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AUGUST 15, 2018



TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY: (Where Is The Black Church?)

Bishop M. C. McGhee My FIRST statement is emphatically believed and that is: IF THE BLACK CHURCH DOES NOT AWAKEN, THE BLACK CHURCH WILL NOT SURVIVE! And let me be perfectly clear, Prejudice is not the root of this article. God loves all people no matter their ethnicity, race, or gender. However, I have an intense passion about the state of our African American churches. The essence of this article is to

stir up Believer's hearts and grasp how the enemy is destroying the Black church from the inside out. This article is to suggest to the Body of Christ that the only way to defeat the enemy is to re-establish our Godly heritage. If African Americans don't start supporting our Black Churches and businesses, they will cease to exist. Many ask these questions: Why are our Churches so empty?

Why is Bible study attendance decreasing at a fast rate? Why are the inner city churches not coming together? Why is there so much division among Believers? Why are the neighborhoods not strengthened? I believe that the answer to all of these questions can be found in Revelation 2: 4; We Have Left Our First Love! See BLACK CHURCH, on page 3

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InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, AUGUST 15, 2018

The Irrelevant Past vs.The Relevant Present!

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Like most of the streets in Valdosta, Forrest street was named for a slave holder., a Confederate Soldier named Nathan Bedford Forrest, and one of the founders of the Klu Klux Klan. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a prominent member of the Confederate Army who rose to the rank of Brigadier General. Even after 200 blacks who were in Union uniforms , surrendered to the General and his men at Fort Pillow on October 29, 1877, he ordered that the surrendering blacks all be shot to death, at the battle of Fort Pillow. In those days, it really didn't matter, blacks accepted streets named after slave owners, and arch segregationists. However, today is a new day, and the sons and daughters of slaves don't simply accept what happened in the past without challenge.The irrelevant past is never as important as the relevant present. Why does the People's Tribunal want to rename Forrest Street to Barack Obama Blvd. He was our first Black elected President. He left a spotless record. For the eight years that he and Michelle lived in the White House, there were no scandals in his administration. None. In derision, they called him King, Monarch, Emperor, arrogant, and criminal.

No matter what a true patriot he was. No matter how intelligent, optimistic, and positive he remained. No matter how exemplary his family was. No matter that his mother was white, at the end of the day, Barack Obama was still black. It didn't matter that he brought about the demise of America's arch enemy, Osama bin Laden, and disarmed Al-Qaida's international operations. It does not matter that he equipped police officers with body cameras to protect them from false accusations, and the community from police misconduct. It does not matter that he made it possible for Gays and Lesbians to serve openly in the military, and signed into law the most sweeping health care bill in American history, which provided millions with insurance that didn't have it. It did not matter that young people could stay on their parents' insurance until they turned twenty-six, and insurance companies could not cancel their insurance because of pre-existing conditions. It did not matter that he initiated equal pay for equal work for women. It did not matter that President Obama received the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, and saved General Motors and Chrysler from

Bankruptcy. He was still what Senator John McCain called, "That One." In the minds of the most Naive Valdostans, Forrest Street may have been named for a black man in the mid 1860's, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that when Forrest Street was named, The City didn't name major streets after blacks, no matter how successful they were. Let me be clear. One of the Councilmen, Eric Howard, told us that we had to have at least 61 percent of the current residents of Forrest street to change the name. No mention was made of a town hall meeting or anything else; only the residents of Forrest Street. That is what the People's Tribunal intends to achieve. So, we would suggest that if others would like something else, they should simply do it. Our goal is to get the necessary signatures of the current residents of Forrest street to present to City Council, and we are well on our way. Floyd Rose PresidentPeople's Tribunal



National News 3

InterFaith Gazette

Evangelist Alveda King: Oh, Omarosa WASHINGTON — Evangelist Alveda King (photo) releases the following and is available for comment: I've been praying hard about the Omarosa situation. I and a colleague had an opportunity to sit down with her at the White House a few months ago. I also had a few moments to chat with her on the President's Tour of the African American Museum, and had a photo with her in the Rose Garden at the signing of the religious freedom executive order. At no time, on any of these occasions, did Omarosa express any of the concerns we are hearing about now. To the contrary, it's such a shame that we live in a society where someone would be comfortable writing and saying things like she is doing for money. It is sad and so troubling that many have shunned Omarosa for having a long term business relationship as well as a friendship with POTUS to such an extent that she is now so desperate that she's willing to tell lies for money and to seek the good graces of whoever is willing to buy into these allegations. It's so bad to see how far she's fallen that it's useless to even say anything negative against her. It is better to wish her the best and hope that as history continues to write itself, we

Dear Representative,

Evangelist Alveda King will all learn the truth. It's undeniable that President Trump has done his best with her and other business associates; putting confidence into them to make opportunities for all to flourish. As he continues in this presidency we will see more and more of his heart to truly make America great again. See KING, on page 6

