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Just Between Us… Dear Friends, It was a quiet Monday, and I’d just sat down at my desk when the phone

volume 18 issue 12 PUBLISHERS

december 2017 Robin Johnson Bethke Jennifer Bryerton

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Robin Johnson Bethke EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jennifer Bryerton TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Peter D. Bethke SENIOR EDITOR Sarah Pastorek

rang. I could see from the caller ID that it was our elementary school. I love

ONLINE EDITOR Madison Stanley

our teachers and staff, but these calls do cause the ol’ blood pressure to tick


up a bit, especially when I answer to, “He’s okay, but I think you should come.”


The next few minutes were a blur. A thoughtful PE teacher stood next to me for the big reveal of our oldest son’s injured foot. It was a bit gruesome, but the

Danielle Burr, Barbara A. Tompkins


Mom in me quickly took over and began processing the next best steps—call


the pediatrician, hold an ice pack for him and give him some ibuprofen to take

with a snack. Somehow, we managed to get him out to the car and started on a string of appointments.

Carath DeFrancia, Allison Muss, Carter Schotta, Jenny Stoltz


R. L. Bethke, Becky Calvert, Diane DiCarlo,

Rick Epstein, Julie Bloss Kelsey, Dionna

L. Mann, Whitney Woollerton Morrill,

a Ziploc bag, accommodating his need not to have anything touch his sore foot

Beth Seliga, Madison Stanley, Danielle

and also keeping everything clean. The medical staff wiggled a few eyebrows at

Sullivan, Bob Taibbi, Krissy Vick

his makeshift footwear but, hey, it got the job done.

BOOKKEEPER Theresa Klopp

First of all, I needed a way to help get him around, so we headed to the house to pick up a hiking stick and improvise a shoe with some duct tape and

I ran my phone battery down that day surreptitiously responding to emails, reading short stories aloud and letting him play Tetris as we waited. By


Christine DeLellis-Wheatley


afternoon, he was the proud owner of some, thankfully, all-bones-intact x-rays,

INTERN Brielle Entzminger, Sarah Payne

and we were just waiting for a few stitches. He’d been stoic all day, but then


came the numbing shots. He was wearing down and the shots brought tears to his eyes that he bravely tried to brush away with his fists. Of course, the shots meant he never felt the stitches, which I was grateful for at that point. As we left the hospital, our sweet boy nearly knocked me to the floor again with his observation: “You know, Mom, I feel sorry for everyone who can’t get a shot.” It took me a minute to catch his meaning, but then it was my turn to tear up. He was thinking of others … If only everyone could get a shot and feel better; what a wonderful thing. I’m so fortunate—from healthy, kind children and a warm bed to meaningful work and marriage with my sweetheart. Truly, I can’t imagine how life could get much better than this. It is the perfect time of year to think about all the people and things in our life that we are grateful for and to look around and share our appreciation and love. Big hugs, thank you notes and a phone call “just because” are a little like a shot of happiness we can all share with one another. Wishing you a joyful December,

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2004 Community Award Winner


December 2017

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News 4

The Buzz Around Town 6 Should children’s toys be more gender neutral?

Snapshot 8

Our Schools 10

Mark Nizer, Juggler, Entertainer & Dad

Keeping an “AVID” Eye on College

Out & About Calendar 12




The Gift of Giving

Mindful Parenting 30 An Organized Calm

Healthy Family 32 Heart Healthy Holidays

December Holiday Activities & Events for Families

Editor’s Pick! Thank you to everyone for voting for this year’s Family Favorite Awards. I am excited to venture to many fun and festive holiday outings this year, and we hope you enjoy the local gift ideas in this issue. Happy Holidays!

Daytrip Fun! 19 Celebration of Lights, Science Museum of Virginia & Christmas at Mount Vernon

RESOURCES Give the Gift of Camp 24

Home & Garden 36 Decorating with Greens

Local Handmade & Vintage 60

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

Residential Camp is a Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Buy Local Shopping Guide 62

Food & Family 40 Better Dining Out Experiences

Easy Strategies for Family Merriment

Arms Wide Open 72 Local Couples Share Their Stories of Fostering Children

Finger Knitting & Christmas Angels

Heading Home for Holidays 66

Tips & Trends 34 Fabulous Finds and Fun

Your Winning Picks for Family-Friendly Fun & Services

Fun Seasonal Crafts 64

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Winners 2017 46

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UNTIL NEXT TIME Here’s Our Holiday Letter 80 A Dad’s Humorous Tales

34 So Love This! “I love being crafty with our gifts around the holidays. I am excited to try making, and perhaps buying, a locally made gift for someone special!” — Susan, senior marketing consultant



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local buzz

Ivy Publications proudly sponsors: Toy Lift

33rd Annual Holiday Bazaar

Charlottesville Fashion Square Mall December 1

Charlottesville Waldorf School December 2

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia’s Guess How Much I Love You & I Love My Little Storybook

Santa Pancake Breakfast

Moscow Ballet Presents: Great Russian Nutcracker

Charlottesville Ballet Presents: The Nutcracker

The Paramount Theater December 11 & 12

PVCC December 16, 17, 21 & 22

Virginia Discovery Museum December 10

Local Children’s Author Works with Disney Vampirina, a television show based on local author Anne Marie Pace’s children’s book series, Vampirina Ballerina, debuted on October 1 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. The Disney animated television series stars Lauren Graham, James Van Der Beek and Isabella Crovetti, and includes recurring guest stars like Patti LuPone and Wanda Sykes. Pace shares with CharlottesvilleFamily that “every year around Halloween, people send me photos of their girls dressed like Vamperina, and it just puts a huge smile on my face knowing so many children identify with the character.” Pace released her third book in the Vampirina Ballerina series, Vampirina at the Beach, in April of this year. See for more of Pace’s work.


December 2017

The Paramount Theater December 6

NCING . . . U O N N A Your Winning Picks for Family-Friendly Fun and Services! See page 46

Ting Sponsors Young Women in Tech

Students Win Film Project Award Renaissance School sophomore Alex Zuffoletti and his two film teammates, Jakob Krosby and Nate Winter, received the Audience Award for their short film OUT.OF.STOCK at the 14th Annual Adrenaline Film Project. In just 72 hours, the three students brainstormed, wrote, cast, shot and edited the film. Their team was one out of 12 chosen from a pool of competitive applicants to participate in the film competition. Aaron McGinnis

With the goal of promoting the advancement of women in STEM careers, Ting Internet is providing $10,000 in annual funding to Charlottesville Women in Tech (CWIT). The funds will allow CWIT, a local nonprofit that addresses the underrepresentation of women in science, technology, engineering and math careers, to extend its program capacity and reach as well as to expand its resources, further increasing awareness about gender disparity. CWIT provides educational support and programming for women in Charlottesville and surrounding counties, and holds afterschool and summer programs with hands-on learning opportunities for girls ages 11 to 14. For girls and women ages 15 and above, CWIT offers opportunities like the YES, We Tech Summit to build the skills necessary for tech careers.

of Light House Studio served as their professional mentor. McGinnis assigned the students a film genre as well as a line of dialogue and props for their original film, which needed to be three to five minutes long. Training at the Renaissance School in the filmmaking process, including brainstorming and editing, allowed them to exercise critical thinking, creativity and collaboration in and out of the classroom.

Look who’s coming to 5th Street Station! Opening December 2017

(434) 977-2020 Barracks Road (434) 975-2020 Hollymead Town Center (434) 760-2020 5th Street Station


{our town voices} The



TOWN Should children’s toys be more gender neutral? 59% say “yes” 41% say “no” “I feel it should be acceptable for children to play with whatever toys they choose. If a boy wants to play with a Barbie doll and a girl is into engineering, there should be nothing wrong with that. Toys should just be considered toys, not toys for boys or toys for girls. In that respect, we should just consider toys as gender neutral in general and stop labeling.” – Jen, mother of two

“I don’t believe toys need to be gender neutral. I believe society should stop stereotyping gender and placing gender as a personality type. It is ok if a girl plays football and wants to work on cars. It is also ok if a boy wants to play dress up and play house. Allow kids to be kids and not make them what society believes they should be.” – Sam, Palmyra

“Even my son with autism thinks it is sad how the ‘girl’ Legos are all pink and marketed so obviously to a stereotype. With that said, the majority of girls and boys will always gravitate to pretend play that is traditional by gender. I’ve worked with preschoolers, and there is a difference in preferences by gender for many, not all, but it is clear. Even when little boys do prefer to play ‘house’ they will usually do so in different ways than most girls.” – Charlene, Ch’ville

“My boy/girl twins shared the same womb, the same crib and the same toys, and my son still gravitates to vehicles and my daughter to dress-up clothes. With that said, they also play interchangeably with these things. My suggestion is not to neutralize children’s toys but to make sure our daughters are given dump trucks and our sons have dolls.” – Molly, Ch’ville mom of four

“Not that everything needs to be colorcoded by gender, but we just need diversity. I have a little boy who loves all toys and pink is one of his favorite colors. We would love to see a pink pirate ship or rocket!” – Erin I., Ch’ville mother of a 6- and 1-year-old

“I say, let them be kids! If my son wants to play with a doll, that’s fine. If he wants to play with a Tonka truck, that’s fine, too. One day he borrowed a little girl’s tutu at a birthday party and wore it for a while. People thought it was hilarious and even photographed it, but I didn’t think twice. He’s just curious because society has told him he can’t have ‘girl’ things, so it makes him want to explore it even more.” – Bre P., mom of a boy

Visit to answer next month’s question:

Do you talk to your child about body weight? 6

December 2017

CASPCA Welcomes Dogs From Houston The Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA (CASPCA) recently welcomed twodozen new dogs from Best Friends Animal Society, which was using the NRG Arena as a base shelter. For a limited time, the CASPCA waived puppy and dog adoption fees in order to make space for the dogs that were displaced by Hurricane Harvey this year. The furry guests set a record for the amount of dogs the CASPCA has taken in from a weather-related tragedy. Though many of the pooches are undergoing veterinary exams and treatment, the CASPCA hopes to have them ready for adoption soon.

Raising Substance Abuse Awareness Working to raise substance abuse awareness, the Wellness Ambassador Club at Western Albemarle High School sponsored a “Why I Run” event. The club’s mission is to promote healthy decisions and foster real conversations about substance abuse at their school. In partnership with the Charlottesville Albemarle Coalition for Healthy Youth, it is working to provide afterschool programming. Instead of turning to unhealthy practices to relieve stress, students will soon be able to attend fun, drug-free events sponsored by the club. After learning about the huge impact substance abuse can have on their peers, Western Albemarle students Claire Aminuddin, Olivia Gallmeyer, Alice Ferral and Francesca Gibson founded the Wellness Ambassador Club. They were also influenced by the tragic death of their beloved music teacher, Eric Betthauser, who was killed by a drunk driver last year.

“The Charlottesville Clothesline” Started by local nonprofit Connections, Inc., “The Charlottesville Clothesline” aims to encourage acts of kindness and compassion towards others. The clothesline serves as a free program connecting Albemarle County and Charlottesville families interested in sharing unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories. After signing up for their desired program—men, women or children—participants simply drop off a labeled bag of gently used clothing items at the home of the next family on the “clothesline” list sent to their email. This family then takes out what clothes they can use, adds a few of their unwanted clothing items and passes the bag on to the next family on the list. With this unique recycling program, Connections, Inc. seeks to not only help local families save money on clothing but also keep unwanted items out of overflowing thrift stores and landfills. All who wish to participate in the program can sign up at

Mason’s Toy Box Collects Toys for Children Mason’s Toy Box works to deliver smiles and toys to children in Central Virginia who are hospitalized on their birthdays and during the holidays. It receives many of these special toys through its annual holiday toy drive, which collects new unwrapped toys and games for children in the hospital for the holidays. The drive is held in honor of Mason Thomas, who passed away at the age of 11 after a six-year battle with a rare form of cancer. During the first week of November each year, decorated donation boxes are dropped off around the area to collect gifts up through mid-December. The donated toys will then be picked up a week before Christmas, wrapped in festive paper and given to as many hospitalized children as possible. For a list of local places to donate, check out

UVA® CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL & KOHL’S CARES. WORKING TO MAKE OUR CHILDREN HEALTHY Nationally close to 32% of school aged children are overweight or obese. UVA® Children’s Hospital would like to thank Kohl’s Cares for generously sponsoring Kohl’s Hoo’s Fit – a program designed by UVA® Children’s Fitness Clinic to promote healthy eating and active living among area children and parents. You can help by looking for special Kohl’s Cares merchandise like books and plush toys, throughout the year. 100% of the net profits for these items support health and educational opportunities like Kohl’s Hoo’s Fit. The partnership between Kohl’s and UVA® Children’s Hospital is creating a healthier future for area children.

Kohl’s Hoo’s Fit UVA Children’s Fitness Clinic 434.982.1607 •


{our town interview}

SNAPshot written & photographed by Beth Seliga

Mark Nizer Juggler, Entertainer & Dad

Local father of three girls, Mark Nizer loves a challenge. What started as a pastime in middle school turned into a passion and eventually a career choice for Nizer. A mental and physically demanding activity, juggling is perfect for young active children whose brain never stops moving at full speed. Nizer practiced it for many years, competed in the International Juggling Association Championship and ultimately won it in 1990 (after losing seven other times). In addition, he won a national talent contest at the American Collegiate Talent Showcase and went on stage to open for Bob Hope, Ray Charles, George Burns and many others. From there, Nizer went on to working Vegas-type shows, many college venues and performing arts centers. What is the best part about your job? Getting to live your dream is a rare opportunity that I appreciate every time I walk on stage. To reach an audience, make them laugh and entertain them is a great feeling. I also enjoy pushing my body and myself to the limits of human ability. How have you grown over the years? What are your hopes for the future? I have been lucky enough to have so much technology available that I have been able to create an immersive show with tons of lights, lasers, video and interactive props, opening up creative avenues I never dreamed off. I have also recently added a science show to reach out to schools to help teach critical thinking. My hopes for the future are to keep enjoying being on stage, part of which involves taking care of my body and practicing daily.

What is your favorite time of the week with your family/friends? On Fridays, we make homemade pizza. A meal with friends is the secret to life and happiness. What advice do you have for parents and their kids who are aspiring to help others through their careers? Anything can be a job! Parents need to let their kids try lots of activities and studies. You never know when something will click with them. When it does, let them go all in. So many times I hear people who had a passion for something as a child but their parents told them to have that be the back up and get a degree in something unrelated. This sidetracks that passion and leads you away from your dream and greatness. What would you do with an extra hour in your day? I would play with my mini longhaired Dachshund and go for a walk with my wife. What is one thing your parents did well that you try to incorporate into your parenting? They exposed us to lots of art projects and creative activities. My twin sister is an amazing painter, and my brother was an architect. What do you give back to the community to keep you connected to a world outside parenting, work and everyday life? I run a free juggling club in Charlottesville called the AirRaid Juggling Club ( that all are welcome to attend.

Before switching to capturing the look of love and the inner beauty of her subjects, Beth was a sports photographer whose work appeared in Sports Illustrated, USA Today and Pro Cycling, among other publications. See her work at


December 2017

We have plenty of affordable activities for your family this winter.


classes and programs

Charlottesville Parks & Recreation invites you to discover our selection of over 200 classes and programs for kids,adults and seniors! Classes include dance, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts,aquatics, golf, art, outdoor adventure, therapeutic recreation and much, much more.

Register online at or call (434) 970-3260

{our town community} definitely



Schools by Krissy Vick

Keeping an “AVID” Eye on College Good news came early for some Charlottesville High School seniors who received their first college admissions offer this fall. “When I found out I was admitted to college, it was such a great feeling,” says Noah. He is participating in the Advancement Via Individual Determination program (AVID), a nationally recognized program that prepares students, such as firstgeneration college trailblazers, for college success. At Charlottesville City Schools, AVID begins with a school-wide program at Walker Upper Elementary School. It continues as an elective at Buford Middle School and then at Charlottesville High School (CHS). “AVID provides critical college readiness skills like time management, organization, critical thinking and group study skills,” says CHS AVID Instructor Brian Kayser. The program also coaches students through the college application process of visiting schools, preparing for the SAT, completing applications and more. AVID is reaching Charlottesville’s

youngest students as well through a buddy program that pairs high school and elementary school kids together. Whether the buddies take a tour of CHS, play games, share story time or eat lunch together, the underlying goal is to promote college aspirations and readiness for everyone. AVID high school students also offer tutoring and courseselection advice for Charlottesville students in grades 7–8. “I feel like my AVID experiences really prepared me for my college visits,” says Dyshe, a CHS AVID senior. “My teachers helped me find schools that would be a good fit for me, and they even pushed me to apply to schools that would be a reach for me because they know what I am capable of.” College campus visits to schools like Lynchburg College, Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Tech are also broadening horizons for these students. Nearly 20 young men and women from CHS were offered admission while visiting Longwood University. Another 15 were admitted to Virginia State University shortly thereafter, and the list of offers from

Krissy is the Community Relations Liaison for Charlottesville City Schools. She can be reached at


December 2017

Renaissance Student Qualifies for Junior Olympics in Fencing Artemis Bowman, a junior at the Renaissance School in Charlottesville, never thought she would take up fencing. After her family moved to the area in 2007, her mom signed her up for a local fencing camp, despite Bowman’s protests. But by the end of the weeklong camp, she was hooked and ready to go back for a second week. Fast-forward 10 years later, Bowman has just won second place in the Junior Women’s Foil Competition, qualifying her for the 2018 USA Fencing Junior Olympic Championship, in Memphis, Tenn. The Junior Olympic Championship begins with several pools separated into preliminary groups of eight fencers, followed by the first round of cuts. Those who make it move onto elimination rounds, as fencers make their way through a table until they reach the semifinal and final rounds. Beyond the Junior Olympic Championship, Bowman hopes to continue her love of fencing in college, as there are many universities, such as Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania, that offer Division I fencing programs.



