnson-Bethke, Jennifer Bryerton C R E AT I V E D I R E C T O R | Robin Johnson-Bethke E D I T O R - I N - C H I E F | Jennifer Bryerton C R E AT I V E C O N S U LTA N T | Jen Fariello T E C H N I C A L D I R E C T O R | Peter Bethke S E N I O R E D I T O R | Sarah Pastorek O N L I N E E D I T O R | Madison Stanley G R A P H I C D E S I G N | Robin Johnson-Bethke, Danielle Burr, Barbara A. Tompkins E D I T O R I A L P H O T O G R A P H Y | Dominique Attaway, Adam Barnes, Tom Daly, Jen Fariello, Kate Headley, Allegra Helms, Sarah Houston, Andrea Hubbell, Serena Jae, Katelyn James, R.L. Johnson, Abby Jiu, Jenelle Kappe, Jason Keefer, Eric Kelley, Jack Looney, David & Sarah Lynn, Rachel May, Amy Nicole, Sera Petras, Robert Radifera, Ashley Relvas, Anna Routh, Beth Seliga, Bethany Snyder, Kim Stockwell, Perry Vaile, Aaron Watson, Carley and Meagan York W R I T I N G & E D I T I N G | Jennifer Bryerton, Becky Calvert, Katelyn Frakes, Caroline Hirst, Jody Hobbs-Hesler, Sarah Pastorek, Madison Stanley, Abigail Sewell S T Y L E E D I T O R S | Gohar & Hovhannes Beaver, Jennifer Hamlin, Pat Roberts, Sherry Spencer, Meghan Streit, Marisa Vrooman S E N I O R A DV E R T I S I N G C O N S U LTA N T | Susan Powell A DV E RT I S I N G C O N S U LTA N T S | Carath DeFrancia, Allison Muss, Carter Schotta, Jenny Stoltz M A R K E T I N G C O N C I E R G E | Abigail Sewell O F F I C E A D M I N I S T R AT O R | Christine DeLellis-Wheatley B O O K K E E P I N G A D M I N I S T R AT O R | Theresa Klopp Our lovely fall front and back cover and images were photographed by Adam Barnes Photography (front cover) and Jen Fariello Photography (back cover). Our lovely black & white spring front and back cover images were photographed by Jen Fariello Photography (front cover) and 3 Cats Photo (back cover).

Charlottesville Wine & Country Weddings™ is an art book published in print annually by Ivy Publications, LLC and has a companion website and multiple social media channels. Editorial and curated advertiser portfolios are designed to reflect the refined and artistic aesthetic of the elegant wedding in Jefferson’s Virginia. Although every effort has been made to present correct information, we do not in any way accept responsibility for the accuracy of information or for the performance or goods of businesses and organizations presented herein. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in part or in whole without the express written consent of the publisher. Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved. Ivy Publications, LLC is proud to work with a Certified Green Press. Charlottesville Wine & Country Weddings™ is printed on recycled content paper with up to 10% post-consumer waste (PSW) using only soy-based ink and supporting responsible forestry. You can find our paper-free digital edition online as well at, and please do recycle. Printed in the United States of America.

where it's at 6 A R I C H S P O T O F E A RT H 22 WEDDING OF THE YEAR 2 8 A RT F U L PA P E R S U I T E S 3 2 A RT F U L G L A M O U R 34 M I K E & LAU RE N 3 8 P E R S O NA L T O U C H E S 4 4 A RT F U L H O O S 4 6 A RT F U L B O U T O N N I E R E S 4 8 A RT F U L B O U Q U E T S 5 2 L O V E LY S P R I N G 5 6 L O V E LY S U M M E R 6 0 L O V E LY A U T U M N 6 4 L O V E LY W I N T E R 68 FOR THE GENTS 7 2 A RT F U L P L A C E S E T T I N G S 7 4 A RT F U L C U I S I N E 76 ALEX & JENNIFER 80 STUNNING DÉCOR 8 4 S H I V & NA M I TA 8 8 A RT F U L I N N O C E N C E 9 0 A RT F U L W E L C O M E S 9 2 P O RT F O L I O S

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WORDS BY JENNIFER BRYERTON P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y D O M I N I Q U E A T T A W A Y, A D A M B A R N E S , T O M D A L Y, J E N F A R I E L L O , S A R A H H O U S T O N , D A V I D & S A R A H L Y N N , R A C H E L M A Y, S E R A P E T R A S , R O B E R T R A D I F E R A , A N N A R O U T H , B E T H S E L I G A , K I M S T O C K W E L L , P E R R Y VA I L E & A A R O N WAT S O N

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It all begins with a dream and a love story, blooming into the day a bride or groom marries his or her best friend. From the venue and caterer to the music and décor, couples have endless options for creating their perfect romantic day. The combination of romantic countryside, vineyards, history and the creative people who are drawn to live here have made Charlottesville one of the East Coast’s most popular wedding destinations. The natural beauty of Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards as seen on pages 6–7 is a prime example of the breathtaking panoramic landscapes couples find in Jefferson’s Virginia. With over 40 vineyards and venues, couples getting married here are undoubtedly spoiled for choice. After selecting your venue, the options continue. Whether it's breathtaking tents, outdoor soirées or rustic barn

receptions, there are many ways couples can capture the true essence of a sophisticated country fête. Our region is no stranger to celebrity. When it came time for his daughter to wed, world-renowned author and local resident John Grisham hosted what may have been our most glamorous wedding yet at the family’s country home. At left (top left), a loving couple shares an intimate moment dancing at the breathtaking Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards in North Garden, known for its rustic-meetschic accommodations as well as its exquisite cuisine. Charming newlyweds are ecstatic to be able to celebrate with family and friends at Veritas Vineyard & Winery (featured above and bottom right on opposite page) and Keswick Vineyards (top right and bottom left on opposite page), both charming venues that have risen to national prominence.

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Combine our perfect mountain views with a local farm-to-table menu and enchanting personal touches, and the stage is set for the celebration of a lifetime. Our local wedding professionals design and style events that will rival those held in New York, Charleston or Los Angeles. Sprawling green lawns, towering trees, gorgeous historic homes—these are just a few of the advantages of choosing an estate wedding. For a more traditional celebration, consider holding your ceremony at one of the charming local churches or chapels offering dramatic and stunning architecture. The University of Virginia’s immensely popular chapel (page 10, top right & bottom right, and page 11) is one of the most sought-out spaces for sweetly personal ceremonies set among rich history and heritage. Complete with gargoyle rain spouts, this

nondenominational chapel is easily identifiable by its pointed windows and flying buttress that “aspires to heaven.” With high demand and special rules for reserving, it's wise to plan ahead. Trump Winery’s chapel is another highly sought-after ornate venue, offering a more contemporary feel based on an 18th-century English concept of medieval Gothic (page 10 top left & bottom left). Nestled among 195 acres of vines on Trump Winery’s property, this intimate venue houses a unique hand-painted mural ceiling featuring “The Story of Virginia.” One of six "colonial" churches in Virginia, Grace Episcopal Church in Keswick was originally built in 1745 and has since undergone re-constructions. Its beautiful Gothic Revival style is the only known work of architect William Strickland in the state.

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Outdoor ceremonies at one of the many estates or vineyards in our region continue to be among the top selections for brides and grooms. The style of your outdoor wedding can be cozy or regal, depending on your vision. The open spaces leave endless options for ceremony seating, whether you want a circular arrangement, a spiral or semicircle formation or a more traditional tried-andtrue design. On page 12, Blue Ridge Farm is a private estate that offers English manor style with a gorgeously embellished

barn and pool house for entertaining guests. The mountain views are unparalleled and guests will enjoy strolling the grounds. On page 13, Keswick Hall (bottom left) gives brides and grooms the option of having a celebration that takes advantage of luxurious interior spaces or an outdoor reception reflecting timeless elegance. Keswick Vineyards' beautiful venues, nestled into rolling farmland, are surrounded by vineyards (page 13, top left). Seven Oaks Farm & Vineyards (page 13, top right) and Aventador at The Farms at Turkey Run (page 13, bottom right), both

