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Traveling, Trips & Dining Out Life with A Child with ASD, One Mother’s View Raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) isn’t always easy, and you shouldn’t feel that taking care of yourself is an act of selfishness—it’s a necessity. Because, being emotionally strong will not only better prepare you to care for your child but also give you the focus and understanding you need when your child throws you a curveball. With children on the autism spectrum, there are no consistent expectations or habits. It is a spectrum, and every child has varying abilities and challenges, and handles situations differently. Keeping an open mind and retooling information to fit your family’s needs is some of the best advice. Read on to share in our family’s journey and, I hope, take away some ideas and tips to ease you on your own parenting path, wherever it may lead.


ifteen years ago, we adopted

he can cause incredible frustration for

Matthew, our son with special

our younger children, which can result in

needs from Russia. He was 3

conflict. Learning strategies and maturing

years old at the time. While

with age, our life with Matthew has

I had grown up with a brother with

become simpler. But, especially during the

Down syndrome, I never imagined that

early years, these practices really helped

I would learn so much in such a short

our family.

period of time. Being an architect, I tend


November 2017

Starting from the early years, our

to constantly focus on environmental


issues and spatial strategies that support

experienced invasion of their personal


the success of our three children living

space or trespassing in their room.

together. Why would this be an issue?

Matthew would steal or break their

Well, our son with ASD can struggle with

belongings (though rarely with malicious

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CharlottesvilleFamily's BLOOM November 2017  

Volume 18 Issue 11

CharlottesvilleFamily's BLOOM November 2017  

Volume 18 Issue 11