OPENINGS CAVA, 1200 Emmet Street N. Family Dollar, 1135 5th St. SW MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company, 2055 Bond St. Tilman’s Cheese and Wine, 406 E. Main St.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Arc of the Piedmont is moving to a new location at 1149 Rose Hill Drive. The new building is currently under construction and is expected to be finished in spring of 2018. Aqui es Mexico has changed ownership and is now Cactus Mexican Restaurant.

Joyful Learning

A Coeducational Independent School for Pre-K - Eighth Grades 13775 Spicer’s Mill Road Orange, Virginia 22960 540-672-1010

Chef Tyler Teass is leaving his position as head chef at Brasserie Saison. David Plunkett will replace John Halliday as the director of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library on January 1, 2018. St. Anne’s-Belfield School named their Greenway Rise Auditorium Grisham Hall in honor of local author John Grisham, a trustee, former board chair member and parent of two alumni of the school. Keswick Hall is closing in 2018 for extensive rennovations that are expected to last until the spring of 2019. The golf club and other services of Keswick Hall will remain open.

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one y r Eve

Slice of the Pie a s e v r Dese Fresh s g Toppin

eMad der r to-O

SPCA SARA SOCA H.O.W.S. Live Arts Salvation Army Special Olympics Mosby Foundation UVA Cancer Center Caring for Creatures ARC of the Piedmont Habitat for Humanity Music Resource Center Ronald McDonald House Albemarle Fire & Rescue Make A Wish Foundation Wildlife Center of Virginia Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Thomas Jefferson Food Bank Shelter for Help in Emergency

Locally owned

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2017

R Mozzeal & Pro arella Cheevolone se

FreshNever Frozen Dough

FREE Kindness with Every Order! Ray Sellers,

owner of your local Domino’s



{our town calendar}



HOLIDAYS, LIGHTS & SANTA VISITS Breakfast with Santa & Carriage Ride

Now–December 16, Saturdays at The Boar’s Head Inn Enjoy a traditional breakfast buffet as children whisper Christmas wishes in Santa’s ear. 434-972-2230,


Check out our online calendar for more local family events and fun!

Now–December 24 at Children’s Museum of Richmond – Central Visit Santa at the Children’s Museum of Richmond. See website or call for Santa’s schedule. 804-474-7000,

Christmas Town at Busch Gardens

December 1–31, 11am–5pm at James Monroe’s Highland Tour the house as it is beautifully decorated for the holidays. 434-293-8000,

Now–January 1, 5–9pm at National Zoo, Washington, D.C More than 500,000 environmentally-friendly LED lights transform the Zoo into a winter wonderland. Enjoy a dazzling light show set to music. 202-633-8743,

Now–January 1, select dates at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg Travel to Christmas Town, with its blanket of over eight-million glittering lights, breathtaking shows and traditional Christmas culinary delights. Experience Christmas traditions from around the world. Visit Santa Claus at his North Pole workshop and sip some hot chocolate. 800-343-7946,

Dominion GardenFest of Lights

Celebration of Holiday Lights

November 30 at Ronald McDonald House Join a Charlottesville holiday tradition by entering the Gingerbread House Competition. Creations will be on display at the Omni with free admission December 3–6.

Now–January 1, 5–11pm at Gypsy Hill Park, Staunton Drive through the 214-acre park aglow with charming nighttime scenes, most homemade by local organizations and businesses. 540-886-8660,

November 30–December 2, Various times at Stonefield: Suite 120, 2035 Bond St. Children can enjoy one-on-one time and a photo with Santa, and share cookies at this holiday event.

Highland for the Holidays


Legendary Santa

Cookies with Santa

Now–January 8, 5–10pm at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Henrico A holiday tradition featuring more than halfa-million lights, botanical decorations, trains, holiday activities and more. 804-262-9887,

Virginia Gingerbread House Competition

Charlottesville’s Grand Illumination

December 1, 5:30–8pm at Downtown Mall Central Place Enjoy performances, a visit from Santa, and over 20,000 LED bulbs illuminating the community tree and Downtown Central Place, and more. At 8:30pm, The Paramount Theater will present a free screening of “A Christmas Story.” 434-409-8226,

Free Holiday Open House at Montpelier

December 2, 9am–5:30pm at James Madison’s Montpelier Tour the Madisons’ home, visit with James and Dolley, see Santa, and enjoy hands-on history activities, delicious food, free cookies and cider. 540-672-2728,

33rd Annual Holiday Bazaar

December 2, 10am–4pm at Charlottesville Waldorf School Crafts, activities and food for the whole family at this festive annual event. CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor! 434-973-4946,

Caroling in the Caverns

December 2, 6–8pm at Grand Caverns, Grottoes Candlelight tours and performances inside Grand Caverns. Children get in free with a donation of a tangible item to benefit the South River Boys and Girls Club.

An Old-Fashioned Christmas

December 3, 12–4:30pm at Maymont Mansion & Carriage House Lawn Horse-drawn carriage rides, food and drink, festive music, a roaring bonfire and activities to fill everyone with old-fashioned holiday spirit. 804-358-7166, Photo: Rob Garland Photographers

Charlottesville’s Grand Illumination

December 1, 5:30–8pm at Downtown Mall Central Place. See this page.


December 2017

Gingerbread House Competition Display December 3–6, 4–7pm at Omni Hotel Enjoy the displays of Gingerbread Houses.

‘Tis the Season Pancake Breakfast YOU CAN HELP!

December 9, 7–11am at Hilton Garden Inn Pantops Have a pancake breakfast and visit with Santa. Proceeds will benefit local agencies, including the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville. 434-971-2094,



172 BAYLOR LANE • $419,000 Amazing river views in your backyard from this wonderful home at the end of a cul-de-sac. Open floor plan w/ access to decks, zen garden & patio. Kitchen with high-end appliances, granite countertops. Spacious family room w/ coffered ceilings, fireplace. Genevieve Verlaak (434) 996-6683. MLS# 568515

2305 MILL RIDGE ROAD • $774,000 Solidly built, this oasis is situated on 5 private, tranquil acres fronting the Mechums River. Minutes to Charlottesville & Crozet. Located at the end of a cul de sac, this immaculate home offers level yard & river access. Gourmet kitchen with marble countertops. Reidar Stiernstrand (434) 284-3005. MLS# 568606

Children’s Holiday Festival

December 9, 8:30–10:30am or 11am–1pm at Amazement Square, Lynchburg Enjoy a pancake breakfast and photos with Santa, holiday crafts, cookie decorating and all-day admission. 434-845-1888,

Breakfast with Santa

December 9, 9–10am at Crozet YMCA Have breakfast and take photos with Santa. Registering in advance encouraged. 434-205-4380,


9th Annual Holiday Heritage Parade

December 9, 10am at Charlottesville Downtown Mall Celebrate our national and community history and culture with marching bands, floats, living history performers and more. 434-295-9073,

Santa Pancake Breakfast

December 10, 9am, 9:20am, 11:30am or 11:45am at Virginia Discovery Museum Enjoy a yummy breakfast and meet with Santa, too. CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor! 434-977-1025,

Brunch with Santa

December 10, 11:30am–1:30pm at Prospect Hill, Louisa Enjoy a gourmet brunch, hands-on crafts and Christmas cookie decorating. Bring a camera and capture your child on Santa’s lap. 540-967-0844,

2652 DICK WOODS ROAD • $1,795,000

Sited on a gently rolling 5.7 acres, only 5 miles to town, Crosswinds overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains & Little Ivy Creek. A chef ’s kitchen, outfitted with premium appliances, opens to expansive casual living spaces. Welcoming family room, dining area, and wonderful screened porch all take advantage of the beautiful views. Recently renovated master bath with Carrara marble counters. Guest house over the garage with full kitchen is a perfect private “flex” space. Billie Magerfield (434) 962-8865. MLS# 568813 65 ACRES - MERIWETHER LEWIS DISTRICT


5289 FREE UNION ROAD • $1,100,000 Elim Farm is 65 acres nestled on a knoll overlooking expansive Blue Ridge Mountain vistas. Wrap-around front porch of this Cape Cod flaunts 360˚ views. Two small ponds, pasture and mature hardwoods. Built in 2006 with materials from the area, including local pine floors. Erin Garcia (434) 981-7245. MLS# 568184

1718 MONET HILL • $699,000 You will love this home for so many reasons – flexible floor plan, gourmet kitchen, custom finishes, extensive trim, and appealing color selections. 5 beds, 5 baths, plus study with full bath (which could serve as a bedroom). Master suite with double tray ceiling, luxurious bath. Suzie Hegemier (434) 962-8425. MLS# 567311

Yuletides at Agecroft: A Christmas Open House

December 10, 12:30–5pm at Agecroft Hall, Richmond Charles Dickens will read from “A Christmas Carol” and Father Christmas will hear Christmas wishes. Help decorate, enjoy Victorian carols and dances, and more. 804-353-4241,

Mrs. Claus Invites

December 13, 4–6pm at Omni Hotel Charlottesville Visit with Mrs. Claus and her friends. Guests will enjoy singing, dancing, storytelling, craft-making and cupcake decorating. Advance ticket purchase is required.

Night of 1,000 Lights

December 15–16, 6–9pm at Prospect Hill, Louisa Walk the paths with a warm cup of cider, take a photo with Santa in his workshop and enjoy homemade crafts and sweets in Santa’s Marketplace. 540-967-0844,


434.977.4005 W W W . L O R I N G W O O D R I F F . C O M


{our town calendar} Holiday Lantern Tours

is proud to support Toy Lift!

December 15–17 & 21–23, 6–8pm at Frontier Culture Museum, Staunton Tour the museum by lantern light and see the holiday traditions of the past. Enjoy a horsedrawn carriage ride, refreshments and live music. 540-332-7850,

Bethlehem Village Live Nativity

December 15–19, 6–9pm at Hebron Baptist Church, Afton A modern day reprisal of the village of Bethlehem complete with reenactment of Christ’s birth, singing angels, Roman guards, an olive press and more.

Breakfast With Santa

December 16, 9–12pm at Keswick Hall and Golf Club Enjoy a holiday breakfast spread and fun activities for all ages. Capture a photo with Santa, listen to him read a holiday tale, paint an ornament or even decorate a Gingerbread house (additional $35). 434-979-3440,

It Only Takes

ONE to make a

difference this holiday season!

Swimming With Santa

December 16, 5–8pm at Brooks Family YMCA Children will decorate cookies, do arts and crafts, and swim with Santa. Each child will have their picture taken with Santa. Dinner is included in the fee. 434-974-9622,

Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas

December 16–31 at Wintergreen Resort Celebrate the holidays with craft workshops, Santa on the slopes, storytime with Mrs. Claus, New Year’s Eve celebrations and more. 434-325-8180,

NEW YEAR’S FUN Noon Year’s Eve Bash

December 31, 9:30am–1pm at Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond Kick off the New Year with a countdown to noon and 2,017 bouncy balls, paper streamers, confetti and an apple juice toast. 804-864-1400,

New Year’s Eve Family Frolic


Friday, December 1, 2017 14

December 2017

December 31, 2–5pm at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Henrico Family activities in the afternoon with live entertainment, music, parade and crafts. 804-262-9887,

36th Annual First Night Virginia

December 31, 3pm–12am at Downtown Mall Celebrate the new year with a community arts fest with performers, a creation station, fun zone for kids and more. 434-975-8269,

New Year’s Eve Celebrations

December 31 at Wintergreen Resort Ring in 2018 at Wintergreen. There’s a party for everyone, including the kids. Teen and kids’ parties, live entertainment and fireworks. 434-325-2200,

HOLIDAY ARTS & CRAFTS Gingerbread Workshops

Now–December 17, Sundays at The Boar’s Head Inn Spend an afternoon with Santa, Mrs. Claus and Boar’s Head Pastry Chef Carri Harmer designing and building your own edible masterpiece. All ingredients and construction materials will be provided. Light refreshments will be served. 434-972-2230,

Make a Gift Craft Workshop

December 2, 2–4pm at Crozet Library Create beautiful holiday cards, ornaments and more out of materials all provided by the library. Registration requested, but walk-ins welcome. Ages 14+. 434-823-4050,

Children’s Woodland Ornament Workshops

December 9 & 16, 11am–12pm & 1–2pm at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello Craft ornaments from materials gathered from the woods of Monticello. Enjoy hot chocolate and cookies. Recommended for ages 5 and up. Children must be accompanied by adult. 434-984-9822,

Holiday Crafts at the Library

December 9, 2–4pm at Central Library Stop by to make a variety of holiday crafts including ornaments, gift tags and a baking mix in a jar. Ages 14+. 434-979-7151,

Family Art Drop-In

December 14, 3:30–5:30pm at Northside Library Families are invited to make a non-edible gingerbread house. All materials provided. Ages up to 12. 434-973-7893,

Holiday Gift Making for Kids

December 15 & 16 at Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center, Darden Towe Park Visit the Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center, where children can make holiday gifts including bracelets, ornaments and more. 434-996-7282,

Kids Holiday Craft Day

December 16, 11am–4pm at Horton Vineyards Bring the kids out for tons of fun holiday crafts. Adults can enjoy a glass of wine while their kids decorate ornaments and more in the tasting room. 800-829-4633, events/1611496438873844


December 2 | The Historic Wayne Theatre December 9 | E. C. Glass Civic Auditorium December 16, 17, 21, 22 | PVCC

For tickets and the full season information: 434.227.7592

Holiday shopping days

WITH LOCAL VENDORS Sundays, December 3 and 10 12noon - 4pm Gifts for every size, shape, and age! Each vendor will have items priced at $5 or less, so children can do their holiday shopping too! Please join us in our tasting room to help these local businesses grow, and enjoy some Horton wine!

Holiday Craft Party

December 16, 1–3pm at Carver Recreation Center Come make and take holiday crafts, enjoy some hot chocolate and have a visit from Santa. 434-970-3059,

6399 Spotswood Trail, Gordonsville

(540) 832-7440


{our town calendar} Cookie Decorating

December 20, 6–7:30pm at Northside Library Kick off winter break with some cookie decorating fun. Supplies, including cookies, are provided. 434-973-7893,

SPORTS & OUTDOORS Monticello Holiday Classic 5K and Deck the Halls Kids Dash

December 2, 8–10am, 8:10am kids dash, 8:20am 5K at Monticello Kids ages 12 and under can enjoy the Deck the Halls Kids Dash, a quarter-mile loop around the West Lawn. 434-984-9877,

Photo: Greg Harris

UVA Men’s Basketball Home Games December 2, 16, 19, 22 & 30 at John Paul Jones Arena Cheer on our ‘Hoos at home! 800-542-8821,

UVA Women’s Basketball Home Games December 2, 21, 28 & 31 at John Paul Jones Arena Cheer on our ‘Hoos at home! 800-542-8821,

A Christmas Story: The Musical

Now–December 10 at Four County Players. See page 17.

AldersgAte United Methodist ChUrCh Presents…

mily Thank you for voting! esvilleFa ChaFrlaovttorite Anewr ard W2in017

Authentic Italian Gelato and Sorbet


CharlottesvilleFam Favorite Aw ily Winner ard 20 17

LaVazza Espresso & Coffee Italian Hot Chocolate • Pastries • Wi-Fi

On the Downtown Mall 317 East Main St, Charlottesville 434-296-8555 •

Consignment Sale Spring & Fall

Huge selection of

March & SepteMber

CheCk our website often for Current speCials and sales!


Consign with us and receive 65% of your sales! Easiest tagging process around! Volunteer with us and shop first!

30 varieties of poinsettias in 8 sizes

(You are not required to consign in order to volunteer.)

we are open year ‘round! brighten your home and clean the air with houseplants. 1500 East Rio Road Charlottesville For sale hours, volunteer and SPONSORSHIP opportunities: 16

December 2017

Open 8:00 - 5:30 MOn - Fri 8:00 - 5:00 Sat

located on rt 340 about 3.5 miles south of i-64.

(540) 943-8408 phone e-mail web site

we grow most of our plants ourselves

Charlottesville Santa Fun Run & Walk YOU CAN HELP!

