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Undergraduate Interior Design Portfolio

Ivy Johnson

Table of Contents INTERNSHIP WORK •Quitman Elementary School •North Brooks Elementary School •Robert Cross Park Facility •Sherwood Christian Academy

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UNDERGRADUATE WORK •Grace Southern Restaurant


Spring 2015

•Shinjuku Grand Hotel


Fall 2014

•Everly Mall


Spring 2014

•K&M Family Law Firm


Fall 2013

•Cabin Renovation


Spring 2013

•Residential, Office, & Gallery


Fall 2012

•Living Room Scene Spring 2014



Quitman Elementary School Paint Finish Plan INTERIOR PAINT


Quitman Elementary School Paint Finish Plan


Quitman Elementary School Floor Finish Plan


Quitman Elementary School Floor Finish Plan



Quitman Elementary School Floor Finish Plan


North Brooks Elementary Paint Finish Plan INTERIOR PAINT


North Brooks Elementary Paint Finish Plan


North Brooks Elementary Floor Finish Plan


North Brooks Elementary Floor Finish Plan


Robert Cross Park Facility Finish Selections & Paint Finish Plan INTERIOR FINISHES


Sherwood Christian Academy Paint Pattern Plan INTERIOR PAINT


Sherwood Christian Academy Reception Finish Selection







Shinjuku Grand Hotel is a spa hotel located in Japan. It features five different types of rooms and suites, three restaurants, retail, executive lounge, a full two-story spa, event halls, conference spaces and so much more. There are four main floors and a tower consisting of 30 floors of rooms. The concept of this hotel is ebon-flow which is shown through the use of materials and flow of circulation.

20 The second floor of the hotel features retail, offices, a Japanese fishing restaurant, an undetermined restaurant, and public seating. The third floor of the hotel features event halls, conference rooms, a breakfast room, a gymnasium, a business center, a steakhouse restaurant, and wine tasting.

21 The fourth floor of the hotel features a full, two-story spa and an outdoor pool with juice bar. The first floor of the spa consists of wet therapy rooms, massage rooms, facial rooms, yoga and pilates rooms, a hair salon, private locker and changing rooms, and a product boutique. Upstairs consists of a large bath therapy rom, massage rooms, facial rooms, private massage suites, soaking rooms, tea rooms, locker rooms, and a rock garden with an overhead skylight to let in natural light during the day.

22 Private spa suites are located on the second floor of the spa for the ultimate experience of relaxation, privacy, and view of the city. Automatic, adjustable shades are provided in each room for total privacy from the outside world.

23 The executive suites, located on floors 26-27, are perfect for a couple or small family without breaking the bank. These suites include a private bedroom, living room complete with desk, storage, and kitchenette, a walkthrough closet, and a private bathroom accessible from both the bedroom and the living room.

24 The deluxe suites, located on floor 28, are spacious yet intimate. These suites include a private bedroom and bathroom, a spacious living room with a half bath and private study, and a dining room connected to a kitchen.

25 The Presidential suite located on the very top floor, floor 30, occupies one-third of the floor. It is very spacious and welcoming to guests. It provides a large living room with a grand piano and a fabulous view. Behind the fireplace is a large dining room that can be converted into a private conference room, a wet bar, kitchen, and guest bedroom with a private bathroom. On the other side of the suite you will find a private study with a view, a half bath, couples massage room, and a grand master bedroom complete with a private bathroom and sitting area.



Everly Mall Adjacency Diagram

Everly Mall is a three-story green mall located in California. The mall includes a television station, day care, food court as well as restaurants, shops, offices, a popup farmer’s market, and townhomes. The daycare has an accessible playground and enough room for a range of age groups. The television station has three different stages as well as seating for an audience. The shops, dining, and TV station are accessible for deliveries. It has an open center, shops that feature organic and natural products, and a green roof. If the mall were to ever close, it should be able to be converted into something else such as a townhome complex.

Everly Mall Detailed Adjacency






33 Three-story mall located in California with brick and stone exterior. The interior is open in the center where the food court and ferris wheel are located. The shops over-look the center with a balcony.


Open food court with a variety of food choices and seating for the public.


Three individually designed kiosks located in various parts of the mall. We have an interactive x-box kiosk, a cupcake kiosk, and a pretzel kiosk.


Three individually designed stages: Cooking, music, and shopping talk show.


Two-story town homes located on the 3rd floor. 3 bedroom units with bonus room and 4 bedroom units available. Accessible on the interior and exterior of the mall.


Two-story gym located on the second floor with smoothie bar inside. Includes locker rooms, cardio, weights, spin room, multi-purpose room, and personal training area.


Accessible and rustic coffee shop located on the first floor with an outdoor patio. Serves local and organic coffee.

