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content Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. Mission Statement The mission of Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. is, on behalf of the City of Santa Monica, to promote economic stability,


growth and community life within


Downtown Santa Monica through responsible planning, development, management and coordination of programs, projects and services designed to benefit the community as a whole which includes


Downtown businesses, property owners, residents and visitors.




a vital service District Map Downtown Zones district objectives DTSM's Objectives Stakeholders Survey maintenance ď‚­ ambassadors Maintenance Reports Ambassador / Mystery Shopper Reports Thank You Notes from Patrons Meet Your Teams

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brand, image, and marketing Publicity and Communications Website and Social Media Information Resources DTSM Events

special projects ď‚­ GOALS Ongoing Special Projects FY 2012/2013 Goals


financial report


who we are

a message The next few years are going to be a very exciting time for Downtown Santa Monica. Many projects are underway which will change the face of our district, and Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. is integrally involved in helping shepherd these projects along. The new Downtown will have even more to offer our residents and guests, bolstering our status as the true heart of Santa Monica. The past year has been all about planning for this bright future. Last year, the City adopted the Santa Monica Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) and began developing the Downtown Specific Plan, a document that establishes land use, circulation and building standards for the Downtown District. We have worked closely with City staff to shape these important guiding principles and an overall vision for Downtown. We looked carefully at Downtown Santa Monica’s aging infrastructure by conducting an Infrastructure Assessment Study that took inventory of Downtown’s urban assets. The resulting assessment will provide direction on future enhancements that can be implemented to refresh the area and improve the overall experience. Our board has also been focused on providing input on the many public development projects that are slated for Downtown which include the Expo Light Rail and Colorado Esplanade, development of city-acquired land at 4th/5th and Arizona and the rebuild of Parking Structure 6. In addition to these City initiatives, there is a great deal of private investment coming to the area with a new movie theater, new hotel projects and mixed-use housing developments. We have, and will continue to provide, thoughtful input on these projects to sustain Downtown as a thriving urban beachside community. As all of these projects progress, DTSM is committed to keeping Downtown clean and welcoming through our Ambassador and Maintenance programs. In addition, we have continued to reinforce the Downtown Santa Monica brand through proactive public relations outreach and innovative partner marketing programs. We’ve worked behind-the-scenes to build a comprehensive website which will soon provide guests with a valuable improved resource to further help spread the word that we are indeed “Everyone’s DowntownSM.” We head into this new fiscal year with anticipation for continued collaboration, productivity and prosperity for Santa Monica. Sincerely,

Kathleen Rawson

Johannes Van Tilburg




Downtown Santa Monica

a vital service

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM, Inc.) oversees the day-to-day operations in Downtown Santa Monica including the Ambassador and Enhanced Maintenance programs, management of capital improvements, marketing, events and special projects. The DTSM Board of Directors maintains a clear vision for Downtown, in partnership with the City, guiding the area’s development and ensuring that it continues to be a wonderful place to live, visit, and do business.

downtown zones

Parking Structure



Parking Structure


The Downtown Santa Monica Property-based Business Assessment District (PBAD) encompasses the core of the Downtown area bounded by Wilshire Boulevard to the north, 7th Court to the east, the Santa Monica Freeway to the south and Ocean Avenue to the west. The area is broken into three zones, with three different levels of service and benefit.



1 Bhaki Yoga


Parking Structure

UCLA Family Commons


Parking Structure











Parking Structure





Parking Structure





P 1 Block To The Pier & Beach


Parking Structure


Parking Structure











Parking Structure


Attendant on duty



Parking Structure

Palisades Park




 Zone 1: Promenade Encompasses the Third Street Promenade pedestrian mall, inclusive of three blocks fronting Third Street between Wilshire Boulevard and Broadway.  Zone 2: Bayside/Ocean Consists of 2nd and 4th Streets, including the 2nd and 4th Street public parking structures, Ocean Avenue corridors and Santa Monica Place shopping center.  Zone 3: Downtown Includes the remainder of the Downtown District generally east of 4th Street to 7th Court.


Downtown Santa Monica

district objectives

Downtown Santa Monica Inc.’s goal is to enhance and promote Downtown Santa Monica through maintenance, marketing, advocacy, beautification and capital improvement programs. Working hand-in-hand with the City, DTSM is committed to ensuring Downtown remains a world-class destination as well as a safe and vibrant community for those who live and work here.

DTSM's objectives, fy 2011/2012 Over this past year, DTSM has met the following objectives:  Providing enhanced maintenance services that keep the streets clean and welcoming to all  Overseeing the Downtown Ambassador Program, which welcomes residents and visitors to the area  Organizing events and promotions that attract patrons to Downtown and reinforce the district’s sense of authenticity  Advising the City in matters related to long-term planning, and serving as an advocate on behalf of stakeholders throughout the District

"Downtown Santa Monica’s prosperity is vitally important to the health of Santa Monica as a whole. It is an important economic engine for the City. Santa Monica is fortunate to have the

stakeholders survey*

strong support for marketing and maintenance provided by DTSM.

In 2011, DTSM conducted a survey of Downtown property owners and businesses to get a snapshot of overall satisfaction with the services being provided by the organization and general improvements in the area. The charts below show the highest scoring criteria and their ratings within each category:

The City also relies on DTSM as

Characteristics of Downtown 1. Image 2. Cleanliness 3. Appearance

public and private investment in

Services Provided 1. Ambassador Services 2. Graffiti Removal 3. Sidewalk Cleaning 4. Litter Removal

Ambassador Services Provided 1. Directions 2. Hand Out Brochures 3. Visibility on Segway®

an important sounding board for decisions involving new the downtown as well as events and infrastructure. This is a








46% 27% 3
























 did you know? This year, Downtown Santa Monica businesses produced nearly one billion

Very Good


87 surveys were submitted: 70% business owners, 30% property owners. Areas Needing Improvement: Business Attraction and Retention, Transient Issues, Parking Availability/Vehicular Access/Circulation, Public Safety.