December 3, 11am at Sprint Pavilion This 1-mile stroller/wheelchair-friendly course starts and finishes on the Downtown Mall. Families and pets welcome. Proceeds benefit Arc of the Piedmont. 434-977-4002,

Freedom 5K YOU CAN HELP!

December 9, 9am at Glenmore Country Club Runners of all ages, walkers, leashed dogs and baby joggers welcome. 434-962-2752,

The Harlem Globetrotters

December 10, 2pm at John Paul Jones Arena The iconic Harlem Globetrotters are coming to town with their unrivaled family show, featuring some of the greatest athletes on the planet. 800745-3000,

Santa Pancake

Breakfast Sunday, Dec. 10 | 524 East Main St, Charlottesville

STAGE & SCREEN A Christmas Story: The Musical


Now–December 10 at Four County Players Mainstage Based on the Christmas film classic “A Christmas Story.” 540-832-5355,

FavotrtiesvilleFam ward ily WitnenA e r 20 17

Every Christmas Story Ever Told

November 29–December 26 at Blackfriars Playhouse, Staunton This family-friendly, fast-paced romp takes you on the Christmas journey of a lifetime, through your favorite holiday classics and then some. 540-851-1733,

Virginia Glee Club’s 77th Annual Christmas Concert

December 1 & 9, 8–10pm at Old Cabell Hall (Dec. 1) & First Presbyterian Church (Dec. 9) The UVA Glee Club performs seasonal favorites with audience participation and entertainment for the entire family.

Christmas With the Consort

December 2, 4:30pm & 7:30pm at First Presbyterian Church The annual candlelight Christmas concert of the Virginia Consort with the Youth Chorale. Recommended for school-aged children and older. 434-244-8444,

Family Holiday Concerts

Special: 4 Seats for $50

December 2 & 3, 8pm Saturday, 3:30pm Sunday at UVA’s Old Cabell Hall The Charlottesville Symphony at the University of Virginia and the UVA University Singers join forces to present their annual Family Holiday Concerts. 434-924-3376,

9:00 AM | 9:20 AM | 11:30 AM | 11:45 AM

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


December 2–3 & 8–10 at Burnley Moran Elementary School This adaptation features a talented cast of children, teens and adults, an upbeat musical score by Jim Asher and some favorite Christmas songs.



Early Registration Deadline: Dec. 3 | Dec. 4-8: +$15 Late Charge Thank you to CharlottesvilleFamily for Donating This Ad on Behalf of the Virginia Discovery Museum.


{our town calendar} First Presbyterian Church Where all children are invited to parƟcipate in our Christmas Eve service at 4 pm

Royal Opera House Live in HD: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

December 3, 1pm at The Paramount Theater Follow Alice down the rabbit hole in this exuberant ballet, inspired by the much-loved book from Lewis Carroll. 434-979-1333,

Holidays with the Hoos

December 3, 3pm at John Paul Jones Arena The Cavalier Marching Band and 400 high school student musicians will perform UVA school songs, halftime favorites and holiday classics. 434-243-4960,

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia

December 6, 6pm at The Paramount Theater Childrens’ stories “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney and “I Love My Little Storybook” by Anita Jeram come to life in Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia’s adaptation. CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor! 434-979-1333,

FAMILY ART JAMs: Age-appropriate tours with hands-on art activities—an enriching experience for the whole family!

Messiah Sing-In

December 6, 8pm at Old Cabell Hall, University of Virginia The UVA Messiah Sing-In relys on the University and Charlottesville community to come together to sing and perform one of the greatest oratorios. 434-924-3376,

Visit our website for dates. or 434.243.2050

Albemarle Ballet Presents “Nutcracker Suite”

December 10, 2pm & 5pm at The Wayne Theatre, Waynesboro This 1 hour and 15 minute “Nutcracker Suite” is perfect for the entire family, children, adults and seniors. 540-943-9999,

Charlottesville Municipal Band Holiday Concert

Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.

Moscow Ballet Presents: Great Russian Nutcracker


Be an InsIder Get the latest updates on area fun and news!

Visit us at and sign up for our weekly E-Newsletter packed with calendar highlights, daytrip ideas, and much more!


December 2017

December 10, 3:30–5pm at Martin Luther King Performing Arts Center The Municipal Band plays seasonal and traditional music at its annual concert. Please bring a canned good to donate to Emergency Food Bank. 434-295-9850,

December 11 & 12, 7pm at The Paramount Theater Experience the exquisite artistry of worldclass Russian dancers, playful puppets and the unmatched splendor of hand-crafted sets and costumes. CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor! 434-979-1333,

! n u F aytrip


Celebration of Lights Every year, families visit the Celebration of Holiday Lights at Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton. This year marks the 11th consecutive year the celebration has taken place. The event is sponsored by the City of Staunton as well as local businesses to ensure that entrance is free for anyone who wants to experience some holiday cheer. With the whole family in tow, visitors can drive through the park’s loop and gaze upon more than 50 brightly colored holiday scenes created by local individuals, families, organizations, businesses and churches. For an even better look at the twinkling lights, park your car and take a magical stroll through the park. Plenty of the lights can be seen around the parks gazebo, duck pond and fields. Each display entry is eligible for judging, so take advantage of the


time with your family to discuss your predictions for first, second and third place. While there, be sure to check out the Field of Deer, where community members display lighted deer to honor loved ones. Outdoor Christmas trees are also exhibited to honor veterans and those currently serving in the military. Throughout the several weeks that the Celebration is open, the park also hosts a variety of other holiday-themed events such as Caroling in The Park and pictures with Santa Claus to share in all the joys of the holiday season. This event is free and open to the public, and is available from 5–11 p.m. each evening. The drive time is approximately 1 hour.


Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017 10am–4pm 3

Sneak Preview Shopping Event

Gift formaking adults  children Friday, Dec. 1, 2017 • 6–9pm 3


120 Waldorf School Road across from Pen Park

Free admission & parking* *complimentary park-n-ride shuttle service from the Charlottesville Catholic School

jump-rope making | leather stamping | candle-dipping

children's secret garden | puppet show | raffle | Rudolf's Diner local artisans • handmade gifts


{our town calendar} Charlottesville Ballet Presents The Nutcracker

December 16, 17, 21 & 22 at The V. Earl Dickinson Building at PVCC A 90-minute production sure to delight the entire family. After select performances, children ages 3–8 can take a ballet class with Clara and her friends. Class size is limited, so reserve soon. CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor! 434-227-7592,

White Christmas

December 17, 2pm & 7pm at The Paramount Theater Two successful song and dance men trail after up-and-coming song and dance ladies to an inn owned by their former commanding officer. 434-979-1333,

Phil Vassar & Kellie Pickler: A Christmas Tour

December 23, 8pm at The Paramount Theater Lynchburg-native Phil Vassar returns to The Paramount with American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler on their first joint tour. 434-979-1333,

Marvelous Morning Matinee

December 28, 10:30–11am at Central Library Come see the library’s annual showing of The Snowman based on the book by Raymond Briggs. 434-979-7151,


Annual Pottery Club Sale YOU CAN HELP!

Now–December 12 at various locations around Charlottesville Donate new, unwrapped toys and gift cards. These gifts will be given to hospitalized children and their families.

Toy Lift

YOU CAN December 1, 7am–8pm at Charlottesville Fashion Square Mall HELP! Bring an unwrapped new toy or make an online donation to help make a local child’s holiday bright. Other drop-off locations include: Downtown Mall, Bank of the James (5th Street Station), Union Bank (Pantops), Wal-Mart (Ruckersville) and Lauterbach Chiropractic (Food Lion Shopping Center, Fluvanna). CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor!

3rd Annual Toy Lift & Holiday Market

December 1, 10am–5pm at City Hall Plaza (next to Sprint Pavilion) Toy Lift Charities will accept donations at this convenient downtown location and over 25 Charlottesville City Market vendors will have a variety of holiday food and crafts for sale. 434-409-8226,

December 2, 9am–12pm at PVCC PVCC Student Pottery Club’s annual sale featuring hundreds of handmade mugs, bowls, vases, plates, casseroles, pitchers and works of art. 434-961-5219,

RVCC’s 11th Annual Winter Markets

December 2 & 16, 9am–12pm at Rockfish Valley Community Center, Afton Produce, meats, cheeses, jams, baked goods, greenery, arts & crafts and live music. Market on Dec. 2 coincides with RVCC’s pancake breakfast. 434-361-1725, rockfishvalleycommunitycenter.memberlodge. com

3rd Annual Enchanted Extravaganza

December 2, 9am–4pm at The Market at Grelen Enjoy 22 local vendors, festive fare, music, fresh Christmas trees & greens, wreath workshop and fire pits. Visit with Santa from 11am–2pm. 540-672-7268,

Little Country Christmas Market & Craft Fair

December 2, 9am–7pm at Augusta Expoland The first Little Country Christmas Market and Craft Event. This family-friendly event will have two sessions of craft events going on along with many vendors.


What you need to know for where you need to go!

CharlottesvilleFamily’s Ultimate Go-To Guide 2016-2017

AvAilAble online ONLINE AT .com TM

rga rips • O nizer • ! Dayt Directory & More


December 2017

! n u F aytrip


Science Fun Imagine yourself building your own playground with foam blocks or walking a tightrope. You can do this and much more at the Science Museum of Virginia, occupying the historic Broad Street train station in Richmond. It offers hundreds of hands-on exhibits covering topics such as memory, chemistry, energy and more. Whether you visit the Live Animal Lab and meet reptiles and amphibians native to Virginia, experience the Speed exhibit and learn about the speed of light, see a moon rock or make a masterpiece in the Art Lab, there is plenty to explore at the museum. “Noon Year’s Eve” on December 31 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. is a wonderful time, where the family can watch 2,017 bouncy balls, paper streamers and confetti bring the Rotunda to life. As an added bonus, the five-story, domed screen IMAX Theatre will make you feel as if you are part of the action (separate charge). Lectures, special events, astronomy activities and many workshops, such as National Parks Adventure, Humpback Whales, Rat Basketball, Animal Lab and more, are posted on their website. Cosmic expeditions are offered daily for astronomy lovers, where they will get to explore the stars like never before. Be sure to also visit the Children’s Museum of Richmond, which is right next door. The drive time is approximately 1–2 YMCA cville family DEC 2F_Layout 1 10/30/17 9:19 PM Page 1 hours.

Parents’ Night Out at the Brooks Family YMCA

Swimming with Santa

Saturday, December 16 | 5–8 pm Decorate Christmas Cookies Holiday Arts & Crafts Swim with Santa $15 member $25 non-member



{our town calendar} Scottsville Volunteer Fire Department Christmas Bazaar

December 2, 10am–2pm at Scottsville Community Senior Center Visit with Santa from 10am–1:30pm, enjoy all types of vendors, touch a firetruck, enjoy food and drink, a silent auction and more.

Holiday Shopping Days at Horton

DEC 8 DEC 9 DEC 10 DEC 11 DEC 16 DEC 17 DEC 27 DEC 29

December 3 & 10 at Horton Vineyards Local vendors will fill the tasting room. Each vendor will have items for $5 or less, so that children can also do their holiday shopping. 540-832-7440,

12th Annual Craftacular Holiday Market December 9, 10am–5pm at Carver Recreation Center An annual holiday market showcasing the best of Charlottesville, Waynesboro, Staunton, Richmond, Lynchburg and surrounding areas.


December 1, 3:30–5:30pm at Dot to Dot: Pediatric Speech Language Therapy Explore food and food play using taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. Proceeds will go toward Full Circle’s Building Blocks program. 434-260-6450,

Picture Book Film Fest


JAN 13

Yonder Mountain String Band

JAN 16


They Might Be Giants The Infamous Stringdusters

JAN 17 JAN 19



December 2, 10:30am at Crozet Library Cozy up to watch a few favorite stories on the big screen. Ages 2–6. Registration is requested. Drop-ins welcome. 434-823-4050,

Creation Station

December 8, 3:30–4:30pm at Gordon Avenue Library Stop by to create with UVA Madison House volunteers with a different project each week to explore. STEAM ahead with hands-on fun. For all ages. 434-296-5544,

And ... Action!

with The Stray Birds

December 9, 6:30–8pm at Crozet Library Before seeing “The Story of Ferdinand” on the big screen, try acting it out. Ages 7–12. Required registration. 434-823-4050,

“Nutcracker Suite” Meet & Greet

JAN 27 JAN 31 FEB 16 APR 7 MAY 3


December 11, 4pm at Central Library Experience the wonder of The Nutcracker with a special visit from Charlottesville Ballet. Learn the story, see a special performance and learn a few dance moves. Best for ages 3–9. 434-979-7151,

Star Wars Ep. VIII Release Party

December 14, 6–8:30pm, at Northside Library Get ready for The Last Jedi by watching “The Force Awakens.” Come in costume and get a surprise. Snacks provided. 434-973-7893,

It’s a Wonderful Cookie Exchange

December 18, 6pm at Crozet Library Bring treats to share and swap before settling in to watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” at 6:30pm. Bring a copy of your recipe to share. 434-823-4050,

Midwinter Tea Party

December 21, 2pm at Crozet Library Celebrate the winter solstice with treats, stories and a handmade lantern. Ages 5+ with accompanying adult. Required registration starting December 4. 434-823-4050,


December 1, 6–8pm at Crozet Library Winter Harry Potter-themed party. Semi-formal attire or wizarding costumes are encouraged. Grades 6–12. Required registration. 434-823-4050,

Exam Cram at Crozet Library

December 11–14, 16 & 18, 4–9pm weekdays, 9am-5pm Saturday at Crozet Library Reserved space and extended hours for high school students studying for midterms. Free snacks and beverages available. 434-823-4050,

Tween/Teen Book Swap

December 13, 7–8pm at Gordon Avenue Library Bring in books to trade and browse through the library’s gently-used books to swap. Snacks provided. Grades 5–12. 434-296-5544,

End of Semester Pizza & Sing-Along Party

December 19, 6:30–8pm at Crozet Library Celebrate the end of the semester with pizza and group karaoke. Grades 6–12. Required registration. 434-823-4050,

Escape to 2018

December 30, 2–4pm at Central Library Join other teens under a time limit to solve a series of riddles, decipher clues and find the key to escape. Grades 5–12. Required registration begins December 16. 434-979-7151,

cont’d on page 26

December 2017

! n EE io FR iSS m d A

Fun Fair& Camp Expo Sunday, February 11


Join u in cele s too bratin g the

20th Anniv ersar of

10am - 3pm DoubleTree Hotel 29 North (near Sam’s Club)







Find the Perfect

SummeR CamP Over 80 Exhibitors • Popular Giveaways • Fun for the Kids & Teens Special thanks to our sponsors!

{resources camps}


Camp! This holiday season, why not consider the gift of camp? Now is the perfect time to begin exploring the variety of gift opportunities—especially gift giving from grandparents! According to the American Camp Association, this is one gift that lasts the whole year, helping your camper grow in many ways!

LOOking FOr mOre Camp resOurCes? Visit the CF Online Camp Fair at


December 2017

Fun! Mandarin-English Immersion

year round

Give the GIFT OF CAMP this Holiday Season!

Where horse crazy kids go to camp! • 1.800.873.3223

There’s more than family fitness at acac Fitness & Wellness! Treat yourself to any of the items below: The Oldest Girls’ Camp in the Virginias since 1922

youth programs

sports programs

café purchases

logo shop items

swim lessons

spa treatments

nutrition sessions

personal training

InspIrIng growth through honor, loyalty, and frIendshIp.

Join us for our 97th Summer!

Purchase $100 in gift cards this December*, and receive $10 free! Visit your nearest acac club to purchase! *Offer valid thru December 31, 2017.

Lewisburg, WV 304-645-1316 Albemarle Square 500 Albemarle Square Charlottesville, VA 22901 phone 434.978.3800

Crozet 1015 Heathercroft Circle Crozet, VA 22932 phone 434.817.2055

Downtown 111 Monticello Avenue Charlottesville, VA 22902 phone 434.984.3800


{our town calendar} ESPECIALLY FOR PARENTS

Health & Medical Sciences Academy Open House December 6, 6–7pm at Monticello High School 434-244-3100,

Teaching Your Teen To Drive

December 5, 6–7:30pm at Albemarle High School Albemarle County requires guardians to attend a free parent seminar before enrolling their teens in Behind-the-Wheel. This class will provide you with information on Virginia traffic laws, safety, coaching your teen and insuring your new driver. Teens are not required to accompany you.