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private residences, offer lovely venue spaces for wedding celebrations. Exchanging vows under the blue Virginia skies and the venue's stately oak trees is a dream come true. Charlottesville is paradise for outdoor lovers and for those who appreciate amazing scenery. Couples can wow their guests with a reception set beneath a grand tent, a popular trend in our local wedding scene. Serving as a blank canvas, tents allow couples to have free range to create whatever décor and theme they want. Decorating with café lights, rustic wooden chairs, greenery and draped linens will add warmth to the sleek structure of the tent. Seven Oaks Farm & Vineyards (opposite page, top left) and Clifton Inn (above), with its impressive reflecting pool, are among the many venues where couples may choose to tie the knot outdoors. At Veritas Vineyard & Winery, couples may choose


to entertain in the striking wide-open spaces or the more intimate venues like The Farmhouse at Veritas, the Mezzanine or Saddleback Hall. For pastoral fields and flowering meadows, Castle Hill Cider’s property also creates a peaceful escape, with terraced lawns providing extra space for dinner guests. Newly engaged couples are undeniably charmed by the local barns that can house an outdoor cocktail hour and reception. Including elegant wedding details such as crystal chandeliers inside these rustic chic spaces adds charm and warms the space. Whether it's in the enchanting Blue Ridge Farm barn, the incredible artisancrafted Lodge at Mount Ida (top left page 19), Verulam Farm’s classic grand barn, The Farms of Turkey Run barn surrounded by boasting rolling hills or one of the area’s newest barns, Red August Farm in Waynesboro (page 18, at top), the dark hues and soaring timber ceilings pair well

| 17 |

with golds, creams, whites and even splashes of bright colors. You’ll want to work within these gorgeous rustic spaces so as to not detract from the intimate feeling a barn can provide. Our enchanting vineyards, historic properties, grand estates and beautiful chapels are the perfect fairy-tale setting for couples wanting a refined and intimate event. Jefferson himself dreamed that our region would someday produce wines that would rival those of Europe. As the birthplace of American wine, today we compete for and win prestigious awards around the world. With each unique winery growing its own delicious grapes for wines in an array of sumptuous settings, it’s no wonder that Charlottesville has been called the Provence of the South. The farm-to-table movement here includes much more than wine—Jefferson was fond of making his own beer and cider, too. Enjoy one of our craft microbrews or local hard ciders before dinner, and then complement your meal with the perfect wine pairing before finishing the affair with a toast of any of the growing number of locally distilled spirits. Within our lively foodie scene, you are sure to find the perfect chef caterer to create innovative menus for our foodloving community―brimming with local produce such as asparagus, greens, meats, candies, pastries and more. Fresh, delicious and unique cuisines are easily available here. Whether you have a refined gastro-

| 20 |

perfect palate or if you are looking for the best Virginia barbecue by classically trained chefs who create fabulous down-to-earth Southern fare, you’ll be more than pleased with the selection. For the modern couple, our historic university town makes the guest outings, rehearsal dinner and bachelor party every bit as hip as the wedding is beautiful. While visiting Charlottesville, invite your guests to stroll the brick walkways of the University of Virginia’s neoclassical Pavilion Gardens, or visit downtown to shop, dine and catch a local band in concert at one of the many venues Charlottesville offers. For the little touches that make your event personal, place your trust in the abundant talent of our beloved wedding community. From vintage letterpress accents and decorated tablescapes to signature cocktails and cake artistry, all the timeless beauty and intricate details of your dream wedding are within reach. For our artisans, helping create amazing, one-of-a-kind weddings is a passion that also gives them the opportunities for their craft to shine through. Choose from one of our incredibly talented local wedding photographers to capture all the love and details of your perfect day.With all of the insider knowledge of a local, our photographers, many who are nationally published and recognized, are skilled in the art of framing our sweeping landscapes as well as capturing the intimate moments of true love. Just as Jefferson married here centuries ago on his “rich spot of earth,” you can create the perfect setting in and around Charlottesville—a town steeped in history and culture, and surrounded by natural views—for the beginning of your very own love story.

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harlottesville Wine & Country Weddings is pleased to announce John & Katherine as the Wedding of the Year winners. We loved learning about their journey and their perfect day at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards. Sometimes love is just meant to be. John and Kate met on Halloween weekend in 2010, and within a week, they were on their first date. Four years later, John surprised Kate by getting down on one knee outside of the former restaurant where the couple had their first date in Washington, D.C. Afterwards, what John told Kate would be “meeting a couple of friends for drinks,” was a surprise engagement celebration with both sets of parents from Boston and Pittsburgh, siblings, cousins, and the


couple’s close friends from D.C. and NYC. From the start, John and Kate knew they wanted an early spring wedding with lively flowers and food inspired by the ending and beginning seasons—a melding of winter’s comfort food with spring’s lighter, fresh fare. The couple fell in love with Charlottesville while living in D.C. They would take weekend trips to escape the city. After searching NYC and not finding the right venue for a spring wedding, John and Kate realized the perfect location was Charlottesville, with its amazing Blue Ridge views. When they found Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, they loved the elegance of the venue and the romantic views. Kate and John incorporated both their personalities

| 23 |

into the wedding by letting Kate’s traditional and romantic style soften John’s modern and minimalist taste. The wedding’s colors were chartreuse and gray. Kate incorporated her favorite shades of pink through the stunning Southern Blooms florals. Kate and John’s families and friends came together to help make their wedding the perfect day. Many friends contributed, making the runners for the dinner tables and beautiful signs, along with designing welcome bags for the wedding guests that incorporated personal items like the

couple's favorite snacks and a pin from Arnold Palmer’s Latrobe Country Club in Kate’s hometown. Following a Western Pennsylvania tradition, Kate’s aunt organized a potluck and a cookie table, a delicious dessert option served along with the couple’s elegant Favorite Cakes creation. Kate was a vision of loveliness in an A-line Suzanne Neville gown that included many classic elements, such as lace and a button-up back, while still being modern and trendy with a V-cut neckline. On their wedding

| 25 |



day, to incorporate something old, borrowed and blue, Kate pinned her maternal grandmother’s wedding ring into her stunning dress with a rosary from her paternal grandmother and a small blue ring from her mother. The ceremony exuded love and intimacy as the couple exchanged vows. John picked out a wonderful excerpt from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres to be read, making their guests laugh, creating one of Kate's favorite memories of the day. The reception was held in the beautiful Granary


at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards. John, Kate and their families and friends danced the evening away following a farm-to-table meal and beverages by Pippin Hill. Tina Turner’s "Proud Mary" got the after-wedding party started on an energetic and fun note, and the cookie table and elegant three-tier white wedding cake were sweet personal touches to keep the party going. The couple's evening was one filled with love and happiness, and the day served as the perfect start to their new future as Mr. and Mrs.

Photographer: Katelyn James Photography | Venue: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards | Event Planner & Stylist: A. Dominick Events | Florist: Southern Blooms | Caterer: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards | Rental Companies: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards and Blue Ridge A/V and Lighting | Cake: Favorite Cakes | Stationery: Cheree Berry Paper | Dress & Shoes: Suzanne Neville | Beauty & Hair Stylist: Alison Harper and Company | Entertainment: DJ Evan Reitmeyer | Officiant: Rev. Bhavani Metro, Sacred Ground Ceremonies

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P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y J E N FA R I E L L O , R A C H E L M AY & K AT E H E A D L E Y

| 28 |

At left: Photographer: Jen Fariello Photography | Planning & Design: Shindig Weddings & Events | Stationery & Calligraphy: Tucked-Letterpress by Katie Barr; This page: Photographer: Jen Fariello Photography | Planning & Design: Shindig Weddings & Events | Stationery: Sue Corral Ink | Calligraphy: Martha Rasco

Lead Image: Rachel May Photography | Top Left: Whimsical Floral Design | Top Center: Carrie Wilcox Floral Design| Top Right: Petals & Hedges Bottom Left: Blue Ridge Floral Design | Bottom Center: Southern Blooms | Bottom Right: Amore Event Co. | 29 |

Photographer: Rachel May Photography | Planning & Design: Shindig Weddings & Events | Stationery: The Dandelion Patch | Calligraphy: Sarah Bohl Designs

| 30 |

Photographer: Kate Headley Photography | Planning & Design: Jamie Sears & Kate Harlan, Simply Chic Events | Stationery & Calligraphy: Karla Lim, The Written Word

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Add a little extra sparkle to your ensemble and showcase your personal style with accessories. Through boldly beautiful statement jewelry and glittering fashions, brides have countless ways to create a stunningly chic look. Shoulder jewelry, a twist to traditional neck jewelry, can perfectly accent a classic all-white gown while a beautifully embellished lace belt or sash adds a flattering touch. Both


styles add an extra element of texture and elegance. For another bride, shoes were her opportunity to add sparkle. After a career working for the iconic designer Jimmy Choo, Choo custom-made her these spectacular shoes (above). Dazzling antique pearl and diamond earrings or an heirloom rosary are additional ways to add glamour while incorporating family ties and timeless fashion.

Lead Image: Badgley Mischka & Rachel May Photography | Top Left: Katelyn James Photography | Top Center: Martina Liana & Jen Fariello Photography | Top Right: The Mrs. Box & Rachel May Photography | Bottom Left: BHLDN & Rachel May Photography | Bottom Center: Jimmy Choo & Jen Fariello Photography | Bottom Right: Family Heirloom & Jen Fariello Photography

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M I KE &




Mike and Lauren first bonded over breaks at work. What started as a spark between them quickly flickered to full flame. On their first date, Mike stole Lauren away from D.C. for the weekend to explore the growing world of Virginia wine. Fittingly, three years later they said their vows in the heart of Virginia wine country at Keswick Hall. The natural ambiance of the venue matched their spirited, yet poised style, making wedding planning delightful. Every detail of the evening added to the timeless and personal atmosphere the couple envisioned. Blush, lilac, and sage greens reflected the changing colors of late winter’s transition into early spring. With a touch of velvet, the gorgeous lilac invitations set the tone of effortless sophistication. The pairing of ribbon-bound oldfashioned lilac bouquets and cool gray faux fur

stoles gave the bridal party a striking organic touch. The couple’s twist on the traditional white tiered cake expressed artistic flair and again accented their color palette. The ceremony was officiated by a dear friend who delivered a truly profound sermon that spoke to Mike and Lauren’s admiration for each other. The couple said their vows silhouetted by the light of a beautiful gold chandelier and a picturesque flower wall, an exceptional twist on the traditional flower arch. The entire room basked in the abundance of love radiating from the alter. Mike & Lauren’s comfortably elegant style shined during the reception where friends and fathers gave lighthearted yet moving toasts to honor the cheerful newlyweds. Exposed wooden beams, fabric-swagged barrels, and

Capiz shell chandeliers transformed the dinner tent into a polished setting. Thanks to a request from the father of the bride, an additional cigar tent was set up for post ceremony festivities. In honor of Lauren’s favorite drink, a champagne tower was available for guests to enjoy during the reception. All of these magical touches culminated into an evening of love and laughter to be remembered and treasured forever. Celebrating this occasion amidst the place where their romance began added special passion and sparkle. The joyous affair was topped off with dancing into the late evening, a splendid way to commemorate the years of happiness to come.

