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amer H & r e Ham ntics o d o h t r O ile! m s s u s e mak


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Serious Summer Fun. Woodberry Forest

summer camps Since 1967, Woodberry’s summer camps have been getting boys outside to play their favorite sports — or try new ones. With guidance from Woodberry’s expert coaches, boys can raise the level of their game and discover new talents. But the camps go beyond the skills learned on the playing fields: An encouraging, team-oriented environment gives boys confidence to take risks and helps them learn to lead others. And Woodberry’s facilities — located on our beautiful 1200-acre campus — rival those found at many colleges. For details and applications, visit or call 540-672-6044.

sports camp June 15–July 5, 2014 • ages 10–13 father–son weekend June 6–8, 2014 • ages 5–10 football camp July 9–12, 2014 • ages 12–16 basketball camp July 13–16, 2014 • ages 9–16 squash camp July 13–17, 2014 • ages 10–16 lacrosse camp July 17–20, 2014 • ages 10–16 woodberry forest school 125 Years of Educating Boys Woodberry Forest, Virginia 22989 •

activities, and spatial awareness, Sensory learning, neuromuscular otherwise to awareness, as, activities,referred and spatial otherwise referred to as, Sensory learning, neuromuscular activities, and spatial awareness, otherwise referred to as,

en reach potential. From 4 months through 12 years, Thetheir Little greatest Gym helps children reach their greatest potential. From 4 months through 12 years, classes promote development and buildtheir confidence during each stage andThe build confidence during each stage of childhood. Little Gym helps children reach greatest potential. Fromof4childhood. months through 12 years, classes promote development and build confidence during each stage of childhood.

Call or schedule a free introductory class online. roductory class online. Gym ahelps reach theirclass greatest potential. From 4 months through 12 years, CallThe or Little schedule freechildren introductory online. classes promote development and build confidence during each stage of childhood. Charlottesville, VA Charlottesville, VA Call or schedule a free introductory class online. 434-975-5437

/charlottesvilleva 434-975-5437 Charlottesville, VA 434-975-5437 Parent / Child Classes · Pre-K & Grade School Gymnastics · Dance · Karate Sports Skills · Awesome Birthday Bashes · Parents’ Survival Night · Camp

Parent / Child Classes · Pre-K & Grade School Gymnastics · Dance · Karate Sports Skills · Awesome Birthday Bashes · Parents’ Survival Night · Camp

Parent / Child Classes · Pre-K & Grade School Gymnastics · Dance · Karate Skills ·School Awesome Gymnastics Birthday Bashes · Parents’ Survival Night · Camp Pre-K Sports & Grade · Dance · Karate

Bart Weis, DDs & Jim soDerquist, DDs



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Gorgeous smiles brought to you by sisters & actual patients of Charlottesville Orthodontics NorthSide: Adjacent to Target | dowNtowN/PaNtoPS : Near Martha Jefferson

Just Between Us…

volume 15 issue 2

In the midst of winter, Valentine’s Day brings a welcome burst of warm and fuzzy feelings for us all. I truly enjoy helping the kids address their valentines and baking heart-shaped cupcakes with pink sprinkles — and one of my favorites are those not-very-tasty but so sweet candy hearts with their messages of love. The modern ones use texting lingo, like ILY or UR KIND. But what I really love are homemade cards with lots of glitter and beginning handwriting — declarations of love that will be treasured forever. Our preschooler wants to marry me when he grows up. He knows I’m already married. He calls our wedding portrait “the picture of you and Daddy from before, when you were a princess.” Maybe it is a little weird, but I think it is super sweet that he wants to marry me. Whenever he mentions it, instead of gently explaining that I’m already married to Daddy and that he will make new friends when he is older and that he’ll love one of them — or some other sensible mumbo jumbo — I just gather him up for big ol’ hug. He is the baby, after all. The rest of my kids have all figured out that I’m not quite perfect, so I especially treasure his devotion. He thinks I’m perfect. I think he is perfect. What he is really saying is that he is perfectly happy and wants to stay right where he is. Me, too, truth be told! We’re actually a pretty good match with such stars in our eyes.

february 2014

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That is really the magic of Valentine’s Day — rose-tinted love glasses. When you wear your love glasses and think deeply about how you are so lucky to have these wonderful people for family and friends, you don’t see anything except perfect. Is his favorite shirt dreadful? Does she say “like” three times in each sentence? On Valentine’s Day, no one notices those shortcomings. Or, if they do, they take on a different nuance — charming, quirky, goofy. More likely, you’ll only be seeing the beautiful blue of their eyes, enjoying how they make you laugh at some joke from years ago, relishing misshapen letters on a sequined card and thinking, How did I get so lucky?! Wishing you all a magical Valentine’s Day,

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February 2014

Jen Fariello

2004 Community Award Winner

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News 8

The Buzz Around Town 10 Do You Shop at Local Stores Even If

Items Are More Expensive?

Our Schools 15

Collaborating with the Smithsonian

Bravo! 16 Winter Sports Adventures for the Wheelchair-Bound


Home & Garden 34 Living with Pets

Get Set for Sleepaway Camp 48 The 2014 CharlottesvilleFamily

Editor’s Pick!

February Activities & Events for Families

The generosity article prompted me to get back in the habit of keeping grocery store gift cards on hand for those who ask me for spare change.

Daytrip Fun! 20

Strawberry Syrup

Tips & Trends 32 Fabulous Finds and Fun

Out & About Calendar 18


What’s Cookin’? 30 Strawberry Pancakes with

Snapshot 12 Lisa Martin

Healthy Family 28 Sore Throat, Strep or Tonsillitis?

Winter Olympics–Inspired Outings

Guide to Residential Camps

2014 Guide to Private Schools 60 The Inside Info on Area Schools

UNTIL NEXT TIME Three Teens Sort of in Love 70 The Valentine’s Day Love Report

So Love This! “Check out the great pet tips on


page 34. And if your cat doesn’t vacuum cleaner! Fun videos of cats

The Compassion Cure 36 Let Your Kids Catch You

who love vacuums abound online.”

like to be brushed, try using the

—Barbara, Graphic Designer

Being Generous

Healthy Ways to Boost Your Brainpower 42 Sharpen Your Mind by Eating

Smart, Exercising and Managing Your Moods

Homework Is Kid’s Work 58 How to Be a Great Homework Helper




{our town community}


­the local buzz

IP Presents

Parenting Power Safe Schools/Healthy Students will against host

Check out the wonderful events

Parenting Power, a free community event started last

we are sponsoring this month!

year through the collaboration of representatives from Albemarle County Public Schools, Charlottesville

Fun Fair& Camp Expo

City Schools and community agencies. Designed as

Richmond LolliPops


“Talking with Children about Difficult and Sensitive

The Paramount Theater

Fun Fair & Camp Expo

Topics,” “Parenting Self-Care” and “Healthy Teen

February 2

February 16

Relationships and the Teen Dating Culture.” This

a one-day event to recharge and celebrate parenting, Parenting Power offers small break-out sessions on


various parenting topics. Sessions last year included

year, the event will feature keynote speaker Wanda Seagroves from the Mary D. Ainsworth Child-Parent Attachment Clinic, who will discuss forming February 22

Check out

March 1

Cabbage Contest

strong bonds with children and why these bonds are important to overall healthy social and


emotional development. The event will be held

on Facebook at

at Burley Middle School on Saturday, March 15. CharlottesvilleFamily

Find more information on CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor!

Last year over a million third-graders participated in the National Bonnie Plants Cabbage Program, including students from Red Hill

Dancers Against Cancer

School, Greenbrier Elementary, Agnor-Hurt Elementary and Baker-Butler Elementary. The program, launched nationally in 2002, aims to spark a love of vegetable

Two young dancers from the Charlottesville Performing Arts

gardening in children. Teachers receive free “over-sized”

School (CPAS) recently made headlines for donating their hair to

cabbage plants after signing up for the program online.

the Beautiful Lengths program as part of the school’s Dancers

At the end of the season, the teacher then selects the

Against Cancer charitable initiative. Beautiful Lengths is a

best cabbage from his or her class and submits an image

partnership between Pantene and the American Cancer Society

of the cabbage and student online. That student is then

that collects donated hair from volunteers and creates free

entered into a statewide drawing. One winner from

wigs for women with cancer. Nine-year-olds Corinne Moore and

each state receives a $1,000 scholarship from Bonnie

Makayla Fletcher are not new to the program — this is the third

Plants. Even kids without a “green thumb” can grow a

time donating for both! The girls, who have both lost loved ones to

cabbage for the program—Bonnie Plants provides lots of

cancer, hope to motivate others to participate. The CPAS plans to

tips to help students nurture a cabbage plant. For more

host another donation event in June. For more information about

information about the 2014 contest, or to sign up (by the

the Beautiful Lengths program visit


February 2014

Leah Moore

Leah Moore

end of February), head to


. . . has homes in the heart of Old Trail

From the upper

Single family homes and home sites with stunning mountain views, only steps from the amenities, shops and restaurants of Village Town Center.


Quick move-in homes available

Call or email our Old Trail expert Lora Anderson to set up a tour of Village Commons today!



{our town voices} Jefferson Obstetrics & Gynecology, LTD




TOWN Do you shop at local stores even if items are more expensive? 65% say “yes” 35% say “no”

Please call to schedule an aPPointment.

new Patients are welcome!

Caring for Women through all stages of life Matthew T. Montgomery, MD

It is important to keep local stores going for the community to thrive. It is also a good practice for our kids to learn and hopefully adopt once they become consumers!

I checked “no,” but would have checked “sometimes” if it had been a choice. For my family, it depends on the products. There are some things that I will pay more for because Janelle, mother of one son, Charlottesville they are local (e.g., food). However, other items I buy where I can get the best deal.

Jennifer, mother of two girls, Crozet Spending the money locally means the money stays local and helps our community. Seems pretty simple. I am too frugal to simply “shop local.” I David, father of an 8-year-old boy, shop where I can find the best deal. Charlottesville

Mom of two, Charlottesville

Michael L. Arnold, MD Robert R. Heider, MD Kelly A. Owens, MD James M. Culver, MD Christy Wamhoff, MD Brooke S. Kilfoil, MD Sue A. Woodson, CNM Carrie Williams Michalski, WHNP

I believe supporting local businesses is part of what makes Charlottesville/Albemarle so special! We have a fantastic community and our local businesses are part of that flair!

I do enjoy shopping locally! But when it comes to price, I generally stick to what’s the least expensive. I am very strict on our family’s budget. . . . I use coupons and shop Melanie, mom of four boys, Earlysville deals as much as possible. . . . I am hopeful that one day all of my scrimping and saving will lead to a lifestyle of shopping locally I think it is critical to support local and supporting small businesses more often. businesses. They are our friends and Jenna, mother of two, Charlottesville neighbors and have a local perspective that national chains, etc., do not. Sue

Pat Dougherty, CNM, MSN 600 Peter Jefferson Pkwy, Suite 290

434.977.4488 10

February 2014

For this month’s poll, we had 124 respondents. Visit to answer next month’s question:

Do you ask the parents of your child’s friends whether they have guns in their house?

Sports ZONE

Grymes MS Wins in Basketball

{our town community} AAA Mid-Atlantic ACAC

Grymes Memorial School

The Carving Board Cafe Cavalier Cards Chandler’s Bakery Chung’s Barber Shop

Grymes Memorial School’s middle school basketball is off to a strong start this season. The girls’ and boys’ teams won their openers at St. Luke’s School in Culpeper on Dec. 12. For the boys, high scorer Elizjah Nelson had 18 points, Rick Weaver had 8 and Iceysis Lewis had 9 points. On Dec. 17, the teams traveled to St. Anne’s–Belfield to snag two more wins: 19–7 for the girls, 32–16 for the boys. Highlights from the girls’ game include Mira Weaver’s 11

AlbemArle SquAre Shopping Center Creating a tradition since 1976.

points. Great defensive efforts came from Jenni Pugh and Ginger Oliver. Karrington Keaton had several steals and contributed 4 points. The teams returned to St. Anne’s–Belfield on Jan. 7, where the boys had another impressive defensive stand against STAB. Leading the scoring column was Elijah Nelson with 14 points; Matt Dixon had 12 and Rick Weaver had 8. With a big lead produced by the seventh and eighth graders at the start of the third quarter, the entire bench was able to see plenty of action, ending the game with a score of 39–24. The girls also won, beating STAB 17–9. Mira Weaver had 7 points; Jasmine Walker and Karrington Keaton had 4 each. The Grizzlies were back in action at Tandem Friends School on Thursday, Jan. 9, where the girls won 22–8 and the boys won 54–17.

The Fresh Market H&R Block Kirt’s Homemade Ice Cream Legends Sports Little Caesars Miracle Ear Nails Design Taste of China U.S. Cellular

Mira Weaver led again with 9 points. Karrington Keaton was close behind with 7.

The center of it all.

The teams were 4–0 with seven games left in the season.

Route 29 North at Rio Road, Charlottesville


{our town interview}


Lisa Martin

Lisa Martin began writing at a young age. As an adult, she earned a Ph.D. in business and taught at the university level. More recently, she and her

Nicky Stewa rt

by Lynn Pribus

aunt, adult novelist Valerie Martin, were inspired by Lisa’s sons and their cats to collaborate on “Anton & Cecil: Cats at Sea” (Algonquin Young Readers), a children’s novel about two brother cats. As part of next month’s Festival of the Book, Lisa will visit local elementary schools and also be part of an author’s panel discussion. She lives in Ivy with her husband Roger, a professor at UVA, their teenaged sons Cabot and Cole, and two cats named Albert and T.J.

What are your current projects?

What’s the best advice your parents ever gave you?

Valerie and I are working on a sequel in which the cat brothers rescue

Demand the treatment you expect from others. Don’t let people walk

their mouse friend, Hieronymus. I’m also revising “What You Wish For,”

over you. And plenty of people do try.

my middle-grade novel in which a boy may come to regret receiving what he’s wished for.

