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A Quick Guide On How To Get Admission In MBA Provided By The Major Business Schools In The World MBA is the most sought after educational qualification in the current job market. MBA course, besides providing an excellent networking opportunity also offers the required exposure to the corporate world on a whole. This course transforms an individual into a responsible and well informed human being which can take any problem heads on and take quick and proper reactive decision. However, the admission in MBA provided by the leading business school of the world is definitely not an easy task. Admission in MBA provided by some of the major business schools of the world require an individual to go through a stringent screening process which makes sure that only the best get admission for MBA. How to get admission for MBA In order to get admission to business school, you need to apply for the same. To begin with, you need to apply for an aptitude test conducted by the testing body. This test generally consists of questions drawn from verbal ability, quantitative ability and logical reasoning ability and are asked in multiple choice questions format. Depending on your score on the test you need to submit an application for MBA to the college. This application for MBA consists of an application essay and other required information such as your educational background and details, information regarding your work experience etc. Application essay is nothing but a statement of purpose of doing MBA and special emphasis should be there on drafting a good essay. It is this essay on which your admission to business school majorly depends upon. After you have submitted application MBA and you are shortlisted for the interview, you are called by the admissions panel of the business school. In the interview you can be asked questions based on your application MBA, your work experience, your education, current affairs or simply anything under the sun. For example, Indian School of Business, better known as ISB which is one of the finest business schools of the world has a very strict selection criterion. ISB admissions requirements are at least 2 years of work experience, a GMAT score (which is usually 720 +), TOFEL, /IELTS score if English was not the medium

of education apart from the regular bachelor’s degree. It also requires ISB essay to be submitted with the application. However even after submitting all the necessary things for ISB admissions and submitting ISB essay, every year lots of people fail to make it to the college. This show how tough is the admission procedure. Making things easier In case you too are willing to get admission into the major business schools of the world, you can take the service of any professional mentor company which specialises in preparing you for GMAT tests and interviews. They also usually help in drafting a good essay for your application. Also in case you are planning to pursue an international MBA, it helps you in narrowing down your application choices by providing the details and suggestions a about the best business schools according to your overall professional profile. If you are unsure which business school to apply or if you are confused about preparation, etc. you should take the services of these companies

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If you are unsure which business school to apply or if you are confused about preparation, etc. you should take the services of these compan...