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Establishing Professional Practice 04.03.13 Week 7 Module name: Design & Materials Timetable hours: 450 minutes Hours attended: 90minutes Additional hours: 3654 minutes What I expect to achieve: I expect to finish my model and also to get ready client board for the final check, as well need to take photographs of model than I can hand in my works. What have I achieved: I have completed my model and used the library facility to scan my sckechbook so I have finish all my works, then convert it to a pdf file ready for hand in Did I visit any galleries to further my knowledge: I have not been to any gallaries. I well need to finish all my work and check if there is any error. What do I think/feel about my achievements: I am not happy about my achivment though I didn’t have much time, as I busy working . this leads me to blive that I have be prepared more for my study that I can improve my achievement. What did I learn this week: I have learned that I have to take this matter more seriously so I don’t have to go to work, I shall stay home to complete my work. What will I do next: I will discus to my tutor for the future plan to find out if there is any problem that ihave to do befor my finishline after easter holiday,

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