What is the importance of pets in children’s lives?

Kids can learn a lot about responsibility by sharing care-taking tasks.

What reading material is on your nightstand?

They also learn about empathy and kindness in how they treat and

Young adult and middle-grade fiction. I love fantasy and sci-fi.

protect a pet. Plus, a pet can be a partner, confidante, consoler, protector

What was your favorite book as a child?

and friend.

The Hobbit — a perfect story with awesome fantasy elements

What would you title your memoirs?

including an enormous pile of gold. The hero is reluctant but

“Lisa Time.” That’s a family joke about how bad I am at time estimates.


If I say something will be done in 45 minutes, then they say that’s Lisa

How long did it take you to write your book?

We were both also busy with other things, so it took us three years. What 21st-century technology could you not live without?

My computer, because it gives me incredible research access. For Anton & Cecil, I learned about Nova Scotia, tall ships, whales, cormorants and more — all from my own house. Whom do you admire?

Other writers, who possess such toughness, tenacity and an indomitable aura of moving forward. I particularly admire my

Time for an hour and ten minutes. It’s a convenient adjustment factor from my reality to theirs. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Turn invisible sometimes, to disappear and slip around unnoticed, to make small things happen and people don’t know why. What do you like best about living here?

So many things! Great restaurants, good shopping, wonderful schools, proximity to the mountains and the ocean and big cities. And all four seasons, each moderate and lovely.

collaborator, Valerie, who’s written a dozen adult novels and won prizes, and who is fierce and generous and a true writer. Lynn is also an admirer of other writers, especially those who have published books.


February 2014

Providing compassionate, intelligent and up-to-date pediatric care in the Charlottesville community for over 14 years

We are delighted to announce our neW crozet satellite office!

opening february 2014 1193 crozet avenue Follow us on Facebook to see our Crozet office in progress! We are accepting new patients and are scheduling well-child, school and sport physical appointments for our new office. L to R: Jocelyn Schauer,MD, Gretchen Wasserstrom Brantley,MD, Robert Michel,MD, Mary Anne Mayo,MD, Angella Stitely-Lamm,CPNP, Carol Boersma,MD, Arika Roy Cocke,CPNP

Offering extended hours at our main office Monday thru Saturday with pediatric nurses available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

900 Rio East Court, Suite A Charlottesville, VA 22901 | 434.975.7777 |

Classics Gymnastics Begin here. Go anywhere!

Learning. Having Fun. Growing Strong. Building Confidence.


Parent & Child classes, starting at 18 months! • Tumbling Tots for kids ages 3-Kindergarten • A lifetime of options to move on to from there! •

experienced instructors

| superb facilites | well-structured classes

start classes anytime! 2327 Seminole Lane, Charlottesville



{our town community} Intergenerational Center Proposed for Yancey An 11-member citizens advisory committee recently recommended creating an intergenerational learning center at Yancey Elementary School. County Executive Thomas Foley and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Pamela R. Moran tasked the committee last April with developing recommendations to improve community services in southern Albemarle County, including exploring the possibility of focusing the services at Yancey Elementary. The committee proposed that the school should increase its value in the community by expanding educational, recreational and fitness offerings, by offering health information and services and by adding employment skills training and an open technology laboratory. Additionally, the recommended three-phased program would expand school buildings and hire a full-time director of intergenerational programming. Follow updates on the proposed center at

Writer’s Eye Winners 2013

Each year, hundreds of local students

Kathryn Cook,D.D.S.


from area schools to write original

Board Certified Pediatric Specialist

poetry and prose inspired by selected artworks in the museum. Out of the

895-B Rio East Court (434) 817-KIDS (5437)

“She is very knowledgeable and provides excellent —Fred, buyer

Byrd Abbott

Assoc Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES

students placed first, second or third:

1574 Broad Crossing Charlottesville Catholic: Madeline Charlottesville,Va

434.242.9600 • February 2014

1,509 total entries received, these

Kronebusch, Alex Cosselmon, Ben

Rocking chair front porch colonial on culGenson; Charlottesville Waldorf: de-sac street waiting for you! Open Family Laura Ciudin; Tandem Friends: Olivia Room/Kitchen/Study. House has great flow for day-to-day living and entertaining. Bowers; Agnor-Hurt Elementary: Kitchen with stainless appliances, 5 burner gas range and oak cabinets; Family Stephen room Smith; Peabody: Jonah service.” with corner fireplace; large master Weissman; Henley Middle: Alexandra bedroom with attached bath and terrific closet space. Central air plus 4 ceilingDagli; fans! Buford Middle: Carmen Day; Terrace overlooks lovely garden area with Call Byrd Today! Middle: Marie Ungar, roses, vegetables and grapes! PrivacySutherland with woods at the far rear of level yard. Baylina Swing Pu; Field School: Arlo set and cute storage shed convey.

Integrity | Knowledge | Service


competition hosted by UVA’s Fralin Museum of Art that challenges writers

Children’s Dentistry with a Mother’s Touch

A Trusted Name in Real Estate

take part in the Writer’s Eye, a

$299,000. MLS# 477886.

Linden Lake Bloom; Charlottesville

High: Kadin Sullivan, Kellyn Kusyk; Albemarle High: Ellie Adams, Tess

Przyuski, Joseph Barnes. Byrd Abbott ABR, GRI, SRES

Roy Wheeler Realty Co.

434.951.7136 Office 434.242.9600 Mobile

Our Schools unsey by Robert M der ed Br ic Er d an

Collaborating with the Smithsonian You hear all the time about how schools and classrooms are “looking ahead” for innovative ways to help students learn and grow. At Sutherland Middle School, teachers and students are actually “looking behind” to find the inspiration that will give students 21st-century knowledge and skills. Some classes recently began using an advanced engineering curriculum designed around the

collaborative visions of Albemarle County Public Schools, UVA’s Curry School of Education, UVA’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, the National Science Foundation and Einstein Fellows. One project involves the Vail telegraph—an improved version of Samuel Morse’s telegraph that was created by his business partner, Alfred Vail. With the help of UVA, which found the original manuscript for the Vail telegraph, Sutherland students printed the components of the telegraph on a 3-D printer and assembled the parts to produce a replica of the original device. Students realized they were making the same discoveries and mistakes as those made by Vail and Morse. They completed Albemarle County Public Schools

research at home and applied it in their science and engineering classes, causing one student to say, “It was so much more fun than a regular class. We learned by doing and making. Now I know how Vail and Morse felt!” Through Sutherland’s collaboration with UVA on this project, our work came to the attention of the Smithsonian Museum. Together with two eighth-grade replicators, Jennifer Wendelken and Nathanial Carlson (pictured), we visited with museum officials and now are concluding an agreement to have our students use original designs from museum archives to reproduce other historic artifacts in U.S. history. The museum’s ultimate goal is to develop a science and engineering curriculum based on our work that can be offered to schools across the nation. Entering our classrooms today, there’s a different feel from just a few

Robert Munsey and Eric Bredder

years ago. Gone are the neatly arrayed desks, chalkboards and lectures. Students

teach science and engineering to

are grouped together in front of computers or video cameras or with electronic

some very excited students at

circuits or drill bits. The air is filled with positive emotion, enthusiasm and

Sutherland Middle School.

energy. But there’s more to this than just business and noise. This is 21st-century learning!


{our town volunteers}

Bravo! Winter Sports Adventures for the Wheelchair-Bound

Leila Bushweller


by Kim Con

Western Albemarle High School senior Alice DuCharme has been a volunteer junior instructor with Wintergreen Adaptive Sports since her freshman year in high school. Her official title is Adaptive Snowboard Instructor, and her specialty is teaching bi-ski and mono-ski lessons that allow wheelchair-dependent individuals to ski sitting down. Wintergreen Adaptive Sports provides adaptive instruction in outdoor sports to both children

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports needs volunteers

and adults with physical or developmental disabilities and has served an increasing number of

7 days a week, especially

wounded veterans. The program relies on over 100 volunteers who participate in either winter or

mid-week. To learn more,

summer programs as junior- and senior-level instructors. DuCharme, who has also been a member

call 325-2007 or email

of her school’s track team for four years, finds time to volunteer on winter weekends and during

school breaks. She enjoys working directly with the kids and families who take part in the program, noting that other types of volunteering can be one or two steps removed from the actual people you are helping. DuCharme enjoys the challenge of having to adapt to new students and their varied needs. She is impressed by the logistics of the program — every student has a file that instructors study prior to

Kim is the Vice President of

meeting them face to face. She has also learned some life lessons from her students, such as to not

Marketing & Communications

let little things stop you from trying new experiences and to appreciate what you can do instead of

at the United Way-Thomas

focusing on the obstacles.

Jefferson Area.




• Sticker • Certificate with souvenir lock of hair

217 Connor Drive • Charlottesville • Hollymead Town Center 434-971-SNIP (7647) •

The Women’s Legal Group Law from a Woman’s Point of View


February 2014

blankets, teething toys, booties, slings, sleep sacks, swaddles, necklaces, and much more ....

Baby Shower? register at whimsies to receive a gift certificate

Family law • Personal injury • workers’ comP • Disability • criminal tucker GriFFin barnes P.c. charlottesville 434.973.7474 | lake monticello 434.589.3636 |

everything baby

North Wing Barracks Road •

434.977.8767 2013



now online

Now Open Zoë’s Kitchen,

Mediterranean-inspired fast-casual restaurant, Barracks Road Shopping Center,, 995-5334

Relocations Blue Ridge Family Dentistry to 335 Greenbrier Dr., Suite 204. Blue Ridge Mountain Sports to The Shops at Stonefield.


Ivy School House Preschool and After School Camp (preschool ages 2½ to 5;


camp ages 5 to 7), with daily Spanish

Charlottesville Performing Arts

integration, just off Owensville Rd. in

School opened a satellite location at

Ivy,, 466-3346

the Orme Family Fitness Center, Lake

The Mother Load, next-day pick-up


and drop-off laundry service,

Christian’s Pizza is expanding to

Richmond, 7003-A Three Chopt Rd.,

Spoon & Berry, self-serve frozen

Village Shopping Center,

yogurt bar, The Shops at Stonefield,


MichieHamlett Attorneys at Law


announced that David W. Thomas has

Check out the calendar for February family fun. Do you check over your child’s homework before they turn it in? Like our new Facebook page for a chance to win prizes & keep up on kid-centered news.

In next month’s issue: • Service dogs helping kids

become a partner in the firm.

Chroma Art Projects on the Downtown Mall has closed.

• Advice on sleep issues Submit Biz Bits to

• 2014 Summer Camp Guide

exercise is medicine,

and we’ve got your prescription.

• 60 days of acac membership for just $60 • full club access • two small group training sessions per week • nurse & nutritionist onsite

acac Fitness & Wellness Centers Albemarle Square

500 Albemarle Square Charlottesville, VA 22901 phone 434.978.3800 fax 434.978.4982

p.r.e.p. Charlottesville family ad.indd 1

Crozet at Old Trail

1015 Heathercroft Circle Crozet, VA 22932 phone 434.817.2055 fax 434.817.2059 Downtown

1 1 1 Monticello Avenue Charlottesville, VA 22902 phone 434.984.3800 fax 434.984.0660

12/18/2013 1:34:38 PM



{our town calendar}


About February 2014


Victorian Valentine’s Day Celebration

February 1, 1-3pm at Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, Staunton Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Victorian Tea. Enjoy a Victorian taffy pull, fun stories and a three-course tea, and create a marbleized autograph book. 540-885-0897,

The Love Tour at Maymont Mansion

Mark your calendar for February 16 for the CharlottesvilleFamily Fun Fair & Camp Expo!

February 14 & 15, 12-5pm at Maymont Mansion, Richmond Elegantly costumed ladies and gentlemen relate details of Queen Victoria’s love story and courting customs of the era. 804-358-7166,

FESTIVALS & FAIRS Family Fun Festival at Wintergreen

Father-Daughter Dance

February 7 & 8, 6:30-8:30pm at Carver Recreation Center Dads (uncles & Grandpas too!) take your little valentine out for a fun night of dancing! For daughters ages 5-12. Early registration is recommended. 970-3260,

Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating

February 9, 2-3pm at Crozet Mudhouse. Bring your Valentine or celebrate a friendship with Chef Margot Diaz. Enjoy a wonderful afternoon of Valentine s Day cookie decorating. 823-2240.

Father-Daughter Valentine’s Dance

February 9, 4-6pm at Charlottesville Ballet Dance the afternoon away and enjoy a raffle, refreshments, games, activities and cupcake and Valentine decorating tables. All family members are welcome to attend this semiformal event. 227-7592,

Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

February 12, 7pm at Gordon Avenue Library Don’t like all the smushy-gushy love stuff going around? Play Anti-Valentine’s Olympics and trivia, make Anti-Valentine’s Day buttons and more. Registration. Grades 6-12. 296-5544,

Victorian Valentine’s Day

February 14, 10:30-11:30am at Virginia Discovery Museum Come learn about the history of Valentine’s Day, play some Victorian games, and make a valentine for someone special to you. Ages 4 & up. Registration. 977-1025,

Teen Friday Night Film Club

February 14, 6-8:30pm at Crozet Library Romance + Zombies + movie at the Library = best way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Registration. Grades 6-12. 823-4050,

Now through February 2 at Wintergreen Resort Enjoy a fun weekend of winter sports and games! Races, family games, campfires and more. 325-8180,

CharlottesvilleFamily Fun Fair & Camp Expo


February 16, 10am-3pm SEE US! at The Doubletree Hotel Kids and teens! Meet exhibitors from camps all over the East Coast featuring horseback riding, sports, travel, robotics and more! Entertainment, giveaways and kids’ activities! 984-4713,

Kid*Vention 2014

February 22, 10am-3pm at Key Recreation Center Kid*Vention is the Virginia Discovery Museum’s free family science festival where kids and families can learn about astronomy, chemistry, environmental science and more through hands-on activities, crafts and games. CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor! 977-1025,

Birth Expo: Healthy Birth, Healthy Baby March 1, 10am-2pm at Key Recreation Center A day of workshops,�exhibits, raffles, door prizes and more. Meet healthcare providers and local resources. Children can play in the PB+J Gymnastics Zone! CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor!