MESA (Math, Engineering and Science Academy) Open House December 7, 5–7pm at Albemarle High School 434-975-9300,


Education and Career Resource Fair for Adult Learners

December 5, 6–8pm at Main Campus, Main Building, North Mall Meeting Room Adults considering continuing their education or changing careers can learn more through various information sessions on several topics. 434-961-5275,


Steep Canyon Rangers with Larry Keel

December 2, 7–11pm at The Jefferson Theater Enjoy live music and consider donating a new, unwrapped toy, gift card or making a financial contribution to Mason’s Toy Box in the theater lobby. 800-594-8499,

Holiday Paint Your Pet

December 7, 4–7pm at The Market at Grelen Enjoy a glass of Virginia beer, cider or wine while Anissa walks you through creating a painting of your beloved pet. 540-672-7268,

OPEN HOUSES Parent-Child Open House

December 6 & 10, 9–9:45am Wednesday, 11:30am–12:15pm Sunday at The Little Gym Charlottesville For parents and children ages 4 months to 2 years. 434-975-5437,

Michie Tavern Yuletide Feast

December 8–9, 8pm seatings at Michie Tavern Strolling Tavern musicians will entertain guests

e l l i v s e t t o l Char w











ori Exp l s& Tour


December 2017

e ng J

gs •

n Tasti



ni a Vi r g i s ’ n o s Info ff er mers

als estiv g • F Dinin

ents & Ev

Tig Notaro: LYAO Comedy Showcase

December 11, 8pm at the Jefferson Theater GRAMMY- and Emmy-nominated stand-up comic Tig Notaro comes to Charlottesville. 800-594-8499,

A John Waters Christmas

December 14, 8pm at The Paramount Theater John Waters (Pink Flamingos, Hairspray, A Dirty Shame) will perform a night of holiday mischief with his critically acclaimed one-man show. 434-979-1333,

Skip Castro 40th Anniversary Show

December 29, 8:30pm at The Jefferson Theater A mutual love of rhythm ‘n blues, swing, boogie woogie and rock ‘n roll became the foundation for the Skip Castro band, formed all the way back in 1978. 800-594-8499,

New Year’s Masquerade Ball at Veritas

December 31, 7pm–1am at Veritas Vineyard & Winery, Afton Ring in the New Year with a lavish five-course wine-paired dinner, dancing and midnight buffet. Bring your mask. Black tie optional. 540-456-8000,

This holiday season, give your out-of-town guests the ‘in-town’ experience!



dining by candlelight. The bill of fare features a banquet of Virginia favorites. 434-977-1234,


w • Ne

! n u F aytrip


Christmas Cheer For some family-friendly holiday fun, enjoy an evening of fireworks and activities during the Christmas Illuminations at Mount Vernon. The festive fireworks will be paired with cheerful holiday music, and the family can meander through the estate seeing engaging demonstrations, including those from the first Virginia Regiment in winter encampment. Take advantage of the chance to learn some smooth 18th-century dance moves, all while being serenaded by local choirs. View colonial artisans going through the 18th-century process of making yummy chocolates. Hot chocolate or cider will also be offered along with a cozy bonfire. During the Daily Christmas Programs, guests can visit the third floor of the mansion where Lady Washington lived after the death of her husband. This exhibit, which is generally closed to the public, is open

during “Christmas at Mount Vernon.” Children of all ages will have a blast getting to see Aladdin and the Christmas Camel, similar to the one George Washington paid to have at his home in 1787 for his guests to enjoy. The decorated estate includes 12 Christmas trees in the Orientation Center ranging up to 12 feet tall, each decorated with a different theme relating to George Washington and Mount Vernon. The family will also love the incredibly accurate gingerbread house replica of the mansion. To top it all off, over 100 poinsettias will adorn the halls of the mansion. If you’re looking to do some Christmas shopping, the shops at Mount Vernon offer an array of gifts, from snow globes and ornaments to advent calendars. Tickets are available for $20 for adults, $10 for youth and $19 for seniors. The drive time is approximately 2.5 hours.



Available in print and on all devices. No app necessary.



{living well new mom}

The Gift of Giving Safety Tips & Gift Ideas for Wee Ones

New Mom

As kids, my siblings and I would sometimes hear grown-ups say, “It’s better to give than to receive.” As I grew up and had children of my own, I came to truly understand this. Spending the holidays with your baby connects you to traditions that reach back generations. Adding to the magic are all the wonderful gifts you want to give your children. But first, here are a few words from Captain Safety. Safety first! Check packaging of all toys and gifts to make sure they’re safe for your child. Many toys contain small parts that can be choking hazards for babies and toddlers. Other toys may be made with unsafe plastics, metals or coatings, so read packaging carefully. Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website and websites for product recalls. Lastly, if you have more than one child, keep in mind that a suitable toy for an elder child may be unsafe for a younger one who’s crawling around. Gather up small parts and tuck by Whitney Woollerton Morrill away cords and strings to keep baby safe. Gift ideas for children, ages 0–2, include: Lovies. A comforting cloth or soft toy for baby to nuzzle in the car seat or the front-carrier. We love the selection of hand-made lovies on, such as BunnyLuluHandmade’s “Soft and Sweet Bunny” made from organic cotton and Liberty of London prints. Ornaments. Commemorate baby’s first holiday season with an ornament or décor item marked with the year. Many shops offer photo frame ornaments with the year engraved on an accompanying charm. You can also make a keepsake at Lazy Daisy Ceramics & Pottery Paintin’ Place. Books. It’s never too early to start reading to baby. Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown celebrates winter’s coziness. The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats will delight baby’s ears and eyes. Gift ideas for children, ages 2–4, include: Chair. Your toddler has his own place to relax with a For other gifts ideas, check rocking chair just his size. E. A. Clore & Sons ( in out the Family Shopping Madison County makes beautifully handcrafted rockers. section on Books. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archembault, is a classic, rhythmic read that children love, while Toot and Puddle by Holly Hobbie will have you laughing at the text and amazed by the watercolor illustrations. See for more. Story time. Award-winning storyteller Jim Weiss ( delights young audiences all over the world, and he happens to call Charlottesville home. The “Baby Shower Bundle” contains four CDs to engage children during the day, and soothe them at bedtime. Music. Local treasure Cathy Bollinger sings your sugarplum to sleep with her timeless CD, “From A Mother’s Heart.” See for this gift. No matter what type of gift you are looking to give this holiday season to your wee ones, remember to also encourage your kids to then give to others, no matter how small the gift may be.


Whitney is an architect who designs and writes for families. Her blog is


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An Organized Calm Tips to Creating a Efficient & Orderly Home

Mindful Parenting

Would you believe that the key to a peaceful life is an organized one? As busy parents, we are all guilty of spending too much time looking for things that always seem to go missing. It’s important that we take the time to manage mundane organizational chores, so that our time each week can be put towards something enjoyable. Here are five easy ways to get your household in tiptop shape and running smoothly like a well-oiled machine: Designate a homework spot. Keep pens, pencils, glue, construction paper, loose-leaf paper, rulers and anything you might need for your child’s particular homework located in a handy spot directly near the table or desk where you would like them to do their work. Keep all supplies there all the time, and let your child know that homework time happens there. Create a to-go center. Keep keys, ID cards, Purell, bus passes, etc. right on a shelf or another area by the front door. Nearby, create another area to keep by Danielle Sullivan jackets, sweaters, umbrellas, hats and gloves in an easily accessible bin or container. This ensures that those miscellaneous necessities will be located right by the door, eliminating last minute full house searches when you’re trying to get out on time. Make a place for everything. You know the extra plastic bags, loose pins, tie offs, bag clips and stray receipts you find literally everywhere around your house? Wait for a rainy weekend and create a spot for each one. Small stackable drawers that can easily fit inside a kitchen cupboard are ideal to hold small items in individual compartments and make finding them all the more headache-free. Designate specific days for tasks. Setting aside specific days to attack particular tasks—laundry day on Friday, food prep on Sundays, vacuuming on Thursdays, etc.—ensures that at least one chore will get done that day, and on a regular basis. It also helps keep you from feeling overwhelmed with many chores For additional ideas and help all at once because now each task will have a different day on organization and efficiency, to get done. see our Family Home section Teach your kids to help from a very early age. Kids can on either learn to become tidy or not. Using age-appropriate tasks and consequences, this daily type of maintenance becomes a way of life for them—and you. Once they become tidy, hold them to it. This alone will give you several minutes every day of less tidying up for you to do. It will also enable each family member to pitch in and take care of the home, as well as help create a new generation of efficient adults. And do not forget to include your spouse in this equation.


Danielle, a mom of three, is a parenting writer and editor, specializing in health, lifestyle and pets. She loves to find new ways to bring more Zen and mindfulness into her daily (hectic) life.


December 2017

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Heart Healthy Holidays Identifying, Treating & Overcoming Heart Stress

Healthy Family

November and December are months for making family memories and sharing holiday cheer. These months are also equally known as stressful times. For some, especially for women, the pressure of organizing family gatherings and putting on the perfect holiday can lead to stress that can damage their hearts. It has become more widely known that stress can be a risk factor in heart disease. Although the exact link is unclear, it’s clear that stress may affect behaviors and factors that increase a person’s risk. Stress causes the body to release adrenaline, which temporarily causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, while it also impacts a person’s energy and sleep patterns. In more extreme cases, stress can be the cause of cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle that is most common among women in their late 50s and by Diane DiCarlo mid-70s. “We often see stress-induced cardiomyopathy after a person is under a great amount of stress for a period of time,” says Anna Baer, MD, cardiologist with Cardiovascular Associates of Charlottesville. “For some, the holidays cause this kind of prolonged anxiety.” Though the exact cause is unknown, it is believed that excessive stress hormones such as adrenaline trigger changes in the heart muscle cells, weakening the left ventricle of the heart. “Symptoms include chest pains and shortness of breath, which make it challenging to immediately distinguish from a heart attack,” notes Baer. “In both instances, the cardiac event shows up in an echocardiogram, or EKG, so we follow it up with a stress test to look for a blockage. If there is no evidence of a blockage, then we know we may be looking at a stress-induced event.” The good news is that the “broken heart” will usually get better. Treatments may include medications like beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors. In addition, patients need to alleviate the physical or emotional stress that may have played a role in triggering the cardiac event. Baer says one of the best things that people can do for stress is exercise. If you can get into a regular walking For more information on living routine, that alone can be a big stress reliever. She also adds a heart healthy lifestyle, that, in some cases, it may be important for a person to see the American Heart have counseling or possibly go on medication for anxiety or Association at depression. One of the most important factors in overcoming heart problems of any kind is getting help. “During the holidays we’re eating things we don’t usually eat and doing things we don’t usually do, all of which can exacerbate a heart issue. But, we also find that people may delay coming in to their physician or to the emergency room more during this time,” notes Baer. “It’s extremely important, however, to come in immediately if you have any concerns about your heart health. Your family and friends would rather that you take care of yourself than ignore a health problem that could impact the rest of your life.”


Diane is a mother of two as well as a writer and marketing specialist for Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital.


December 2017

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{living well tips & trends} Home: A Memoir of My Early Years

by Julie Andrews

The only thing that’s better than a memoir written by Julie Andrews is Andrews reading you her memoir through an audiobook. This time of year, a great audiobook is great for time spent running around. Make sure you have working headphones, because you are not going to want to stop listening to this bestseller. $27.95 at

Cover Image Courtesy of Hachette Book Group



TRENDS by Madison Stanley

Finding “Me” Time The holidays are a hectic time with events, shopping and entertaining. However, it is important to still prioritize personal time so you can recharge for all the festivities and family time. 1. Take a bath. When I am on my feet too long, I love taking an epsom salt bath to relax my muscles and enjoy some much needed white space. 2. Make a cup of tea and read a magazine. When I am overworked, I like to treat myself to one of those guilty

pleasure magazines I wouldn’t normally buy at the grocery store and take a break catching up on my favorite celebs. 3. Write it out. Sitting down and writing a to-do or goals list, or just journaling is a great chance for me to take a step back, take a breather and make a plan.

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Managing the Holiday Hustle How can I, the hostess, still have time to enjoy my company when I entertain this season? “Hire a helper or two! It’s so worth having some extra hands around on the day of the event (or even the day before). Recruit some neighborhood teens who are looking for a little extra holiday cash and create your list of delegate-able tasks before they show up. The better organized you are, the more help they can be,” says Marisa Vrooman of Orpha Events.

“If you have no time to rest, it’s exactly the right time.”


– Mark Twain

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"The pine stays green in winter ... wisdom in hardship." – Norman Douglas

Decorating with Greens Holiday Greenery 101

As winter begins to settle in, there is nothing like the scent of fresh evergreen clippings. December is such a festive month with Hanukkah, Christmas and Winter Solstice celebrations that it’s no wonder that for centuries all manner of decorations included fresh greens and twinkling lights. The first step is to soak the ends of cut greens in water for about 24 hours before arranging them. This will help them remain fresher longer. Anti-desiccant sprays are also available at local nurseries that can be applied to help greens retain their moisture. On a daily basis, mist the greens to help keep them from drying out too quickly, including greens hung outdoors. Many make the mistake of displaying greens near sunlight and in the heat, but doing so will hasten the browning. Greens in vases will need a


December 2017

words by Becky Calvert

supply of water daily, too. When decorating with greens, whether making wreaths, swags or other arrangements, using a variety of greenery will give you a more interesting appearance. Specifically, magnolia, boxwood, holly, cedars, pines and spruces all mingle well together. A budget-friendly trick is to keep the bottom branches trimmed off a live holiday tree for decorating. If you are looking to incorporate fake greens, don’t be shy about mixing them with live greens. A good basis is to use fake greenery like a garland as the base and then build up with fresh for impact. With real greens, be sure to protect the surfaces under them in the event that sap might ooze out. If properly cared for, greens used as decoration in the house should last about two weeks.

“The Christmas List” App

“The Christmas List” allows you to make lists, track budgets and even store photos. It covers just about every aspect of holiday gift giving with a little shopping for you. Available for $1.99 on iStore.

Garden gro



Cover Im age by Sonya an d Nina Montene

A Year in the Garden: A Guided Journal by Nina Montenegro and Sonya Montenegro

A combination of both the popular bullet and guided journals developed specifically for gardeners, this journal has lay-flat binding, an elastic closure and more. It’s perfect for tracking your garden and setting new gardening goals. Available for $15.57 at Amazon.

Happy Holidays from Grand Home Furnishings Give the gift of comfort this holiday season.


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{living well home & garden}

December Gardening: Pathways of the Future

Goodie Gift Basket

Perfect for your favorite foodie this holiday season, a gift basket from Feast features locally sourced goodies. With themes like S’mores, Breakfast in Virginia and Family Fun, you’re sure to find something for everyone, or maybe just a treat for yourself. Available for $20-$140 at Feast.

With most plants in dormancy, December is a good time to start planning and installing new paths throughout your garden. At this time of the year, there is less to clear out of the way, and by setting them now, you will have one less item on your to-do list come spring. Garden pathways are strictly utilitarian; their job is to safely direct you from point A to point B. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t meander and add interest along the way. While you may want to hold off on planting around them until the spring, you can do the hard messy work of grading the area now. Lay down a layer of sand and gravel to keep the area from becoming too muddy, and come spring, you can complete the task of laying pavers, stepping stones and bricks, or whatever material you choose, before filling in your path with plantings.

When not writing, Becky can be found teaching all manners of cooking classes, out in her garden or visiting some of her favorite local wineries. See her adventures at


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Roasted Butternut Baked Penne Adapted from How Sweet

Ingredients (serves 4) • 1 Pound butternut squash,

peeled and chopped • ¼ Teaspoon salt • ¼ Teaspoon pepper • ¼ Teaspoon nutmeg • 2 Tablespoons unsalted butter • 1 Tablespoons flour • ¼ Cup cream cheese • 1 Cup milk • ½ Pound whole wheat penne • ½ Cup freshly grated jack

cheese • Sage leaves • Crumbed bacon, if desired

• Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Peel and

chop squash, and then lay on a baking sheet. Toss with olive oil, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Roast for 20 minutes. Flip once, then roast for 20 more minutes. Remove from oven and add squash to a bowl, then mash with a potato masher or fork. • Prepare water for pasta and cook according to directions. While pasta is cooking, heat a medium saucepan over medium heat and add butter. As butter melts, immediately whisk in flour and cook for 1–2 minutes. Add milk, cream cheese and mashed squash, then mix until combined. Add pasta and stir well. • Pour into a 9-inch greased baking dish. Top with shredded cheese, sage leaves and crumbled bacon, and bake at 350 degrees for 25–30 minutes, or until cheese is golden and bubbly.

