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Nothing tastes better than produce bought in season. Tickle your palate, support local small farms and preserve the beautiful Virginia viewshed by buying local fruits and vegetables at markets and stores throughout Central Virginia.

Apples January–April & July–December Asian pears August–November Blackberries June–August Blueberries June–August Cantaloupes July–August Grapes August–October Nectarines July–August Peaches July–August Raspberries mid-May–mid-June & mid-August–October Strawberries April–mid-June Watermelons July–mid-September



Asparagus mid-April–mid-June Beets May–November Broccoli September–November Cabbage June–November Cucumbers June–October Eggplant July–September Green beans June–October Greens March–mid-June & October–December Onions April–June Peppers mid-July–November Potatoes June–July & October–November Pumpkins September–October Spinach March–mid-June & October–December Squash June–October Sweet corn July–August Sweet potatoes January–February & October–December Tomatoes July–August

Information provided by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.


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