STAGE & SCREEN Richmond Symphony Lollipops

Oh Baby! 18

February 2014

Birth Expo: Healthy Birth, Healthy Baby March 1, 10am-2pm at Key Center See this page

February 2, 2pm at The Paramount The hour-long shows introduce kids to the ins and outs of the orchestra. Pre-show festivities include an Instrument Petting Zoo. CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor. 979-1333, Continued on page 22



MORIAH, IN ALBEMARLE $2,350,000 On 11 acres overlooking the Rivanna, Moriah’s setting is the perfect enhancement to the extraordinary structure. At the home’s heart is a log cabin re-located from Free Union. Jay Dalgliesh designed board and batten additions around this cabin (now the home’s dining room & one of the 2nd fl bedroom suites). Comprised of over 5,000 sf including 4-5 bedroom suites, the house is a showcase of reclaimed materials. Gracious proportions are enhanced by glorious floors of wide plank hemlock and herringbone chestnut, reclaimed mantels and massive ceiling beams, antique banisters. The design takes advantage of the setting with multiple Ipey decks wrapping the house on two levels. LO C AT E D M I N U T E S TO H I S TO R I C D O W N TO W N

704 NELSON ROAD • $359,000 This charming 1940’s home of 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms is ideally located on a quiet North Downtown street and just a 5 minute stroll to the Downtown Mall. Period charms include arched doorways, hardwood floors & fireplace. The current owners installed central AC and finished-out the sunroom, & renovated bathroom and kitchen. The full, unfinished basement offers lots of storage and the potential for additional living space. MLS# 516340



964 ROCKLEDGE DRIVE • $369,900

3235 GATEWAY CIRCLE • $234,900

4062 WOOD LANE • $549,900

Built by Artisan Homes and designed by the current and original owners, the home offers fabulous natural light from the many windows, an open floor plan with great flow for entertaining plus a beautiful private and flat yard. Recently replaced heat pump fresh interior & exterior paint, new 2nd floor carpet, hardwood floors, tiled bathrooms and granite kitchen counter tops. Lindsay Milby (434) 962-9148. MLS# 512431

Step into this sunny and bright end unit home in popular Forest Lakes. Relax on the charming screened porch, entertain within the easy floorplan, and enjoy all the wonderful amenities within steps of your front door. Home features 1st floor master w/upgraded master suite, living/dining offers hardwood flooring, two spacious bedrooms, full bath, & loft on 2nd floor. Move-in ready home! Angela Dotson (434) 981-6302. MLS# 515307

This beautifully renovated home sits on a golf course lot in the prestigious Keswick Club Estate. Rich hardwood flooring throughout the 1st level, master suite features his/her closets, spacious walk-in tiled shower, soaking tub & double sinks with granite tops. The creme cabinetry in the kitchen blends beautifully with the granite tops & SS appliances. A double sided fireplace adds ambiance in the dining & living rooms. Christine Lisle (434) 825-7446. MLS# 515719



895 HEISKELL LANE $1,795,000

5290 TANAGER WOODS DRIVE • $575,000 Incredible surroundings in this established neighborhood on a pond and only 10 minutes from Hollymead Towncenter. This home boasts 1st floor master suite, library, formal dining, butler’s pantry, kitchen with sunny breakfast area, and great room. Transoms on all windows, hardwoods throughout, and vaulted ceilings. Expansive deck and gorgeous outdoor living space. Erin Garcia (434) 981-7245. MLS# 509382

401 Park Street Charlottesville, VA 22902

On 10 private acres at the end of a charming lane, this immaculate, farmhouse-style home offers 5 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms in a sought after, ultra convenient location in the Meriwether-Lewis District. The large, sunny kitchen and master suite have just been handsomely and comprehensively renovated by Lithic Construction. Tom Elliott recently constructed an extraordinary barn as well as a potting shed and chicken coop. The acreage is mostly open, dotted by large hardwoods with the perimeters wooded. Additional features incl’ an in-law or guest apartment over the 3 car garage, whole house generator, new wood stove in the casual living space, and fenced perimeter.

(434) 977-4005

W W W. L O R I N G W O O D R I F F. C O M

{our town calendar}

DAYTRIPFun! Go for Olympic Gold

The Winter Olympics begin on February 7 in Sochi, Russia, and families will gather around the TV to watch their favorite athletes compete for the gold. Kids and adults alike are amazed and thrilled as they watch the grace and strength of the figure skaters, the force and velocity of the luge, and the agility and boldness of skiing and snowboarding competitions. The Olympics is a great opportunity for sharing some good old-fashioned patriotism and rooting together for favorites — plus you can slip in some other lessons, too. •

Help your kids understand the amount of time, effort and discipline involved in training for the Olympics, which will give them a whole new appreciation for these amazing athletes.

Have a computer nearby to research favorite athletes. Keep a map handy so you can locate their hometowns. Try out some foreign foods or read up about local traditions.

Visit and meet the Olympic mascots.

Talk about how the Olympics started in ancient Greece.

Stretch your own legs by setting up competitions at home — low-tech hula hooping, races, tumbling and obstacle courses or maybe Super Mario Winter Olympics for the Wii.

Last, but not least, brush up on your Russian history. (See opposite.)

The world is a fascinating place and the Olympics are among the most exciting and happy of international conversations!

Watercolor classes with

Lee Alter

aDUlts: 9 weeks march 10 - may 5 mondays 6-9pm march 12 - may 7 wednesdays 10am-1pm


Thurs. Mar. 13 7:00pm

Get tickets at, by calling 800-745-3000, at Ticketmaster outlets, or at the Arena Box Office. Come as a group of 10 or more and save! Visit for more information.

march 14 - may 9 fridays 10am-1pm


spring break week off march 13 - may 15 thursdays 3:30-5:30pm


Lee Alter

Painting & Drawing Clay & Collage

march 15 - may 17 saturdays 2-4pm

@McGuffey Art Center in Studio 6

summer art camp starts in june.

(in the basement on the park side)

call 963-0540 to register


February 2014


More Olympic-Inspired Fun Main Street Arena and Snowshoe Mountain Feeling inspired by watching the figure skating competitions? Head downtown to the Main Street Arena to lace up a pair of skates and hit the ice! The rink is open for public skate on most weekdays and some Saturdays. The arena also hosts the UVA ice hockey teams, so be sure to check their event calendar for a chance to catch some local winter sports in person! For more information, visit Another hotspot for winter sport fun is Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. On the mountain you’ll find skiing and snowboarding along with other winter activities, such as snowmobile tours and tubing. Special programs for either skiing or snowboarding are available for ages 4 to 12, and preschoolers have their own Pre Ski School for pint-sized fun! Learn more about Snowshoe at

Interested in brushing up on a little Russian history before the Winter Olympics? Local author Deborah Prum’s Czars and Czarinas is a humorous summary of Russian history available as an interactive iBook, with audio, video and interactive links throughout! $7.99, ages 9–adult, available on iTunes, for iPads and Macs.

The 2014 Winter Olympics will break the record for total number of sporting events and the number of new sports (including luge team relay and women’s ski jumping!) in the program.





Jennifer Bryerton

{our town calendar}

Charlottesville Parks and Recreation invites you to…

Father-Daughter Dance

Science Fun

Kid*Vention 2014 February 22, 10am-3pm at Key Recreation Center See page 18

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

February 8, 1pm at Central Library Enjoy a family-friendly flick at the library with free popcorn! Bring a blanket or pillows if you want to lounge on the floor. Rated G. 979-7151,


Friday, February 7 and Saturday, February 8, 2014 6:30-8:30 pm at Carver Recreation Center

February 11, 6:30pm at Northside Library Bring a blanket and pillows and settle in for a family-friendly movie. Popcorn and drinks provided. Rated G. 973-7893,

Youth Orchestra Winter Concert

February 11, 7pm at MLK Performing Arts Center The evening features the Evans Orchestra and Youth Symphony of Youth Orchestras of Central Virginia. 974-7776,

Drum Call & Friends

$10 per couple Ages 5 - 12 registration is required.


Please register early as this event fills up quickly.

February 16, 2pm at Central Library Celebrate Black History month! Groove to the beat of African drumming with drummer extraordinaire Whit Whitten and Friends. 979-7151,

Great Sounds Abound

February 18, 4pm at Gordon Avenue Library Enjoy the rousing sound of brass instruments and get close to the music when the brass quintet of The Municipal Band of Charlottesville plays for you. Recommended for ages 3 & up. 296-5544,

Chocolate Olympics 22

February 2014

February 20, 4pm at Northside Library Get into the spirit of the Winter Olympics with an afternoon filled with games, crafts and lots of chocolate. Registration. Grades K & up. 973-7893,


February 5, 4pm at Gordon Avenue Library Enjoy activities with crayons, balloons and more. Registration. Ages 5 & up. 296-5544,


February 6, 4pm at Northside Library You can make all kinds of things with plastic, rubber bands, and yarn. Shrinky Dinks, Loom bands, friendship bracelets and more. Registration. For grades K & up. 973-7893,

Fun for the Young @ The Fralin

February 12, 10am at UVA’s Fralin Museum of Art Gordon Avenue Children’s Librarian visits The Fralin Art Museum to share stories, music and movement. Then the docents invite the youngest art patrons to explore the museum. 243-2050,

Make It & Take It: Create a Card

February 12, 3-5pm at Gordon Avenue Library For Valentine’s Day or just to say “hey” — a card can brighten anyone’s day. Stop in Gordon Avenue Library to make, decorate and take a card. 296-5544,

Family Art JAM: Letters & Numbers

February 15 & 16, 1-3pm for ages 5-7 or 3-5pm for ages 8-12 at UVA’s Fralin Museum of Art Exhibits are made accessible to youngsters with age-appropriate tours and hands-on activities. This month, kids will learn about block printing inspired by Jasper Johns. 243-2050,

EXHIBITS 14th Annual VSA Exhibit

Now through March 3, 6:30-8pm at MLK Performing Arts Center This annual show featuring works by dozens of area artists promotes experiences in the arts for individuals with disabilities. 972-1730,

Be the Dinosaur

Now through May 11 at Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond Check out an animatronic dinosaur and a pterosaur reconstruction as you discover what life was like for dinosaurs. 804-864-1400,

LEARNING FUN PBS Kids Go! Writing Contest

Now through March 21 Kids in grades K-3 who want to write and illustrate their own stories can enter. Every entrant will be recognized for their participation.

Mind Math with Beads

February 6, 4pm at Central Library Caregivers and kids can learn to calculate faster and better with the abacus with ALOHA Mind Math Charlottesville. Registration. 979-7151,

Special Night for Special Needs

AldersgAte United Methodist ChUrCh Presents…

February 7, 5:30-7:30pm at Children’s Museum of Richmond, Short Pump Children up to age 10 who have special needs and their families are invited to enjoy museum exploration, adapted materials, special activities and reduced number of visitors. 804-474-7000,


Consignment Sale Gently Used Children’s Clothing, Toys, Baby Equipment and lots more!

“Choose YoUr ChAritY” Preview event! Thursday, February 27th, 2014 • 10am-6pm • $5 Entry Fee SALE DATES: MARCH 1st - 8th Restock March 1st & 3rd (closed Sunday, March 2nd)

McCormick Observatory Public Night

February 7 & 21, 7-9pm at McCormick Observatory Observe the night sky through a telescope and enjoy audio-visual presentations, museum exhibits and observatory tours. 243-1885,

Consign with us and receive 65% of your sales! Easiest tagging process around! Volunteer with us and shop first! (You are not required to consign in order to volunteer.)

“ extremely well-organized sale...the best run sale I know of!!” ~Helen S.

1500 East Rio Rd. Charlottesville

For sale schedule, volunteer and SPONSORSHIP opportunities:

Meet the Symphony Star

February 8, 10:30am at Virginia Discovery Museum Enjoy an interactive performance by a member of the Charlottesville and University Symphony Orchestra while learning about how instruments in the string family produce sound. 977-1025,

For the Birds

February 8, 11am-12pm at Maymont Nature Center, Richmond Meet one of Maymont’s birds and learn about the adaptations of our feathered friends. Then create nesting wreaths. Ages 4 & older. Registration. 804-358-7166,



! n u F o Exp


BumBle’s d Campgroun

games for awesome and lots to do ens! for kids and te

r e v O $ 500 in 1 ! s & e z Fun Fair i r P Door

FREE Admis sio


Camp Expo2014

The only Expo of its kind in Central Virginia!

Sunday, February 16 10am - 3pm

Over $2000 in giveaways & prizes

DoubleTree Hotel (29 North, across from Sam’s Club) FREE Parking & Admission!

Over 80 exhibitors!

Enter for a chance to WIN Dr. Dre Beats Solo HD Headphones! Live Entertainment • Popular Giveaways • Fun for the Kids & Teens Special thanks to our sponsors! PROCESS VERSION

DS 211-1

DS 325-5

Child Development Laboratories at UVa

{our town calendar} Dance Marathon

Lollipop Shop

February 15, 8am-10pm at UVA’s Memorial Gym Dance the night away and support the UVA Children’s Hospital. There will bounce houses, a magician and a capella groups, too! 302-383-8358,

Spring & Summer Sale Coming Spring 2014

Olympic Fever!

February 17, 9am-12pm or 9am-3pm at Virginia Discovery Museum Learn about the history of the Olympics, then test your skills as you compete in indoor versions of some favorite winter sports. 977-1025,

Kids’ clothes (sizes 0-preteen), toys, baby equipment, maternity clothes, costumes. . . and more! Check website for details and location!