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{living well food & family}

Will Richey Local Restaurateur & Dad

“Some of the most important conversations I've ever had occurred at my family's dinner table.” – Bob Ehrlich

words & photos by Beth Seliga

For Will Richey, a local dad of a 5- and 9-year-old, it all seemed to begin at the age of 16 when he worked at an ice cream shop. Soon after starting there, he began managing it. He then went on to work at a deli, which he also managed throughout high school. This year, he opened Brasserie Saison, moved and reopened The Bebedero and took over managing Draft Taproom and Commonwealth restaurant. He willingly admits that this might have been the busiest year of his life. Richey’s other restaurant ventures in Charlottesville include Revolutionary Soup, The Whiskey Jar, The Alley Light and The Pie Chest. What are your favorite recipes to make? Well that depends on the season. Each season inspires a totally different kind of cooking. I think summer and fall are the two most inspiring seasons to cook in. In the summer, when my garden is putting off ripe tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, fresh herbs and such, I like to cook simply grilled Halibut with fresh herbs, olive oil and lemon. With that, I will serve eggplant that is caramelized in cubes in a heavy cast iron pan with garlic and finished with a few tomatoes. To complete this, I might flash sauté some very small zucchini in butter before finishing them with fresh herbs, lemon juice and olive oil. In the fall, I like a classic Coq au Vin; Julia Child’s recipe is still the best. Sub out some Sharondale Farm Oyster Mushrooms, and you have a masterpiece. What was your favorite book as a child? As a young child The Giving Tree was my favorite book. My


December 2017

godfather, who was my father’s uncle, gave me this book with a very heartfelt inscription that made this book always seem very special to me. I got the message at an early age, and it has always stuck with me. What technology could you not live without? I am pretty technology lame. I think the only thing I would not want to live without would be some sort of music playing device—a record player, a radio or something to listen to music on. I love music. I could live pretty rustically, but it would be nice to always have music playing in the background. Whom do you admire? I admire a lot of people. I think I have always put Julia Child, Harpo Marx, Louis Armstrong and Winston Churchill at the top of that list though. The first three, of course, are cultural heroes but more than their craft was their true joy at bringing happiness to other people. Churchill is a far more complex person, but, ultimately, there is an authentic and selfless love for humanity at the core of these individuals that has always inspired me. What traits do you find admirable in others? Authenticity, resourcefulness, resolve, love, patience and selflessness; I admire anyone who puts honest effort into the work in front of them. I am less concerned with success than true resolve to accomplish and push through. Ultimately, I believe you can move mountains if your intent is true. At the cont’d. on pg 42

Southern Holidays: A Savor the South Cookbook by Debbie Moose

Covering 17 traditional and regional holidays, this book is billed as a cook’s celebration and incorporates both classic holiday fare such as King’s Cake for Mardi Gras as well as more international dishes like Vietnamese Spring Rolls for the Blessing of the Fleet. Available from New Dominion Bookstore for $19.95.


Food Virginia Wine Tote


What better way to gift a bottle of your favorite local libation this holiday than with the Virginia wine tote from Moko & Co made exclusively for O’Suzannah? These screen-printed canvas totes are perfect for sharing your favorite wine, cider, beer or other locally crafted beverages. Available for $22 at O’Suzannah.


{living well food & family}

Gifts from Virginia Shop ! Online ies! r famil great fo

Breakfast in Virginia

434. 244. 7800 416 W. Main Street Located in the Main Street Market

Give the gift of a relaxing morning together enjoying Virginia’s finest breakfast foods.

Delicious Local Gifts for Every Occasion

core is always love—you have to have love and put a little of it into everything you do. Where do you love to eat out? What do you order? Ha! Well, I have never opened a restaurant that did not inspire me or that I did not want to dine at above all other restaurants. My teams continue to inspire me with how amazingly they carry out our collective vision for each of the restaurants in our group. Outside of our restaurants, I love to dine on The Downtown Mall. The patios in the spring and fall can transport you; it almost feels like you are dining abroad. I love the patio at Petit Pois. I will often order the Coq au Vin if they have it or any duck dish if they are making it. I also am a sucker for the pistachio gelato at Splendora’s. I have traveled a lot in Italy, and Splendora’s gelato is still some of the best I have ever had. That place is a treasure for this town. What is the best advise your parents have ever given you? My parents have given me a lot of good advice. Of all the advice, “The Golden Rule” might be the most useful and correct. But, I think the best advice for my life that I haven’t heard said by anyone other than my parents is, “You are only ever working for yourself.” Can you share a recipe that is quick and easy to make with kids that they will love? My wife’s granola recipe is amazing (see page 45)! It is made with olive oil instead of butter and is a relatively healthy recipe


December 2017

We designed our Power Meals to fuel healthy, active lives. They’re made right in our stores from superfresh, nutrient-dense ingredients, and their bold tastes and textures help you feel totally satisfied, even though they check in at 600 calories or less! You’ll find them packaged and ready to enjoy in our Market Café.

Power Meals Amazing flavor, whole ingredients, and balanced nutrition in one complete meal.

Power Meals Criteria 600 calories or less

25g of protein or more

1 cup veggies

At least 5g of fiber

Under 1,000mg of sodium

Less than 10g of added sugar


Grilled Chicken Power Meal with Tom Tom Sauce and Carrot Purée

{living well food & family}

that is super delicious. My kids and I fight for it when she makes it. If you could have a super power what would it be? When I was a kid, I read a lot of comic books and always had trouble deciding which super power would be my favorite. I was a big fan of Thor, Wolverine and Nightcrawler, an X-men who could teleport and was skilled at acrobatics. I always thought it would be cool to teleport, but nowadays, I think enhanced acrobatic powers would be pretty sweet. Why is it important to teach children about healthy eating? Teaching wellness and healthy eating is very important at an early age. My parents raised us on pretty healthy food. My mother was an excellent cook, self trained, but with classic French and Italian influences. We were never allowed to eat candy or junk food, though we would later sneak it, and it was rare if we were allowed to eat anything premade out of a can or box, or even frozen. Everything in my house was made from scratch. Eating healthy is more then a good diet choice; it is an aesthetic life decision.


December 2017

And when we are talking about quality in food we are talking about total wellness; how it was raised and the wellness of the environment that brought it to your plate has a direct correlation with the wellness it brings to your body. People are very price focused these days when it comes to food, and it makes sense because food is expensive and families have more to feed. But, as my good friend’s mother used to always say, “You are never rich enough to buy cheap things.” The cost of inexpensive foods is a cost felt both in our bodies and our environment, which debt is going to be paid one way or the other. If cost is a concern, then buy less, but buy good quality sustainably raised food. Children should learn that food is not something to be wasted or taken for granted and correct portions of good quality food will aid in that education. In Charlottesville, we are lucky to have many small farmers who we can be in direct communication with about the raising of our food. It is not easy, and I truly believe it is important to imprint the reality of food production to our kids at an early age. Bring them to the gardens and farms and to the farmers markets, and have them help in the cooking.

What advise do you have for parents when eating out with kids? I have many friends with children who eat out and who have used these experiences to educate their children in very good manners. I think starting them young on dining out and insisting on good manners is a great way to educate children on being in adult spaces and in public spaces. With that said, every kid is different. So, sometimes it is up to the kid. I enjoy dining out with my kids, I enjoy talking about the different menu options and explaining all the different foods; and I especially like it when they get adventurous in eating. Dining out can be a great way to encourage adventurous eating. Try to look for healthy restaurant options though. Charlottesville is such a family-oriented place, and even at fine dining restaurants like ours, we welcome children and families.

Before switching to capturing the look of love and the inner beauty of her subjects, Beth was a sports photographer whose work appeared in Sports Illustrated, USA Today and Pro Cycling, among other publications. See her work at

Granola Recipe •

Ingredients • 3 Cups rolled oats • 1 ½ Cups nut 1 (pecans or sliced almonds) • 1 Cup nut 2 (walnuts, coconut flakes or pumpkin seeds) • 1 Cup dried fruit • ½ Cup olive oil • ¾ Cup maple syrup • ½ Cup brown sugar • 1 Teaspoon salt • ½ Teaspoon cinnamon • ½ Teaspoon ginger • Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Line a half baking sheet

with parchment paper or, ideally, a silpat. • Combine everything but the dried fruit in a large bowl. • Spread out evenly on the baking sheet. • Bake for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes. It’s

finished once everything is golden and well toasted. • Allow to cool completely. Toss with dried fruit.

Christmas Goodies reporting for duty! Get your sweet holiday treats and spread the joy!

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Catering You Can Count On! Feed community spirit & raise money! Host a Fundraising Event! 325 Rivanna Plaza Dr., #102 Charlottesville Located next to Kegler’s Bowling Alley And a holiday popup store in Fashion Square Mall! • (434) 249-5898 Discover more benefits of our Community Partners Program Call 434.566.0147 or order online CharlottesvilleFamily

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Favorite Award Winner 2017


I C N N G U . O .. N N A s for Family-Friendly Fun and Servic k c i P g n i es inn W r u o Y

Favorite Awards 2017

FAMILY FUN FAMILY DAY TRIP (WITHIN 3 HOURS) 1. Washington, D.C. 2. Williamsburg 3. Richmond FESTIVAL 1. Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival 2. Tom Tom Founders Festival 3. The Festy Experience HIKE 1. Humpback Rock 2. Sugar Hollow 3. Crabtree Falls HISTORIC ATTRACTION (WITHIN 1-HOUR) 1. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello 2. Frontier Culture Museum 3. James Madison’s Montpelier CHILDREN’S MUSEUM 1. Virginia Discovery Museum (pg 17) 2. Amazement Square 3. Children’s Museum of Richmond


December 2017

We asked and you answered! More than 1,100 of you shared your favorite places to eat, shop and play in the seventh annual CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Awards. Discover the top vote getters here!

LOCAL RESORT/SPA 1. Boar’s Head Resort 2. The Omni Homestead Resort 3. The Greenbrier Resort

COUNTY PARK/PLAYGROUND 1. Pen Park (pg 9) 2. Mint Springs Valley Park 3. Claudius Crozet Park

SPORTS RESORT 1. Wintergreen Resort 2. Massanutten Resort 3. Snowshoe Mountain

PICK-YOUR-OWN FARM 1. Chiles Peach Orchard 2. Carter Mountain Orchard 3. Bellair Farm

MOVIE THEATER 1. Violet Crown Cinema 2. Regal Stonefield Stadium 14 & IMAX 3. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

PRIVATE POOL 1. ACAC Adventure Central (pg 25) 2. Fry’s Spring Beach Club 3. Farmington Country Club

MUSIC VENUE 1. UVA’s John Paul Jones Arena 2. The Paramount Theater (pg 18) 3. The Jefferson Theater (pg 22)

PUBLIC POOL 1. Onesty Family Aquatic Center 2. Piedmont Family YMCA (pg 21) 3. Smith Aquatic & Fitness Center

CITY PARK/PLAYGROUND 1. Greenleaf Park (pg 9) 2. Pen Park (pg 9) 3. Azalea Park (pg 9)

RAINY DAY OUTING 1. Jump Trampoline Park 2. Bounce, Play-n-Create 3. Virginia Discovery Museum (pg 17)

{inspiration family favorites} STUDIOS FOR CRAFTING 1. Wine & Design 2. Lazy Daisy Ceramics & The Paintin’ Place 3. Muse Paintbar

Voted Charlottesville’s Favorite Chiropractor 2009 - 2017 2 0 1 4

Charlottesville W

THEATRE GROUP 1. Live Arts 2. Four County Players 3. American Shakespeare Center THEME PARK 1. Busch Gardens 2. Great Wolf Lodge Water Park 3. Kings Dominion






















Maternity Care • Pediatric Services Low Back/Neck Pain • Massage Therapy Sports Injury, Prevention & Treatment Dr. Michelle Heppner

UVA SPORTS TEAM 1. Basketball 2. Baseball 3. Football ZOO 1. Smithsonian’s National Zoo 2. Virginia Safari Park 3. Metro Richmond Zoo PARTIES & PORTRAITS LOCAL BAKERY 1. Chandler’s Bakery 2. Albemarle Baking Co. 3. Sweethaus Cupcake Café PARTY ENTERTAINMENT 1. Bounce, Play-n-Create 2. PowerPlay (pg 77) 3. Cville Inflatables with Superfun Attractions (pg 48) PARTY LOCATION 1. The Little Gym (pg 68) 2. Jump Trampoline Park 3. Bounce, Play-n-Create LOCAL PARTY SUPPLIES 1. The Party Starts Here 2. Rock Paper Scissors 3. Circa PARTY THEME 1. Movie Themes 2. Superheroes 3. Legos PHOTOGRAPHER 1. 3 Cats Photo (pg 56) 2. Jen Fariello Photography (pg 27) 3. Sarah Cramer Shields Photography

• • 3450 Seminole Trail Forest Lakes • 974-7955

Albemarle Center


Family Medicine

new families welcome!

Serving families in Central Virginia for over 20 years! Dr. Annika M. Abrahamson Dr. H August Sanusi Dr. David W. Brown Alison R. Baumann, FNP Katie E. Hood, FNP

Our comprehensive approach to family medicine includes the following services: • Pediatrics • Adolescent Health • Women’s Health •

• Preventative Care • Acute Illnesses • On-going Medical Management

• Minor Surgery • Sports Medicine • Dermatology

Same Day Appointments Available

On-call provider services from 5pm until 8am daily. 434.973.4040 | 535 Westfield Rd., Suite 200, Charlottesville We are honored to be VOTED your Family Favorite! Thank you for allowing us the joy of caring for you and your family.

SHOPPING BABY BOUTIQUE – LOCAL 1. Whimsies 2. Green Bean Baby Boutique


{inspiration family favorites} BABY BOUTIQUE – NATIONAL 1. Target 2. Baby Gap 3. Gymboree

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2017

BABY GEAR – LOCAL 1. Here WEE Grow Again (pg 16) 2. Green Bean Baby Boutique 3. Schoolhouse Thrift Shop

Cville Inflatables

with Superfun Attractions Offering the most attractions in Virginia! Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Bounce Houses • Slides Games • Dunk Tank • Mechanical Bulls • Log Slammer • the Gyro Magicians & Facepainting and more!

...because with SuperFun you will laugh out loud!

434-374-1FUN (1386)

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2017

Thank You Charlottesville for voting us the

Best Locally Owned Restaurant to have a home-cooked breakfast!

BABY GEAR – NATIONAL 1. Target 2. Babies“R”Us 3. Walmart BIKE SHOP 1. Blue Ridge Cyclery 2. Crozet Bicycle Shop 3. Blue Wheel Bicycle BOOKSTORE FOR KID’S TITLES – LOCAL 1. Shenanigans Toys (pg 62) 2. Over the Moon Bookstore & Artisan Gallery 3. New Dominion Bookshop BOOKSTORE FOR KID’S TITLES – NATIONAL 1. Barnes & Noble 2. Books-A-Million CHILDREN’S CLOTHING – LOCAL 1. Whimsies CHILDREN’S CLOTHING – NATIONAL 1. Target 2. Old Navy 3. Gap Kids LOCAL CUSTOM FRAME SHOP 1. The Great Frame Up 2. The Art Box & Creative Framing FARMERS MARKET LOCATION 1. Charlottesville City Market 2. Crozet Farmers Market 3. Green Market at Stonefield

Come see us at the top on Pantops Mountain! 1420 Richmond Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22911 • (434) 244-3424 48

December 2017

GROCERY STORE – LOCAL 1. Foods of All Nations 2. Reid Super-Save Market 3. Feast! (pg 42) GROCERY STORE – NATIONAL 1. Wegmans (pg 43) 2. Kroger 3. Trader Joe’s HOBBY SHOP 1. Michael’s Arts & Crafts 2. A.C. Moore 3. JO-ANN Fabrics & Crafts

JEWELRY BOUTIQUE 1. Penelope 2. Schwarzchild, Keller & George 3. Fink’s Jewelers

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2014

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2015





Favorite Award Winner

Favorite Award Winner

KITCHEN GEAR AND SUPPLIES – LOCAL 1. The Happy Cook KITCHEN GEAR AND SUPPLIES – NATIONAL 1. Bed Bath & Beyond 2. Williams-Sonoma 3. HomeGoods MATERNITY CLOTHING – LOCAL 1. Here WEE Grow Again (pg 16) 2. Green Bean Baby Boutique

Thank you for voting us #1 for 4 years in a row!


MATERNITY CLOTHING – NATIONAL 1. Target 2. Motherhood Maternity 3. Old Navy MUSIC STORE 1. Stacy’s Music Shop 2. Plan 9 Music 3. Music & Arts Center

Dr. James Willis • Dr. Emery Taylor • Dr. Amanda Magid

PET SUPPLIES – LOCAL 1. Pet Food Discounters 2. Crate & Marrow 3. Natural Pet Essentials PET SUPPLIES – NATIONAL 1. PetSmart 2. Pet Supplies Plus 3. Petco

Before school & evening appointments Gentle professional care Free Invisalign Consultations Featuring Itero Element 3D Modeling & Digital Scanning

PLACE TO BUY GREEN 1. Green Bean Baby Boutique 2. Charlottesville City Market 3. Rebecca’s Natural Foods (pg 62)

RESALE/CONSIGNMENT FOR KIDS – LOCAL 1. Here WEE Grow Again (pg 16) 2. Natalie Dressed 3. Schoolhouse Thrift Shop RESALE/CONSIGNMENT FOR KIDS – NATIONAL 1. Kid to Kid 2. Plato’s Closet RESALE/CONSIGNMENT FOR WOMEN 1. Natalie Dressed 2. Twice Is Nice 3. Rethreads

• GE N T L

Insurance Accepted!





