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{resources camp guide} will allow him to spend time with other children doing kid stuff. The more mature child will have similar opportunities with older children, without fear of being ostracized. Whatever your tween is ready for, camp provides a safe, supervised set of opportunities to explore and define individual interests and motivations—a wonderful gift for children as they enter adolescence.

Ages 13 & Older Adolescents





may benefit the most from the unique opportunities

July 8–22, 2018




Older campers have opportunities for service and leadership that are unrivaled. Teenagers will often be given positions where they serve as role models for

A two-week-long Yoga summer camp for children ages 8–12 at Yogaville, located just outside of Charlottesville, VA. • Daily Yoga classes • Vegetarian meals • Supportive atmosphere 1.800.858.9642

younger campers. For many teens, this will be the first time they are given

• Sanskrit singing • Campfires • Tubing, crafts, and more!

responsibilities, and most will jump at the chance to prove themselves in a positive way.

Central Virginia: 40 mi south of Charlottesville, 75 mi west of Richmond, 150 mi southwest of DC

As part of a close community, older campers also learn that they can leave a constructive, lasting impact on the people around

them, helping



firsthand knowledge of the benefits of

p Hidden Cam

service and altruism. Camp allows children to be exposed



to a diverse group of people, interests and activities where they are given the opportunity to try, fail, try again and succeed in the context of a supportive

1 - 4 Week Sessions Boys & Girls • Ages 6-16 Only 2 hours west of Charlottesville!

environment. Challenges at camp are

Horseback Riding • White-Water Rafting • Climbing Tower • Sailing • Sports Mountain Boarding • Canoeing • Backpacking • Swimming Arts & Crafts • Organic Farm • Mountain Biking • Rock Climbing • 1,000 Ft. Zip Line • Performing Arts • Dance & more!


real, and they require sustained effort to master. The sense of accomplishment that children get from mastering these challenges is therefore also real, and enduring.


Over 115 STEM & Arts Summer Academies NEW! Early Bird Discount if Registered by April 2 STEM: Robotics, Coding, Virtual Reality, Drones, & more ARTS: Sculpture, Movie-Making, 3D Art, Drama, Photography & more KidsCollege@PVCC June 11–Aug. 10 KidsCollege@Fluvanna June 4–15 KidsCollege@CATEC June18–29

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(Rising 3rd–9th) (Rising 1st–9th) (Rising 7th–10th)

KIDSCollege@PVCC Learn today...Lead tomorrow


February 2018

Ethan specializes in working with children and families. He holds a Ph.D. in child clinical psychology and writes frequently on topics surrounding child development and camp. This article was originally printed in CAMP Magazine. Reprinted by permission of the American Camp Association © 2005 American Camping Association, Inc.

CharlottesvilleFamily's BLOOM February 2018  

20th Anniversary Issue

CharlottesvilleFamily's BLOOM February 2018  

20th Anniversary Issue