Enslaved Community Tour

Come and see why we’re known for having the

CHeCk our weBSiTe oFTen For CurrenT SPeCiAlS And SAleS!

largest selection of plants in the Valley! Herbs Vegetable Plants ■ Annuals ■ Perennials ■ Trees & Shrubs ■ ■

Open 8:00 - 5:30 MOn - Fri 8:00 - 5:00 Sat

located on rt 340 about 3.5 miles south of i-64.

Flowering Hanging Baskets Gardening Tools ■ Pottery ■ Tropical Plants and more! we Grow ■ ■

(540) 943-8408 PHone e-mAil weB SiTe

moST oF our PlAnTS ourSelVeS

February 17, 1pm at Montpelier, Orange Journey through the lives of the enslaved individuals who lived at Montpelier during the Madisons’ tenure by listening to their stories and exploring the places they lived and worked. 540-672-2728,

Tall Tales of the Old West

February 26, 4pm at Gordon Avenue Library Tell it tall or not at all. Some of the biggest, wildest, zaniest tall tales come thundering off the pages. Registration. For ages 5 & up 296-5544,

SPORTS & OUTDOORS Central Little League Baseball & T-Ball

Ivy School House

Preschool & After School Camp Opening February, 2014

Ivy, Virginia


now enrolling!

10 AM - 3 PM FEB. 22

Now through February 24 Registration for Central Little League Baseball and T-ball is now open! 284-2173,

Zumba Party

February 9, 3-5pm at Key Recreation Center Zumba is a Latin-inspired, dance-fitness class combining Latin and international music and dance movements. For dancers & non-dancers ages 14 & up. 970-3260,

Toddler Time

February 27, 10am at Ivy Creek Natural Area Introduce your toddler to nature with this short talk and trail walk for 3- to 5-year-olds. 973-7772,

ESPECIALLY FOR TEENS Piedmont Regional Science Fair Entries

VDM’S FREE FAMILY SCIENCE FESTIVAL Event will be at the Key Recreation Center near the Downtown Mall. Call (434) 977-1025 or visit for more information.


February 2014

Through February 21 February 21 is the deadline for registration and submission of the Application for Entry forms and fee. Junior division open to grades 6-8; senior division open to grades 9-12. 227-9066,

It’s a Draw! Pen and Ink Contest

February 1-22 at all JMRL branches This annual contest selects original designs to appear in three teen program brochures. Find details, entry forms and prize information online and at every branch. 979-7151,

March 1-8, 9am-5pm Saturdays; 10am-6pm Monday-Friday at Aldersgate United Methodist Church This semi-annual kids’ consignment sale offers gently used clothes, toys and gear. Benefits local families in need. 973-5806,

ESPECIALLY FOR PARENTS Golden Apple Award Nominations

Blind Date with a Book

February 1-28 at Central, Gordon Avenue & Northside Libraries Choose a next book based just on its “dating profile.” You won’t know what it is until after you check it out and unwrap it. 979-7151,

Now through February 12 Nominate your favorite teacher at a public or private school in Albemarle County or the City of Charlottesville! One winner will be selected from each school. 296-5820,

After Hours Murder Mystery Party

Charlottesville City School Board Meeting

February 21, 6-8pm at Central Library Death stalks the library after hours, and it’s up to you to catch the murderer. Solve the mystery and earn prizes! Registration. 979-7151,

Teen Screen Saturdays

February 22, 2:30pm at Gordon Avenue Library Enjoy popcorn and a movie geared specifically toward teens. Then vote on next month’s movie! 296-5544,

Teen Night

Here Wee Grow Again!

game room. For grades 7 & 8. 970-3260,

February 22, 6-8pm at Key Recreation Center Have fun with your friends playing kickball, dodgeball and other games in the gym and

OPEN HOUSES Come See Us in Action Day February 11, 9-11:30am at Tandem Friends School 296-1303,

February 6, 5pm at Charlottesville High School 245-2400,

Albemarle County School Board Meeting

February 17, 9-11:30am at Renaissance School 984-1952,

Oakland School Open House

February 13, 6:30pm at Albemarle County Office Building, Lane Auditorium 972-4055,

City Market Arts

Renaissance School Open House

February 17 10am at Oakland School 293-9059,

North Branch School Open House

February 15 & 16, 10am-4pm at Carver Recreation Center Come see your favorite City Market arts vendors in the second Annual City Market Art Show. 970-3260,

February 25, 9-11:30am & 6:30-8pm at North Branch School 540-456-8450,

Submit your local events online at or email them to

Inspire. Challenge. Invigorate. Explore.



{living well healthy family}

Mom, It Hurts to Talk Is it Sore Throat, Strep or Tonsillitis?

For most children, a scratchy throat goes hand in hand with a runny nose and cough — all telltale signs of the common cold. Sometimes, though, a sore throat could be a sign of strep or


other serious infection and merits a call to the doctor’s office. “Most sore throats are nothing to worry about and are caused by a cold virus,” says Sarah Boggs, MD, a University of Virginia Children’s Hospital pediatrician who sees patients at UVA Orange Pediatrics. “Preschoolers with a cold may have a low-grade fever and that’s OK,” she

Healthy Family

adds. “Older kids, however, don’t usually get a fever with a cold.”

by Kelly Casey

A sore throat caused by a cold virus is typically the result of post-nasal drip or the virus invading and irritating the tissues in the back of the throat, explains Dr. Boggs. A good home remedy is a teaspoon of honey, which can help relieve a sore throat as well as nighttime coughing. As long as your child isn’t under one year old, it’s safe to give her honey as needed. Dr. Boggs strongly cautions against using cold and cough medicines, which are not effective in children under six years old and can have serious side effects. Cough drops are OK for older kids but can be a choking hazard for younger children. Strep throat is caused by a bacterium called Streptococcus pyogenes. With strep, a child will typically have a sore throat along with a headache, stomachache or just a general feeling of “blah.” If you suspect strep, it definitely merits a trip to the doctor’s office. Strep can be easily diagnosed with a rapid strep test. About 10 to 15 percent of the time, the rapid test won’t pick up the strep, so your doctor may order a more accurate

Skip over-the-counter cold medicines and soothe your child’s sore throat with a teaspoon of honey, says UVA Children’s Hospital pediatrician Sarah Boggs, MD.

culture, with results in 24 to 48 hours. It’s important to treat strep — left untreated it can lead to rare but serious conditions such as rheumatic fever, which can damage the heart — and antibiotics will almost always clear it up. After a child finishes a course of antibiotics, Dr. Boggs recommends throwing out his toothbrush. “I’m not sure there’s scientific data to support that it helps prevent a recurrence, but it can’t hurt,” she adds. Tonsillitis, an inflammation of the tonsils, can be caused by strep or mononucleosis. Although mono is typically referred to as the “teenage kissing disease,” half of children with mono are infected by eight years old, Dr. Boggs notes. Younger kids, however, are less likely to have symptoms.

Because mono is caused by a virus, it’s best to treat it with plenty of rest and fluids. Tonsillectomies are now reserved for children with very, very frequent strep infections or other issues such as sleep apnea. “Rest and fluids are an excellent way to manage any sore throat,” Dr. Boggs says. “But it’s important to call the doctor if your child has a fever of 101˚F or more and her tonsils are very large, or if she has a sore throat with a headache and stomachache but no signs of a cold.”

Kelly is a medical writer for the University of Virginia Health System and UVA Children’s Hospital. For more information on children’s health, visit


February 2014

Quality Affordable Nutritional Products

Retirement May Be Far Off, Retirement May Be Far Off, • Vitamin & Mineral Supplements But the April 15th Deadline for

• Infant Formulas • Pediatric Drinks • Toddler Foods You have only so many years to prepare for

At home in the Charlottesville community since 1997 You have only many years to to your prepare for retirement. That’s whysocontributing


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Retirement May Be Far Off, But the April 15th Deadline for IRA Contributions Isn’t.

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Bill Hines Hines FinancialBill Advisor .

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To learn more about the advantages of an Edward Jones IRA, call or visit today.

Bill Hines


Financial Advisor .

Member SIPC Member SIPC


3 Boars Head Lane Suite A Charlottesville, VA 22903


{living well what’s cookin’?}

I (Heart) Pancakes A Delicious Way to Say, “I Love You!” At the grocery store this week, there was a special on strawberries — buy one pack, get one free — so we are on strawberry overload and I had to get thinking about the best way to use them up! Well, I love pancakes, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought it would be fun to make some strawberry pancakes. But if I’m going to make strawberry pancakes, why not take it one step further and make them heart-shaped strawberry pancakes?! I wanted my heart-shaped pancakes to be pretty, but I knew I couldn’t make a “pretty” cake by free-handing them. Although

What’s Cookin’?

Jennifer Carroll

I’ve seen pancake-shaping tools in stores, I don’t have one


February 2014

I got to thinking, “Isn’t this basically the same thing?”


and sure enough, with tongs to lift it when it was hot,

The metal cookie cutter will

it worked like a charm! (Plastic ones will melt.)

get hot when it is in contact

— but I do have a big collection of metal cookie cutters.

by Jennifer Carroll

Make these for your family or for a romantic breakfast in bed with your sweetheart!

with the pan or skillet, so do not let children handle it, and be sure to set it aside

Strawberry Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup For pancakes: About 14 medium strawberries, to make ½ cup fresh strawberry juice 2 cups Bisquick 2 eggs

½ cup strawberrybanana juice (I used V8 V-Fusion) Red gel food coloring (optional) Cooking spray

between pancakes.

For syrup: 2 tablespoons seedless strawberry jam 2 tablespoons maple syrup 1 tablespoon butter

For pancakes: 1.

Blend strawberries and strain them to produce ½ cup fresh strawberry juice.


In a bowl, mix juice with Bisquick, eggs, and strawberry-banana juice. Add food coloring, if desired, for a more pronounced pink color.


Lightly spray inside of metal heart-shaped cookie cutter with cooking spray. (Repeat this every time — it keeps the batter from sticking.) Place cookie cutter on pre-heated pan or skillet.


Using a ladle, pour a thin layer of batter into the cookie cutter, being sure not to overfill.


When little bubbles form, use tongs to carefully lift cookie cutter straight up. If needed, jiggle the cookie cutter ever so slightly to release it from the batter.


Flip pancake with spatula when ready. Cook on other side for another minute or so. Remove pancake from pan and set aside on a paper-towel lined plate, so it won’t get soggy from the condensation of the heat against the plate while you make more.

For syrup: •

In a small saucepan, combine ingredients and cook over low heat. Stir occasionally until heated through and syrup is smooth. Serve immediately.

Jennifer cooks for her family in Crozet and creates beauty in all she does.

Handmade pasta. Made daily.

Jennifer M. Dixon, DDS, MS

Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

Aaron J. Stump, DDS

Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Specialist Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide Services Compassionate and Nurturing Doctors and Staff Kid-friendly, State-of-the-Art Office Parental Participation Encouraged Thank You for Voting us your CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite!

Sauces, soups, entrĂŠes, pizza & pasta made daily!

Hollymead Town Center 229 Connor Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22911

921 Preston Ave. Charlottesville, VA 22903

434-975-PEDO (7336)

Pushing the limits

of engineering,

technology and design.

Wednesdays in February at 10:00 p.m.




Share a moment. Change a life. Learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent. if you’ve ever considered becoming a foster or adoptive parent, today may be the best day to begin. the moments you share will reward both you and the child for a lifetime. Please call today at 434-979-0335 or join us at one of our open houses.


{living well tips & trends} THE RED TENT Written by Anita Diamant, this recounting of events from the book of Genesis is told from the perspective of Dinah, daughter of Jacob and sister of Joseph. It celebrates mothers and daughters as they experience the traditions and turmoil of


ancient womanhood inside the red tent.

Teachers Rate! Did you know Valentine’s Day cards are given most frequently to teachers, children, mothers, wives, sweethearts and pets — in that order? HallmarkCards .com provides this and other tidbits about the most romantic day of the year.

$16 at New Dominion Bookshop


TRENDS by Heidi White

Heart Health

Heart disease is the no. 1 killer of women today and is more deadly than all cancers combined. “Women between the ages of 25 and 34 are the least aware,” says UVA Professor of Nursing Kathryn Haugh, who suggests women of all ages take these steps toward preventing heart disease: 1. Get active. Engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, five times a week. 2. Eat better. Include flavonoids like dark chocolate, strawberries or peanuts in your diet.

3. Lower cholesterol. The human liver makes 75 percent of cholesterol. Limit your other 25 percent. 4. Lose weight. Stock your kitchen, eat at home more

Roth IRA: To convert, Roth or notIRA: to To convert, convert? Wishing or not toWishing RothaIRA: you ayou convert? To convert, tangle-free tangle-free

often and track your food intake.

or not to holiday. holiday. convert?

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May all your days be State Farm is there. merry and bright. Wishing CALL ME TODAY. A safe and joyous season youtoa everyone. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.tangle-free holiday.

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February 2014

State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

Greg Leffler LTCP FSS, Agent 503 Faulconer Drive, Suite 1A

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State Farm, Bloomington, IL

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Shoe Fashion Is there an alternative to high heels that will still complement my outfit, whether I’m at work or at a dressy event? “Consider a lower heel, such as a classic style from Butter, or some sparkle flats from Anniel. When spring rolls around, try a flat jeweled sandal for a chic party look,” suggests Scarpa owner Amy Gardner.

“We love the things we love for what they are.” — Robert Frost

CLUBREDUVA.COM Additional information especially for women on preventing heart attacks and heart health — and a local online community — can be found at this UVA website.

Sweet-Heart Locket A universal symbol of love — this sterling silver etched heart locket can hold a picture of your sweetheart or loved one. Chains sold separately. $32.99 at Penelope

Heidi lives locally and writes primarily about topics of interest to mothers, daughters, women and children — and even some men too!

