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The Scoop on UVA The University of Virginia is a bastion of tradition founded by Thomas Jefferson, the most popular man in town. Those who are fond of him often refer to him as TJ or Mr. Jefferson. Whether you’re preparing to enter the university’s hallowed halls for a degree or enjoying a weekend in town, here is your guide to local lingo. We proudly cheer on our Orange and Blue, “The Cavaliers” — “Cavs” for short, or “Wahoos.” What’s a Wahoo? Legend has Photo Credit: Jennifer Jones it that Washington & Lee baseball fans dubbed the UVA players “wahoos” during their fierce in-state rivalry back in the 1890s. By 1940, “Wahoos” was in general use to denote the University students or events relating to them. The abbreviated “Hoos” sprang up later in student newspapers. The area on which UVA sits is called “Grounds,” not “campus,” and freshmen here are called “first-years.” The large, domed building with Mr. Jefferson’s great statue is the Rotunda, and its recent renovation and restoration project of the nearly 200-year-old structure has helped it remain at the heart of the University’s academic mission. It faces a huge grass courtyard known as “The Lawn,” surrounded by historic residences that are still coveted student and faculty residences. From the steps of the Rotunda, you can see “The Corner.” Always abustle, The Corner has a great selection of casual restaurants with college prices and trendy shops that give it a cool vibe.



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Charlottesville Welcome Book Fall Winter 2019  

Exploring Jefferson's Virginia

Charlottesville Welcome Book Fall Winter 2019  

Exploring Jefferson's Virginia