PLACE TO BUY JEANS 1. Jean Theory 2. Belk 3. Gap


Take advantage of world class dental care in your backyard of Western Albemarle! Call Today for an Appointment! 434-823-4080 | 5690 Three Notch’d Road, Suite 100, Crozet


{inspiration family favorites} SPORTING GOODS – LOCAL 1. Ragged Mountain Running Shop 2. Crozet Running Shop 3. Freestyle SPORTING GOODS – NATIONAL 1. DICK’S Sporting Goods 2. Play It Again Sports 3. L.L. Bean TOY SHOP – LOCAL 1. Shenanigans Toys (pg 62) 2. Alakazam Toys & Gifts (pg 62) 3. The Bounce Toy Shop TOY SHOP – NATIONAL 1. Target 2. Toys“R”Us 3. Walmart WOMEN’S CLOTHING SHOP – LOCAL 1. Bittersweet Clothing & Accessories 2. Darling Boutique 3. Levy’s WOMEN’S CLOTHING – NATIONAL 1. Gap 2. Belk 3. White House Black Market

Comprehensive care from infancy to young adulthood

Pediatric Associates of Charlottesville PLC Office Hours By Appointment Evening & Weekends until 9pm Urgent Care Available One of Our Physicians On Call After Hours Onsite Lactation Consultant

CharlottesvilleFamily Open 365 Days A Year until 9pm

Favorite Award Winner 2017

Downtown Office & | 296-9161 Adolescent Center | 971-9611 1011 E. Jefferson St

West Office

2411 Ivy Rd | 296-8300

North Office

29N at Hollymead (1522 Insurance Lane, A) | 974-9600 50

December 2017

HEALTH & WELLNESS ALTERNATIVE CARE PROVIDER 1. Wave Clinic 2. Downtown Family Health Care 3. Michael Jabalee CHIROPRACTOR 1. Cox Chiropractic Clinic 2. Scott Wagner Chiropractic and Sports Medicine 3. Heppner Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center (pg 47) COUNSELING SERVICE 1. Charlottesville Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 2. The Women’s Initiative 3. New City Counseling DENTIST, FAMILY PRACTICE 1. Crozet Family Dental (pg 49) 2. Rice & Rice Family Dentistry 3. Drs. Clarke & Farmer, DDS DENTIST, PEDIATRIC SPECIALTY 1. Charlottesville Pediatric Dentistry (pg 54) 2. Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry (pg 70) 3. Children’s Dentistry with a Mother’s Touch (pg 70)

DERMATOLOGIST 1. Charlottesville Dermatology (pg 51) 2. Albemarle Dermatology Associates 3. Dermatology P.L.C.

ORTHODONTIST 1. Charlottesville Orthodontics (pg 35) 2. Hamer & Hamer Orthodontics 3. David K. Inouye Orthodontics

DAYCARE – FULL-TIME INFANT CARE 1. Bright Beginnings Preschool (pg 53) 2. Foundations Child Development Center 3. Malcolm W. Cole Child Care Center

FAMILY MEDICINE PRACTICE 1. Downtown Family Health Care 2. Family Medicine of Albemarle 2. Albemarle Center for Family Medicine (pg 47) 3. Albemarle Square Family Healthcare

PEDIATRICIAN 1. Pediatric Associates of Charlottesville (pg 50) 2. Piedmont Pediatrics 3. Northridge Pediatrics

EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT/TUTORING PROGRAM/LEARNING PROGRAM 1. Clayborne Education 2. Georgetown Learning Centers 3. Wahoo Tutors

HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN’S HEALTH 1. UVA Children’s Hospital (pg 7) 2. Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital (pg 29) 3. Augusta Health

PHYSICAL THERAPY 1. ACAC (pg 25) 2. Spectrum Physical Therapy 3. Atlantic Sports and Rehabilitation Services

EDUCATIONAL RECREATION 1. The Little Gym (pg 68) 2. Bounce, Play-n-Create 3. Living Earth School

HOSPITALITY FOR MATERNITY CARE 1. Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital (pg 29) 2. UVA Health System (pg 7) 3. Augusta Health

PLASTIC SURGEON 1. Sentara Martha Jefferson Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (pg 29) 2. UVA Plastic Surgery (pg 7) 3. Monticello Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

LIBRARY BRANCH 1. Northside Library 2. Crozet Library 3. Central Library

OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY 1. Jefferson Ob/Gyn 2. Dr. Edward Wolanski (pg 52) 3. University Physicians for Women Northridge

VETERINARIAN 1. Georgetown Veterinary Hospital (pg 50) 2. Monticello Animal Hospital 3. Charlottesville Veterinary Hospital

OPTOMETRIST 1. Primary Eyecare (pg 5) 2. Drs. Record & Record 3. Crozet Eye Care

EDUCATION NANNY/SITTER SERVICE 1. Local Nanny Network 2. HooSitting

PRESCHOOL 1. Bright Beginnings Preschool (pg 53) 2. Charlottesville Catholic School (pg 77) 3. Peabody School PRIVATE SCHOOL – ELEMENTARY 1. Charlottesville Catholic School (pg 77) 2. The Covenant School (pg 76) 3. St. Anne’s-Belfield School (pg 75)

Charlottesville Dermatology Anna Magee, MD Deborah Elder, MD Ines Soukoulis, MD Katherine Loose, PA-C

Adult, Pediatric and Cosmetic Dermatology

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2017

600 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Suite 230 Charlottesville, Virginia 22911



{inspiration family favorites} Edward T. Wolanski, MD PC


PRIVATE SCHOOL – MIDDLE SCHOOL 1. Charlottesville Catholic School (pg 77) 2. The Covenant School (pg 76) 3. St. Anne’s-Belfield School (pg 75)

DATE NIGHT RESTAURANT – NATIONAL 1. Burton’s Grill 2. Bonefish Grill 3. Outback Steakhouse

PRIVATE SCHOOL – HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE PREP 1. St. Anne’s-Belfield School (pg 75) 2. The Covenant School (pg 76) 3. Tandem Friends School

FROZEN DESSERT PLACE – LOCAL 1. Splendora’s Gelato (pg 16) 2. Crozet Creamery 3. Kirt’s Homemade Ice Cream

SPEECH-LANGUAGE PROGRAM 1. Crozet Speech & Learning Center 2. Sheila C. Johnson Center for Human Services 3. Small Talk Speech & Therapy Center

Favorite Award Winner 2017

Offering individualized Gynecological care, Well Woman Care, GYN issues & GYN surgery 600 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Ste 300 Charlottesville, Virginia

434-293-9800 8:30am-4:30pm M-F

Thank you to our wonderful patients!

Voted Best South of the Border Restaurant! CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2017

Locally Family-Owned & Operated since 1988

Four Locations! 29 North 395 Greenbrier Dr | 434-978-4313 UVA Area 2206 Fontaine Ave | 434-979-2424 Downtown 806 East Market St | 434-977-2676 Pantops 108 Town Country Ln | 434-293-3538

TEACHER 1. Jody Taylor – Sutherland Middle School 2. Margaret Killory – Bright Beginnings Preschool Crozet (pg 53) 3. Robin Fox – Peabody School DINING OUT BREAKFAST SPOT – LOCAL 1. Tip Top Restaurant (pg 48) 2. Bodo’s Bagels 3. Michael’s Diner & Restaurant BREAKFAST SPOT – NATIONAL 1. International House of Pancakes 2. Panera Bread 3. Waffle House BUFFET RESTAURANT – LOCAL 1. East Garden 2. Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet 3. Milan Indian Cuisine BUFFET RESTAURANT – NATIONAL 1. Wood Grill Buffet 2. Golden Corral 3. Love Sushi King COFFEE SHOP – LOCAL 1. Mudhouse 2. Shenandoah Joe’s 3. Grit Coffee COFFEE SHOP – NATIONAL 1. Starbucks 2. Dunkin’ Donuts 3. Wegmans (pg 43) DATE NIGHT RESTAURANT – LOCAL 1. Mas Tapas 2. The Local 3. C & O Restaurant


December 2017

FROZEN DESSERT PLACE – NATIONAL 1. Sweet Frog 2. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (pg 42) 3. Kohr Brothers FAMILY RESTAURANT – LOCAL 1. Tip Top Restaurant (pg 48) 2. Timberwood Grill 3. Michael’s Diner & Restaurant FAMILY RESTAURANT – NATIONAL 1. Burton’s Grill 2. Applebee’s 3. Texas Roadhouse FAST FOOD – LOCAL 1. Bodo’s Bagels 2. Riverside Lunch 3. Sticks Kebob Shop FAST FOOD – NATIONAL 1. Chick-fil-A 2. Chipotle Mexican Grill 3. Wendy’s HAMBURGER RESTAURANT – LOCAL 1. Citizen Burger Bar 2. Riverside Lunch 3. Martin’s Grill HAMBURGER RESTAURANT – NATIONAL 1. Five Guys 2. Zinburger 3. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers INTERNATIONAL FOOD – CHINESE 1. Peter Chang’s China Grill 2. Taste of China 3. The Red Lantern INTERNATIONAL FOOD – INDIAN 1. Milan Indian Cuisine 2. Maharaja 3. Royal Indian Restaurant INTERNATIONAL FOOD – ITALIAN/ MEDITERRANEAN 1. Bella’s 2. Carmello’s 3. Vivace

{inspiration family favorites} Thank Thank you you for for voting voting

Albemarle Ballet Theatre

a family favorite

INTERNATIONAL FOOD – SOUTH OF THE BORDER 1. Guadalajara (pg 52) 2. Al Carbon Chicken 3. Continental Divide INTERNATIONAL FOOD – TAPAS 1. Mas Tapas 2. Bang! 3. Oakhart Social INTERNATIONAL FOOD – THAI 1. Thai 99 2. Monsoon Siam 3. Lime Leaf LOCAL KID’S MENU 1. Timberwood Grill 2. Bodo’s Bagels 3. Tip Top Restaurant (pg 48) 434.823.8888 5798 Three Notch’d Road • Downtown Crozet

New office OPEN! Jennifer M. Dixon, DDS, MS

Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

Aaron J. Stump, DDS

Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Specialists Nitrous Oxide, Mild and IV Sedation Services Compassionate and Nurturing Doctors and Staff Kid-friendly, State-of-the-Art Office Parental Participation Encouraged

Charlottesville 29N 1620 Timberwood Blvd Suite 201 434-975-7336

Spring Creek Office 70 Jefferson Court Zion Crossroads 540-832-6657

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner

December 2017

PIZZA – LOCAL 1. Christian’s Pizza 2. Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria 3. Sal’s Pizza PIZZA – NATIONAL 1. Papa John’s Pizza 2. Domino’s Pizza (pg 11) 3. Mellow Mushroom SALAD BAR 1. Jason’s Deli (pg 45) 2. Chopt Creative Salad Co. 3. Roots Natural Kitchen SANDWICH – LOCAL 1. Bodo’s Bagels 2. The Market at Bellair 3. Baggby’s Gourmet Sandwiches SANDWICH – NATIONAL 1. Subway 2. Panera Bread 3. Which Wich SWEETS & TREATS – LOCAL 1. Sweethaus Cupcake Café 2. Chandler’s Bakery 3. MarieBette Café & Bakery


Thank You for Voting us your CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite! 54

NATIONAL KID’S MENU 1. Burton’s Grill 2. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers 3. Chick-fil-A

SWEETS & TREATS – NATIONAL 1. Kilwins 2. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (pg 42) 3. Cold Stone Creamery

KID’S ACTIVITIES BABY/TODDLER PROGRAM 1. The Little Gym (pg 68) 2. Bright Beginnings Preschool (pg 53) 3. Bend Yoga DANCE SCHOOL 1. Charlottesville Ballet Academy (pg 15) 2. Albemarle Ballet Theatre (pg 54) 3. Wilson School of Dance GOLF COURSE 1. Kandi Comer Golf at Old Trail Golf Course 2. The First Tee of the Virginia Blue Ridge 3. Birdwood Golf Course GYMNASTICS PROGRAM 1. The Little Gym (pg 68) 2. Classic Gymnastics Center 3. Friendship Gymnastics Center HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS 1. Camp Friendship (pg 25) 2. The Barracks Farm 3. Carriage Hill Farm MARTIAL ARTS 1. Laughing Dragon Kung Fu 2. 7 Tigers Taekwondo & Hapkido 3. MMA Institute of Charlottesville

Auto Home Business Farm B&Bs Wineries Health Life

MUSIC TEACHER/SCHOOL 1. Stacy’s Music Shop 2. Blue Ridge Music Together 3. Music Education Center

SWIM PROGRAM 1. ACAC (pg 25) 2. Fry’s Spring Beach Club 3. Piedmont Family YMCA (pg 21)

TEAM SPORTS PROGRAM 1. SOCA (pg 74) 2. Piedmont Family YMCA (pg 21) 3. VABA

FITNESS & BEAUTY BEAUTY SALON 1. Moxie Hair & Body Lounge 2. Face Value Salon - AVEDA 3. The Honeycomb

TENNIS LESSONS 1. ACAC (pg 25) 2. Boar’s Head Sports Club 3. Matilda Blue Tennis

BARBER SHOP 1. Chung’s Barber Shop 2. Staples Barber Shop 3. Barber House Barber Shop

THEATRE PROGRAM 1. Live Arts 2. Four County Players 3. Black Box Players

EXERCISE CLASS – MOMMY & ME 1. The Little Gym (pg 68) 2. Bend Yoga 3. Baby Boot Camp

SUMMER DAY CAMP 1. Living Earth Camp 2. Triple C Camp 3. ACAC (pg 25)

EXERCISE CLASS – WOMEN 1. ACAC (pg 25) 2. Piedmont Family YMCA (pg 21) 3. Anytime Fitness

SUMMER RESIDENTIAL CAMP 1. Living Earth Camp 2. Westview on the James 3. Camp Maxwelton-Lachlan

FAMILY HEALTH CLUB/GYM 1. ACAC (pg 25) 2. Piedmont Family YMCA (pg 21) 3. Anytime Fitness

Charlottesville Family Favorite Realtors Thank You for Voting for Us Again in 2017!

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2014

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2015

and much, much more! Nothing but Insurance Since 1934!

Thank You for voting for us!

Beth Towe Heck | 434.295.5191

Contact the Marjorie Adam Team to BUY or SELL your home! 434.326.1881 • NEST REALTY

126 Garrett Street Suite D Charlottesville, VA 22902


{inspiration family favorites} The Women’s Legal Group Law from a Woman’s Point of View

KID’S HAIR CUTS 1. Hair Cuttery 2. Staples Barber Shop 3. Barber House Barber Shop MANICURE/PEDICURE 1. Red Handed Salon 2. La Vie Nails 3. Holly’s Nails Salon MIND/BODY CLASSES 1. ACAC (pg 25) 2. FlyDog Yoga 3. Anytime Fitness

FAMILY MATTERS • Separation Agreement • No-Fault & Contested Divorce • Child Support & Custody • Collaborative Divorce • Creditors’ Rights • Wills & Adoptions • Bankruptcy

ARREST & TRAFFIC • Felony Charges • UVA Sexual Misconduct • Expungement • DUI & Reckless Driving

INJURY & DISABILITY • Personal Injury • Workers’ Compensation • Social Security Disability • Automobile Accident • Medical Malpractice • Brain Injury

Please contact us. We want to help.


Charlottesville 434.973.7474 | Lake Monticello 434.589.3636 |

PLACE FOR A MASSAGE 1. Boar’s Head Resort 2. Hand and Stone 3. ACAC (pg 25) SPA 1. Boar’s Head Resort 2. ACAC (pg 25) 3. Neroli Spa & Beauty Lounge YOGA STUDIO 1. FlyDog Yoga 2. ACAC (pg 25) 3. Bend Yoga HOME & GARDEN BUILDER/REMODELER 1. Southern Development Homes (pg 59) 2. Craig Builders 3. Ryan Homes CONCIERGE SERVICE 1. Cville Concierge 2. C and D Concierge Services DECORATOR 1. Heidi Brooks Interior Design 2. Kate Ward Interiors 3. Folly Home Furnishings



ALWAYS TALK TO BOB! LIVE WHERE YOU LOVE | 126 Garrett Street, Suite D, Charlottesville, VA 22902 |


December 2017

ELECTRICIAN 1. Robertson Electric (pg 29) 2. Mr. Electric 3. Buhl Electric FURNITURE STORE 1. Grand Home Furnishings (pg 37) 2. The Artful Lodger 3. Classic Furniture GARDEN CENTER 1. Ivy Nursery 2. Snow’s Garden Center 3. Lowe’s Home Improvement

HANDYMAN 1. Advantage Handyman 2. Charlottesville Handyman Services 3. TJ Hamilton Inc.