Much Better



dollars in taxable sales volume. An analysis of sales figures shows sales volume has been steadily increasing—a good economic indicator—over the last few years.

winning combination."


City Manager City of Santa Monica


maintenance and ambassadors

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.’s Operations and Maintenance Department maintains a high level of cleanliness and customer service for the Downtown area via its Enhanced Maintenance and Ambassador Programs. To accomplish this, DTSM Operations manages a series of budgets, programs, and vendors, and regularly coordinates its efforts with its counterparts in the City of Santa Monica.

enhanced maintenance DTSM maintenance teams work together with the City to sweep, scrub and pressure wash sidewalks and parking structures. Our maintenance crews also remove litter and graffiti and improve the appearance of all public spaces in Downtown. In addition to managing the enhanced maintenance budget, DTSM works with the City’s Community Maintenance Department to ensure the completion of daily and special maintenance projects in Downtown. enhanced maintenance accomplishments, fy 2011/2012

 Removed bulky items: 566  Removed incidents of graffiti: 1,531  Removed flyers and stickers: 2,738

 Pressure washed square feet of public street: 2,125,258  Collected pounds of trash: 15,640 lbs  People who used Structure 4 public restroom: 420,526

" The Downtown District continues to attract out of town visitors as well as local patrons. The upgraded maintenance standards and the wonderful Ambassador Program create a clean, safe and vibrant environment that encourages

General Maintenance Frequencies and Activities

businesses to locate in Santa Monica and visitors to return

3x / day  Clean and maintain structure restrooms (including restocking hand towels and other supplies)  Clean and maintain elevator interiors  Empty structure trash and replace trash can bags  Walk structures removing loose trash and debris

often. The programs definitely enhance the Downtown experience for everyone who visits, lives or works in the area."

daily  Mop structure stairwells, restrooms, landings, and lobby areas  Report non-functioning lights in structures, including elevators  Spray and wipe down handrails in structure stairwells  Spray and wipe signage and trash can surfaces  Spray and wipe walls in structure restrooms, lobby areas, stairwells and landings weekly  Clean and deodorize trash can liners

Sharon Myer

Regional Property Manager Southern California Federal Realty

continuously  Remove graffiti, flyers, and handbills from structures  Emergency maintenance issues, such as spill clean-ups, are attended to immediately


Maintenance  ambassadorS

itemized Maintenance reports

{ Pressure washing }

DTSM Maintenance teams record all actions including the removal of debris, flyers/stickers, graffiti, landscaping, illegal dumping, damaged news racks, as well as restroom and infrastructure issues.

Pressure Washing In Downtown* Current contracted pressure washing services: Monthly

A comparison of year-end Maintenance Reports for 2011 and 2012 provides some interesting insights. Our teams dealt with larger amounts of trash, vandalism and other issues in the Downtown core this year, reflecting higher visitor numbers and increased Downtown usage.

 Zone 1: Third Street Promenade, 2nd and 3rd St. alleys  Parking Structures #1–#6, #9 and #10 (Main Areas: lobbies, elevator landings) every 2 months  Zone 2: 2nd and 4th St., Ocean Ave. (including all intersecting side streets and alleys within the boundary)

Year-end Maintenance Reports Two Year Comparison


debris by zone



Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3

10,816 3,060 1,288

15,702 7,138 315

stickers by zone



Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3

741 818 523

802 1,155 781

graffiti by zone



Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3

359 863 577

54 889 488

 Parking Structures #1–#6, #9 and #10 (Detailing: cleaning high traffic areas) annually  Parking Structures #1–#6, #9 and #10 as needed  Downtown Hotspots (areas of need)

With the help of H2O Power Wash and Steam, Inc., maintenance polished all of the vinyl floors in parking structure stairwells, elevators and landings to enhance the overall appearance.

 did you know?

Enhanced Maintenance did the following:  Installed 16 spotlight fixtures on the Promenade to enhance lighting  Purchased a Miles Electric Vehicle to help maintenance teams navigate parking structures



The City of Santa Monica is responsible for pressure washing in Zone 3. Macerich (Santa Monica Place) is responsible for maintenance in Parking Structures #7 and #8.

ambassador program

{ Quality of life interactions }

Downtown Santa Monica’s Ambassadors provide a welcome face for the District and assist guests. The Ambassador Program deploys hospitality guides throughout Downtown, on foot and on Segway® to provide concierge services for Downtown users, to report on maintenance issues, and to serve as “eyes and ears” to quality of life issues that should be reported to the Santa Monica Police Department.

DTSM Ambassadors are the first line of defense in dealing with Quality of Life issues in Downtown Santa Monica. Comparing reports from 2011–2012, we see a significant downward trend in the number of incidents being recorded, signifying overall improvement in the quality of life in Downtown, and the positive results of our programs.

