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How to Wear Makeup on an All-Girls Night Out Makeup products are a must to almost every girl in the planet. It does not matter if she is a girly teenager, an outgoing lady or a career woman, you could expect any female to wear at least one particular type of makeup on her face. One of the many occasions that makeup kits play a vital role in a woman’s life is during night outs. While majority of girls wear light makeup during daytime, this is expected to be quite different when night comes. So when you are out with your girlfriends in a bar, anticipate wearing a darker makeup that comprises of striking glitters and shades. You may want to check out the following pieces of advice for that perfect night out makeup. Impressive Cat-Eye If you are aiming for an alluring and flirtatious appearance, then wearing a cat-eye may be just the perfect eye makeup for you. This is done by connecting one’s upper lid lash line to a heavy winging lower lid lash line. Whether you prefer your cat-eye liner thick or thin, there are a few ways on how to manipulate this quite tricky makeup technique. Learn more about Mac makeup kit. First of all, it is suggested that you put on the liner in strokes rather than trying to apply it in one motion so that you could control it without difficulty. If liquid eyeliners are not your thing, then a pencil eye liner or gel- or cream-based eyeliner will do. Just ensure that you opt for a gel- or cream-based liner that offers a sturdy brush for you to easily achieve the cat-eye look. Choosing Between Lips and Eyes While the perfection of a night out makeup may depend on the quality of your makeup kits, like if you are using a Mac make up you could only expect excellent quality, it is also important to be aware of the prime focus you would want on your overall look. In this case, you may choose only one focal point between your lips and eyes and never highlight both. If you want to emphasize your lips for the night, then modulate your eye makeup with natural shades of eye shadow and thin mascara and eyeliner. Since it is all about your lips, make certain that these are properly exfoliated in order for your lipstick to look smooth and pretty. Before applying attention-grabbing colors like deep burgundy, red or coral, it is best to put on a lip balm first.

How to Wear Makeup on an All-Girls Night Out