LANDSCAPING SERVICE 1. Snow’s Garden Center 2. Meriweather Mowing Service 3. D&D Lawn Care

HEATING & AIR 1. Albemarle Heating & Air (pg 38) 2. Robertson Electric (pg 29) 3. Mack Morris Heating & Air Conditioning (pg 39)

ORGANIZING SERVICE 1. Charlottesville Organizing 2. Attainable Spaces 3. Simply Organized

HOME ACCESSORY SHOP 1. Roxie Daisy 2. Circa 3. Caspari HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE 1. Busy Brooms 2. Molly Maid 3. Nooks & Crannies HOME ELECTRONICS 1. Crutchfield 2. ProLink, LLC 3. Best Buy LAUNDRY SERVICE 1. Express Laundry Center 2. Preston Suds 3. Eco Dry Cleaners

PAINTER 1. Piedmont Paint & Finish 2. Wade Lewis 3. Sun Painting

WINDOW CLEANING 1. Cavalier Window Cleaning & Power Washing (pg 79) 2. J&A Professional Window Cleaning 3. Bluebird Window Cleaning SERVICES AUTO DEALERSHIP 1. Umansky Automotive Group 2. CarMax 3. Price Automotive BANK/CREDIT UNION 1. UVA Community Credit Union (pg 57) 2. Wells Fargo 3. BB&T

PEST CONTROL 1. Intrastate Pest Control 2. Holistic Pest Solutions 3. Dodson Pest Control PLUMBING 1. Robertson Electric (pg 29) 2. Laco Plumbing 3. Fitch Services ROOFING 1. Roof Top Services 2. Blue Ridge Roofing

CAR/REPAIR SHOP 1. Airport Road Auto Center (pg 58) 2. Peacock Auto Service 3. Settle Tire Pros CAR WASH 1. White Horse Auto Wash 2. Clean Machine Car Wash 3. All American Car Wash

cntd pg. 58

Thank you Thank you Charlottesville Family Magazine readers and our member–owners for giving us your vote!


VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF BRANCH AND ATM LOCATIONS. join today! Membership is open to those who live, work or own a business located in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Culpeper, Fauquier, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison, Nelson, Orange, or Rappahannock.

Open to the Community 434-964-2001 FEDERALLY INSURED BY NCUA.

Part of the Community


{inspiration family favorites} FAMILY LAWYER 1. Tucker Griffin Barnes P.C. (pg 56) 2. Miller Law Group, P.C. 3. Peter K. Griffith, Attorney at Law FINANCIAL CONSULTANT 1. The Legacy Foundation 2. Northwestern Mutual 3. Wells Fargo


Includes Check Fluids, Oil Change (non-synthetic oil), Tire Rotation, Wheel Balance & Alignment, Brake Check, Cooling System Check Cannot be combined with other offers. Most vehicles, up to 5 quarts non-synthetic oil. With coupon only. Expires 12/31/17.

$40 OFF

1791 Airport Rd, Charlottesville (434) 973-4075

1791 Airport Rd, Charlottesville (434) 973-4075

1791 Airport Rd, Charlottesville (434) 973-4075

Because so much is riding on your tires...

Any 4-Tire Purchase

With coupon only. Expires 12/31/17.

AuTomATic TrAnsmission

Flush & Fill


Up to 6 quarts. Additional fluid extra. Most cars & light trucks. Call for appointment. With coupon only. Expires 12/31/17.

Thank you for voting us #1 Auto Repair Shop 10 years in a row!

Monday-Friday 7am-6pm • 24-hour Towing, call (434) 973-7328 after hours

1791 Airport Road, Charlottesville, VA 22911 • (434) 973-4075

Favorite Award Winner

I love this town.


Thank you for voting us

Gary Albert

Gary Albert CPCU CLU ChFC, Agent 1380 Rio Road East CPCU CLU ChFC, Agent Charlottesville, VA 22901 Bus: 434-296-1222

Charlottesville, VA 22901 Bus: 434-296-1222

Thanks, Charlottesville. I love being here to help life go right in a community where people are making a difference every day. Thank you for all you do.


Insurance Agency 9 years in a row! 58

December 2017

INSURANCE COMPANY 1. State Farm Insurance 2. Towe Insurance 3. Allstate MORTGAGE BROKER 1. First Heritage Mortgage 2. Mahone Mortgage 3. Crown Mortgage PET BOARDING AND GROOMING 1. Pampered Pets 2. Wakefield Kennel 3. All Things Pawssible PET TRAINING 1. All Things Pawssible 2. Pampered Pets 3. Shady Mountain Pet Retreat

CharlottesvilleFamily 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

INSURANCE AGENT 1. Gary Albert, State Farm Insurance (pg 58) 2. Cynthia Shifflett, State Farm Insurance 3. Beth Towe Heck, Towe Insurance (pg 55)


State Farm, Bloomington, IL

REAL ESTATE FIRM 1. Nest Realty Group 2. Roy Wheeler Realty Company 3. Better Homes & Gardens/Real Estate III REALTOR 1. The Marjorie Adam Team, Nest Realty (pg 55) 2. Paul McArtor, Montague Miller & Co. Realty 3. The Bob Hughes Team, Nest Realty (pg 56) 3. Kathryn Bentley, Roy Wheeler Realty Co. SUPPORT GROUP 1. The Women’s Initiative 2. GriefShare 3. Celebrate Recovery

We are honored to build houses that families can truly call home. And we love growing our Southern Develoment Homes’ family. We are honored to have built homes, relationships, and community in Charlottesville for over 18 years. We are an independent, locally-owned business that supports other small businesses to boost the local economy. We call this the “Homegrown Difference.� Visit for information on our homes and where we build. Thank you! We are honored to be voted a Charlottesville Family Favorite.


Favorite Award 59 Winner


{living well handmade} L A C O L

e d a m d han tage & vin

idays l o h e for tehof the best gifts Som e area! from th

2018 Octopus Calendar This adorable, nautical-inspired octopus print includes a 2018 calendar, making it an ideal addition to your loved one’s home or office. The art print is museum quality and is printed on durable, archival paper in a matte finish. Created by Merritt Baynes of Scarlette Soleil. $20–$30 at

Coasters These coasters are made from tumbled botticino marble and are each approximately 4 x 4 in size. The vintage images of vegetables are printed onto the tile and are etch proof. Each coaster is backed with cork to prevent scratching. They make great gifts and are made locally. $49.00 at

Fun & Funky 3-D Flower Brooch Add some fun to your wardrobe with this OOAK flower brooch inspired by the whimsical fabric designs of Jennifer Heynen. Created by Beth Beal at The Bea’s Knees, the brooch features In the Beginning, a quilting fabric from Heynen’s fun and funky Polka Dot Garden line, which is topped off by a cheerful red flower button and two green fresh water pearls. $14.95 at


December 2017

Dreaming of Horses Print This magical print of horses playing at dusk was featured on the cover of a recent issue of Root & Star, the magazine for the whole child. They create and collect art and literature old and new from around the world, and present it with love to children. This print

Watercolor Sachets

is by artist Lida Larina of Russia. She created it expressly for Root

Beautifully designed and lavender-scented sachets are just one of

& Star magazine, for the cover of an issue that was inspired by

many handmade gifts for the home. Other items include throw

Charlottesville’s love for horses.

pillows, aprons, notecards, kitchen towels, table clothes and so much

$30.00 each at

more. Created by Maria Pace. Check for prices at or visit her shop at 132 West Main Street Orange.

Garcia & Colette Best friends Garcia and Colette love to explore, but they can’t agree on where to go. So Garcia blasts off into space and Colette dives down into the sea, and they quickly learn that both places have a lot in common . . . and that exploring is best when you’re with a buddy.

Earlysville Travel Poster

Written by Hannah Barnaby and illustrations by Andrew Joyner.

This retro-flavored travel poster for Earlysville, Virginia, features the

$16.99 at New Dominion.

town’s famous “Earlysville Oak,” Virginia’s second largest white oak. The poster is printed on semi-gloss photo paper of two sizes, 11” x 14” or 16” x 20”, and it is part of a series of travel posters designed for fans of vintage design and Charlottesville-area locales. Created by Sottong

All items are either created and/or sold by local

Designs. $18.95–$24.95 at

Charlottesville-area artists and crafters. Prices shown do not include shipping costs and taxes.


{living well handmade}

! L A C O L Y U B pping guide


Support the community by doing most of your holiday shopping at Charlottesville’s many locally owned stores!

Gifts for All Ages Alakazam Toys see ad page 62 Charlottesville Waldorf School’s Holiday Bazaar see ad page 19 Chocolatesville see ad page 45 Horton Vineyards see ad page 15 Pantops Shopping Center see ad inside back cover

Seminole Square see ad inside front cover

Entertainment Gifts

Shenanigans see ad page 62

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All I want is more

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December 2017

for Christmas Jellycat! Jellycat!

Mon-Sat 9-8, Sun 10-6 434-977-1965


and other

Jellycat! Jellycat! Jellycat!

cool stuff for kids!

ShenaniganS 601 West Main Street Free Gift Wrap • UPS Delivery Open 7 days a week (434) 295-4797

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Matters Small businesses are at the heart of our neighborhoods, the core of our local economy and the loving spirit of our town.

Take a poSiTive STep... At Charlottesville Wine & Country, we truly believe that Charlottesville loves, not hates. That is why, in light of recent events on our beloved Downtown Mall, we urge you to patronize our locally-owned businesses on the Mall who have struggled financially in the wake of these events. We will be donating 100% of net proceeds from the sale of our “Charlottesville Loves” bags to the Heal Charlottesville Fund, established by the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation. Please support this and other local efforts and campaigns to not only move our community forward, but most importantly, help our Downtown Mall thrive.

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{living well handmade} Handmade for the


by R. L. Bethke

The Holidays are here and what child doesn’t want to create a special gift for those he or she loves?

Finger Knitting

Finger Knitting is a great first step for


which makes for quick gratification.

of that finger over the newly wrapped yarn

kids. Within minutes, a child can have

To begin, start with a 6� lead of yarn

from the back of the finger to the front.

a long enough strip of knitted fabric to

held by the thumb and first finger and

You then pick up the yarn, move to the

make a hair scrunchie for mom or sister,

falling to the back of the hand. Wrap the

next finger, and do the same motion again.

a bracelet or even a decorative ring for a

first finger counter clockwise once, then

When you finish the first row, doing each

holiday candle. Older children with the

cross over to the middle finger to do the

finger, just reverse your direction and start

patience to keep going will soon have strips

same, and repeat with each finger. When

back using the very same movements in the

long enough for a fun scarf or a chic belt.

done with the pinkie, you will begin to

opposite direction. When your knitting strip

The curly, multi-colored yarn is great for

knit. Each knitting stitch is the motion of

is a long as you want, tie it off by cutting

beginners, and as it changes color, it makes

wrapping your yarn around the back of a

off the yarn at about 6� and pulling the end

it easier for a child to differentiate one

finger coming down alongside the finger

through all of the last stitching loops before

stitch piece from another, the curly texture

(or in between fingers for all but the outer

knotting. You can use the long lead that is

covers up mistakes easily and the larger

ones) and then laying it on the palm of the

left to whip stitch your strip into a simple

width of the yarn adds volume to the fabric,

hand. Pull the old yarn wrapped at the base

circle as we have here.

December 2017

Christmas Angel Enjoy that little angel in your life and

age-appropriate ideas and materials.

remember her sweetness each year as

Toddlers could use washable paint or

you hang her special ornament on the

fabric scraps to clothe the angel; older

tree. This is a fun and simple little craft

children could add glitter glue, metallic

to preserve a child’s hands and feet at

pens and special paints. Use the scraps

any age. You can even start a tradition of

of felt to help your child develop her

making one each year to illustrate their

ideas and practice her techniques. Be as

amazing growth.

creative as you both wish. You can glue

Begin with a stiff piece of felt. Trace

feathers onto the angel’s wings, attach

both of your child’s hands and one foot,

a handmade instrument to its hands or

then carefully cut each of the three

create a fabric dress to adorn your angel;

tracings out. When finished, arrange the

your own ideas will make this handmade

hands behind the foot piece as shown.

treasure even more personal. No matter

Be sure to keep the side with the pencil

how you decorate this little angel, it will

tracings face down so you have a clean

be perfect!

outline on the front of your craft, and glue them together. This is where the fun and creativity begin. Encourage your child to decorate

Each time you unwrap it to hang it on the tree, you’ll be filled with memories of your precious child and the time you spent creating it together.

her angel as she wishes, providing


{inspiration parenting}


December 2017


H O L I D AY S Easy Strategies for Family Merriment

Every year, my husband and I fly home, two kids in tow, to visit our families. Some years, juggling family commitments, tired children and holiday hoopla has been beyond frazzling. But last year we had a breakthrough: we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. After a memorable all-around experience, we wanted to reach out and share some of our tips to hopefully help ease other’s family trips.

by Julie Bloss Kelsey


{inspiration parenting} Set your agenda before you arrive.

1 Set your agenda before you arrive. You don’t need to plan a firm daily schedule, but decide ahead of time who you intend to visit.

2 Consider planning one main event daily, rather than several smaller activities. Be sure that your plans coincide with the time when your children are most likely to be on their best behavior.

3 Sharing photos and videos of your time spent together is a wonderful way to bring your children closer to their distant relatives.

Consider planning one main event

You don’t need to plan a firm daily


schedule, but decide ahead of time who

activities. Be sure that your plans

you intend to visit. If there are specific

coincide with the time when your

events that can’t be moved, or friends

children are most likely to be on their

whom you can only see at certain times,

best behavior. Let your kids know what

be sure to give them priority. If your trips

the overall plans are ahead of time, so

are anything like ours, you won’t have

that they can start each day prepared. Be

enough time to see all of your friends and

flexible with other activities, and make

relatives. So instead of trying to squeeze

sure to leave a few days completely

everyone in, focus on a few key people

unscheduled. On our most recent trip,

and let yourself really enjoy the time you

one of our “open” days turned into a

spend with them. This strategy not only

picnic in the park with my mother-

helped our older son have a great time

in-law, a last-minute decision that we

visiting his relatives but also allowed our

all greatly enjoyed. Sometimes, it’s

toddler to hold up pretty well.

unplanned events that make for some of

Don’t over-schedule. This familiar





the best memories.

suggestion is one of the most basic, but

Plan your sleeping arrangements

it can be very difficult to follow. It’s easy

in advance. Consider staying in a hotel

to anticipate a day full of adventure

when visiting households without small

when you are at home, not tired from a

children. Chasing a toddler through a

delayed flight or a night spent sleeping

house full of antique knick-knacks can

on a lumpy couch. But one thing is

quickly grow tiring, and sometimes the

guaranteed: you will need some “down

idea of staying in a hotel with a pool

time.” This is key in keeping everyone

adds excitement to the trip. If you are

happy and rested, which will also save

staying with family or friends, make

you from some whining and headaches.

sure there is a safe place for your toddler

Be an InsIder Get the latest updates on area fun and news!

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December 2017

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to sleep. Always ask about sleeping

members or ever-tolerant grandparents.

arrangements ahead of time. You may

Tailor your activities to match your

need to bring or borrow a safety gate

relatives. I used to think that one-size-

and portable crib to confine your child

fits-all plans, like going to the movies

in her assigned room overnight. If your

or playing in the park, would work well

child doesn’t normally use a port-a-crib,

for anyone involved. This is another

practice using it before you leave home.

fallacy. My 81-year-old grandmother, for

Before you put your child down for the

example, would rather we stay home,

night, do a quick sweep of the room.

rave over her cooking and run around

Move any breakables to higher ground,

outside to admire her flower garden.

insert electrical outlet covers and check

Planning activities around the interests

for loose wiring or hanging cords from

of others gives your children greater

blinds and drapery.

insight into what makes each family

Don’t expect to keep things equal.

member unique. For my kids, a day

One of the greatest myths about visiting

spent on a boat with their grandfather—

family is that you should spend the

watching him cast lures and land fish—

same amount of time with everyone.

was far more personal for all involved

Believe me, it never works. You will

than a trip to the park would have been.

drive yourself crazy and you won’t make

When friends or relatives offer to

anyone any happier. In our experience,

babysit, let them. If you live far from

everyone will tell you that they wish

your extended family, you probably

you could stay longer. But, in reality,

don’t get out as often as you’d like, so be

some family members—especially those

sure to set aside some time for you as

who are older or live alone—can only

a couple. Your kids will love the chance

handle houseguests for a few days at a

to get to know their relatives better, and

time. Don’t overstay your welcome. Save

you’ll love going to dinner with your

your longer visits for younger family

spouse at a restaurant with real cloth

Making memories to share is more important than having the perfect visit.

Because you can’t pour from an empty cup. Parent Retreats | Moms | Dads | Couples | Gift Certificates | Nationwide


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Sharing photos and videos of your time spent together is a wonderful way to bring your children closer to their distant relatives. Small children have short

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a G-rated movie. Snap lots of pictures. Liberal use

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theater and enjoy something other than

of the camera or camcorder is a must!

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tel: (434) 979-2121

meet your former childhood pals at the

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attention spans. Nothing hurts feelings

CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite Award Winner 2016

faster than realizing their precious grandchild or niece has forgotten them between visits. For younger children, working on a scrapbook of the trip

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together is a fun way to reminisce over the good times and perhaps laugh about any not-so-fun times. Have your children dictate their thoughts about different activities. Be sure to include a page describing their favorite part of the trip, even if it wasn’t part of the official agenda. Older children might want to take along a disposable camera or keep a journal. Memorabilia such as flyers and other souvenirs of your activities will be the perfect touches to the memory book. Above all, remember that this trip is just one step toward building your child’s relationship with family and friends. Making memories to share is more important than having the perfect visit. Even if things don’t go exactly as

Barrett W. R. Peters, DDS, MSD Pediatric Dentist

planned, you will all have something to laugh about together later!