Ambassador accomplishments, fy 2011/2012

 Arts and Entertainment Referrals: 1,345  Restroom Directions: 6,554  Business Referrals: 78,232  Shopping Tips: 2,626  Pedestrian Assists: 57,567  Vehicle Assists: 1,196 (including 250 jump starts)

Quality of Life Issues in Downtown Santa Monica issues

FY 2010/11

FY 2011/12

Abandoned Items


346 169

Aggressive Panhandling


Filming Without a Permit



Public Disturbance



Sleeping in Public









 did you know?

Ambassadors did the following:  Referred 5,029 patrons to the local bus system  Referred 5,155 patrons to local dining establishments  Escorted 451 patrons to their vehicles 11

Maintenance  ambassadorS

mystery shopper reports

{ mystery shopper judging criteria }

DTSM has been working with a “mystery shopper” organization for many years to evaluate and ensure the overall effectiveness of the Ambassador and Maintenance programs. Shoppers, acting as guests, observe and interact with the Ambassadors and observe the general environment on Third Street Promenade, in the parking garages, and the surrounding area, reporting back on every aspect of their customer experience.

Hospitality Ambassadors  Easy to locate  Looked neat and clean / made eye contact and smiled  Welcomed people walking by and were friendly  Answered questions in a friendly manner  Demonstrated knowledge of the area  Offered additional info beyond question

DTSM prides itself on giving top-quality, memorable service and maintaining attractive, clean surroundings. These detailed “snapshots” help DTSM shape and streamline the program for maximum effectiveness. Below are the results for FY 2011/2012:

Parking Garage  Clearly marked and easy to locate  Clean and well maintained  Stairwells and elevators were clean and free of trash  Restrooms were clean, well-stocked, easy to locate

Mystery Shopper Average Results By Category (see sidebar on right for category criteria)

Garage Maintenance Staff  Clean team members were actively cleaning  Uniforms were reasonably clean  Greeted you pleasantly when you approached  Made eye contact and smiled  Answered questions in a friendly manner  Provided a pleasant closing

mystery shopper category  Hospitality Ambassadors  Parking Garage  Garage Maintenance Staff  Santa Monica Police/Community Service Officers  Downtown Walking Area  Visitor Welcome Kiosk and Kiosk Ambassador  Landscaped Areas  Overall

avg. SCORE 93.1% 95.0% 91.7% 81.7% 96.1% 95.2% 99.2% 88.2%

 Mystery shoppers scored Ambassadors and Maintenance Teams at an average of 92.4% for FY 2011/2012


Santa Monica Police / Community Service Officers  Officers were easy to locate and identify  Officers were alone / not in a group of 2 or more  Greeted you pleasantly when you approached  Made eye contact and smiled  Answered questions in a friendly manner  Provided a pleasant closing Downtown Walking Area  Area was clean and free of trash  Was trash receptacle more than ¾ full  Walkways and benches were attractive and in good repair  Area felt busy with a fair number of people present

Thank you Notes from patrons Visitor Welcome Kiosk and Kiosk Ambassador  Easy to locate  Available services were clearly displayed  Area was clean and free of trash  Looked neat and clean / made eye contact and smiled  Welcomed and acknowledged people passing by  Answered questions in a friendly manner  Demonstrated knowledge of the area  Offered additional info beyond question  Provided a pleasant closing Landscaped Areas  Flower beds looked neat and orderly  Flowers were in bloom and not dying from lack of water  Grass was green and well trimmed / mowed  Planters were attractive and in good condition  There were very few weeds that could be seen Overall  Overall impressions of all team members encountered  Overall impressions of conditions encountered  Would you recommend visiting this area to others

Every day, DTSM receives emails from visitors from around the world thanking us for providing our Ambassador service. These notes are unsolicited, and are most welcome as they provide us with great feedback on the success of our program. Here are some examples of the kudos we’ve received in the past year: From: Victoria, British columbia, canada

I just want to say how helpful your ambassadors were to us as visitors from Canada and not knowing our way around. We shopped at the Santa Monica Third St. Promenade and needed directions to the Saddle Back Church. Your ambassadors went out of their way to help us giving us bus routes and directions how to get there. Our ambassador was John J. Devereaux, he was most cordial, helpful and went out of his way to make sure we got to our destination. Thank you for being there. We loved Santa Monica, what a beautiful place. Corinne Okell

From: Santa Monica, CA

I would like to say thank you to Charlie Medina for assisting me yesterday. I was having trouble figuring out how to remove my bike from another bike that had been locked to mine. Charlie took the time to help me undo my brakes and successfully remove my bike from the other bike. Ambassadors are truly an asset to our city and I'm extremely grateful for their friendly service. Thank you, Nichole Earl

From: Argentina

Vivimos en Argentina y, hace pocos días, el lunes exactamente, despues de visitar una parte de California, regresamos a nuestro país. Estuvimos en Santa Mónica y, al preguntar a una señora en la calle, JACQUELINE, tuvimos la enorme sorpresa, de que nos contestara en español y contribuyó a nuestro conocimiento de la ciudad y sus costumbres. Queríamos demostrar nuestro agradecimiento, por la atención al turista. Los saluda atte. Berta Gutman


meet your teams Maintenance  ambassadorS

Scott Crandall Regional VP Block by Block

day-shift ambassadors L–R: Horatio Gipson, Herschel Hood, Yves Marton, Ebony Gadlin, Paulita Elliott, Jacqueline Ashouroof, Susan Reardon, Niki Svara, Johnathon Danzy, Teresa Banks, Jerry Seyford

overnight-shift and day-shift maintenance L–R: Ricardo Grajeda, Ernesto Esparza, Raymond Turner, Walter Goodin, Arturo Gonzales, Jose Arredondo

night-shift ambassadors L–R: John Devereaux, Calvin Williams, Gabriela Ruiz, Taywanna Hightower, Mike Lucas, Vincent Green, Luis Flores, Nick Stein, Michael Wilson, Vaughn Lewis

mid-shift maintenance L–R: Lillian Garcia, Jose Gonzales, LaQuita Brown

Paulita Elliot Operations Manager Block by Block

Vincent Green Operations Supervisor Block by Block


{ maintenance: before and after } " The Downtown Santa Monica Ambassadors play a very important role in maintaining the overall quality of life in Downtown. Pressure Washing: Sidewalks at Wilshire and 4th Streets