Event Planning & Styling: Jamie Sears & Kate Harlan, Simply Chic Events | Photographer: Kate Headley Photography | Venue: Keswick Hall Caterer: Keswick Hall | Rental Companies: La Tavola Fine Linen, Eventhaus Events, Skyline Tent Company & Frost Lighting Co. | Cake: Sweet Fix | Florist & Decor: Beehive Events | Beauty Stylist: Nour Kazoun | Hair Stylist: Remona Soleimani | Stationery & Calligraphy: Karla Lim, The Written Word | Transportation: Ambassador Limousine | Entertainment: Rhythm Collective via Elan Artists | Videography: Monachetti Weddings

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At their core, weddings follow specific traditions to remind us of the human connection and community at the heart of the event. But it’s the personal elements that make your wedding day so special, and it is also worth mentioning that these details can be the most fun to select. Decisions fall into two categories: the intimate moments and markers that are just for the bride and groom to share with each other, and the public expressions of your personalities and relationship to them.

Just as the bridal party did above, you can make light of a rainy day by adding a fun collection of umbrellas for your bridal party. This last-minute decision can spontaneously express the joy and sense of fun inherent in the day even as the sky above teases you with clouds. Personalized monograms can add a personal touch to wedding dĂŠcor and favors that guests can take home with them to remember the special day. On the opposite page, a bride holds a napkin decorated in the couple's

P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y A D A M B A R N E S , T O M D A LY, J E N FA R I E L L O , S E R E N A J A E , R A C H E L M AY, A M Y N I C O L E , S E R A P E T R A S & A A R O N WAT S O N



| 39 |


personalized monogram, while favors like the cozies on page 41 make useful and memorable gifts. This particularly sweet and Southern touch can customize your dĂŠcor. The most meaningful private touches are the love letters you and your betrothed share before the ceremony and the handwritten recipes for a good marriage from family and friends (at right, top right). For other ways to share your personal touches with your family and friends, incorporate an alternative guest book like a couple did with a canvas map of the world (at right, bottom left) and surprise your bridesmaids by adorning their bouquets with a personalized ribbon displaying their name (at right, bottom right). For pet owners, you can incorporate your “furry childrenâ€? in a variety of ways while minimizing chaos. Aspen (this page) was dressed in a pretty collar and posed with the couple in their first family portrait. The owners of canines Gratch and Maggie

| 40 |

had the dog cake-topper custom-made to share their pup’s approval with their guests (at left, top left). Another creative cake topper (at left) honored Chris and Michael's union. After same-sex marriages were legalized in Virginia, many couples have come to the area to celebrate their love. A particularly unique and artistic effect can be achieved by having an artist paint your wedding ceremony as it is happening, creating a work of art to hang in a special place in your new home. The live on-site painter (at left, bottom left) recreated a couple’s hour-long ceremony that was later displayed at dinner and the reception. The bride and

groom (above) tied-in the groom’s family Jeep into their send-off, adding a whimsical, bespoke element. The cans were affixed to the Jeep by the guests later in the evening. And don’t forget to cherish the little ones who will enjoy a special treat, too, like bubbles or art kits. Planning a few kid-friendly activities and menu options, and perhaps even hiring someone to watch after your younger guests will ensure everyone has an enjoyable evening. So go ahead, be creative, and tell your story through your wedding vision with accessories, décor, favors and personal touches.

| 43 |



P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y J E N FA R I E L L O , J A S O N K E E F E R , J A C K LO O N E Y & R A C H E L M AY

For University of Virginia alumni, coming back to host their wedding here is the epitome of tying in where it all began. From capturing photos on the Lawn and beneath the Rotunda’s pillars to incorporating blue and orange hues, brides and grooms have endless options. The popular UVA Chapel has a complex system for reservations, so be sure to research ceremony venues early. There are also a variety of on-grounds venues for reception spaces. Personal touches that are clearly Wahoo inspired can include garters, ties and belts for the groomsmen, banners, cakes, favors, linens and centerpieces that incorporate bright and pastel orange florals with silver-blue greenery. No matter how you choose to show your Cavalier style on your big day, the spirit of Charlottesville will be with you.




Lead Image: Jen Fariello Photography | Top Left: Rachel May Photography | Top Right: Jason Keefer Photography | Bottom Left: Rachel May Photography | Bottom Right: Jack Looney Photography

| 45 |



P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y E R I C K E L L E Y, R A C H E L M AY, R O B E R T R A D I F E R A , A N N R O U T H & A A R O N WAT S O N



The groom’s boutonniere is not only a miniature work of art and an opportunity for the groom to make his own statement but also a way of upholding romantic tradition. Historically, wearing a lady’s token or color into a joust or battle was considered the height of chivalry—symbolizing his fight for her. This became the practice of selecting a flower from the bride’s bouquet to wear atop the groom’s heart, another way to show his undying commitment.


A grouping of smaller flowers, perhaps in different colors, or a touch of greenery through the use of herbs like sage, lavender or eucalyptus are ways the groom can share his own style. No matter what style you are looking to create—country chic, boldly modern or traditional—the boutonniere’s wrappings, such as a rose wrapped in satin ribbon, should be coordinated with the wedding colors and match the special occasion.

Lead Image: Amore Events by Cody & Robert Radifera Photography | Top Left: Photosynthesis Floral Design & Rachel May Photography | Top Center: Tourterelle Floral Design & Eric Kelley Photography | Top Right: Floral Images Design Studio & Rachel May Photography | Bottom Left: Karson Butler Events & Southern Blooms & Aaron Watson Photography | Bottom Center: Photosynthesis Floral Design & Rachel May Photography | Bottom Right: Southern Blooms & Shindig Weddings & Events & Anna Routh Photography

| 47 |



P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y J E N FA R I E L L O , S E R A P E T R A S & A N N A R O U T H

At left: Photographer: Jen Fariello Photography | Florist: Tourterelle Foral Design | Flower Types: Lisianthus, Peonies, Garden Roses, Cotinus, Astilbe, Privet, Willow, Fern | Bouquet Shape: Hand-tied Garden Style This page: Photographer: Jen Fariello Photography | Florist: Southern Blooms | Flower Types: Caramel Antik Garden Roses, Romantic Antik Garden Roses, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Hellebores, Agonis Foliage, Acacia Foliage, Eucalyptus | Bouquet Shape: Loose & Organic Hand-tied

| 49 |

Photographer: Sera Petras Photography | Florist: Blue Ridge Floral Design | Flower Types: White Mini Callas, White Freesia, White Mondial Roses, White Spray Roses, Seeded Eucalyptus | Bouquet Shape: Tight with Texture, Hand-tied

| 50 |

Photographer: Anna Routh Photography | Florist: Southern Blooms | Flower Types: Apricot Parrot Tulips, White Lisianthus, White Snapdragons, White O'Hara Garden Roses, Ivory Spray Roses, Dusty Miller, Eucalyptus | Bouquet Shape: Gathered Hand-tied

| 51 |

| 52 |



No other time of year offers as many possibilities for florals as spring with its abundance of spectacular blooms. Local hand-picked flowers are more readily available and will arrive in a fresh state, allowing for a lush display. Set in an open field surrounded by nature, this bride's chosen colors were inspired by a sunset and a desire to go beyond traditional pink hues. A color palette of smoke, amethyst and antique golds exude an authentic feel. Apricot parrot tulips, peonies, lilacs, roses and hellebores

create a pretty blend of soft tones and sweet scents. Accents of gold dot the table setting and crystal dinnerware, reflecting the romantic flickering candlelight and creating a calming graceful glow. Floral accents on an otherwise simple tiered cake bring the essence of the season to the entire celebration. And by embracing the bucolic venue, as well as an en plein air setting, a bride is able to create an inspiring celebration.