Thank You!!!

t len u c h Suc reat op W ksh 11 . r Wo ., Feb s Tue

A Farm Market & Garden Shop

A Farm Market & Garden Shop The Market re-opens Tues., Feb. 4, 2014 Details on the web New hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Somerset, Va



Part of the Family Thinkstock

Coordinating your pet’s bed with your existing furniture is a good way to help it blend into your home while also making your pet feel comfortable.

Living with Pets by Becky Calvert

Decorating with your pets and their accoutrements in mind.


When your pets need a break from the kid commotion, they’ll appreciate a cozy bed tucked away — near the family but out of the high-traffic zone. Choose cushions to suit your pet’s sleep style. For example, dogs that sleep curled up prefer fluffy, round beds; those that stretch out like longer, flatter beds; and dogs that rest their heads enjoy one with bolsters.


Have a quiet dining spot, too. All pet dishes should be fixed in a holder or be heavy enough to not move and frustrate your pet (and scatter food, which frustrates you). Place a mat underneath for spills. Think about the shape of your pet’s face when choosing those cute dishes. Cats and short-nosed dog breeds do best with wide, shallow bowls.


Litter boxes should be someplace where a little smelliness won’t be a big bother — odor absorbers, while useful, are only so effective. A cat box cover is essential for limiting the ick factor and mess. Use a throw rug underneath so you can easily clean up any spilled litter.


Leather and ultrasuede are ideal upholstery fabric choices, since they are easy to clean and hold up well. Slipcovers and


Grooming cuts down on housecleaning — pretty motivating! Teach the kids how to brush and how to stash grooming

throw blankets that you can toss in the washer are great, too. Consider choosing a color similar to your pet’s fur color.

tools, as well as pet toys, in a beautiful basket that is handy to the family hang-out spot or, if you groom outside, near the back door. Be sure to add nail clippers so you can keep pets’ nails short to protect your hardwood floors. Becky lives on an urban homestead with her husband, daughter and a gang of chickens. Follow their adventures at


February 2014

{living well home and garden} The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Southeast This regionally specific month-by-month guide to


the basics of vegetable gardening is written by Ira

Thrift queen and local vintage dealer Jenny

Wallace of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange in

Mitchell shares her treasures as well as history

Louisa County. With an A-to-Z guide of edibles and

lessons of her favorite period — mid-century

tutorials on everything from worm bins to seed

modern — on her delightfully stylish blog.


saving, this is a must-have gardening resource.

$19.95, Fifth Season Gardening

HOME “The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.” — Gertrude S. Wister


Made with Love for Fido MacPherson’s K-9 Biscuit kit comes with three sizes of dishwasher-safe bone-shaped cookie cutters and over 140 recipes for all natural dog treats. Along with recipes for plaque-busting and flea-fighting biscuits, you’ll find low-fat and easy-to-chew options as well. $15.50, The Happy Cook

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{inspiration parenting}


Compassion Let Your Kids Catch You Being Generous


by Christina Katz


February 2014


We hear a lot about making sure our children have math skills and athletic skills, but what about skills like compassion and empathy? As parents, we can be as intentional about imparting these skills as we are about teaching our young children the alphabet or our older children how to put their laundry away. What’s the best way to teach generosity? Live it.

than defaulting to judgment or condemnation.

Let your kids catch you being kind so they will have

So if you want to raise thoughtful, peace-loving

real-life memories to recollect later — memories that

kids, show them the way. Get some generosity going and

remind them to be a positive force in the world today, no

keep it flowing.

matter how others choose to behave. Often children are better at compassion and

Help Those Who Need It Most.

kindness than adults. When this is the case, we should

Grandmother and author Jessica Morrell likes to give

follow their lead. Cultivating a spirit of generosity

her granddaughters a cool lesson in generosity for the

encourages us to see the humanity in any situation rather

times when they stop in the car at highway ramps or


{inspiration parenting} intersections and find someone looking for help. “I create little bags to pass out — a few dollars, a protein bar, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc. I change the items depending on the season — add cough drops in winter, try to give out water bottles on hot days.” If you don’t feel comfortable giving money, give sturdy, healthy food items or even a nice cup of hot chocolate. Ask your kids what they would like to give and act on their ideas. Give Nationally or Globally. When a national or international tragedy strikes, get your kids involved in donating a little to the Red Cross ( or other emergency organizations. Explain that when disasters happen, it helps to do a small good deed, even if it’s just making a modest contribution. If your child just had a bar mitzvah or a big birthday, encourage him to give a small amount of the money he received to a cause he believes in and see how it makes him feel.

Stay informed. Discover a world of news and culture, people and issues, information and insight.


Your World. Your News. Your WMRA. Charlottesville · 103.5FM Catch Them in the Act. If you notice your child going above and beyond, let her know you feel proud. I was wondering whether I was nagging my daughter too much about extending kindness to the new girl in dance class. Then I met the new girl’s mother at the fall mixer and she commented that her daughter always speaks highly of my


February 2014

Other Ideas for Cultivating Kindness •

In the fall, have your kids set aside clothes and off center. Jackets and gently used toys will be especially needed in Charlottesville’s cold winter and the holiday season.


toys they’ve outgrown and go with you to a drop-

The next time your kids go to the grocery store with you, ask them to pick a few cans of fruit for the food bank. Let them drop these in the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank bin as you leave the store.

Encourage your child to set aside a portion of her allowance for a cash or other donation to a local charity or cause that matches her interests, such as pet food for the SPCA, a book from the school library’s wish list, or toys for the UVA Children’s Hospital.

Show your kids that their time is a great gift. Take them along when delivering meals for Meals on Wheels or checking on seniors in your community.

From October to March, when the weather turns cold, different churches and other facilities in Charlottesville partner with PACEM (People and Congregations Engaged in Ministry) to host homeless men and women. Your family can visit one evening and play music or board games with the guests.

If your child is shy or uncomfortable with strangers, take a trashbag along with you on a quiet walk through the neighborhood or to your favorite park, picking up trash as you go. (Bring gloves and use discretion.)


{inspiration parenting} Books That Encourage Children to Be Generous Reach Out and Give by Cheri J. Meiners In this picture book, a young boy learns about how to be generous with his time and talents to those in his community. The book also includes sample discussion question and games. Under the Lemon Moon by Edith Hope Fine This beautiful, award-winning picture book follows a young girl in Mexico who takes steps to be generous after someone in need steals from her. The Quiltmaker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau Richly illustrated pages draw readers into this tale of a king who must give away everything he owns in order to get a quilt that he wants — and who finds joy as he does. The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving by Mike and Jan Berenstain Set during the Christmas season, this story follows Brother and Sister Bear as they go from wanting presents for themselves to participating in the holiday’s theme of giving to others.

Books That Encourage Tweens to Be Generous The Giving Book: Open the Door to a Lifetime of Giving by Ellen Sabin This spiral-bound book has interactive prompts for exploring our world and finding ways to make it a better place through volunteering and other generous acts. How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist by Nicole Bouchard Boles Packed with more than 300 concrete ideas for helping others near and far, this handbook seeks to make philanthropy a habit, not a special event. The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects by Barbara A. Lewis Written for children who hope to make a difference in their community, this beginner’s guide to service projects has hundreds of ideas for how to affect real change. One Good Deed a Day: A Journal from Chronicle Books This beautiful journal includes suggestions and prompts meant to inspire acts of kindness as well as room for brief reflections on actions taken.


February 2014

daughter. Rather than mostly focusing on correcting negative behavior, I try to make a point of telling my daughter when she makes me proud. This was one of those 2013

times. Be a Good Tipper. Let kids help you work out 15 percent for tips on restaurant meals and then teach them how to tack on a little extra — or teach them to figure out 20 percent. The server at the restaurant works hard. So does your local barista, mail carrier and babysitter. Talk to kids about creating a holiday thank you gift together to express your family’s appreciation and then add a

CROZET PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY Dentistry for KiDs, ADolescents AnD chilDren with speciAl neeDs

small cash bonus or gift card. Don’t Overlook the Little Things. Hold doors open for those behind and ahead of you. Teach kids to reply, “You’re welcome,” when someone thanks them for anything. Ask them to smile at seniors and say hello to folks who walk by with well-behaved pets. When a friend wears

Dr. Kevin Clifford Board Certified Pediatric Dentist 434-205-4594 | Located in the Old Trail Village Center

something pretty to school, teach your child how to offer a genuine compliment. Sincerity is important. Make sure your kids know what it means and don’t try to use compliments to snow people. Sharing Close to Home. Feed the birds around your home all year


long. Get kids involved in taking stray pets to a local no-kill shelter if they are in

Since 1893, Shifman has used only the finest natural products for their comfortable, hand-crafted, two-sided mattresses. Two-sided means your mattress lasts longer because you can flip it over periodically for continued like-new comfort. Shifman’s premium mattress sets include box springs featuring eight-way, hand-tied coil springs for superior support. Shifman hand-tufts its premium mattresses with a long needle effectively binding all the layers permanently for comfort and durability.

need of a new home. Bring frozen meals or warm muffins to an ailing senior or a family with a new baby. Get the kids to mow someone’s lawn a couple of times or bring in the mail and feed the pets for a neighbor on vacation. Small, unselfish acts like these can boost kids’ self-esteem and make them feel like a more integral member of the community.

Christina’s favorite memories are those times someone was


compassionate or generous toward her during a tough time, so she knows the way we behave makes a difference. Her latest book is “Permission Granted: 45 Reasons to Micro-publish.”

1801 Seminole Trail (Rt 29) 434.974.6480


{inspiration health}

Healthy Ways to Boost Your Brainpower by Heidi Smith Luedtke

Sharpen Your Mind By Eating Smart, Exercising and Managing Your Moods


There’s no doubt about it: Parenting is physically and mentally exhausting. When you spend your days washing mountains of laundry and wake up every three hours for nighttime feedings, you may forget what you ate for breakfast — if you had time to eat breakfast at all. Your overworked, under-rested brain may feel sluggish and mushy, like the bowl of barely warm rice cereal you’re trying to feed the baby. But scientists say there’s no need to worry about your brainpower. Recent neuroimaging research conducted at Yale University School of Medicine shows early mother-infant interaction creates adaptive changes in the brains of new moms, not just in the brains of their babies. Moms experience growth in brain areas associated with maternal motivation, emotion processing, sensory integration and reasoning. Healthy habits can help you protect and promote brain growth during every stage of your life. Here’s how.

EAT SMART A Mediterranean-inspired meal plan provides key ingredients for brain health. “Monounsaturated oils — found in olives, nuts and avocados — and dark leafy greens offer high doses of vitamin E and folic acid, two nutrients that reduce the risk of dementia,” says Martha Clare Morris, Sc.D., director of Nutrition and Nutritional Epidemiology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Spinach sautéed in olive oil may be the ultimate brain food. Serve it with fish and a glass of red wine. “A number of long-term studies show the consumption of fish prevents cognitive


February 2014



{inspiration health} Charlottesville Gynecology

Well woman care, contraceptive options, abnormal bleeding, HPV vaccinations, abnormal pap smears, pelvic infections


Professional Care Specializing in

Gwendolyn V. Kelly, M.D. 434.296.6461

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decline,” says Morris. Fish oil supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids may also be beneficial. Studies show they increase brain volume and cognitive functioning and decrease mental fatigue. Moderate consumption of alcohol — one glass of wine daily for women, two for men — also reduces the risk of dementia, Morris says. Just don’t overdo it. Excessive alcohol use disrupts sleep and memory. Other nutrients may have bio-protective effects as well. Mounting evidence


suggests carotenoids — substances found in colorful fruits and vegetables like carrots,

Favorite Award Winner 2012

tomatoes and mangoes — may be beneficial, says Morris. We grown-ups should aim to eat a rainbow every day, just like we tell our kids. A balanced diet with regular meals helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels, and that’s important because blood sugar spikes disrupt memory. Research shows even moderate increases in blood sugar reduce blood flow to a part of the brain responsible for storing new memories. Doctors say it’s best to restrict refined carbohydrates and sweeteners, but the occasional treat is okay.

Dr. Michelle Heppner

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MOVE MORE When it comes to exercise, “research shows what’s good for your heart is also good

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February 2014


for your brain,” says Frank LaFerla, Ph.D., Director of University of California at Irvine Institute for Memory Impairment and Neurological Disorders (UCI MIND). Aerobic activities — such as running, swimming and dancing — increase blood flow to the brain, supplying it with nutrients and removing waste products from cells so they stay healthy. Longitudinal studies conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois show you don’t have to be a lifelong athlete to get results. Formerly sedentary adults who engaged in three 40-minute aerobic exercise sessions each week increased their brain volume in areas related to attention and memory. Stretching and toning exercises didn’t have the same benefits. Bottom line: Put on your gym shoes and get moving. Choose an enjoyable activity that allows you to hit and sustain your target heart rate. (Use an online tool like the one at to calculate yours.) Walking at a brisk pace may be enough. Make exercise a social event if possible. You’ll be more likely to stick to your workout plan — and enjoy it — if you have company.

How to Avoid Brain Drain Using your brain in new ways reinforces previous learning and stimulates brain growth. To keep yourself sharp, try these fun, brain-boosting activities.

Obstetrics and GynecOlOGy assOciates Setting A Standard of Excellence in Women’s Care

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1. Learn to play a musical instrument, such as piano or violin. 2. Learn to speak another language or engage your artistic sensibilities by learning to paint Chinese characters. 3. Play word games on your smartphone.

434.962.0117 Lynne Bradley, CN

4. Use your non-dominant hand to write or brush your teeth. 5. Challenge the kids to a game of Battleship — it uses spatial

Your Partner in Health & Wellness for over 20 years! Thank you choosing us as an CharlottesvilleFamily Favorite.

skills and hones your strategic reasoning. 6. Dance. Intricate choreography fine-tunes the body and the brain.