Graffiti Incident: Parking Structure 4


Santa Monica Police Department to not only observe what

{ ambassadors and maintenance: crews at work } 1

They work closely with the

transpires on the streets, but


also to ensure that the area feels welcoming. They are extremely valuable partners to have. The men and women of the Santa Monica Police Department are

6 2


appreciative of the Ambassadors’ contributions as they work with us to maintain a safe and vibrant Downtown experience."

 Crews at Work: (1) Chrysalis Team along Arizona Ave., (2) Segway® Ambassador along the Promenade, (3) Maintenance Crews replace light bulbs as needed, (4) Chrysalis Team cleans throughout Downtown in highly trafficked areas, (5) Ambassadors use DTSM Kiosks to direct patrons, (6) Maintenance Crews spray and wipe parking structure surfaces daily.

Chief jacqueline Seabrooks Chief of Police City of Santa Monica


brand, image, and marketing

DTSM’s Marketing Department promotes all of Downtown Santa Monica to locals, tourists and area employees. Over the last year, we have worked to develop and communicate a clear identity for Downtown Santa Monica as a warm and welcoming, urban beachside community. Strong brand equity, community-focused events, strategic media outreach and effective marketing continue to be the primary focus.

goals and objectives, fy 2011/2012  Protect and elevate a strong brand image for Downtown Santa Monica as a thriving urban community  Encourage consumers to enjoy local Downtown Santa Monica experiences and traditions  Manage public perception of the district via a tactical communications plan  Take an active role in the community through strategic partnerships with various local organizations and businesses  Assist area businesses in promoting their products and services

outside event and filming requests In FY 2011/2012, major brands and production companies continued to file applications to film and hold events on the world-famous Third Street Promenade. DTSM worked closely with these companies to host seamless events as well as movie and commercial shoots. These events are considered non-DTSM events. Non-DTSM Events and Filmings

"Downtown Santa Monica has developed an incredibly strong brand for the Downtown area by promoting key aspects of the identity that are exciting and instantly recognizable by visitors and locals alike. DTSM’s marketing efforts are integral to the continued success of Downtown businesses and the area as a whole, helping to shape perception and bring attention to everything that

FY 2011/2012 Event type


Non-DTSM Events Filmings

40 85

makes Downtown Santa Monica so great."

FY 2010/2011 Event type


Non-DTSM Events Filmings

61 91

Laurel rosen

President/CEO Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

 Pictured Above: MAC Hey Sailor! summer product launch


brand, image, marketing

publicity and communications

{ media impressions}

The primary function of DTSM’s media relations program is to generate positive coverage for the area through strategic media placement in key regional, national and international outlets. This year, DTSM focused on securing coverage of Downtown Santa Monica’s rebranding and signature events—Dating Downtown, Cinema on the Street, Winterlit and ICE—along with a wide variety of local interest stories.

Print and Online

Downtown Santa Monica has been featured in national and international magazines as well as national and local newspapers and blogs.

(June 2011–June 2012)

187,521,665 TV and Radio

(June 2011–June 2012)

146,238,125 Press Releases and Media Alerts

(Written and Distributed)


{ pr generated } Santa Monica, Local (outlets include)

 L–R: Westways, Santa Monica Daily Press, Los Angeles Times.


In 2011, Santa Monica was named one of “America’s Best Downtowns” by Forbes Magazine.

Los Angeles, Local and National (outlets include)

 did you know?

Argonaut / CityTV / Daily Breeze Lookout News / Palisades Post Santa Monica Daily Press Santa Monica Mirror Santa Monica Observer Santa Monica Patch / The Corsair

"...a lively mix of people can live and work near the downtown area. All of Santa Monica is pretty walkable and compact, says Jason Clampet, senior online editor for"

BizBash / Huffington Post KABC-TV / KNBC-TV KNX-AM / KTTV-TV / LAist Los Angeles Business Journal Los Angeles Times / People Magazine Sacramento Bee / Westways Where Magazine


social media

website launch

In 2011/2012, DTSM Marketing successfully integrated social media, including such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare into its marketing campaigns to effectively reach target consumers and build a loyal fan base. We developed a sincere, likable persona for the brand; provided interesting, valuable content; and built an active following of engaged fans that frequent the area.

This year, DTSM, Inc. Marketing worked extensively to redevelop the website. The overall appearance, functionality and content has been restructured to embody the District’s newly identified brand. The site houses core information about the area, along with specific sections for property owners, businesses and locals. The new site also includes aggressive search engine optimization, sophisticated mapping functions and links to DTSM’s social networking programs to increase traffic to and awareness of the site. The new DTSM website launch is coming soon. Below is a sneak peak of the new layout and design.

social media accomplishments, fy 2011/2012

 DTSM acquired 2,003 new Facebook Fans, an increase of 112%  DTSM acquired 1,336 new Twitter Followers, an increase of 50%  DTSM averaged 146 Foursquare check-ins a month  DTSM acquired 7,071 YouTube channel views on a total of 13 videos

L–R: DTSM Twitter Page,  DTSM Facebook Page.


