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{resources parenting} wide, her arms would tremble and her

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teeth would rattle. Night fell ... after five minutes. We’d set up camp, make dinner over an open (and invisible) fire, tell ghost stories, then go to


sleep and wake up three seconds later. “Uhhoh! I’m so tired. Get up, Shaggy.” Annie would be sitting on my chest, shaking my head and patting the side of


Curriculum includes music, physical education, swimming, spanish, field trips, and indoor and outdoor play. Ages 2–Pre-K 978-7529, See ad page 58

my face. “I think we should sleep a little more.” “No, the ghosts are coming! Get up! Hurry!” We’d hunt mummies and witch doctors throughout the house. And somehow, we were always surprised when they weren’t really monsters at all, but only the professor or sea captain dressed up in very realistic costumes. “Like zoiks, Scoob!” I’d say. “Let’s get some hamburgers and pizzas. Chasing monsters is making me hungry.”

Albemarle Montessori Children’s Community

Prepares children for further education and life by adapting to their needs in a nurturing environment. Ages 2–K 540-671-9894, See ad page 68

“Rats right! I’m hungry, too. Ret’s ret roing!” Annie’s



wasn’t very good, so sometimes I’d do both voices—Velma, Daphne and Freddy, too. I was proud of Annie, though. She realized that plain, bespectacled Velma was the smart one and that glamorous Daphne wasn’t much help. The game would end after 30 minutes. Or so I thought.

Bright Beginnings Preschool

Teaches safety, manners, responsibility, motor skills, literacy, language, nutrition and more in a safe environment. Infants–Pre-K Crozet 823-7129 Forest Lakes 973-8414 Mill Creek 979-8585 See ad page 69

A few hours later, Annie would say something like, “Shaggy, how are we going to catch the headless phantom?” I was impressed by her commitment to the role and her ability to stay in character. A few hours later, she’d do it again. “The werewolf is coming! Let’s hide in the suits of armor that are right there, because we’re in a castle!” I was tired of the whole thing. And somewhat disturbed by Annie’s preoccupation with a talking cartoon dog who had a speech impediment. Why was she so obsessed? It may have been the

Chancellor Street Preschool Co-operative

A caring and engaging community for families who want to be involved in inspiring and educating their children. Ages 3–5 years 296-6444, See ad page 66

purple Scooby-Doo dress she was wearing or the Mystery Machine toy with real working headlights or the Scooby-Doo blanket and bathing suit. The






powerful force for children. Cartoons, books, movies, the myths they hear from adults—their world is filled with talking

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CharlottesvilleFamily's BLOOM November 2017  

Volume 18 Issue 11