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| 54 |




Style Editor: Pat Robert with Southern Blooms | Event Planning & Styling: Southern Blooms | Photographer: Jen Fariello Photography | Venue: Southern Blooms | Florist: Southern Blooms | Rental Companies: Festive Fare Rentals & Southern Blooms | Cake: Favorite Cakes | Beauty & Hair Stylist: Anna Breeding Studio | Embroidered Linens: Beloved Thread | Bridal Gowns: Sealed With a Kiss & Elaya Vaughn | Veil: Hushed Commotion | Flower Girl Dresses: Whimsies

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| 56 |



Summer is a time of abundance in Charlottesville with long days, saturated hills of green and lush pastoral landscapes, adding beauty to every wedding. Nothing seems more quintessentially summer than watching guests dance on a warm evening beneath a sky filled with stars. Set at Blue Ridge Farm, this bride’s vision was inspired by the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. From the deep, sultry blue gowns and complementary accents to the rich greenery, the florals were designed specifically for an

outdoor celebration. The flowers used cool peach tones, and silver and green hues, creating a rustic elegance that enhanced the venue's aesthetics. With an August wedding date, the potential of heat was carefully planned for with refreshing infused waters, fans for the guests during the ceremony and iced lemon towels served during dancing. The couple's entire menu, a stationed event, allowed guests to dine at their leisure and enjoy all that symbolizes a Virginia summer wedding.


| 57 |

Lead Image: George Cakes & Rachel May Photography | Top Left: Paradox Pastry & Rachel May Photography | Top Center: Maliha Creations & Rachel May Photography | Top Right: Favorite Cakes & Jose Villa Photography | Bottom Left: Maliha Creations & Jen Fariello Photography | Bottom Center: Paradox Pastry & Rachel May Photography | Bottom Right: Maliha Creations & Jen Fariello Photography

| 58 |




Style Editor: Meghan Streit with Shindig Weddings & Events | Venue: Blue Ridge Farm | Photographer: Robert Radifera Photography Caterer: C&O Catering | Cake: Albemarle Baking Company | Floral: Southern Blooms | Rental Companies: Festive Fare Rentals, MS Events & Skyline Tent Company | Stationery: Jessica Crowell Astrella | Bridal Dress: Lian Carlo from Julian Gold Bridal | Officiant: W. Gregory Thompson | Jewelry: Fischer-Evans | Hair Stylist: Lucas Shaffer | Beauty Stylist: Rouge 9 Makeup Studio | Entertainment: Grit City Grass, Jumpstreet (East Coast Entertainment), Swell Booth | Transportation: Camryn Limousine, Top Shelf Transportation

| 59 |

| 60 |



Rich foliage offers a colorful, vivid backdrop of amber, brown, gold, green and red, with late October through early November considered the peak season to host events. Just as this couple was wed at Keswick Vineyards, brides and grooms can be joined under a colorful wine-country canopy outdoors. It was a picturesque scene—a rustling breeze, rows of grapevines with their leaves clinging on, and the classically pillared estate nearby stood majestically. Mirroring the season's colors, the bridesmaids dressed

in flowing cranberry gowns. The same, rich cranberry hue was present in the bouquets, boutonnieres and décor. The bride’s signature bouquet featured anemones, roses and locally sourced dahlias combined with dried grasses, seed pods, jasmine and herbs accented by the silvery foliage of dusty miller. And a farm-to-table meal included spiced butternut squash. Completing an all-around fall vision and honoring the spirit of the season, the bride's attire coupled flawlessly with the organic, bucolic backdrop.


| 61 |

| 62 |




Style Editor: Jennifer Hamlin, Events with Panache | Venue: Keswick Vineyards | Photographer: Jen Fariello Photography | Styling and Coordination: Jennifer Hamlin, Events with Panache | Caterer: C&O Catering | Florals: Verde Natural Florals | Desserts: HotCakes | Rental Companies: MS Events & Skyline Tent Company | Officiants: Rabi Annie Bornstein & Pastor Joseph Bolick | Hair Stylist: Top Knot Studio | Beauty Stylist: Rouge 9 Makeup Studio | Entertainment: Derek Tobler | Transportation: Ambassador Limousine and UTS Charter Service

| 63 |

| 64 |






Already a time for gathering with family, the winter holidays lend even more sentiment to a romantic celebration. The classic bold colors of the season—snowy white, rich greens and reds—create a stunning bridal palette. Keswick Hall, with soft twinkling lights, elegant Christmas trees and a crackling blaze in the main hall fireplace welcomes visitors with warmth and wintry charm. This bride, in a classic corset ball-gown skirted dress and boldly colored plaid heels, wrapped herself in

a vintage family heirloom fur stole to withstand the chill. In a season of minimal blooms, tables were decorated with pine garland, pine cones and berries, adding color and an unmistakable holiday scent. White candles and snow globes rounded out the festive scene. Guests were served mugs of rich hot chocolate with an array of toppings. In lieu of a more traditional tiered cake, a Croquembouche stood in its place, reflecting the shape of the seasonal evergreen tree. The festively decorated hall added to the celebration.


| 65 |

| 66 |




Style Editor: Gohar & Hovhannes Beaver with Ayvazyan & de Beauvoir Couture | Concept & Execution: Ayvazyan & de Beauvoir Couture | Venue: Keswick Hall | Photographer: 3 Cats Photo, Beth Seliga | Croquembouche Cake: Granatus Desserts | Florals: A New Leaf Florist | Calligraphy: Simply Handwritten by Anna | Bridal Dress: Ayvazyan & de Beauvoir | Jeweler: Fink's Jewelers | Hair Stylist: Top Knot Studio | Beauty Stylist: Gohar Makeup | Female Model: Jennifer Linke

| 67 |






Every man wants to look like a million bucks on his wedding day. For the modern groom, this can mean anything from a black tux to a linen suit. Colors, patterns, vests, styles, shoes―the list of accessories to make a fashion statement goes on and on. When choosing attire, don’t be constrained by tradition. Think most about what will help you feel cool and confident on the big day. There are essentially four choices to begin building the major ensemble: the morning suit, the tailcoat, the everyday suit or mixed separates. The morning suit is an all-out formal, single-breasted suit with a large tail at the back. Jackets are traditionally


worn with a top hat, striped trousers and a waistcoat. Slightly less formal, the classic tailcoat has two long tails at the back, and should be worn with braces, a white shirt, waistcoat and cravat.You can also consider going glamorous with a black tie—a popular choice for an evening soiree— or pair with a bow tie for a timeless look. For a more relaxed event, consider the classic everyday style suit, which can be enhanced by a matching waistcoat and cravat. Or lastly, set yourself apart by opting for mixed separates. Pair your blazer with contrasting pants, or spice it up with checks or stripes in contrasting or complementary colors. Whatever style you choose, definitely opt for custom tailoring to

| 69 |

make sure the suit fits just right and he looks dapper. Involving the groomsmen in styling the day will add to the camaraderie and make for fun yet sophisticated photos. Group ideas like matching suspenders or fun socks allow the groomsmen’s flare to be subtly present. To make coordinating unique and easy, try using a company that specializes in custom accessories that can be designed specifically for you. Boutonnieres are of course the most popular accessory but ties and pocket squares are also focal points for your attire. After planning attire, having a gent’s weekend can certainly have the men bring home the musketeer mindset. An outdoorsman’s paradise and a growing destination for craft breweries and distilleries, Charlottesville is a unique place for a bash with your groomsmen. Enjoy a day in the glorious countryside to enjoy golf, hike in the Shenandoah National Park, fish or take a trail ride. Indulging in a meal and tastings of local brews, wine or spirits is an easy way to have everyone swapping stories. Several local companies offer wine and brew tours. Our region is also known for its music scene; on any given night, you’ll find bands playing—from local groups to national touring acts. Another special part of the wedding for the groom is a gift from the bride to her husband-to-be—an engraved watch for the groom on the morning of his wedding—is a special memento that will also bring a smile to his face when he slips it on each day. Or think about an item that can be made personal, such as something that represents one of his interests—a sword or golf club. To show your appreciation, groomsmen gifts are always a nice touch. A box with a personalized flask and cigar could be an enjoyable surprise, for instance. No matter whether a groom chooses to express his personality and history through a tartan vest or wearing his "Blue Dress," there are many options for the modern groom to incorporate a sense of himself into his day. Light a cigar with your groomsmen or open a bottle of aged whiskey with your father. No matter what, make it an occasion to remember.

P lace Settings


P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y J E N FA R I E L L O , A L L E G R A H E L M S , J E N E L L E K A P P E & A A R O N WAT S O N



Carefully positioned chargers on fresh linens, gorgeous dishes and long-stemmed crystal glasses with artfully displayed flowers will help create a memorable romantic meal. Try mixing prints, arranging mismatched goblets or using intricate multi-hued china for vintage charm. Put a contemporary spin on time-honored white-on-


white settings by pairing with an accent. Greenery—the Pantone color of the year—goes beautifully with creams and gold. From beautifully hand-scripted place cards or monogrammed napkins to gold-painted figs decorating each plate, welcome friends and family to the table while also expressing your style in a way that speaks elegance.