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{inspiration health}

Exercise also helps you maintain a healthy body weight, which is important for cognitive functioning. If you are significantly overweight, have a family history of diabetes or had gestational diabetes during pregnancy, see your doctor for diabetes screening. “Diabetes is a major risk factor for Alzheimer’s,” LaFerla says, and memory loss may occur years before a person is diagnosed with diabetes.

MIND YOUR EMOTIONS Pay attention to your mental health as well. Approximately 9 percent of women suffer from depression in any given year, and “even mild depression can affect your cognitive functioning in a negative way,” according to Clinton Wright, M.D., Scientific Director of the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute at the University of Miami. Studies show as many as 10 to 15 percent of new moms experience symptoms of postpartum depression in the first year after giving birth. Lack of joy in daily activities, loss of appetite, mood swings and social withdrawal are signs you may be depressed.


February 2014

Hormonal changes and poor quality sleep can make for a moody, mentally exhausting postpartum period. Moms who have been diagnosed with depression before, or who have financial or relationship stresses, are at increased risk for postpartum depression. Talk with your doctor if your mood and motivation are low. After ruling out any medical causes, such as postpartum changes in thyroid functioning, she can help you get treatment. Getting help is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. Untreated postpartum depression disrupts mother-infant bonding and increases behavior problems in children. Stress and anxiety also create mental clutter and prompt the release of stress-related chemicals, such as cortisol. Over time, high cortisol levels can damage brain structures critical to learning and memory. Increase your resilience to stress with healthy coping skills. Join a mom’s group to get social support that boosts your spirits. Friends can lend a listening ear or a word of encouragement when you’re overwhelmed. Train your brain to see the bright side by nurturing a grateful attitude. Write down little victories — like getting your toddler to use the big-boy potty at the restaurant — that may be quickly forgotten when the baby slings pureed carrots in your just-washed hair. Note blessings you might take for granted, like clean drinking water and a big backyard, and look back at Thinkstock

your list when you need a lift. A satisfying life is built from a collection of small, happy memories. Heidi is a personality psychologist and mom who is teaching her kids to reach for their dreams by pursuing her own. Read more of her work at

Edward T. Wolanski, MD Donna F. Vinal, CNM, PhD

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February 2014

{resources summer camp} SPECIAL ADVERTISER RESIDENTIAL CAMPS GUIDE See what the area’s residential camps have to say about themselves!

Get Set For

CAMP ALLEGHANY FOR GIRLS 540-898-4782, Lewisburg, WV • ACA accredited “Steeped in tradition, girls ages 7–16 enjoy the same customs established 90 years ago at our camp. Archery, arts and crafts, canoeing, dance, drama, rifle, ropes, singing, sports and more with emphasis on sportsmanship, citizenship, cooperation, consideration for others, the honor system and meaningful appreciation of the outdoors. Goals are

Sleepaway Camp

achieved in a lively, relaxed setting, enhancing selfesteem and boosting confidence.” See ad p. 56

The 2014 CharlottesvilleFamily Guide to Residential Camps

CAMP FRIENDSHIP 800-873-3223, Palmyra, VA • ACA accredited “Increased self-esteem, new friendships, social competence, responsibility and building positive values are just some of the life skills learned here. And it’s fun! Programs ranging from equestrian camp, sports clinics, field trips, and teen camp offer our camp families a well-rounded summer camp experience. Since 1966 Camp Friendship has served boys and girls, ages 7–16.” See ad p. 57 CAMP HIDDEN MEADOWS 800-600-4752,

Whether your child loves the arts, swimming, computer programming, horses or adventure sports — we’ve got a camp for you! See what some of the area’s residential camps have to say about themselves and mark your calendars for the CharlottesvilleFamily Fun Fair & Camp Expo — set for February 16 — and meet the staff behind many of these wonderful camps in person!

Bartow, WV • ACA accredited “Camp Hidden Meadows offers 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-week sessions for boys and girls ages 7–16. Located two hours west of Charlottesville, our camp activities include horseback riding, sailing, arts, white-water rafting, organic farming, drama, dance, mountain boarding, canoeing, backpacking, climbing wall, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, swimming, a 1,000-foot zip line and more!” See ad p. 56




977-3781, Charlottesville, VA “Camp Holiday Trails is a caring community committed





educating campers with chronic illnesses, their families and healthcare professionals. Families of and children with special medical needs and chronic illnesses can enjoy 1- and 2-week residential summer camp sessions and family weekends for parents and caregivers.” See ad p. 68


{resources summer camp} CAMP HORIZONS 540-896-7600, Harrisonburg, VA • ACA accredited “Celebrating 30 years! Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Camp Horizons is a co-ed residential summer camp for

A great fit for those needing

ages 6–17. We provide a safe, supportive

support and individualized

community in which campers can feel

attention in reading, math,

comfortable trying new things, learning about themselves and their peers, and

written language, and

developing lasting camp friendships. Aquatics, sports, outdoors, adventure,

study skills.

campfires, visual arts, performing arts, equestrian/horseback and more.”

• Multi-sensory approach ranging from traditional instruction to advanced technology. • Daily one-to-one instruction and small classes. • 5:1 student to teacher ratio. • Day and boarding programs for ages 6 to 14. • Horseback riding, sports, arts and music. • Ask about discounts and tuition assistance.

(434) 293-9059 • • Keswick, Virginia

See ad p. 53 CAMP MOTORSPORT 855-508-9382, Clover, VA • ACA accredited “It’s not your same old summer camp! Girls and boys, ages 9–16, participate in hands-on driving and racing education, plus paintball, BMX biking, sports and swimming, as well as hands-on motorsports science, technology and engineering!




designed to help campers become better, safer drivers; our instruction rivals the best professional racing schools. No prior driving experience needed.” See ad p. 57 CAMP RIM ROCK 347-746-7625, Yellow Spring, WV • ACA accredited “This is our 63rd season, for girls ages 6–16. Two- or 4-week sessions with horseback riding: ring lessons, trail rides, river rides and stable management; aquatics:

Camp Strawderman Est. 1929 In the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Girls 6-17. Real mountain camping in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. Riding, Swimming, Tennis, Archery, Hiking, Crafts, Dramatics, Nature Study, Indian Lore, Dancing and Music. Experienced Leaders. Cabins. 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks. For brochure, write or phone: Margaret H. Gouldman, 10902 Brookwood Ave., Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

July 22 - August 16 50

February 2014




paddleboarding; performing arts: dance, drama, chorus; arts and crafts: drawing and painting; sports: golf, volleyball, soccer, tennis, archery, basketball, field hockey and lacrosse. Riding specialty camps and mini camps. Less than 2 hours from D.C. on beautiful acres.” See ad p. 54





Salem, VA

Ruckersville, VA

“Located within 700 acres of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Camp

“Come join our family run camp. Students get the chance to learn

Roanoke has shaped the character of youth since 1925.

what they want to learn while having as much fun with horses

Campers of all ages will enjoy a climbing wall

as possible! Students ride 2–4 times a day, treat horses,

and ropes course, archery range, air-

feed horses and enjoy the bond of horse and rider.

conditioned cabins, disc golf course,

We have camps and weekend retreats for all

canoeing, mountain boarding, full-

ages from 5 to adult!” See ad p. 68

menu dining and nature center. Older campers venture off-site to


surf, sea-kayak, rock climb and


more!” See ad p. 54

Held at the University of Virginia Thinkstock

“Take interests further and gain a


competitive for school, college, and® FORedge YOUTH DEVELOPMENT

FOR HEALTHY LIVING future careers! Ages 7–17 create apps, FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY video games, C++/Java programs, movies,

and more at weeklong, day and overnight

Edinburg, VA




“Camp Strawderman is an all-girls camp

summer programs. Held at UVA, the College

FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT of William and Mary, American, Georgetown,

with a long and rich tradition of good old-

fashioned summer fun for girls ages 6–17. We have


Princeton, Stanford, and others. Also 2-week, pre-college

cabins, large halls, a craft shop and a trading post—all built in

programs for ages 13–18.” See ad p. 55

rustic style. The camp has its own stables with over 30 horses and boundless hiking and riding trails.” See ad p. 50





YMCA Camp Hanes



YMCA Camp Hanes

Register Now for Residential and D

YMCA Camp Hanes

Register Now for Residential and Day Camp.

Register at or call 336 983 3131 for more information.

YMCA Camp Hanes

Register Now for Residential and Day Camp.

Register at or call 336 983 3131 forRegister more information. at

al and Day Camp.

Register at or call 336 983 3131 for more information.

Register at or call 336 983 3131 for more information. Register at or call 336 983 3131 for more information.


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888-709-8324 Held at American University “Gain a competitive edge and learn how programming can become a college degree and even a rewarding career.

Weekly camps packed with acting, singing, dancing, set design, and costumes. Combining the backstage and onstage experience creates pure theatrical fun!

2-week, pre-college summer programs

A show-stopping performance every Friday afternoon for family and friends. Plan now for a great Summer!

robotics engineering. Held at prestigious

For details visit or contact Lana at

in programming, app development, and universities including American, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and others. Also



Thank you for choosing SOCA!

• Leagues for All Youth & Adult Players! • In-Season Clinics, Top Quality Instruction • Visit Us on the Web or Call...

SOCA 975-5025

weeklong camps for ages 7–17 held at iD Tech Camps.“ See ad p. 55 MASSANUTTEN ACADEMY 877-466-6222, Woodstock, VA “Our two 1-week summer camp sessions for boys and girls ages 11–15 are July 20–August 2. These high-energy camps are designed to promote leadership, self-confidence, teamwork and physical endurance while having fun! Each camp session will include popular activities such as paintball, hiking and archery


Camp Watonka Boys 8 - 16 In the Poconos at Hawley, PA Offering qualified instruction and laboratory work in astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, ecology, electronics, geology, physics, photography, robotics and rocketry. The sciences are incorporated into a fun filled, camper selected program that also includes archery, arts and crafts, climbing, mini-bike riding, riflery, sailing, swimming, tennis, trips, windsurfing, woodworking, ropes, etc. Private Lake. American Camp Association accredited. 2, 4, 6 and 8 week sessions. • • Phone: (570) 857-1401 For catalog write: D. Wacker, PO Box 127 Hawley, PA 18428

to name a few. Each camp session will include field trips and presentations.“ See ad p. 66 NIKE TENNIS CAMP AT UVA 800-645-3226, Charlottesville, VA “Our youth summer tennis camp sessions are a great way to improve your game in a short period of time, providing players with up to 5 hours of tennis a day, daily instruction from Director Brian Boland, all in a fun environment. Junior Day and

NIKE TENNIS CAMPS SERIOUS. FUN. University of virginia

JUnior overnight and day Camps Boys & Girls | Ages 9-18 adUlt Weekend Camps 1-800-NIKE CAMP (1-800-645-3226) All Rights reserved. Nike and the Swoosh design are registered trademarks of Nike, Inc. and its affiliates, and are used under license.Nike is the title sponsor of the camps and has no control over the operation of the camps or the acts or omissions of US Sports Camps.


February 2014

Overnight camp options for boys and girls ages 9–18 and all ability levels.” See ad p. 52 OAKLAND SCHOOL & CAMP 293-9059, Keswick, VA “Oakland School and Camp combines an intensive academic program with traditional summer fun for girls and boys ages 6–14. Individualized programs include small group and daily one-to-one

• Accredited by the ACA since our first summer in 1983. • Staff to camper ratio is 1:5 or better (often times 1:3). • Highly trained and qualified staff of counselors. • Camp medical staff on Mention code site 24 hours a day, CVILLEFAMILY 7 days a week. and Receive $100 Off Camp Registration when Paid in Full.

Welcome to Camp Horizons... Right Over the Mountain!

Camp Horizons – a premier coed sleep-away summer camp

in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia offering a safe, supportive community in which campers can feel comfortable embarking on new adventures and developing friendships that will last a lifetime.

Visit our website, give us a call or schedule a tour. We can’t wait to welcome you home!

Three distinct programs for boys and girls: • Discover: Ages 6-8 • Journey: Ages 9-11 • Explorer: Ages 12-16


Be an InsIder Get the latest updates on area fun and news!

Visit us at and sign up for our weekly E-Newsletter packed with calendar highlights, daytrip ideas, and much more!


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VOTED “BEST OVERNIGHT CAMP” by a leading Family Magazine for the 7th year



CRR_CharlottesvilleFamily_4-C_4.625x4.625.indd 1

12/2/13 1:51 PM



Est. 1925

Just Off I-81 exit 132 Full Weeks Start at $400

A SAFE HAVEN FOR CREATIVE SELF-EXPRESSION art | crafts | yoga | dance | baking | theatre | box city drumming | fencing | gardening | basketball Session 1: June 16-27 • Session 2: June 30 July 11 • Session 3: July 14-25 Rising 1st grade through 8th grade • Extended day option Contact Director, Fran Smith | 434-760-3097 | Workshops and applications available on online at


February 2014

Co-ed Residential Weekly Sessions (540) 387-6114

sessions with certified teachers. Oakland’s program is ideal


for average to above average students, including those with


learning differences. Recreational activities include horseback

Dyke, VA

riding, swimming, sports, arts and crafts, nature study and

“The Blue Ridge Residential Soccer Academy provides Boys

more. Boarding and day opportunities available.” See ad p. 50

U8–U18 and Girls U8–U18 a 5-day, all-inclusive soccer experience that challenges, educates and develops each


player under professional supervision. Enroll into our


Senior Academy, Junior Academy, Youth Academy

Hawley, PA • ACA accredited

or Goalkeeper Academy. Our facilities include

“We’re a small privately owned

modern dormitories, food service, over six acres

boys sleepaway camp in the

of playing fields, field house, pool, classrooms

Poconos. With 130 campers

and 230-seat auditorium!” See ad p. 52

a unique hands-on program with



chemistry, biology, astronomy, Earth



and 50 staff, Watonka offers


robotics, video, and photography. Plus, our elective program includes

TRIPLE C CAMP 293-2529, Charlottesville, VA “We serve rising K–10 students with day camp/overnight




daily swims in our two pools, (daily lessons for

crafts, waterfront and sports plus dirt

K–3), Low and hi ropes course, petting zoo, sports,

bikes, trips and amazing ropes course.”

nature, hiking, canoeing, and much more. Transportation,

See ad p. 52

lunches, snacks, ALL included. Everyone will create memories and friendships that far outlast the summer in a safe, fun, traditional environment.” See ad p. 53

1-888-709-TECH (8324)

Held at UVA, American, William & Mary, and 80+ Universities Ages 7-18


{resources summer camp} Camp Hidden Meadows 1 - 4 Week Sessions ■ Boys & Girls ■ Ages 7-16 -The Oldest Girls’ Camp in the VirginiasEsTabLishEd in 1922

A mAgicAl plAce where girls leArn, Achieve, succeed And mAke friends for life. Horseback Riding • White-Water Rafting • Climbing Tower • Sailing • Sports Mountain Boarding • Canoeing • Backpacking • Swimming • Arts & Crafts • Organic Farm • Mountain Biking Rock Climbing • 1,000 Ft. Zip Line • Performing Arts • Dance & more!