{ public sentiment }

Social media is very important to the DTSM brand. Conversation has increased dramatically in the last year as more people use social media sites to talk about the brand and because we have positioned ourselves as the go-to resource for information about Santa Monica via our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

DTSM conducts broad searches on the internet, measuring positive and negative sentiment tied to Downtown Santa Monica. This monitoring provides “big picture” snapshots giving us valuable feedback.

Semantic clouds

A tag cloud, or semantic cloud, is a visual representation of the importance of various key words (or tags), shown by font size or color, or both. Every month, DTSM tracks key words tied to Downtown Santa Monica to see how much they are being used in conversations on the internet. This way we can measure which way public sentiment is trending and adjust our marketing campaigns accordingly. Comparison from 2011 to 2012 reflects the following highlights: June 2011

July 2012

 The phrase “Santa Monica” appears, separate from “Angeles”  The words “Promenade” and “shopping” have shown up for the first time  DTSM-promoted events, music, dining, and Farmers' Markets are steadily rising  Positive words, such as “home,” “good,” “local” and “family” are making their way up to the top, with no negatives associated









FY 2010/2011

FY 2011/2012

 In the past year, although Santa Monica was frequently in the media limelight, sentiment levels remained consistent.  Positive sentiment in comments about DTSM has stayed steady at 54%  Negative sentiment in comments about DTSM has stayed steady at 6%



Sentiment Comments About DTSM Two Year Comparison


The powerful results of our campaigns were captured in ongoing reporting from our digital agency. We could see the direct impact our programs were having and could respond directly.


brand, image, marketing

social media reporting

information resources

{On-Street resources}


Back-lit Directories: Found on the Promenade, these DTSM directories provide way-finding and current information about local events.

Each year, DTSM publishes 200,000 copies of the quarterly Directory Guide. This fourcolor magazine includes a directory of all the businesses in Downtown, a map of the area and calendar of events. It is distributed by Ambassadors to visitors on the street, to Downtown merchants, hotels, services and attractions in Santa Monica. Regionally it is distributed at hotels and information centers.


DTSM maintains communication with community stakeholders, residents and merchants through various printed pieces, such as The Beat, a quarterly community newsletter, and The Memo, a monthly publication highlighting key information for Downtown businesses.

Elevator Clings: Found in the parking structures, these clings keep visitors up-to-date on local happenings in highly visible, well-trafficked areas.

Brochures and Collateral

DTSM debuted several new collateral pieces this year, designed to inform the public about DTSM programs and services. The new, easy-to-read Ambassador and Maintenance brochure explains the programs for newcomers to the area, and the Homeless Outreach brochure describes how DTSM partners with service providers to assist our homeless constituents. 21

marketing programs

brand, image, marketing



In FY 2011/2012, DTSM worked with Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau and LA Inc. to promote Santa Monica to domestic and international visitors.

DTSM also continued to reach out to local guests via a number of initiatives, including:

 DTSM hosted several familiarization (FAM) tours for travel agents and tour operators from all over the world.  DTSM partnered with Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau in their booth at International POW WOW in Downtown Los Angeles, the largest international travel trade show in the U.S. DTSM also hosted more than 300 buyers at the POW WOW Shop America event at Santa Monica Place.  DTSM’s Marketing Department created the first-ever Visitor Rewards Book—an attractive, handy booklet filled with more than $1,000 in incentive offers.  DTSM provided visitors with a variety of resources designed to inform them of all there is to see and do in the District including Downtown Santa Monica spots on City Explorer TV (aired in 25,000 hotel rooms per month throughout L.A.), and monthly ads in Where Magazine.

Clockwise: Visitor Rewards Book,  POW WOW 2012 Booth, Shop America Event.


 The Buy Local movement gained momentum this year with the second annual Buy Local Expo on Third Street Promenade and Buy Local Day. In addition, DTSM promoted Buy Local businesses through a series of CityTV segments and print ads.  Every year, LA Inc. teams with American Express and local restaurants to produce DineLA, a strategic marketing program designed to showcase and promote Los Angeles as one of the world’s premier dining destination. DTSM worked with Downtown restaurants to secure participation and the requisite discounts.  DTSM Marketing continued to host quarterly merchant meetings in 2011-2012 to discuss hot topics, plan events and inform businesses about DTSM’s efforts. In addition to these meetings, DTSM holds regular one-on-one visits with merchants in order to strengthen relationships.  Employees continued to enjoy the perks of working in Downtown by signing up for DTSM’s Employee Discount Program that offers special discounts and other shopping incentives at participating stores and restaurants.

L–R: Buy Local Day, Merchant Meeting. 

DTSM-Sponsored events One of DTSM’s main objectives is to organize events and promotions that attract locals, customers, and visitors to Downtown, while reinforcing the district’s brand and authenticity. This year we accomplished that with a variety of special events designed to target and appeal to a multitude of different Downtown Santa Monica audiences.

Dating Downtown

In an effort to showcase Downtown businesses, and create an event series for singles, DTSM launched Dating DowntownSM just in time for summer. Couples were invited to take cooking lessons at Border Grill, learn to salsa at The Dance Doctor, attend romantic readings at Barnes and Noble, for reduced prices or free.

Cinema on the Street

In July, 2011, DTSM introduced a brand new family-friendly film series of outdoor movies, shown on the Promenade. Guests grabbed blankets, chairs and beach towels, and gathered under the stars to watch movies like “The Princess Bride” and “The Goonies.”

