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Aromatherapy, .

which helps with relaxation and meditation, has become increasingly popular. Want to add an element of pampering? Bath salts and sugar scrubs with essential oils don’t need to be a luxury purchase. In fact, with a few simple ingredients, you can make these — with your favorite scents — for your own use or for gifts. Find instructions and intriguing aroma combinations online or try the recipes below.

Sugar Scrubs • Mix together 2 cups of sugar and

•C  ombine 1 cup coarse sea salt and

1 cup Epsom salts.

a cup of unscented oil, such as grapeseed. You should be able to

•A  dd 3–10 drops of your favorite

mold like wet sand. Add a little

essential oils and mix well. If you

additional oil if it’s too dry.

like, add a few drops of food • Stir in 25–35 drops of essential oil

coloring as well.

and mix well. •S  ecure in a large mason jar (or a •T  ransfer to a few wide-mouth mason

few small ones) with a tight lid.

jars. Before securing the lid, add a few tablespoons of unscented oil to keep the contents moist.

Add a couple scoops of bath salts to your next bath! Use this sugar scrub on tired feet, use it to exfoliate your face or apply it during a massage.


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