Intimate yet family friendly Italian restaurant located on the second floor with a wrap-around bar located in the center. Spacious outdoor patio available with large water fountain and variety of tables.



K&M Family Law Firm Concept Statement Family law is an area of law that deals with family-related matters and domestic relations including marriage, adoption, divorce, child abuse, child custody, etc. Due to the different emotions the clients are dealing with, the firm should have a calming and family-friendly atmosphere. The cool colors throughout the design give off a soothing feeling to both the clients and the attorneys. The clients should feel comfortable when discussing matters with their attorneys. Therefore, the firm needs to have as much privacy as possible in order to conduct business. The attorneys, paralegals, and clerks should have enough room to collaborate and study their cases.


K&M Family Law Firm

Open lobby with large conference room located behind reception including a small break room for catered meetings or events. The lobby is both physically and aesthetically separate from the rest of the firm. Large semi-private collaboration room located in the center with private offices and case study rooms surrounding it. Along with a break room located on the outer perimeter of the firm with outside access. Service entrance located near the front of the building for mail and deliveries.


K&M Family Law Firm Space Allocation & Furnished Floor Plan

K&M Family Law Firm Lobby



K&M Family Law Firm Collaboration Room/Lounge


Cabin Renovation The project is a remodeling and expansion of a hunting cabin in Manitoulin Island called Bunkie for Kathy and Harvey Smith. The structure consists of a small travel trailer used as a bedroom, a 4.5m x 4.5m living/kitchen space, and a 3.3m x 3.3m room to the east which is the main entrance and used for storage and guests. It also has a large deck in front of the house. The structure has no internal plumbing or heating system. The occupants use a wood-burning stove and fireplace to heat the house and an outhouse located on the west side of the property as their restroom. The occupants like to vacation to this house in the summertime and during hunting season. They also have many visitors come stay with them during these times but due to the long drive, they usually stay for a period of time. However, the conditions of this house make it difficult to vacation comfortably for a long period of time. They need a larger vacation home with plenty of storage, space, and internal heating and plumbing systems. The existing space will include an expanded kitchen with dining area and guest alcove with a futon equivalent bed. The new space will include a master bedroom with storage for clothing, an inside bathroom with shower, and a mudroom facing west for hunting storage. The structure will also include a deck and screened-in porch.


Cabin Renovation First Floor, Furnished Plan

Open floor plan for easy circulation with a two-story space in the living room, dining room, and foyer. Large front porch and screened in porch for enjoying the view and outdoors easily. Large open kitchen spacious enough for cooking and guests. Freezer storage in mudroom for hunting.

Light pine wood used on porch. Dark wooden floors throughout the interior with warm neutral tones. Grey ceramic tile used in the laundry room, mechanical room, and master bathroom. Granite counter tops with white painted cabinets and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen for a traditional look.

Cabin Renovation


Second Floor, Furnished Plan

Loft area is used for guests when needed. Located above the kitchen and master bath to give the cabin a grand feel with a two-story space above the dining, living, and foyer.

Neutral carpet used throughout the bedrooms and grey ceramic tile used in the bathroom. Grand wooden stair case located in the front with privacy walls for the bedrooms.


Cabin Renovation Living Room

Cabin Renovation Kitchen



Residential, Office, & Gallery Concept Statement The client is an interior designer who has a family of three and works from her home where she manages a gallery and her office. She hosts exhibitions in the gallery and meets with clients in her home office. She requires a multifunctional building that consists of a private residential space accessible by stair and a public office/gallery with a handicap accessible bathroom. The downstairs area should be inviting. A place for socialization, interaction, and surprise. The upstairs area should be cozy, private, and relaxing. It should be a place where the family can unwind from the day and call their home. It should also be a place where they can cook, clean, and prepare for the day.


Residential, Office, & Gallery First Floor, Furnished Plan

The client needed a spacious gallery for visitors and events. She also needed a semi-private office to conduct business with her clients separate from the gallery. There is a handicap accessible restroom located towards the back of the building for the gallery visitors, clients, and herself. There is also a hidden stair for access to her residence.


Residential, Office, & Gallery Second Floor, Furnished Plan

The client is married with a teenage daughter. She needed a cozy residence above her business for her family to live comfortably. There is a spacious living room, dining room, and kitchen for her family to share along with two bedrooms, private bathrooms, and a laundry room.


Residential, Office, & Gallery Art Gallery

The gallery is a space for local artists to display their work that is open to the public and also for event use.


Residential, Office, & Gallery Living Room

Spacious living room open to the dining room and easy access to the kitchen. Exposed wooden beams and brick for a rustic urban feel. Entry and exit stairs located at the front.


3DS Max Living Room Scene

Undergrad Interior Design Portfolio  
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