Valentine's Day

Third Street Promenade was transformed into Cupid’s playground with a Valentine’s Day Photo Booth and “Share the Love Wall” to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Visitors took pictures, added notes expressing their own special reasons for loving Downtown Santa Monica, and then posted their cards on the “Share the Love Wall” for all to enjoy.

 did you know?

 Cinema on the Street, 4 Screenings, Total Attendance:1,000  Share the Love Valentine's Event, Photos Taken Over 3 days: 400  Buy Local Arts and Crafts Event, Bags Decorated: 500  DTSM Annual Meeting, Total Attendance: 200 23

DTSM Holiday events

brand, image, marketing

The winter holidays are a special time of year in Downtown Santa Monica. DTSM produces annual holiday programming that includes outdoor holiday décor throughout Downtown Santa Monica, free family-focused events in the months of November and December, a holiday tree lighting ceremony and concert and the beloved, ICE at Santa Monica, Santa Monica’s premier outdoor ice skating facility. Each of these initiatives is geared to draw out locals and create traditions for the community, as well as drive sales to retail and restaurant locations in the District. ICE at Santa Monica

For the past five years, Downtown Santa Monica has been home to ICE at Santa Monica, an 8,000 square foot outdoor ice skating rink made of real ice. This community rink is located in the heart of Downtown and has quickly become a cherished winter pastime in Santa Monica. DTSM kicked off this year with a special Community Grand Opening Celebration, hosted by 5-time Gold Medalist, Randy Gardner. The evening featured a special appearance by Olympic Gold Medalist, Tara Lipinksi, and performances by the California Gold Synchronized Skating Team, and duo skating team, Ashleigh Cahn and Brandon Larcom. Guests were treated to a full night of free skating to music from DJ Dlux, along with kids’ crafts and activities.

 did you know?

In 2011, ICE at Santa Monica welcomed:  250,000 visitors and 60,000 paying skaters  ICE Grand Opening, Total Attendance: 800


{holiday event partnerships} Winterlit Celebrations

PAL Best Gift Ever Drive

This year, DTSM celebrated Black Friday weekend and kick-started the Downtown Santa Monica holiday shopping season with the annual Winterlit Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony and Concert starring breakout recording artist Andy Grammer. 1,500 guests were treated to a special performance by Grammer who returned to Downtown Santa Monica where he was discovered singing on Third Street Promenade. Opening for Andy was YouTube sensation, Savannah Outen.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Santa Monica Police Activities League (PAL), Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. and Santa Monica Place jointly sponsored the Best Gift Ever Toy Drive. From mid-November through December 13th community members and local businesses were invited to donate gifts at several drop locations. On December 15th, community volunteers and local dignitaries gathered to wrap and distribute gifts to hundreds of less fortunate children.

Santa Monica area temples and synagogues also celebrated Chanukah by lighting candles on the Third Street Promenade Menorah each night from December 20-27. In addition, DTSM continued its Santa’s Little Savers tradition—surprising 50 holiday shoppers by thanking them for choosing to shop in Downtown Santa Monica and paying for their purchases up to $100 per transaction.

arthur christmas holiday activities

This year’s Winterlit was even more exciting as Aardman and Sony Pictures Animation celebrated their new holiday movie release, “Arthur Christmas,” with 12 days of free children’s events in Downtown Santa Monica. From November 13-24, kids were invited to come to Third Street Promenade and the ICE Skating rink to participate in fun “Arthur Christmas”themed holiday activities.

L–R: Ambassadors as Santa's Little Savers,  Winterlit Concert starring recording artist Andy Grammer.


special projects and goals

This year, DTSM—working in conjunction with the City—has focused on planning for a wide variety of special projects that promise to transform the way patrons access, navigate and experience Downtown. DTSM has helped guide development of the Downtown Specific and Interim Parking Plans and provided direction on a variety of exciting new developments in Downtown. DTSM has also assessed Downtown’s infrastructure and created a plan for its overall enhancement.

Special projects downtown infrastructure enhancements

In 2011/2012, the DTSM Board commissioned Suisman Urban Design to conduct a comprehensive assessment of Downtown’s current infrastructure. The resulting study provided a complete inventory of existing assets and a strategic outline for enhancement of the area. In the coming year, DTSM Board and staff will begin the process of implementing pilot design elements from these recommendations and will seek assistance from the City to make these necessary updates a reality. downtown specific plan

DTSM worked in conjunction with the City of Santa Monica towards creating the Downtown Specific plan—a document that will shape the future of the beach city’s core. The Plan, which is in the process of being finalized, articulates the types of buildings that can be built, and addresses key issues such as parking, traffic, circulation, way-finding and design, and density. A draft plan is expected to be complete by spring 2013 and be finalized and adopted by summer 2013.

" The Downtown Specific Plan will play a key role in determining the future look, feel and functionality of Downtown Santa Monica. DTSM, Inc.’s continued involvement in the shaping of the plan is vital to the overall success of the area and its imminent development. The Plan, once implemented, will ensure

4th/5th Street and Arizona Development

DTSM is coordinating with the City to guide the development of City-owned properties between 4th and 5th Streets, south of Arizona Avenue, into an exciting new mixed-use development project providing new amenities and energy for Downtown residents and visitors.

that Downtown Santa Monica is a pedestrian-friendly, easily accessible place full of wonderful things to see and do."