Lead Image: Shindig Weddings & Events, Southern Blooms & MS Events & Jen Fariello Photography | Top Left: Tourterelle Floral Design, Kennon Ibbeken, Festive Fare Rentals, Sperry Tents Southeast & The Clifton Inn & Jenelle Kappe Photography | Top Center: Southern Blooms, Beloved Thread & Festive Fare Rentals & Jen Fariello Photography | Top Right: Tourterelle Floral Design, Kennon Ibbeken, Festive Fare Rentals, Sperry Tents Southeast & The Clifton Inn & Jenelle Kappe Photography | Bottom Left: Tourterelle Floral Design, Classic Party Rentals & The AV Company & | Bottom Center: Amore Events by Cody & MS Events, & Aaron Watson Photography | Bottom Right: Shindig Weddings & Events, Festive Fare Rentals & Southern Blooms & Jen Fariello Photography | 73 |



P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y R A C H E L M AY, S E R A P E T R A S , A N N A R O U T H & A A R O N WAT S O N



When it comes to farm-to-table cuisine that feels traditional, looks modern and tastes gourmet, Charlottesville does it beautifully. Local caterers are skilled at creating a menu that expresses the couple's taste and encompasses the overall feel of the event. Beautiful hors d'oeuvres can be a simple yet delicious preview of what guests can expect from dinner. Finger


foods that are locally sourced and elegantly presented always impress. Ingredients with vibrant colors make for dishes that are fresh, delicious and memorable. All elements of a wedding's fare–including beverages, hors d'oeuvres, the main course and dessert–should be a reflection of the event as a whole and, of course, what the couple loves to eat.

Lead Image: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards & Sera Petras Photography | Top Left: Veritas Vineyard & Winery & Sera Petras Photography | Top Center: Keya from Candy Valley Cake Company & Rachel May Photography | Top Right: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards & Sera Petras Photography | Bottom Left: Exchange Events & Catering & Aaron Watson Photography | Bottom Center: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards & Sera Petras Photography | Bottom Right: The Catering Outfit & Anna Routh Photography

| 75 |

Jennifer and Alex said “I Do” at the beautiful Blenheim Vineyards in mid-July. A year after meeting in a recreational kickball league that played on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Jennifer was looking to get involved in another sports league. Per Alex's recommendation she joined the same league as him, and the rest was history. Their first trip as a couple away from D.C. was to our beautiful Charlottesville. It was then that they fell in love with the area. Their story is a sweet romance of adventures, sports and spending time on the top of her apartment building, enjoying the views of D.C. It was here that Alex surprised Jennifer with a romantic September rooftop proposal. After coordinating with one of Jennifer’s girlfriends who lived in the same building, Alex set up his plan. The evening of her birthday, he waited for her on the rooftop at the end of a path of rose petals, surrounded by candles.







When Alex and Jennifer toured Blenheim Vineyards, Jennifer fell in love with the idea of getting married beneath the venue’s beautiful ash tree. The stunning views, location and design of the venue were exactly as they had hoped. The wedding's blush palette gave a warmth to the romantic event. Their personal touches added to the sentiments of the big day. Because Jennifer loves scratch-offs, each guest's place setting incorporated an envelope enclosing a scratchoff. Decorating the envelopes was the couple's custom stamp as well as the saying, “for richer, for poorer,” the wedding date and the bride and groom’s names. Other sweet touches


included handing out flip flops for their guests, who are known to love dancing, and having a song out of every five or six played in Russian for Alex's visiting family. A more private personal touch that had everyone at the ceremony tearing up was Jennifer's vows. Originally from the Ukraine, Alex moved to the United States when he was 10 years old. So while writing her vows, she worked with his mom to write half of her vows in Russian. Alex was completely surprised when his new bride started reading her vows in his native language. From the weather to hosting family members from overseas, the day's events were a heart-warming success.

Photographer: Adam Barnes Photography | Venue: Blenheim Vineyards | Catering: Harvest Moon | Florist: The Arrangement Company | Hair & Beauty Stylist: The Spot Beauty Shop | Rental Companies: MS Events & Skyline Tent Company | Entertainment: C'ville String Quartet & Sound Enforcement DJ Service | Videographer: Mark Kwolek | Transportation: Ambassador Limousine

| 79 |

The natural beauty of our area vineyards and mountain views mixed with graceful historic architecture sets the stage for any lovely romantic wedding reception. When your guests enter the space, you want them to be charmed, warmly welcomed and captivated by the simple beauty of the scene filled with overflowing flower arrangements, gently twinkling lights and the presentation of each artfully arranged table. Adding height is the perfect way to balance your room; tablescapes will seem grounded and anchored, while airspace will feel appropriately occupied. Tall centerpieces added to a table draped in luxurious linens like the impressive golden candelabra and snowy white blossoms accenting the tables at Veritas Vineyard & Winery (at left) or the beautiful pedestal bouquet of roses with trailing ivy and moss by Southern Blooms at Keswick Hall (at right, bottom left) help to create a gradient effect from floor to ceiling. Statement pieces like this dazzling wall of blooms by Beehive Events set up at Keswick Hall (at right, top) is an exquisite example of artistry as well as an elegant vertical installation that will be a focal point behind them, similar to lanterns, flowers or exposed bulbs. Lounge areas




P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y T O M D A LY, J E N FA R I E L L O , K AT E H E A D L E Y, E R I C K E L L E Y, R A C H E L M AY, S E R A P E T R A S , A S H L E Y R E LVA S , A N N A R O U T H , B E T H A N Y S N Y D E R & A A R O N WAT S O N



or a demilune bar with a dramatic floral drum arrangement like the one at Farmington Country Club, by Tourterelle Floral Design, (page 81, bottom right), create stunning spaces for gathering. Begin with lighting to create a romantic ambiance that will transform the atmosphere and set the stage for photo ops. Consider trendy geometric chandeliers paired with a sweeping cascade of fairy lights similar to the wedding at Brandy Hill Farm (opposite page, bottom left) or incorporate soft lighting into floral arrangements to draw special attention to the dĂŠcor. Using candles at different heights adds warmth while the gentle flickering adds a lovely touch. Flowers are the poignant intersection of beauty and timeless elegance. Even fallen petals exude an oldfashioned innocence. Greenery and blooms are the perfect way to weave nature into your celebration whether creating


a sweet candlelit aisle between bamboo chairs at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards (opposite page, top right) or an elegant place card of magnolia leaves embellished in gold. For a more nautical touch, items such as an oar and lures (above at left) can bring a masculine feel forward (Southern Blooms & Shindig Weddings & Events). Vines and foliage balance your blooms and luxurious swaths of gossamer draperies and rich garlands like the one above at Old Metropolitan Hall by Tourterelle Floral Design can accent doorways, fireplaces and table runners, creating an oasis. Regardless of how you and your love decide to adorn your wedding, choose what speaks to you as a couple. Focus on the feeling of the occasion, the guests who are there to celebrate you and the love you share. When your day is designed with sweet emotions at the center, the rest will fall into place.

| 83 |



Namita and Shiv held their unique celebration of love at Castle Hill Cider. The day's events seamlessly blended together their culture, relationship and personalities into a remarkably memorable wedding. The couple met for the first time when the groom, Shiv, was an intern in the emergency room at the University of Virginia. He called for a neurological evaluation of a patient, and Namita responded to his page. A few years passed before they reconnected and started dating, but it didn't take long for both of them to realize they had found something special. After 13 months, Shiv proposed to Namita through an elaborate and romantic scavenger hunt. Even though their careers as doctors have moved them out of Virginia, they felt it was important to return to the place where they first met to become husband and wife.

The day began outdoors with a traditional Indian Hindu ceremony. The couple's attire was traditional and included many elements of Indian culture. The bride's long braid was embellished with gold accents while she and her bridesmaids were adorned in henna. Bright red and white flower garlands draped the groom's and the bride's necks (opposite page, bottom right). Family and friends enjoyed an Indian lunch buffet after the ceremony, celebrating the couple's heritage. Later, the ceremony's theme of vibrant gold was exchanged for more subtle shades of blush, white and black. Shiv changed into a black tux and Namita put on a

fitted white gown that she had designed for her in India. The bride's all-white bouquet was a stunning addition to her detailed reception attire. The dĂŠcor of soft, neutral tones went well with the barn's natural feel. Touches of blush were seen in the bridesmaids' dresses, specialty cocktails and floral accents throughout the barn. The classic black, worn by the groom and groomsmen, was also featured through the furniture and table centerpieces. Guests then enjoyed another meal of traditional Indian cuisine at the reception, and later celebrated Namita and Shiv's magical day with music, a bourbon bar and a tasty late-night snack of Carpe Donuts.

Event Planning & Styling: Christine Godsey with Engaging Affairs | Photographer: Abby Jiu Photography | Venue: Castle Hill Cider | Caterers: Jewel of India, Bollywood Bistro & Carpe Donuts | Florist: Edge Flowers | Rental Companies: Skyline Tent Company & Blue Ridge AV/Lighting Company | Henna Artist: FAM Henna Arts | Beauty Stylist: Beauty and the Bride | Hair Stylist: Bridal Hair by Remona | Entertainment: Planet DJ & Social Print Co.

| 87 |



P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y J E N FA R I E L L O , K AT E LY N J A M E S , R A C H E L M AY & R O B E R T R A D I F E R A



There is something magical about children in their precious wedding outfits, joyfully joining in the festivities. Preparation is key, though, for a picture-perfect event. To put them at ease, practice their parts before the hubbub of rehearsal. Easing them into their responsibilities should prepare them for the addition of guests and cameras. Props are great ways to keep them focused on the big day, whether it's carrying a velvet pillow, a basket of flowers


or pulling a wagon. Another helpful hint is to let them know a reward is waiting at their seat. Hiring a nanny service to entertain the children during the reception is a great way to ensure parents also get to enjoy themselves. Coordinating attire with the bridal party—a flower crown, matching jewelry, a mini bouquet or a boutonniere for a tiny lapel—will help them feel extra important and leave your pictures tear free and extraordinarily beautiful.

