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{resources parenting} Montessori School of Charlottesville

A Montessori experience with international and ecological consciousness celebrating 41 years. Ages 21 months–6 years 295-0029, See ad page 66

Mountaintop Montessori

Montessori-based curriculum in a safe environment where students can explore their independence. Ages 0 months–15 years 979-8886, See ad page 65

North Branch School

Indoor and outdoor learning with hands-on experiences and academic and social goals. Pre-K–Grade 8 540-456-8450, See ad page 63

St. Anne’s-Belfield School

Curriculum includes language, science, mathematics and fine arts as well as social and development. Ages 2–Grade 12 296-5106, See ad page 63

YMCA Child Care

Child care and education with intergenerational programming at the Jefferson School City Center. 6 weeks–Pre-K 205-4380, See ad page 69

“Are you saying I need to diet? Are you

Dr. Evil and Professor Bad while throwing

saying she needs to lose weight? I’ll tell


Mom you said that.”

cloaks. We play Princess, School, My Little





“What kind of candy do you want?”

Pony and Office (she thinks cubicles and

I made it through Annie’s childhood

assignments are fun for some reason).

... somehow. And her sister’s. She’s a

Sometimes she holds a toy phone to her

teenager now and doesn’t believe in

ear. “Hello? Hi, yeah … yeah. I’m fine.

fairytales anymore, just Teen Vogue and

Look, I have to go now. Shopping, yeah. My


feet are so sore!”

Grace, the youngest, is still only 6

I think of the Kitty Wells’ song. “Making

years old, floating through her own make-

believe … is all I can do.” Making believe

believe world. She plays with Polly Pocket,

isn’t all Grace can do, but it may be what

Barbie, Lego Friends and American Girl.

she does best.

She walks her baby in a stroller, feeds her and teaches her to read. She writes and illustrates books with cereal-box covers. She composes songs and sings them with intricately choreographed dance routines. Sometime she uses stage names, such as “Horsey Gondack,” “Kitty Kroons” or “Barb Doll.” The songs are pretty good—nice melodies, surprisingly astute lyrics and some light plagiarism. Grace and I also run around in the woods with walkie-talkies, escaping from


November 2017

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CharlottesvilleFamily's BLOOM November 2017  

Volume 18 Issue 11

CharlottesvilleFamily's BLOOM November 2017  

Volume 18 Issue 11