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[Driving in France Guide] Renting a Car in France: Everything you need to know about finding, booking and driving a car rental in France

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Pub Date: 2015-06-14 | Binding : Kindle Edition | Label : Auto Europe | Author : Auto Europe | Publisher : Auto Europe

Learn all about driving in France and stay safe during your upcoming trip. This guide to renting a car and driving in France has been written by experts and insiders at Auto Europe, an international leader in the car rental industry, specializing in car rentals in France and throughout Europe for over 60 years. We've learned a lot while working with the most trusted car rental companies in France and we're happy to share our experience and industry know-how to help make your trip worry-free. Download this in-depth France travel guide today and prepare to find your ideal rental car free of hassles, hidden fees and high prices. Things You'll Learn in This Guide to Renting a Car and Driving in France: **Will it be too intimidating or difficult to drive in Paris or on roads in the French Countryside? While road signs and traffic laws may be different, driving in France can be just as easy as driving in the US. Educate yourself on the basic rules of the road and learn about the few places you’ll want to avoid so you can navigate like a local and say "Au revoir!" to driving anxieties! **What do all those categories, codes, and abbreviations mean, anyway? While it may seem complicated, common car rental jargon is easily deciphered. Understanding it can help you save cash on your rental ... we'll show you how. **Why, exactly, does anyone have to pay extra charges at the car rental desk and why isn’t pricing for rental cars simple and straight-forward? The car rental industry is a complicated business with dozens of suppliers who use different terms and charge different fees. The good news is you can stay ahead of the curve with a little help from Auto Europe's industry insiders! We'll tell you what you need to know to help you save time and money. You'll also find a resource list with links to some of our favorite driving itineraries - these detailed guides are a great way to get inspired for your driving tour of France!

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[driving in france guide] renting a car in france everything you need to know about finding, booking  
[driving in france guide] renting a car in france everything you need to know about finding, booking