Lead Image: Jen Fariello Photography | Top Left: Jen Fariello Photography | Top Center: Rachel May Photography | Top Right: Rachel May Photography Bottom Left: Robert Radifera Photography | Bottom Center: Jen Fariello Photography | Bottom Right: Katelyn James Photography

| 89 |



P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y J E N FA R I E L L O , A N D R E A H U B B E L L , R . L . J O H N S O N & R A C H E L M AY



Welcoming guests with a gorgeous gift bag is a gesture that will start your destination wedding weekend beautifully. Charlottesville artisans offer an array of wonderful local products to delight your guests and wedding party. A popular local sparkling wine by Claude Thibaut offers effervescent notes with French elegance. La Vache Microcreamery and Gearharts Chocolates offer charming


and delicious gift packages, perfect for any lover of sweets. Daniel Perry's jam is another perfect choice for guests. Artisan-made products might also include Wynott goat milk soap or sachets with Maria Pace's lovely watercolors. Complete with a charming tassel and stunning vineyard painting created exclusively for Charlottesville Wine & Country by local artist Meg West, W&C Welcome Bags are lovingly filled with only local artisan-made goodies.

Lead Image: R.L. Johnson | Top Left: Jen Fariello Photography | Top Center: Jen Fariello Photography | Top Right: Jen Fariello Photography | Bottom Left: Andrea Hubbell Photography | Bottom Center: R.L. Johnson | Bottom Right: Rachel May Photography

| 91 |


craft cuisine

& concept production

The Catering Outfit was founded in 1999 by Walter TX Slawski. Extensive travel in Europe, Australia, Africa and Central America ignited a passion not only for exquisite culinary experiences but also a desire to resurrect the impossible magnificence of colonial entertaining. After graduating from The University of Virginia, Walter embarked on a different sort of travel: creation of a unique outfit specializing in craft cuisine and production. Seasonally available, locally sourced and visually stunning ingredients are only part of what we do. We believe in the old adage “it takes a village to throw a wedding,� and we have carefully chosen our village. Working with the finest local industry talent and venues, we travel the path from engaged to forever with our clients, creating an exciting planning experience worthy of the final production. Our culinary offerings prepared in collaboration with our clients and planners consider overall vision and are designed to make sense. We refuse to dilute our talents. We maintain impeccable service standards and bring a la carte quality cuisine to the catered platform. Our events are featured regularly in regional and national publications as a direct result of our desire to accept the challenge of your unique wedding.

“Thank you so much! Everyone raved about the food - both the appetizers during cocktail hour and the dinner buffet – all night at the wedding. We’re continuing to hear positive feedback from family and friends, too. All in all, it was exactly what Andy and I were looking for and, on a personal note, we loved the staff and bartenders who made the night even more fun!” – Lisa and Andy

CHARM & CHARACTER at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Start your marriage at a timeless institution. Be swept off your feet by the charm and character of historic Keswick Hall & Golf Club. This picturesque wedding destination with unparalleled surroundings, amenities and venue options is the perfect backdrop for your perfect day.


tourterelle floral design where bold beauty becomes magical

t o u r t e re lle f lo ra l. c o m | 4 3 4 -9 7 3 -1 2 1 1


Just when we think we are set to go one way, the journey often directs us someplace completely unexpected. As an Economics major, I spent a year abroad in Paris where I took a photography class and realized I had a passion for being behind the lens. I have never looked back and am grateful that I have been able to develop this passion into a career. Over 20 years later, I still find joy in every close of the shutter. It is my honor to capture the purest and most sincere moments in peoples’ lives. Not only do I take pride in providing my clients with stunning images, I do so in a way that is always professional and engaging. Weddings don’t always go exactly as planned. Sometimes there is bad weather, poor lighting, or the timeline just gets derailed. It happens! My clients know that they never need to worry. Dealing with surprises is second nature to me, and my career as a seasoned photographer allows me to never skip a beat. Your precious memories will always be captured beautifully. My photography style is timeless and classic. My clients tell me that my laid-back personality helps to put everyone at ease and allows the story of the day to unfold naturally and with joy. It is an honor and a privilege that I don’t take lightly.


Most weddings are memorable. Make your’s unforgettable.

Your wedding venue is more than just a setting, it’s the place where memories are made. Set the date, and let your imagination take over.

6011 E ast timbEr ridgE road · mount Cr awford, Va CrosskE ysVinE yards.Com | 540.234.0505

Marry Town with Country for the Ultimate Charlottesville Celebration You bring your whole self to your marriage, so why not have your festivities showcase all of what you love about Charlottesville? The gorgeous farmlands and foothills and the festive downtown vibe. Our sister properties, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards and Red Pump Kitchen, offer the best of both worlds.

Jose Villa Pippin Hill’s vistas overlooking our lush vineyards and the dreamy Blue Ridge Mountains are complemented by expertly designed event venues. Every detail has been carefully thought through to make your wedding seamless. Our Granary is ideal for seated dinners or dancing, and our Veranda is a romantic alfresco option for cocktails. From bridal showers and post-wedding day brunches in the Reserve Room to indoor/outdoor ceremony and reception options, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards is an all-season, flexible, full-service venue for the ultimate in wine country weddings. 5022 Plank Road, North Garden, VA 22959


Fine dining and top-shelf drinks in the midst of downtown Charlottesville’s historic pedestrian mall is the urbane way to begin a celebratory weekend. Red Pump Kitchen’s classic bistro-style restaurant and bar

Jose Villa

makes planning and hosting a Rehearsal Dinner effortless. Treat your guests to locally sourced seasonal fare, along with handmade pastas and pizzas that shine on our Tuscan-inspired menu. Host a seated dinner for your family and bridal party and then invite the out-of-town guests to join you for a late-night reception. You take care of the guest list, and we’ll take care of the rest! 401 East Main Street Downtown Charlottesville


Named after two sweet grandsons, Red August Farm is a brand new wedding and event venue. We are tucked away in the Shenandoah Valley with gorgeous views and an intimate country farm setting. Our picturesque property offers multiple outdoor spaces to accentuate the most romantic event of your life. Our magnificent historical barn is full of vintage details and country charm. The barn is large enough to hold 300 guests, making it one of the few venues around to accommodate such a large wedding. We offer a beautiful bridal suite complete with professional salon chairs.

s o u t h e r n - b l o o m s. c o m



From the flavors of the dish and intimacy of

sharing a meal to the finite details of the table, the concept of the meal has always fascinated me.

At Beggars Banquet, the focus is on details and personalized customer service, because planning an event is a personal matter. Come see all of our options personally, from the linens and china to the glassware and flatware. We will help you dress your table a dozen ways until your vision comes to life, whether simple and rustic or elegant and refined. With a nod to Mick Jagger: “Pleased to meet you and dress your table!�

Marty Van Santvoord, Owner

112 May Fray Avenue, Orange, VA 22960




Make history at one of V irginia’s most romantic set tings.

Located in Keswick’s horse country just miles from Charlottesville. Castle Hill Cider’s many indoor and outdoor sites offer endless possibilities from the intimate to the incredible. The Cidery Barn shares the crest of a verdant knoll with a linden tree grove. Artfully arranged below are apple orchards, a two-acre lake and custom-designed pergolas framing beautifully terraced lawns, perfectly suited for lawn games during cocktail hour.

Translated from old English, Gaie Lea means happy Meadows and is only fitting for the name of this gorgeous property. Available for your exclusive use, this spacious estate can host a weekend of activities for more than 200 guests. Treat them to a poolside bridal luncheon, or a lakeside picnic with kayaks and fishing; and host your rehearsal dinner at one of the many outdoor venues or in the covered pavilion. The gorgeous, comfortable estate house can even host up to 15 people, perfect for your bridal party or immediate family. No matter what you decide—the beautiful mountain views, lakeside oasis and unique canopies of ancient mighty oaks—Gaie Lea will impress and embrace you and your guests.


267 Bells Lane, Staunton, VA 24401


540. 292. 5435

Marisa Vrooman Designer

“Marisa’s genuine care for others informs every aspect of her work. From our first conversation to the wedding exit, Marisa was by our side helping us navigate every detail and decision with creativity, organization, and empathy. With Marisa at the helm, we were able to plan a wedding that was authentic, joyful and, of course, totally beautiful! As we look back on our ceremony and reception, we couldn’t imagine anyone else who could have executed such a perfect day with such precision and generosity. Anyone who works with Orpha Events is lucky to gain Marisa not only as a planner, but also as a mentor and friend.” Liz + Zach, Bride & Groom




EST. 2001

W W W. S E R A P E T R A S. C O M

Photo by Jen Fariello Photography

love where tradition is always new.

(434) 984-1155 WWW.MSEVEntSCVi LLE. CoM New show room Location: 1135 RiVER Rd ChaRLottESViLLE, Va 22901

Since its inception in 2008, MS Events has been providing unparalleled quality and service to the Charlottesville Wedding scene. Lead by Steve Sudduth and Jason Varner, MS Events is more than just a rental company, our products make your dreams come true. From Elegant to Rustic and everywhere in between, MS Events will help bring your vision to life with our beautiful china patterns, stunning farm tables, luxurious linen, stylish decor, gorgeous fabric draping and dazzling lighting designs. | 115 Fourth Street NE, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 | 434.293.8825

Each special event only happens once.

