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At their core, weddings follow specific traditions to remind us of the human connection and community at the heart of the event. But it’s the personal elements that make your wedding day so special, and it is also worth mentioning that these details can be the most fun to select. Decisions fall into two categories: the intimate moments and markers that are just for the bride and groom to share with each other, and the public expressions of your personalities and relationship to them.

Just as the bridal party did above, you can make light of a rainy day by adding a fun collection of umbrellas for your bridal party. This last-minute decision can spontaneously express the joy and sense of fun inherent in the day even as the sky above teases you with clouds. Personalized monograms can add a personal touch to wedding dĂŠcor and favors that guests can take home with them to remember the special day. On the opposite page, a bride holds a napkin decorated in the couple's

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Charlottesville Wine & Country Weddings 2017  
Charlottesville Wine & Country Weddings 2017