Expo Line and Colorado Esplanade

The Expo Light Rail Line is the first mass transit line to connect Downtown Los Angeles with the Westside. The 15.2 mile Expo Line is expected to arrive in Downtown Santa Monica in 2015 with the opening of a new station at 4th and Colorado. The City is also creating the Colorado Esplanade, a multi-modal street that will provide connections between the station and Downtown. DTSM continues to work with Metro and the City to guide the projects’ development and mitigate any negative effect to the surrounding area.

Neal I. Payton

AIA, LEED-AP Principal, Torti Gallas and Partners, Inc. Consultant to the City of Santa Monica for the Downtown Specific Plan

 Top-Bottom: Downtown Specific Plan workshop, Rendering of Colorado Esplanade.


special projects  goals

special projects

{ Chrysalis team project }

Interim Parking Program

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.’s budget includes an allocation to make a positive impact on Downtown’s homeless. DTSM contracts with Chrysalis Enterprises to accomplish this goal. Program participants are able to begin rebuilding their resumes and re-establishing themselves into the workforce.

Santa Monica continues to draw tens of thousands of people each day making access, parking and circulation some of the largest areas of concern for most stakeholders and visitors to the area. DTSM worked with City staff and stakeholders to develop an Interim Parking Plan to meet parking demand during the period of increased construction activity in the Downtown and Civic Center. DTSM will continue to help implement the measures in the Interim Parking Plan to work towards addressing parking issues in the Downtown core. Dolphin Change

Since 1993, DTSM has been responsible for the collection and dissemination of money generated by the Dolphin Change program. This program has provided the Santa Monica community and visitors with a means to give responsibly to established social service organizations that help the homeless. This year, DTSM awarded $5,000 to Upward Bound House Family Place. Since its inception, the grant program has awarded a total of $170,000 to local social service agencies.

L–R: Parking Structure #6 Rendering,  Dolphin Exchange Program Event, Dolphin Sculpture Artist: Peter Ehrlich.


Chrysalis employs two teams of two workers to perform custodial tasks throughout Downtown Santa Monica. In addition to tasks such as picking up large debris items, pan and broom operation, and cleaning up spills, Chrysalis team members respond to maintenance calls from Ambassadors. This transitional program has proven to be successful. Many of the Chrysalis workers have graduated from the DTSM program to full-time work.

{ ongoing projects and planning } 1


" This is a truly exciting time for Downtown Santa Monica. It is about to undergo a dramatic transformation that will change the way we utilize and enjoy the entire Downtown area. The various projects that are


underway—including the arrival of the Expo Line, the proposed development of Arizona and


4th/5th Streets, the rebuilding of Parking Structure Six, and the development of the new AMC Theatre—will build upon our success and promise to bring a


new energy and vitality that will greatly enhance the Downtown in the years to come."

david Martin  (1) Expo Line at 17th St., (2) Parking Structure #6 Rendering at 2nd St. (3) DTSM community members on a Site Walk, (4) Expo Line route rendering, (5) Project planning workshop.

Director of Planning City of Santa Monica


fy 2012/2013 goals

special projects  goals

Over the last year, DTSM has advocated diligently on behalf of stakeholders as developments and enhancements have been planned for Downtown. The next year will be all about implementation and oversight. As construction begins, we will continue to work proactively to ensure that parking and circulation issues are managed. We will also continue to provide an enhanced level of service in operations, maintenance, hospitality and marketing to keep Downtown thriving. Parking / Access / Circulation

 Collaborate with the City in developing long-term parking and circulation strategies for Downtown  Provide input and assist in implementation of the parking and circulation elements that will be developed as part of the Downtown Specific Plan

L–R: Parking Structure #7 on 4th and Broadway,  Downtown Santa Monica Farmers' Market.


District Issues

 Upon the request from merchants, property owners, or residents within Downtown, advocate and implement additional measures of service(s) in Downtown that are not covered by the assessment districts and business improvement areas as of June 24, 1998  Assist in the identification, location and development of new businesses in Downtown that may enhance its economic vitality  Advise the City on operational issues involved in management of Downtown, including but not limited to, leasing and management of City-owned property, maintenance and security concerns, parking operations, vending cart operations, outdoor dining, and the City’s Farmers’ Market program  Advise merchants, property owners, and others with business interests in Downtown on private property issues including, but not limited to, retail mix, merchandising, maintenance, and security concerns  Serve as an advocate on behalf of merchants, property owners, tenants that lease City-owned real estate, and the general public on issues that affect the continued vitality of Downtown


brand / image / marketing

 Successfully manage Enhanced Maintenance and Ambassador Program contracts to provide a clean and safe Downtown  Improve City services in Downtown with increased oversight  Ensure a high quality of service is achieved for maintenance in all zones of the District, including City-managed Zone 3  Improve communication/timelines for all Community Maintenance projects in Downtown  Continue to expand operation functions throughout Downtown  Identify and address key capital improvement projects for Downtown and then forecast their completion  Maintain a strict and consistent maintenance cycle in Downtown  Make informed recommendations to DTSM Committees and Board  Develop solid, dependable relationships with City personnel to ensure DTSM effectiveness throughout Downtown  Advocate for Downtown property owners, merchants, and residents

 Protect and elevate the Downtown Santa Monica brand—a thriving urban beachside community  Encourage consumers to enjoy local Downtown Santa Monica experiences  Manage public perception of District with a tactical communications plan  Take an active role in the community through strategic partnerships with various local organizations and businesses  Assist area businesses in promoting their products and services

major Development

 Work with City staff to implement Downtown Specific Plan  Advise the City in long-term planning and zoning issues, retail mix, streetscape and capital improvement projects, public parking projects, signage, specific discretionary planning and zoning cases, and developmental strategies to enhance the economic vitality of Downtown to benefit local residents and serve as a community resource  Ensure the voices of property owners, businesses, employees and residents are carefully considered in planning developments and that the end results lead to a stronger, more vibrant Downtown

Clockwise: Public Parking Structure #3, Chanukah Menorah Lighting Event,  Downtown maintenance operations.