You have one chance to get it right and to impress everyone – yourself, your family, your loved ones and your guests. To make the right choice, your first choice should be Blue Ridge AV & Lighting.

Blue Ridge AV & lighting

S ince purchasing the company in 2008, Joe Kalkstein has assembled a team of skillful professionals with a singular common goal – to

produce premium quality events at the highest level of elegance and aesthetics. Unsurpassed customer service and attention to detail help us create an end product that exceeds client expectations. In addition to beautiful event lighting, our services now also include premium quality audio/visual services, staging, power distribution and creative draping and fabric dĂŠcor. Small or large, every event is managed by a designer with the help of an event team. We assist you every step of the way. From initial discussions, through the preparation of a proposal, and then on through planning, design, logistics, installation, on-site event management and finally, to strike and removal. We pride ourselves on being adaptable, making adjustments as desired, sometimes even while the event is in progress. This is your special day and having a responsive event team at your service will allow you to be worry free so that you can concentrate on enjoying your role and your guests.

Elegance, Sophistication, Precision, Superior Reputation Learn more at

Dream. Design. Indulge.

313 2nd StREEt #10 3 , C h a Rlot t ESv i llE, v i Rg i n i a 2 2 9 0 2



Our team of wickedly artistic and convivial Sugaristas offer their unique pastry skills for your wedding vision. Uniquely designed and delicious wedding cakes, Groom’s Cakes, American pies, European tarts, and Dessert Bars. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dessert fare delivered or served in-house for gathering out of town guests. We graciously welcome our couples to join us in creating some wonderful memories!

p a ra d o x p a s try i nfo@ gm ai l .c om

www.paradoxpas tryc afe.c om

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains at the heart of Central Virginia’s horse & wine country, The Inn at Willow Grove provides a beautiful landscape for a destination wedding of your dreams. We offer several event and ceremony spaces to choose from, including the lush Boxwood Gardens, the Hall for an intimate gathering, and the elegant Barn and Ruins for a larger celebration. Our overnight accommodations allow for every element of your wedding to take place in one location, from the rehearsal dinner, to bridal and grooms’ luncheons and the farewell brunch – you’ll never have to leave 540.317.1206 |

our estate. At The Inn at Willow Grove, we give thought to each and every detail; our award-winning events team is committed to making your day absolutely perfect.

“Sweet in every SenSe Since 1947” LocaLLy owned and operated Hand-crafting the best confections you’ll ever enjoy! Choose from made-in-store Fudge, “The Perfect” Caramel Apples, chocolate dipped and decorated treats, “Extraordinary Everyday” Truffles and more, in beautiful designed packaging to compliment your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and wedding day!

(434) 234-3634



313 E. Main St., Charlottesville

Photos by Heather Kidd Photography

Rustic . Chic . Unique

Situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Wild Wolf Brewing Company is the premier location to say “I do”. Our elegant event center features vintage chandeliers, hardwood floors, rustic accents, vaulted ceilings, and seating for 140 of your friends and family. Offer a variety of customizable menus created by our award-winning Executive Chef.


English inspirEd, AmEricAn mAdE


“Come for the adventure ....... taste the altitude� The winery and grounds at Stone Mountain Vineyards are perfect for weddings, rehearsal dinners, private parties, retirement, bridal showers as well as business retreats. Available space includes: 2800 sq. ft open layout (tasting room) with hardwood floors, old heart pine bar, and seating for up to 125 people. A full kitchen with a refrigerator, dishwasher, 2 stove-top ovens, and as well as 2 bathrooms. Expansive balcony with spectacular views! Send us an inquiry with respect to your upcoming event needs.


www.Ston eMou nt a i nVi neya rd s. c om

S t oneMou nt a i nVi neya rd s@ gm a i l . c om

1376 Wya tt Mou nt a i n R oa d , Dyke VA 22935

makeup Studio

custom wedding invitations . save the dates . programs . menus . escort cards place cards . table numbers . cocktail napkins . rehearsal dinner invitations letterpress . foil . engraving . thermography . flat printing please call or email to set up your complimentary, no-obligation appointment 434.979.6366 . .

love is the greatest adventure of all

Ayvazyan & de Beauvoir You deserve the perfect wedding dress! abcouturellc abcouturellc

“Maliha means Beautiful in Hindi ... let me create your Beautiful Cake today!�

Maliha Creations is an award-winning boutique bakery helping clients celebrate momentous occasions since 2006. Serving Central Virginia, Maliha Creations is dedicated to crafting beautiful, delicious and truly exquisite confections for the most discerning clients. Our passion lies in developing long-term relationships with our couples. From the moment they contact us, through their tasting and planning sessions, all the way to their first anniversary, and sometimes beyond as their families begin to grow, we cultivate a warm and personalized experience.

Owned and operated by cake artist, Anita Gupta, Maliha Creations has been featured in top industry publications, including Town & Country Weddings, Southern Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Weddings Unveiled, Brides Magazine, among others. \\ \\ 434-973-3183

With over twenty years of couture design expertise, designer Susan Sorbello of Sealed With A Kiss will create a one-of-a kind gown, exclusively for you, from the finest silks and French lace.

“Just give me a sketch pad and tape measure, and I’ll create the gown of your dreams!”

– SuSan Sorbello, DeSigner

We’ll guide you through a 4-step design process: 1. Your idea 2. Our sketched rendering 3. An actual design sample 4. An exclusive original gown

(434) 979-5683

Real Venue. Dream Wedding.

Two striking venues, breathtaking mountain views, spectacular scenic vistas, lake or stable side cocktail parties, accommodations in our historic manor homes, optional horse-drawn carriages, hot air balloons, and inclusive weekend destination packages all combine to create the venue of your dreams. On-site tasting room coming Fall of 2017. \ (434) 566-5562 \ \ \ Instagram: MountIdaFarm

“I feel so fortunate to have helped create specIal events

25 When It’s tIme for yours, I hope you’ll gIve me a call.”

In thIs communIty for over years.

– L isa McEwan, OwnEr


Barracks road shoppIng center . charlottesvIlle, va WWW.hotcakes.BIz . caterIng@hotcakes.BIz . 434.295.6037


540.825.8550 331 North Madison Road, Orange, VA 22960

Visualize memories in vivid color, set amongst breathtaking landscapes. Imagine your story, told through a beautifully designed wedding album, treasured for generations. Envision a wedding portrait as framed artwork in your home. Aaron Watson Photography is a full-service studio where quality, craftsmanship, and experience are paramount. 434.202.8031

Alyson Taylor Events, led by Founder and Creative Director Alyson “Taylor” Batt, is a full-service event planning and design firm focused on artfully crafted and well executed experiences. Taylor creates unique, one-of-a-kind weddings and events inspired by her deep southern roots, experience in the couture bridal fashion industry, and love for interior design. Armed with strong vendor relationships and extensive expertise, we expose our clients to the art of fine hospitality and entertaining. Our objective for each event is for it to be relaxed and chic, showcasing the client’s personality and flare; most importantly, we want it to tell the client’s story, not ours. Her extensive and varied background in the industry, strong vendor network, and ‘out-of-the-box’ creative streak allows Taylor and her team to work closely with each client and deliver an unparalleled experience.

(828) 228-0415

Hosting joyous occasions since 2002.

elegance, simplicity, and comfort ver

Thomas Jefferson was widely known for his hospiTaliTy and was fond of enTerTaining aT his beloved mounTainTop home, monTicello. our third president’s historic grounds, owned and operated by the Thomas Jefferson foundation since 1923 with a mission of education and preservation, offer a variety of inspired settings that provide an unparalleled opportunity to experience Jefferson’s virginia. at montalto, overlooking monticello, 360-degree panoramic vistas of charlottesville and the blue ridge change with the sunlight and the seasons. repose, the gracious 11,000-square-foot country home perched atop Jefferson’s “high mountain,” offers a variety of possibilities for events of every kind and is one of the most distinctive, elegant spaces in virginia. from our timeless venues to our gracious sense of true virginia hospitality, here, we will surpass your visions for your celebration and help you create memories that will last forever.

“And our own dear Monticello, where has nature spread so rich a mantle under the eye? Mountains, forests, rocks, rivers. With what majesty do we there ride Current Logo down into the workhouse of nature, to see her clouds, hail, snow, rain, thunder, all fabricated at our feet! And the glorious above the storms! How sublime to look Sun, when rising as if out of a distant water, just gilding the tops of the mountains, and giving life to all nature!” –Thomas Jefferson, 1786

"Amy has the ability to capture simple, genuine moments with complete grace." C h r i s & A n n A | F r e d e r i c k s b u r g , VA |

Weddings Wine Tours All Occasions 24 HOur AvAilAbiliTy


a &&executive a limousine sedan service (434) 975-5466





Our extensive collection of rental items will magically transform any room, barn, or tent and create a memorable ambience you and your guests will treasure. From delicate glassware and linens to chiavari chairs, cushions and farm tables, you are sure to find the perfect items.

a division of CE Rental, Inc.

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classic. insp ired . in tim a te .


