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week 6

So what do these modes actually do?

Nearest – Snaps the nearest point on an arc, circle, line and others.

Extension – Displays a temporary extension line or arc when you pass the cursor over the endpoints of an object.

Endpoint – Snaps the closest endpoint of objects. GREEN square.

Midpoint – Snaps the middle of tools such as line, arc, ellipse and others. GREEN triangle.

Centre – Snaps the centre of an object. If the centre point does not show, move cursor to the edge of the object.

Quadrant – Snaps points of tools like circle, arc and ellipse.

Node – Snaps to a point object, dimension definition point, or dimension text orign. Intersection – Snaps the point where two or more lines meet. It does not work on the edges of corners of 3D solids. Apparent intersection – Snaps to the visual intersection of two objects that are not in the same plane but may appear to intersect in the current view. Perpendicular – Snaps a point vertical to an arc, circle, line and other discoverable tools. Tangent – Snaps to the tangent of an arc, circle, elliptical arc or spline. Parallel – Marks objects that are parallel to other linear objects. Make sure Ortho mode is turned off before using parallel object snap.

1. When you are in Auto Cad make sure there is no current command.

6. Follow command – select object then use cursor to choose object.

12. Hit Spacebar / Escape to finish command.

2. If you are in a command you can hit ESC to cancel the command.

5. Look at the command bar and cursor for the first part of the process.

7. Finish selects by pressing Spacebar / Enter / Right click.

3. If there is no command then everything is fine.

4. The next thing you have to do is think about what command you want to use and enter the command e.g. CO then Spacebar to execute.

8. WARNING: You are most likely to trip up here!!!

10. Look to the command bar for alternative sub commands. 11. Follow command – Choose point of displacement ( when copying for example) .

9. The command is now asking for a base point, where do you want to pick the object up?

week 6  

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