Charlottesville 240 Hydraulic Rdg Rd Ste 203 434 973 4344 Thanks for voting us a CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite!

Waynesboro 2520 West Main Street 540 943 3315 ww


December 2017

Julie is a freelance writer, blogger and mother of two who looks forward to another family-filled holiday season.

Neuroblastoma Angel Mason Clark Thomas 2000 - 2011

(434) 738-1588 Donate new, unwrapped toys at participating locations for pediatric patients and their families.

FIND US! We Deliver Smiles from Charlottesville to Roanoke! Mason’s Toy Box is nonprofit organization which annually lends support to families engaged in pediatric medical life-altering struggles by delivering gifts to hospitalized children and their family members.71

{inspiration parenting}

Arms Wide Open Local Couples Share Their Stories of Fostering Children

Fourteen-year-old Patrice* has just

“We are a blended family,” Cindy*,

toenails. Later on, she will help break up

Patrice’s foster mom, says, “and act as

a dispute between her 9- and 7-year-old

such. We have a father [Jason*] in our

brothers. She’ll laugh at the dinner table

home. We have a mother in our home.

when her father tells another one of his

And all the children in our home are

corny jokes, and then she’ll help her

our children. We may have extended

mother with the dishes. She’ll proceed

family outside these four walls, but in

to do her homework, watch a little

our home, we are family.”

television and then head off to her room

Though the children’s personalities

to read a little before going to sleep. For

range on any given day from silly and

Patrice, this is just another typical night

passionate to goofy, sassy and funny, all

with her family.

of them, Cindy says, are well-behaved,

But unlike her siblings, Patrice was

respectful and smart kids who simply

not born into this family dynamic. The

enjoy life and hanging out as a family.

lack of biological connection doesn’t

A home always full of fun, their’s also

hinder her connection to each of them

includes several family pets—two dogs,



two parakeets, a turtle, several rabbits,

opened their hearts and home to her

a slew of chickens and one pet squirrel

while she was a foster child.

that thinks he can be part of the action



“I thought I would never find a home


December 2017

open and ready to share love.

finished painting her 5-year-old sister’s


where I was showed love,” she says,

Cindy and Jason didn’t hesitate

“But now I’m getting adopted!” Patrice

to become foster parents when they

hopes many who were in a situation like

realized it was one of their callings.

she was will find an improved family

“Cindy was going to Old Dominion

situation. She says, “All kids really need

University, studying to be a social

is love and affection that they’ve never

worker,” Jason says. “One day, she came

had before.”

home and told me, ‘I don’t want to be

It’s not that Patrice will forget her

a social worker! I want to be a foster

biological parents. She has, over the

family.’ I agreed 100 percent.” It was as if

years, visited them many times. But

Jason felt a tug from heaven calling him

unfortunately, her biological parents lost

and his family, urging them to become a

custody of her when she was younger,

foster family. “Because of that,” he says,

leading to her entering foster care. “I

“we knew our children would adjust just

hope they [her biological parents] will

like they would to any other change in

grow so that they will be able to give the


love all children need,” she says. But for

Now, three years later, Cindy and

now, Patrice has found her place with

Jason’s biological children really know

her new family—one with arms wide

no other way for a family to be. And,

Photo Credit: Evan White Photo Courtesy Andrea and BJ

“I thought I would never find a home where I was showed love,” Patrice* says, “But now I’m getting adopted!”

by Dionna L. Mann


{inspiration parenting} Joyful learning can start this year. Schedule your tour today!

according to Cindy*, they have all loved the journey. “Initially, we began our foster care journey wanting to take in a newborn or a child no older than three,” Jason says, “But then we heard testimonies from local teenagers in foster care and quickly realized that there was a bigger need for foster families willing to take in teenagers.” And so Cindy and Jason switched their focus, helping teenage girls over the past three years and truly loving it. As a result, the family has developed long-lasting relationships with the girls who have lived in their home. When these girls were able to return to a biological parent, or aged out of care, they kept in touch, either over the phone or online. Cindy continues to share why she has enjoyed fostering teens. “Having a teen in

Rolling Admissions for Parent & Infant Classes, Preschool, Elementary, & Middle School 440 Pinnacle Place Charlottesville, VA 22911


the home gives you someone to converse with, hang out with and help,” she says. “Having teens in the home who are older than your little ones can be beneficial, too. There is never the problem of breaking up fights over toys, or name calling, etc.” “If you’ve ever felt a tug as to whether or not to become a foster family,” Cindy

Focus! Aim High! Work Together! North BraNch School activities-based learning for Preschool-8th grade Small class size • Outdoor time every day A North Branch education is affordable. Ask about our financial aid & scholarships.

shares, “I would highly recommend you give CAFF [Community Attention Foster Families] a call. There is no obligation, and they’d love to just better inform you. When a child returns to their biological family, it’s an amazing feeling to know we played a part in helping to heal that broken family.” Jason and Cindy share how hard it is when a child moves away. “We as a family grieve when they leave,” he says. But, they

540-456-8450 •

know that “that child knows that they were loved fiercely while they lived in our

North Branch School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color or income & actively seeks minority students.


amily CharlottesvilleF d Awar Favoriteinne W r 2017

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• Leagues for All Youth & Adult Players! • In-Season Clinics, Top Quality Instruction • Visit Us on the Web or Call...

SOCA 975-5025 74

December 2017

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welcomed 8-year-old David* and 5-yearold Suzie* into their home with the goal of providing them with a safe and loving environment.




helpful and thoughtful boy, David also enjoys making and giving gifts to others, and works diligently on projects. He has a special love for Legos, crafts, puzzles and playing outside. “He prefers doing things with another person,” Andrea, his foster

mom, explains.

final decision to become foster parents

“I like it when Miss Andrea plays with me and does puzzles with me,” David says. “I like it when she helps me with my homework.” “He [David’s foster dad, B.J.] helps me at basketball and baseball, and it’s fun to play video games with him,” David shares. Not only does he enjoy playing organized sports, he also enjoys trips to the zoo, swimming in the lake, playing

when we learned about CAFF and its

Even though Andrea and B.J. did not yet have any biological children, “We have always enjoyed teaching and caring for children,” B.J. says.

mission to restore family relationships. We wanted to provide a safe, loving environment for children who were in need of one.” Andrea’s



influenced her at an early age, when she became in tune to the special needs of underprivileged children. “When I was growing up, I helped my parents

in the river, camping and kayaking with

take care of children in an orphanage,”

his foster family.

Andrea says. “It made me feel a sense

Like her foster brother, Suzie is loving and affectionate. She enjoys ballet and playing soccer on her foster dad’s team. “She is content role-playing with her dolls and toys by herself,” Andrea says, “But she enjoys spending time with her foster family, too.” “I like when Andrea plays kitty cat and tea set with me,” Suzie says. “I like when she reads me books and sings me songs.” She says she also likes it when her foster father shares a special dessert with her or plays games with her outside. For Andrea


B.J., they



of worth being able to provide a ray of watching





together as much as when they display typical sibling rivalry. And when it’s time to wind down, both of them love the safe retreat of their own bedrooms where they can flip through the pages of their personal photo albums, play with their favorite toys or read their favorite books. Even though Andrea and B.J. did not yet have any biological children, “We have always enjoyed teaching and caring for children,” B.J. says. “We made the


sunshine to those who needed it.” Initially, B.J. wasn’t so sure about taking on the role of foster father. “My main fear revolved around the unknown, the what-if scenarios. What would be expected of me as a foster parent? Would the care operations and goals of social services become too intrusive in my life? Would I really be able to help a child who may be dealing with trauma of some sort? What if the children don’t like me? What if they are destructive? Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was up to the task. But after


Watch the video at


{resources parenting} Virginia Foster Care Facts The March 1, 2017 department of social services’ Snapshot of Children in Foster Care*states that 5,133 children were receiving foster care services in Virginia. Of that number, 1,095 children—21.33 percent—were between the ages of less than 1 year old to 3 years old. Thirteen- to 18-year-olds in foster care in Virginia made up 39.8 percent, and 63.39 percent of these foster children were placed in homes of non-relatives. There are over 200 children in Central Virginia receiving foster care services. The report also states that 38.44 percent of foster children in Virginia were reunited with their biological families, while 32.87 percent were adopted.

realizing there would be a system in place to help us navigate through fostering, I was on board.” “As we expected, being a foster parent

who are receiving foster care services in

takes a lot of time and energy,” Andrea

Central Virginia. Some of these children

shares. “We’ve had to figure out how to

transition into a foster family facilitated

balance the time between the children’s

by Community Attention Foster Families


(CAFF), a public nonprofit foster care


December 2017




appointments, the house demands and


finding quality spouse-time. And we’re

Department of Social Services of the City

continually learning how to juggle the

of Charlottesville, as well as in Albemarle

various demands. However, the balance






and Greene counties.

has become more natural now. And we’ve

CAFF has been recruiting, training and

built a strong relationship with each child.

supporting foster parents for local area

Any fear we had is nothing compared to

children since 2009. Marnie Allen, CAFF’s

the bonds that have been created. Being

recruitment and training specialist, enjoys

foster parents has been a wonderful and

sharing the steps for local individuals

love-filled experience.”






B.J. is eager to share that “The fostering

foster parents, beginning with emailing

experience has definitely made a lasting

her expressing interest. Allen will then

improvement on our lives. We have formed

advise those interested to attend one of

positive relationships with people we

CAFF’s monthly informational meetings

may never have met otherwise. We have

prior to applying. Once the application is

learned how to tailor parenting guidance

complete, she advises prospective foster



parents to enroll in CAFF’s 27-hour pre-

styles. The bonds we have formed with

service training program that uses the

the children are beneficial beyond words.”

Virginia state approved curriculum called


Christian Liberal Arts & Sciences | PreK-Grade 12


From newborns to 18 year olds, these children are just one of over 200 children



434.220.7330 |

Photo Courtesy Lewis & Clark Exploratory Center

Bluebird Project


During the winter months of 2016, the Foster Care Adoption Awareness Coalition—a collaboration between Community Attention Foster Families, Piedmont Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), People Places, DePaul Community Resources, Great Expectations, and the Departments of Social Services in Albemarle County and The City of Charlottesville—raised foster care awareness by asking the public to use artistic expression to create a bluebird. Each of the 200-plus bluebirds represented a local child in foster care.

Pre-K through 8th grade VISIT US TODAY! 434.964.0400

1205 Pen Park Road Charlottesville, VA 22901

The Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center supported the project by dedicating its Bird Blitz! program to the cause. From February 10 to March 18, children of all ages used the center’s art media tables to create bluebirds. But anyone in the community who wanted to create a bluebird and place it on a stick could, dropping their creations off at the office of Piedmont CASA. At the May 5th parade, the bluebirds on a stick were held in the air by volunteers who marched up and down Charlottesville’s pedestrian mall, creating a bluebird flock flying free above the brick-paved walkway. The Haven, a multi-resource day shelter for people facing homelessness, exhibited the bluebirds throughout May—National Foster Care Month. Thirty-five bluebird pieces were sold in a silent auction, with all donated funds going toward helping local children in foster care. To participate in the 2018 Bluebird Project, go to and click on the Bluebird Project button.


{resources parenting} PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information,

Some Local Foster Care Agencies & Services

Development and Education). The final steps include filling out the necessary paperwork, passing a background check and allowing CAFF to complete a home study. The process takes approximately four months to become a CAFF foster parent. In Allen’s opinion, however, the biggest requirement for successful foster

Community Attention Foster Families (CAFF) is a public, nonprofit foster care agency that works along with the Department of Social Services of the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle and Greene Counties to provide services for children placed in foster care. CAFF recruits, trains and supports foster parents. CAFF holds monthly informational sessions for anyone interested in becoming foster parents. For more information, contact Marnie Allen at (434) 970-3735 or

People Places, Inc. is a nonprofit therapeutic foster care agency that provides treatment foster care (TFC). The philosophy behind TFC is to create safe and nurturing homes for children with the aim of keeping them inside their community and out of residential and/ or psychiatric facilities. In August 2015, People Places, Inc. received certification by the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute. For more information, call (434) 979-0335.

Piedmont CASA Piedmont Court DePaul Community Resources is a nonprofit human services organization that provides treatment foster care for young people with special needs who require a family with specialized training. Special needs include emotional/behavioral issues, medical/physical issues or intellectual disabilities. For more information, call (434) 977-9847.

Great Expectations is a statewide foster care program supported by Piedmont Virginia Community College. The program helps current and former foster care youth in Virginia gain access to a community college education and helps them transition successfully to living independently by offering them career and support services. For more information, contact La’Tisha Jackson at (434) 961-5314 or

Appointed Special Advocates, Inc. (Piedmont CASA) provides trained volunteers to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children. Piedmont CASA promotes and supports finding safe, permanent and nurturing homes for child victims before the courts of the 16th Judicial District of Virginia. Piedmont CASA also strives to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect through community education and outreach. For more information, call (434) 971-7515.

parenting is for individuals to “open their hearts and homes unconditionally.” Once a foster child is placed in a home, foster parents work closely with the child’s CAFF caseworker and an individualized treatment team to ensure the child receives services for any emotional, mental, educational or medical needs they may have. Foster parents continue to receive personal support and ongoing training sessions. All the while, a social worker works with the child’s birth family to help address issues that caused the child to be placed into our local child welfare system. “As a team, the birth parents, foster parents, department of social services’ social worker, CAFF worker, therapists, schools and CASA workers all work together with the goal of reunifying children and their biological parents,” Allen says. “In my opinion, the greatest success





get the support and tools they need so that children can return home to their biological parents—when the struggle of surviving changes into living and celebrating family.” Even if the child being able to return home isn’t possible, their goal is to support the relationship between birth families and their children. “Even when kids are adopted, the love their parents have for their kids doesn’t stop, and the love the kids have for their parents doesn’t stop. CAFF is about supporting relationships and building community,” Allen says.

* after a name indicates a name change. Dionna, a freelance journalist from the Charlottesville area, truly finds the diversity of the human family to be a most-beautiful, most-colorful thing.


December 2017

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{until next time humorous reflections} Here’s Our Holiday Letter!

A Dad’s Humorous Tales by Rick Epstein

Dear friends,

the one who toys with helpless vermin, ones with

Normally we don’t do a holiday letter, but this year the Epsteins have so much to share that they can’t help it. You’ll notice that this letter is signed by me, Felix, the family cat. Marie, the college girl, phoned home during her third week of “History of the Middle East” course to report, “Dad, I totally understand what’s going on over there!” That hard knot has defied understanding for thousands of years. Am I nuts or is our Marie a shoo-in for a Nobel Prize? Sally, the high schooler, spent five days away at marching band camp and did NOT get sent home in disgrace. She and her friends stole every pair of undershorts from the boys’ cabin and dumped a waste basketful of water on the band director. Furthermore, a search of Sally’s bedding turned up obvious prank ammunition—a squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup. There was an inquiry into these

names like Justin, Matt and Brandon. I recognize the wide-eyed look of the confused prey, but these boys don’t have the detached perspective they need. Napping in the sunshine, catching mice and drinking out of toilets—these are my humble pleasures. I think these boys would find them more dependable than whatever joy the girls are dispensing. For Dad, this year has just been one thing after another. In the spring, he got a 1.2 percent raise and the celebratory pizza party raged until nearly 8 p.m. Soon afterward, his pockets still overflowing with treasure, Dad bought a new dryer—one whose interior belts do not scream like the souls of the damned. Mom is likewise having quite a year. Its high point came when her alma mater offered Sally a scholarship worth $3,000 a year just for being the daughter of an alumna. Up until then, being her mother’s daughter had only meant she wouldn’t get any taller than 5-foot-1. Two tiny hearts were gladdened. Now another Christmas is upon us and the

crimes, but Sally beat the rap. How quickly they grow up! One

family (except for me) will all be together one more time. There will be gifts and visitors. Affectionate chitchat will abound while another turkey is stuffed,

minute a child is blurting out to Mom what Dad’s getting her for Christmas and the next she’s invoking the Fifth Amendment, cool as a cucumber. Wendy at 13 years old has become a skilled negotiator. She can get permission to have a

cooked, carved and tossed down the hatch. Excited speculation about the New Year will be likely. Can the Epsteins fend off scandal for another 365 days? Who can say … certainly not me, the cat. I don’t even understand why I shouldn’t get underfoot when someone is carrying a huge platter of hot food. I’m not good at predicting the future.

Now another Christmas is upon us and the family will all be together one more time.

girlfriend over after school to do homework and then fine-tune the plan to where Dad has agreed to chauffeur a carload of boys and girls to the mall,

Happy holidays, FELIX

turn himself invisible for two hours and then drive them home. She would do well as a lawyer or agent. At age 4, she berated me for torturing a mouse. Now she’s Rick can be reached at


December 2017

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