434.963.79 76

You can’t take the country out of the girl…and why would you want to? With an extensive selection of boots and dress apparel, including Scully clothing, Boot’Vil will help make your wedding apparel (and photos) unique and unforgettable. From an elegant pair of Lucchese boots and comfortable Corral boots to a pair of Ariat, you can express your personality with your entire bridal party. Wedding packages, professional fitting services, appointments and complimentary consultations are available.

434-985-4574 |

Locally and family-owned, we have been serving Ruckersville, Virginia, since 1986.

Unlock the best possible Charlottesville and Albemarle County experience by staying at one of Guesthouses’ many unique properties. Select from bed and breakfast style guestrooms, estate annexes, country cottages, log cabins just outside of town, private suites near the Downtown Mall or whole homes or apartments near the University. Whether your trip is a romantic getaway, family excursion, business venture, or a visit with your UVa student, Guesthouses will assist you in finding a one-of-a-kind accommodation for your nightly, weekly or monthly stay. Charlottesville has so much to offer, and we are here to help you explore it all!



Host your wedding in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, near Charlottesville and the Shenandoah Valley. Montfair’s dramatic mountain views, cottages, lake and rustic lodge make it a memorable and intimate venue for every aspect of your wedding weekend. Imagine a magical outdoor ceremony, rehearsal dinner and reception under twinkle lights in the lodge, cocktails and dancing on the tented deck, and a bonfire and games on the lake-front. You and your guests can stay on-site in nine cozy, cottages perched in the woods above the lake. Cherish a weekend of nature, comfort and simplicity with those you love. \ \ 434-823-5202


Showcase MORE THAN A MONOGRAM Cyaned Originals is an innovative way to personalize gifts or brand your wedding or event. Hand drawn by Cyane Williams, your name becomes an individualized pattern designed specifically for you. Use your colors, your first name, your wedding date – the possibilities are endless! Your pattern can be applied to bridal party gifts, ties, favors, even wedding cakes! A Cyaned Original is a guaranteed one-of-a-kind gift. Fun. Whimsical. Classic. Sophisticated.

Photographs preserve more than memories – they preserve feelings. They are a way to capture the present, remember the history, and celebrate the future. My organic and down-to-earth approach creates a relaxed atmosphere of preserving everlasting moments through a mixture of documentary and fine art photography. To me, it's important to always listen to my clients and strive to meet their needs in a professional and courteous manner.


EveWatters I know harp’s special enchantment from rich experience: the magical way it frames the day, gracing each occasion. New songs and old, medieval to modern – beautiful sounds shine in every style, speaking directly to the heart. I’ve shared this amazing alchemy with audiences from the National Cathedral to the Australian bush, and weddings are my special delight.

Eve Watters | | 434-823-8600 |



Nothing warms, welcomes, or expresses gratitude quite like a thoughtful gift. Thanks to the southern hospitality that runs deep in our veins, The Detail Darling was born out of a wedding weekend necessity to host your out-of-town guests well and make them feel wanted and welcomed from the moment they check into their hotels. Imagining and constructing personalized welcome bags with Virginia’s most creative brides and wedding vendors is what we are all about. Let the planning begin! | Our Charlottesville and Paris shops are a curated collection of fascinating items that we have found on our travels near and far to illustrate the taste and style of Caspari. The shops combine the Caspari Collection with our many finds to give a complete entertaining experience for your wedding and the events surrounding it.

Personalized invitations, napkins and gifts, internationally sourced with care. 100 W. Main St., Charlottesville |

CARPE DONUT Our yummy donuts are homemade, handmade, and custom to your event. Our cart provides a unique and celebratory look, our apple cider donuts are made hot and fresh on-site, and our company is local, employee-owned, and one-of-a-kind.

Locally-made, elegant and unique, Gearharts’ chocolates are the perfect complement to your special day. The addition of one of our confections as part of your wedding – whether as a customized favor, part of your welcome gift for out-of-town guests or as part of the menu – will present your guests with a delicious, local and memorable symbol for the sweetness of your wedding day. WWW.GEARHARTSCHOCOLATES.COM



ADVERTISERS 3 Cats Photo 303.709.7290

Caspari 434.817.7880

A & A Limousine 434.975.5466

Castle Hill Cider 434.964.7629 Photo: by William Mahone Photography

Aaron Watson Photography 434.202.8031 Alyson Taylor Events 828.228.0415 Photos: by Annamarie Akins Photography Amy Nicole Photography ArtofSin Trading Company 571.217.2806 Ayvazyan & de Beauvoir (AB Couture Bridal) Photo: by 3 Cats Photo Barboursville Vineyards 540.832.3824 Beggars Banquet 540.661.0121 Photos: by Sera Petras Photography Blue Ridge AV & Lighting 434.975.3540 Boot’Vil 434.985.4574 Photo: by R. L. Johnson CACVB 434.293.6789 Photo: by Jen Fariello Photography Carpe Donut 434.465.9561 Photo: by Jen Fariello Photography

CrossKeys Vineyards 540.234.0505 Carpe Donut 434.465.9561 Photo: by Jen Fariello Photography Cyaned Originals 434.825.44427 Photos: by R. L. Johnson Devils Backbone Brewing Company 434.361.1001 Photos: by Aaron Watson Photography Eve Watters, Harpist 434.823.8600 Events at Monticello 434.984.7578 Photo: page 145 #2 by Jen Fariello Photography Faded Poppy 540.448.0187 Photos: #1 by Melissa Durham Photography; #2, #4 by Bethany Snyder Photography; #3 by Christy Mckee Photography; #5 by Nicki Metcalf Photography; #6 by Ruby Sky Photography; #7 by Nicole A. Brantingham Festive Fare 434.296.5496 Photos: #1 by Sera Petras Photography; #3 by Amy Nicole Photography; #4 by Jen Fariello Photography Gaie Lea 540.292.5435 Photos: #1, #2, #3, #4, #6 by Sera Petras Photography; #5 by Kaytee Lauren

Gearharts Fine Chocolates 434.972.9100 Photo: by Jen Fariello Photography Hedge Fine Blooms Downtown: 434.293.8825 Main Street Market: 434.817.9950 Photos: #1 by Michael and Carina Photography; #2 by Aaron Watson Photography; #3 by Kait Winston Photography; #4 by Lindsey Zovko Photography Hot Cakes 434.295.6037 Photo: by Jen Fariello Photography Inn at Willow Grove 540.317.1206 Photos: #1 by Katelyn James Photography; #2 by Aaron Watson Photography Jen Fariello Photography 434.963.7976 Keswick Hall & Golf Club 434.979.3440 Kilwins 434.234.3634 Photos: by R. L. Johnson Maliha Creations 434.973.3183 Photos: #1 by Elizabeth Fogarty Photography; #2 by Kristen Lynne Photography; #3 by Rachel May Photography; #4 by Aaron Watson Photography; #5 by Abby Jiu Photography; #6 by Bethany Snyder Photography Med Spa of Virginia Total Wellness Center 540.825.8550 Photos: #1, #2, #3 by R. L. Johnson Mi Ossa 603-953-4245

Photo credits required by the portfolio clients are either noted directly on the portfolio photos or listed above as requested. Credits are noted by number in order of appearance from top left and going clockwise on the portfolio page.

Montfair Resort Farm 434.823.5202 Photos: #1, #3 by Jessica Eastburn Photography; #2 by Lindsey Zovko Photography; #4 by Jack Looney Photography Mount Ida Farm & Vineyard 434.566.5562 Photos: #1 by Jen Jar Photography; #2, #3 by Aaron Watson Photography MS Events 434.984.1155 Photos: #1, #3 by R. L. Johnson; #2 by Jack Looney Photography Orpha Productions. LLC 434.960.0155 Photo: by Sera Petras Paradox Pastry 434.245.2253 Photos: #1 by Hannah Malloy Photography; #2 by Jonnie H Photography; #3 by Ward Photography Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards 434.202.8063 Photos: #1, #3 by Tec Petaja Photography; #2, #4, #5 by Eric Kelley Photography Rachel May Photography Rachel Wilson Photography 434.960.0630 Red August Farm 540.294.5573 Photos: by David & Sarah Lynn Red Pump Kitchen 434.202.6040 Photos: #1, #3 by Tec Petaja Photography; #2, #4, #5 by Eric Kelley Photography Robert Radifera Photography 434.245.8547 Rock Paper Scissors 434.979.6366 Photo: by Sera Petras Photography

Rouge 9 Make Up Studio 434.939.7870 Photos: by Jen Fariello Photography Sealed with a Kiss Bridal 434.979.5683 Sera Petras Photography 917.576.3964 Southern Blooms 540.948.5611 Photo: by Jen Fariello Photography Stone Mountain Vineyards 434.990.9463 The Catering Outfit 434.951.4699 Photos: #1, #3, #5, #7, #8, #9, #12 by Jen Fariello Photography; #4, #13 by Sarah Cramer Shields Photography; #2 by Robert Radifera Photography; #11 by Kristin Moore Photo The Detail Darling Photos: by Jen Fariello Photography Tourterelle Floral Design 434.973.1211 Photos: by Jen Fariello Photography VA Guesthouses 434.979.7264 Photo: by Adam Wayland Photography Veritas Vineyards & Winery 540.456.8000 Photo: by Shannon Moffit Photography Wild Wolf Brewing Company 434.361.0088

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