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Establishing Professional Practice 21.01.13 Week 1 Module name: Design & Materials Timetable hours: 450 minutes Hours attended: No timetable lessons Additional hours: 780 minutes What I expect to achieve: I’m download the “new module” brief and read it, understand it then start to find out the materials been give and do my presentation. What have I achieved: I’m download and print out the “new module” brief and using dictionary check out which word I don’t understand it and writing down the meaning for Chinese on the papers. Look for internet find out what kind of materials I have to do for my presentation. Did I visit any galleries to further my knowledge: I didn’t visit any galleries but I looking around everywhere think about what materials to made it and what to do my models. What do I think/feel about my achievements: I feel is not easy for me to find out materials and know what the different between them. What kind of thing made it and read information about it. They are a lot of materials I didn’t see and hear it before. What did I learn this week: I learning a lot of new English word of material and know them. And I found is hard and fun this module. What will I do next: I will start to do some research for my presentation and will go to Cliff get some pictures next week.

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