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emphasis on volunteer or mandatory workdays, community/celebration events, educational opportunities, involvement with planning and administration, and other projects will vary. Consider what level of involvement is right for you.

10 Connecting with Farmers

Lisa is a local writer in Charlottesville, VA with a background in education and psychology. She has an interest in the impact food and access to nature have on our health and wellbeing. She has been a member of a local CSA for the past three years. Beth writes from Rockville, MD. Through gardening and her CSA share, she enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables all summer long with her husband and their four children. 11

courtesy of Forrest Green Farm

One of the missions of a CSA is to connect consumers and farmers. Some CSA farms offer a variety of ways to keep in touch with farmers through on-farm activities, newsletters, and interactions during pick-up, etc. The best way to connect with a farmer is to join a CSA. Good luck choosing! While there are several factors to consider when joining a CSA, most farm websites are well organized and user-friendly. Answers to key questions regarding cost, farming practices, and farm activities are easily found on CSA webpages and order forms. Some farms have stands at the City Market, which is now open, or at the mid-week Farmer’s Markets at Meade Park and Forest Lakes. Their knowledgeable staff can answer your questions and give you a feel for the farm’s values and sense of community. So as spring begins to bloom on the Blue Ridge and here in the piedmont, consider the best ways to bring the flavorful bounty of our region to your dinner plate.

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