Only Two Hours West of Charlottesville

Celebrating Our 93nd summer! Archery Rifle Dance Drama

Tennis Wild World Canoeing Low Ropes Swimming Arts & Crafts Sports & Fitness Singing

Lewisburg, WV 540-688-2718

1-800-600-4752 /

VIrGInIA women’s soccer 2008 of Excellence Excellence 2014 Soccer Soccer Centers Centers of Spring Break

Youth Center

University of Virginia June 25-29 • Grades 8-12

Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA July 20-24 • Grades 5-7, 8-12

University of Virginia Direction April 7-11Under • Boys & The Girls Grades 1-6

Graves Mountain Lodge, Syria, VA Of University Virginia June of 16-19 • Grades 4-7 Women’s Soccer Staff and U20 World Cup Champion Advanced Center Advanced Center Head Coach Steve Swanson

Advanced Center

Under The Direction Of University Of Virginia Women’s Head Coach Steve Swanson


summer camp

Ages 2 /2 through Pre-K

Ages 3yrs through 6yrs

A gentle, safe and loving atmosphere for young children to begin to explore the world and to prepare for kindergarten.

Sign up by the week or for the whole summer. Creative weekly themes. Private, in-ground wading pool for daily swimming.


Virginia Women’s Soccer 2004 ACC Champions 2005 NCAA Quarterfinalists 2006 & 2007 Sweet 16

University of Virginia June 26-29 • Girl Grades 7-12

For More Information & To Register, Visit:

For Questions, Please Contact Ron Raab: 434-982-5576 •

Advanced Center

Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA July 23-26 • Girls Grades 5-7, 8-12

Close to Charlottesville, Crozet & UVA

Numerous schedule optioNs

Half Day, Extended Day & Full Day Programs


(434) 979-2111


February 2014


Have Fun!

Virginia Women’s Soccer

20 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances 9 consecutive Sweet 16 appearances 26 consecutive years ranked in the Top 20

For Questions, Please Contact Jaime Frias 775-313-4050 • jef


Race Cars

7755-313-4050 or 982-5710 Charlottesville or Alexandria, VA “With a knowledgeable & enthusiastic

Go Karts

staff, a fun-filled environment & a progressive skill-appropriate curriculum, our goal is to make our soccer centers of excellence the most exciting & rewarding experience around. Two camps are available: Advanced Center at UVA June 26–29 for grades 7–12; Advanced Center at Episcopal H.S., Alexandria, VA, July 23-26 for grades 5–7 & 8–12. More info at” See ad p. 56


Camp Motorsport


Summer Camp • Ages 8-16 • Co-Ed

540-672-6044, Woodberry Forest, VA “For more than 40 years, our sports

Clover, Virginia (855) 508-9382

camps have been getting boys outside to play sports they already love or try new ones. Our camps help boys develop or enhance their athletic skills with guidance from Woodberry’s expert coaches. Our environment is warm and supportive, and our facilities — located on 1,200 acres — rival those found at many colleges.” See ad p. 3 YMCA CAMP HANES 336-983-3131, King, NC “YMCA Camp Hanes is committed to ensuring




one’s sense of accomplishment, sense of belonging and learning the character traits of respect, responsibility, honesty, faith and caring in a Christian camp environment.




Camp in week-long sessions and a halfweek ‘mini-camp’ session, adventure/ leadership programs, day camp and a specialty basketball camp.” See ad p. 51

Camp Friendship offers an exceptional overnight summer camp experience with over 40 activities for our campers to choose from on 520 acres of rolling foothills. Our program provides campers with a safe environment where they can be challenged and encouraged to grow as individuals. Friendships are made but most importantly they learn to have fun and try new things within an internationally diverse community

Join Us For a Summer of Fun & Friendship! Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains in Central Virginia 1.800.873.3223 • Camp Friendship, P.O. Box 145, Palmyra,VA 22963


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Homework Is Kids’ Work

How to Be a Great Homework Helper by Beverly Burmeier

Parents, when it comes to homework, can be uncertain about how much to help. When should they get involved and when should they step back?

The American Academy of Pediatrics says children are more successful in school when parents take an active interest in homework. But when it comes to helping their children with homework, many parents struggle to figure out how much help is appropriate, explains Joyce Epstein, Ph.D., director of the Center on School, Family and Community Partnerships. “Sometimes parents interfere by being too caring and helpful,” says Linda Ladd, Ph.D., chair of Family Sciences at Texas Woman’s University. Instead, parents need to know that “children need to learn study habits that Thinkstock

will last a lifetime,” she says.

WHAT IS A PARENT’S ROLE? This is not to say that parents can’t help their children when needed, but when you’re helping, try to focus on teaching skills that will aid your child across the board: Help him prioritize, create study sheets or even draw up an outline.


February 2014



{resources private schools} 2014 Guide to

We accommodate the unique needs and creative affinities of each student by providing personalized integrated curricula with a very small student to teacher ratio.

(434) 293.2613 Open Enrollment. Scholarships now available, so we encourage you to apply! The Park School - Grades 5-12 107 W. Market Street Charlottesville, VA 22902

Our location in downtown Charlottesville allows us access to resources and enrichment opportunities the downtown area has to offer and to utilize the community as an experiential classroom. After school tutoring and private music lessons are also available at the school.Our staff is qualified in their respective content areas as well as being caring and compassionate.

PRIVATE SCHOOLS Charlottesville Catholic School 964-0400, Pre-kindergarten-Grade 8 Prepares students to embrace their world through lives of faith, service and leadership. Combines the traditions of Catholic education with contemporary instructional strategies. Curriculum focusing on academics and nurturing Christian values; all faiths welcome. See ad p. 67 Charlottesville Waldorf School 973-4946, Early Childhood-Grade 8 A rigorous academic program that incorporates current educational research and provides academic, social and artistic experiences with the aim of developing dynamic, self-reliant and socially responsible adults and cultivating lifelong learners. See ad p. 65 The Covenant School 220-7330, Pre-kindergarten-Grade 12 Charlottesville’s PK-12 nondenominational Christian liberal arts day school, providing a college-preparatory curriculum for over 500 students, while instilling the virtues of faith, wisdom and love. See ad p. 63




Free Union Country School 978-1700, Preschool-Grade 5 Encouraging active exploration and critical thinking in a country setting with strong parent-school collaboration and an emphasis on art, music and Spanish as well as traditional academic subjects. See ad p. 64


ok fres spring h fo od break camp for age 3 grade 5,


camper) Madelyn (age 9, 2011

you in awaitenhouse s d n e ie r r new farden & g age our g

summer day camps for 3 through rising 6th grade


February 2014

The Frost Montessori School 979-5223, Ages 21 months-6 years A varied curriculum using the Montessori method in a developmentally appropriate learning environment. This promotes knowledge of the world and encourages development of skills needed for growth. See ad p. 62 continued on page 65

Homework reinforces lessons taught in class and teaches children to set short-term goals. They also learn about rewards for achievement and consequences for not meeting goals. If a parent steps in too early or too often, the child simply learns to procrastinate until Mom or Dad takes over to prevent her failure. Parents must establish a “no excuses” policy. Accept only results — whatever is reasonable within the child’s capability — and don’t give in to manipulative behavior (which is learned) such as whining, stalling or even tears.

KNOWING LIMITS You’ll find differing opinions on how much homework is appropriate at various grade levels. For instance, the “10-Minute Rule” supported by the National Education Association suggests that kids should be doing about 10 minutes of homework per night per grade level. In other words, 10 minutes for firstgraders, 20 for second-graders and so on.

Sometimes a parent will say, “I had to help. We had somewhere to be.” If you find that your child doesn’t have enough time to do homework, Ladd suggests you rethink your schedules. Life offers a wealth of good opportunities for children, but parents must limit activities according to the amount of time a

child needs for homework.

Why just learn about scientists, explorers, and artists when you can be one? Making the transition to full-day school is a big step. Our Junior Kindergarten program encourages students to explore their curiosity and creativity while preparing them for the next level in their academic journey. Small class sizes, responsive teachers, respect for the whole child, emphasis on parent partnership, and thoughtfully-designed facilities create a warm and nuturing environment to expand young minds. Come see us in action. Visit us today.

St. Anne’s-Belfield School GRADES PS-12, 5- AND 7-DAY BOARDING IN GRADES 9-12 NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THE 2014-2015 ACADEMIC YEAR 2132 I V Y R O A D ~ ( 434 ) 296 - 5106 ~ W W W. S TA B. O R G



{resources private schools} Observe your child carefully to know

The Frost Montessori School

the proper balance of activities (including chores), rest and work. For instance, an elementary student may need a half-hour to “get into” homework, a half-hour to do it and then another half-hour to phase out. You also need to allow your child to experience both positive and negative consequences




yourself. When your child is about to turn in an incomplete or messy assignment, remember to keep the boundaries you’ve set up for yourself ahead of time. In elementary school, teachers expect a certain amount of parental involvement.

A Classical Christian School

A learning environment for children ages 21 months to 6 years old. call today to schedule a tour!


Challenging Academics • Grades K-10 Biblical Worldview • Affordable Tuition Small Class Sizes • Team Sports

Every Wednesday is visitation day (434) 293-0633

1553 Delphi Drive

Charlottesville, VA 22911

Rcollege enaissance school pRepaRatoRy high school for high ability students in the arts, sciences, humanities

cRitical thinking


open house Monday February 17 9aM-11:30aM call

9-12 foR 2014-15






parents to help their children cope with homework. Go to School. Get to know your child’s

teacher, attend



and volunteer when you can. Ask about homework policies at the beginning of the school year, and discuss with your child

to eliminate forgetfulness on his and nagging on yours. Establish a Homework Routine. Make homework a priority in your family. Schedule a regular study time and place. snack, or later in the evening when family activities have slowed down. Just find

Here’s what my clients have to say about our service: “It was a pleasure to be treated like we were the most important clients even though it was a long process and we were a low budget purchase. Nothing but the best from you guys!!” — Joshua & Katie, Buyers in Louisa 2013

what works for your child and your family rhythm and be consistent. Turn off the TV and computer and model how important quiet time is for productive study. Help your child find a well-lit place where

CharlottesvilleFam Favorite Aw ily Winner ard 2012

Roy Wheeler Realty Co. • February 2014


This could be in the afternoon following a

Denise Ramey


expectations for kids are realistic.

important communication tool — helping

Your Choice for Favorite RealtoR®


that all parents are on the same page and

book or planner, which can become an


Thanks for voting me a Favorite again in 2012!

are open to discussing assignments so

Consider having him use an assignment

434-984-1952 For More inForMation

now enRolling gRades

about how much to help. Most teachers

what he has learned in school each day.

to learn about our curriculum designed to meet the needs of high ability students. cReativity

Ask for clarification if you have questions

distractions are minimal and where she can easily bring or keep supplies. Be Available. In the early elementary years, children often benefit from having a parent nearby. If your child hasn’t asked

City and County Homework Guidelines


Adelind Horan (TFS ‘06)

Dan Myers (TFS ‘07)

Leci Irvin (TFS ‘12)

Adelind Horan | Actress | Winner of “Best Documentary 2012”, Cry of the Mountain at the United Solo Festival at Theatre Row Dan Myers | Policy and Climate Science Researcher for Vice President Al Gore Leci Irvin | NCAA Division I Soccer Player for the College of William & Mary

They all graduated from The Charlottesville City Schools’ policy manual cites the NEA’s 10-Minute Rule (see p. 61) while noting that “students differ in their ‘working speed.’” It also gives time guidelines by grade level and subject matter: for example, upper elementary students should expect to have up to 15–20 minutes of science homework two or three times a week. You can find the manual at “We encourage parents to be in touch with teachers throughout the year,” says Gertrude Ivory, CCS Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. “Together, teachers and parents can maximize student achievement.” Although no specific time frames are given by Albemarle County Public Schools, Strategic Communications Officer Phil Giaramita notes, “The length of homework assignments should be based upon age of student and maturity level.” He went on to say, “Homework can be an invaluable component to a healthy homeschool partnership. If it is closely related to current classroom activities and well understood by students, it can be a resource for developing independent thought in a student and for promoting initiative and self-discipline.”