Downtown Santa Monica

Financial reports

Downtown Santa Monica is a dynamic place to conduct business and a driving force for the local economy. With nearly a billion dollars of taxable sales and over 12 million visitors, keeping this area clean and welcoming proves to be a critical element in delivering a consistent level of experience. The financial statements that follow reflect Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.’s budget allocation and financial position that supported our programs in FY 2011/2012.

fiscal year statements Statement of Activities* FY 2011/2012

Statement of Financial Position* FY 2011/2012

JUNE 30, 2012

june 30, 2011

Assessment Revenues



Other Revenues





Economic/Business Development











june 30, 2012

june 30, 2011

Cash/Cash Equivalents



Certificates Of Deposit










Total Net Assets











Special Projects



Homeless Support/Programs











Property/Equipment TOTAL ASSETS **

 did you know?

Downtown Santa Monica has:  12,000 residents and 30,000—50,000 daily visitors  20,000 daily employees


This statement reflects unaudited figures. Annual audit is completed after the publication of this annual report.


This amount reflects a one-time partial rebate to property owners as budgeted.


DTSM, Inc. Governance

Board of directors

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of 13 volunteer members of the community, representing a wide array of the stakeholders in Downtown. The Board of Directors works in conjunction with DTSM staff to meet the organization’s objectives and provide outstanding enhanced operations, maintenance, hospitality and marketing services.

The following community stakeholders pictured below served as board and committee members for Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. during the 2011/2012 fiscal year.

 Directors are selected for terms of four (4) years beginning July 1st of each year. Directors serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms. The Santa Monica City Council selects six (6) Directors, and the owners of property, subject to assessment under the Downtown Santa Monica Property Based Assessment District, select six (6) Directors.  The City Manager of the City of Santa Monica or his/her designee serves as the 13th Director. Pursuant to the State of California PBAD legislation, DTSM is subject to disclosure and notification guidelines set by the Ralph M. Brown Act and California Public Records Act.


Johannes Van Tilburg BOARD CHAIR Van Tilburg, Banvard and Soderbergh, AIA

Barbara Bryan

Patricia Hoffman

Barbara Tenzer

John Warfel

VICE CHAIR Interactive Café

VICE CHAIR Santa Monica Resident

VICE CHAIR Tenzer Commercial Brokerage Group Inc.

VICE CHAIR Metropolitan Pacific Capital Inc.

Rob Rader

Bruria Finkel

Todd Flora

Allan Golad

SECRETARY/TREASURER Schwarcz, Rimberg, Boyd and Rader, LLP

BOARD MEMBER Artist and Curator


BOARD MEMBER Douglas Emmett Management, LLC

Sarah Letts

Sharon Myer

Elaine Polachek

Bill Tucker

BOARD MEMBER Community Corp. of Santa Monica

BOARD MEMBER Federal Realty Investment

BOARD MEMBER City of Santa Monica

BOARD MEMBER Tucker Investment Group, LLC

board meetings

DTSM, inc. Staff

Board meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month at 6pm at DTSM, Inc.’s offices: 1351 Third Street Promenade, Suite 201

Executive staff

Committees Executive Chair: Johannes Van Tilburg Members: Bryan, Hoffman, Rader, Tenzer, Warfel Meetings scheduled as needed

Kathleen Rawson

Debbie Lee

Linn Wile

Chief Executive Officer

Vice President

Executive Assistant

Mackenzie Carter

Cheryl Bagby

Megan Furey

Marketing and Events Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing and Events Assistant

Alex Acuna

Stephen Bradford

Chris Brown

Operations Manager

Promenade Venue Manager

Operations Coordinator

Marketing Department

Finance Treasurer: Rob Rader Members: Golad, Myer, Tenzer Meetings scheduled as needed Brand, Image, and Marketing Chair: Barbara Bryan Members: Finkel, Flora, Myer, Rader, Tenzer, Tucker Meets first Tuesday of the month at 9:30am District Issues Chair: Barbara Tenzer Members: Finkel, Golad, Hoffman, Tucker, Warfel Meets second Tuesday of the month at 9:30am Major Development Chair: Bruria Finkel Members: Bryan, Flora, Tenzer, Tucker, Warfel Meets third Tuesday of the month at 9:30am Access, Circulation, and Parking Chair: Patricia Hoffman Members: Bryan, Polachek, Tenzer, Van Tilburg, Warfel Meets fourth Tuesday of the month at 9:30am

Operations Department

Design: Ivy Brown, Striker Media Group Editorial: Kim Sudhalter, Urban Legend PR Images: Brandon Wise Photography (unless noted otherwise)


Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. 1351 Third Street Promenade, Suite 201 Santa Monica, CA 90401 310.393.8355 | F: 310.458.3921

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Downtown Santa Monica Annual Report 2012  

Design by Ivy Brown / / Client: Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (designed by Ivy Brown, former Art Director at Striker Media...

Downtown Santa Monica Annual Report 2012  

Design by Ivy Brown / / Client: Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (designed by Ivy Brown, former Art Director at Striker Media...