TANDEM FRIENDS SCHOOL COME SEE US IN ACTION Thursday, January 16 or Tuesday, February 11 9am to 11:30am Register:


{resources private schools} for help, resist the temptation to offer

I got my start at

Free Union Country School Preschool - Fifth Grade

Emily Dean-McKinney Political Science and Women’s Studies

it. Your child must do the thinking and learning himself in order to learn selfreliance and responsibility. Instead, sit and read the newspaper or a book. Seeing you involved in learning activities reinforces the importance of homework. With the teacher’s guidelines in mind, looking over your child’s work or guiding her through problem areas when she asks for help is OK. In fact, she

Varsity Field Hockey The College of Wooster

2012 Graduate

Tandem Friends School

The mock elections during my fifth grade year encouraged me to work on several local and national campaigns, and pointed me toward a career in public policy.

2005 Graduate

Free Union Country School


Find special ways to be with your children as they do homework. • If your son needs to read a few chapters each night, make a habit of grabbing a book and reading together on the couch. • If your daughter needs to do math worksheets after school, grab your checkbook and pay some bills at the counter with her — and let her see real-life application of the math skills she’s learning. • If you all need a change of scenery, head to a local café after school for a homework date, where they’ll see that UVA students have to do homework too!

should know you are willing to help when needed but that she is expected to study Early childhood education with a global focus for ages 2-6 with language immersion preschool in French and Spanish Application for 2014-2015 is available online


February 2014

Encourage Your Child’s Hard Work.

Flexible FULL DAY and PART-TIME programs Previous exposure to French or Spanish is not required

Recognize effort — the process is often

Visit our website to learn more...

more important than the product. Reward

Now scheduling admissions visits for summer and fall 2014 entry!

For enrollment information email: call: (434) 984-2174 or visit us online

independently as much as possible.

830 Monticello Avenue in Downtown Charlottesville





and praise good habits, not just perfect marks on an assignment. When your child is especially proud of something he

Grymes Memorial School 540-672-1010, Jr. Kindergarten-Grade 8 A coeducational day school instilling students with enthusiasm for learning, providing a strong academic foundation, and encouraging thinking that is creative, reasoned and analytical in an atmosphere of respect, fairness and honesty. See ad p. 67 International School of Charlottesville 984-2174, Toddler (age 2)-Kindergarten A NAEYC accredited preschool helping children develop understanding of other cultures with early academic, social and emotional development. Teacher-student communication predominantly in Spanish or French; previous exposure not required. See ad p. 64 Massanutten Academy 540-459-2167 ext. 1, Grades 7-12 A boarding school for both boys and girls that prepares students academically for the future. Experience cadet life, small class size, a welcoming athletics program and a partnership with the Heroic Imagination Project. See ad p. 66

Mountaintop Montessori 979-8886, Toddler-Grade 9 Accredited and progressive programs, Montessori materials, and outdoor experiences on over 9 acres prepare children for high school and for life as mindful global citizens. See ad p. 60 North Branch School 540-456-8450, Preschool-Grade 8 Strives to foster respect, non-violence, environmental responsibility and community involvement. Emphasis on hands-on learning and cooperation, while providing a challenging, solid foundation in academics, the arts and life skills. Small class size. See ad p. 66 Oakland School 293-9059, Ages 6-14 at admission A small coeducational boarding and day school helping children with learning disabilities, organizational and study skills difficulties or dyslexia to reach their academic and personal potential. See ad p. 50

Art used with permission—from a 1st Grade Charlottesville Waldorf student’s main lesson notebook.

At the Charlottesville Waldorf School knowledge doesn't come from an SOL mandate. It begins by nurturing a child's desire to learn. Beginning in our Preschool classrooms, the foundations for academics, a life-long love of learning, and a genuine appreciation of the natural world are achieved with a play-based curriculum in a home-like setting.

Any school can teach to a test, but in our Elementary and Middle School classes we teach the whole child, cultivating complete individuals. As well as learning the three R’s and immersing themselves in history, science and foreign language, all of our students plant, paint, sing, sew and sculpt. They play in orchestra. They are encouraged to ask “Why?” not just “Who?”, “When?”, “Where?”, and “How Much?”

Isn’t that the kind of education you want for your child? Half and Full Day preschool programs available, with extended day options. Enrolling now for all grades. Tours available by appointment. For more information visit: or contact our Enrollment Director at: 434-973-4946 x102 to schedule your tour today!


{resources private schools}

...IS FOCuSED On yOuR FuTuRE! STEAM Curriculum College Dual Enrollment in General Studies The Heroic Imagination Project JROTC

now Enrolling for

Summer School & 2014-15 School year | (540) 459-2167 ext. 1

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

Nature • Nurture • North Branch North Branch School invites you to attend


*February 25, 9-11:30 AM & 6:30-8 PM *inclement weather date: February 27

• preschool-8th grade • small class size • outdoor time & nature exploration • building academic, artistic, & social confidence Financial Assistance and Scholarships available North Branch School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color or income & actively seeks minority students.

540-456-8450 66

February 2014

Are you searching for a supportive and challenging Middle School environment? The Batten Building, opening in 2014, will provide exceptional middle school classroom facilities, gymnasium, and performing arts space. Come and see Peabody Middle School!


Please contact our Director of Admissions, Katie Murrah, to schedule a visit. 1232 Stoney Ridge Road ChaRlotteSville, viRginia 22902 (434) 296-6901


Park School 293-2613, Grades 5-12 Park Street Academy is a non-profit private school located in Charlottesville committed to nurturing the talents, creativity and spirit of students through personalized integrated curricula and a small student-to-teacher ratio. See ad p. 60 Peabody School 296-6901, Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 8 Peabody School offers a rich and challenging curriculum with differentiated activities and instruction specially tailored to meet the needs of intellectually advanced students. See ad p. 66 Regents School of Charlottesville 293-0633, Kindgarten-Grade 8 Providing a classical, Christian education using strong academics, conservative values and nurturing environment with an emphasis on character development and parental involvement. See ad p. 62 Renaissance School 984-1952, Grades 9-12 Offers intellectually and artistically motivated high-school students an interdisciplinary learning environment integrating the arts, humanities, and sciences to develop and nurture a collaborative community of learners. See ad p. 62 St. Anne’s-Belfield School 296-5106, Preschool-Grade 12; Boarding Grades 9-12 St. Anne’s-Belfield strives to provide a challenging academic environment that nurtures students spiritually, helps them develop honorable character traits and offers diverse athletic and artistic opportunities. See ad p. 61 Tandem Friends School 951-9314, Grades 5-12 A coeducational day school rooted in Quaker values. Prepares young people for higher education and fulfilling lives of integrity, creative expression and service by pursuing intellectual, ethical, artistic and athletic ideals. See ad p. 63

has accomplished, make a big deal of it. Post a spelling test or math quiz on the refrigerator. Frame that big art project. Display any awards received and brag about them to your friends and relatives, especially when your child is present.


MEMorIAl SChool

Recognize Potential Problem Areas. Anne Rambo, associate professor of Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, encourages parents to speak

We’ve known the secret for over 60 years.

out if they believe that more homework is being assigned than your child can handle. “If your child is being assigned significantly more than this guideline on a regular basis or is given projects involving extensive research at the library every weekend, it may be time to speak up,” Rambo says. When you check in with the teacher, be open to hearing another side to the story, because it may be that small assignments have piled up or that unfinished classwork is coming home. If homework is a constant struggle for your child, set up a conference with the teacher. Perhaps your child is having trouble seeing the board or understanding

Grymes: the way all schools should be.

Coeducational Independent Day School • Jr. Kindergarten through 8th Grade Challenging Curriculum • Small Classes • Spanish for All Grades Art, Music, Drama • PE Classes • Middle School Athletics Complimentary Bus Transport for 6 Counties Now accepting applications for 2014-15 Expanded bus service so please call for the bus stop near you!

540-672-1010 | 13775 Spicer'S Mill rd • Orange, Virginia

directions. She may need an evaluation for a learning problem and modifications in work requirements. If so, be an advocate for your child and seek the best

Charlottesville Catholic School

Faith Knowledge Community

educational environment.

A LONG-TERM INVESTMENT In an increasingly competitive world where homework overload does exist, it can be all too tempting to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand. Again, it’s good to be supportive, but don’t be impatient and jump in under the guise of helping. The bottom line, according to Epstein — “Homework is always the student’s responsibility.” Learning needs to happen naturally in your child’s own time frame. Then she will form good habits to carry her through school and beyond.

Beverly, a journalist specializing in writing and photography with

Thank you for voting CCS the #1 private school and #1 preschool in Charlottesville. • Enroll today • Serving Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade 434.964.0400 | |

a keen interest in parenting and women’s health, can be found at



{resources marketplace} The Pony Academy

Lazy Daisy Ceramics, Inc. 630 Berkmar Circle Charlottesville, VA 22901 t he 434-996-6174


Building self confidence and a lasting relationship with the horse Lessons for children (7+) & adults are offered Monday-Friday, year round

• Private, Semi-Private

Virginia’s Premier Tutoring Service CentralCentral Virginia’s Premier In-HomeService AND Center-Based Tutoring Available! Tutoring In an effort to promote academic success and lifelong In-Home AND Center-Based learning in our community, Wahoo Tutors is committed Tutoring to providing the bestAvailable! tutoring service in Central Virginia. We Encourage • We Excite We offer center-based tutoring, conveniently located near the corner of Rio • Road andEquip Route 29, or the flexibilWe Educate We ity of in-home tutoring. Our individualized and engag-

& Group Lessons

• Adult lessons on a limited basis

ing sessions help make learning fun!

Group lessons are only $38/student!

     

All Subjects/All Grade Levels College and Post-Graduate

pott ery paint in' p lace

Creative Pottery Art For Everyone!

SAT/ACT Test Prep SOL Review and Prep Diagnostic Testing

Homeschool Assistance an academic with Wahoo Tutors! erkmar CirCle,advantage Charlottesville 630 BAchieve (434) 295-7801 • 1709 Monticello Road 434.996.6174 | wahootutors.Com Encourage ● We Excite ● We ● We Equip wahoo@We wahootutors .Com

434.823.6929 Fantastic Birthday Parties! • Lessons - English, Western, Dressage, Hunter, Jumper, beginner Side Saddle


Summer Camps

Central Virginia’s Most Trusted Source for Highly Qualified Nannies

• Lessons for all ages 3–99

Family Camps

• Residential & Day Camps

Rentals Experiential Learning

• Winter Weekends for Kids & adults

for Future Healthcare Professionals

• Spring Break Camps, too! 30 Marshall Rd, Ruckersville, VA (10 minutes from Target)



• Temporary/On-Call Services • Sick/Emergency Caregiver • 24-Hour/Overnight Caregiver • Newborn Overnight Caregiver • Permanent Nanny Placement • Household Manager • Group Care • Hotel Care

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February 2014



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{until next time humorous reflections}

Three Teens Sort of in Love The Valentine’s Day Love Report by Rick Epstein

“Ugh! Get a room!” When my 13-year-old daughter

enough, these brief relationships are conducted almost

catches her parents kissing in the kitchen, she is

entirely by phone and computer.

doubly offended. First, because even mildly physically affectionate





Remember the Giga Pet fad of yesteryear? A


little hand-held computer showed a small beast on

smooching, like getting a tongue pierced, seems

its screen and by pushing various buttons you could

ridiculous and creepy when old people do it.

feed it, play with it or even (virtually) bathe it. Similarly,

Yes, consult any calendar and you’ll find it’s time for the Valentine’s Day Love Report.

Wendy’s relationships depend entirely on electronics and button-pushing. Only rarely do these man-boys

Everyone in our family is in love, or something like it.

materialize — at a dance or for a group movie date. Mercifully, they don’t make house calls. It would make

Our oldest daughter, Marie, 19, is part of a love

switching boyfriends needlessly awkward. I mean, if

triangle. She has two boy pals at college. One of them is

Wendy terminated a boyfriend who was sitting in our

in love with her, but she yearns for the other one. And

living room, she’d have to dispose of the body before

that one is playing hard-to-get. This standoff has been

taking up with his replacement. The logistics are much

giving me peace of mind for almost a year. Of course,

simpler by phone.

I want my daughter to enjoy a mutually

Like the Giga Pet, Wendy is a creature of the

sustaining, loving relationship

computer age. Once, when she was 4, her mother

with a man other than her

pointed out a spectacular sunset. The sky was a

father. I really do. Honest.

dazzling red-orange and the clouds were purple fading

Someday. When she’s

into blue. Little Wendy gasped, “It looks like a screen

Remember the Giga-pet fad of yesteryear? A little hand-held computer showed a small beast on its screen and by pushing various buttons you could feed it, play with it or put it to sleep. Similarly Wendy’s relationships depend entirely upon electronics and button-pushing.

older maybe. Our

saver!” 16-year-

old, Sally, has

With her keyboard and mouse almost like parts


of her body, dare I hope that Wendy is so fully adapted

boyfriend, but they

to hi-tech communications that she will continue to

only get together

transact her love life at a safe, sanitary distance? In

once a week and

an age when faxing seems clunky and low-tech, how

they seem merely

gross is a slobbery smooch?! I’m old-fashioned in a lot

chummy. He’s a nice

of ways, but I’m feeling very progressive on this theory.

kid. He and Sally read

That brings us to Betsy and me. After 22 years of

Twilight books to each

marriage, we have everything pretty well worked out.

other (with expression).

Despite the occasional grumbles about forgetting to





take out the trash, things are going strong.

literature may be girlish, he

In summary, all three teenage daughters are

demonstrates a manly appetite for food

striking some sparks but generating little heat. It’s an

when he comes to dinner. After dealing with finicky,

optimum situation in my view as Dad that I know can’t

girly appetites all these years, it’s pleasant to watch

last, but if parenthood has taught me anything, it this:

him uncritically shovel it in. Not only that, he figured

Savor the moment.

out how to get our new DVD player to work. Meanwhile,





enthusiastically from boyfriend to boyfriend. Happily When not orchestrating the comings and goings of his children, Rick Epstein works for a chain of newspapers.


February 2014

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CharlottesvilleFamily February 2014  
CharlottesvilleFamily February 2014  

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