Black Church from page 1 I have labored for many years and have seen the state of the church grow more and more apart from its original intent. I have realized that from this, many problems have erupted. First, the absence of respect towards our Black Leaders seems to have hit a record high. How can I participate as a Believer if I do not honor the Leader that God placed in my life? Black Leaders should be reverenced for the position that God has givien them. AA authority is not being respected and many have not comprehended how important it is to respect and honor AA leaders. Leaders are Trailblazers of the church and we must uphold a standard for people to esteem. First of all Leaders, we must keep our word. Our word is our integrity. So ask this question: Do people believe our word? Can I trust that what is being said that it is meant? Leaders must be concerned with action and not just talk. Today there are so many social movements from Black Lives Matter to the LGBT and other movements. My question is: WHERE IS THE CHURCH MOVEMENT? What does the Church stand for? Where are our morals? Let's be clear, I do not write this article to condemn but to attempt to raise awareness of the state of our AA Churches as I see it. The church has wandered away from God and from each other. Leaders of the Black Church must merge with each other and adhere to God to gain our dignity and trust from our community and each other. Secondly, this may stir up individuals but I deem that this problem is creating major complications in the church. Lack of Spiritual growth results in jealousy, hatred, envy and animosity among Believers. The AA race has faced many tribulations in history and I believe that the slavery mentality is still strong and prevalent in

Response to Alveda King's Letter

the subconscious of many AA Believers. It is so important for Believers to get their minds renewed after receiving salvation; its necessary to survive. Other questions: why is sickness plaguing our churches; Where is God's healing? Spiritual growth creates trust in God; knowledge about God, as well as understanding of God's word and unity among Believers. Why are so many Believers relying on the world to establish them and not God? There is no explanation as to why believers stand with confidence in the lottery line or going to the casino when we have God in our lives. Many Believers are creating an abundant amount of debt as well because they are constantly going to the Check Cashing business borrowing money. This is immoral. This behavior is plaguing our community. We no longer trust in God because it appears that we have too many options to choose from. This is the result of a lack of Spiritual Growth. As Believers, we should be taking our money, supporting the kingdom, as this is the much needed investment. What does the church own that brings in revenue to support the kingdom ongoing? The Body of Christ should be possessing property so that the world can support us. The world should be sleeping in our hotels, renting our halls, renting our cars, shopping at our stores, and flying in our airplanes. Spiritual growth creates once again trust, understanding and knowledge. It allows the Believer to have an upper hand over the things and people of the world. Spiritual Growth gives Believers the wisdom, discernment, and the insight needed on how to prevail over the devices of the devil. The Body of Christ should have much because our Father in Heaven owns everything. (Psalm 50:12).

It is true that some are very much interested in what people of color say and do as it relates to POTUS. However, I am more concerned about the truth as it relates to all people. No doubt you felt compelled to print this article but please do the rest of us as much favor as you have shown in publishing such articles. No doubt you will not publish this one, but know that truth must speak to power and it shall spring forth. Relative to the historical nature of the POTUS to people of color, it is documented daily, often, and notoriously that there are issues relating to his perceptions and realities. It is also not well received by those of us who follow the daily ins and outs of what is happening in the United States of America, that one visit or several sit downs with the POTUS with AA Clergy, will automatically reverse a past or present relationship that he had with Omarosa, neither his vile, venomous reactions/responses to and about the Central Park Five, Colin Kaepernick, the NFL players, Congresswoman Waters, LeBron James, Don Lemon, Immigration, and much, much more. Maybe a suggestive approach to sit downs and communication with the POTUS by Evangelist King and others, could include a reality based conversation Lastly, love is slowly creeping out of the church and the hearts of the Believer. As a Black Leader, I see how cold and heartless AA have become. The love that we had for one another is missing today. The Black church should be the place where love is not spared, rather shared, given, and widely received. Love is God and God is my Father. I should be able to show love because God gives it to me. However, because the church has left its first love, we are in I believe, an identity crisis. Not knowing who we are and not walking in our position. It is sure that allowing God to invade your life will lead to confidence in God. I further believe that many people cannot stay in their God-given position because they have created an identity crisis due to traveling from church to church. Some even start churches without true guidance from

Bishop Marjorie Holt that might have the potential of positioning them and him to further dialogue that seeks to enhance, improve, and create a well needed confession for the past, present, and future ugliness and musical satire that we hear over and over again in the dogmatic tweets and unresponsiveness to actions. This could be a primary step of course. There are many others needed that See RESPONSE, on page 6

God, obedience from a God-given leader, or without recognizing that they are in a crisis. I truly believe that standing on God's love will give you three things: CONTENTMENT, IDENTITY, AND POSITION. As an antidote to relief from what I see that the Black church is presently experiencing, I offer these suggestions: (A) Stop chasing after things that do not matter; (B) Realize that you are not in control so that the church can get in a position to first grow spiritually and then naturally. My prayer is for the Children of God to walk in prosperity, healing, and the love of God! Affectionately submitted, Bishop M. C. McGhee Serenity Church, 1101 Woodstock Ave., Toledo, Oh. 43607

4 Local News

InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, AUGUST 15, 2018

Restoration Has Finally Come! By Interfaith Gazette Staff Restoration is a big word with big meaning. One group means what it says and says what it means in their Restoration Convention August 8-11 at the MT. Hope Church of Jesus Christ. When entering the room during the Praise and Worship, one knew that they had entered a very worthwhile, well meaning service that would erupt in melodious praise, that brought a unity fellowship amongst the attendees that continued to explode throughout the rest of the evening.

Elder Gregory LeFlore, Chicago, Il., Guest Speaker

As noted, the service on Thursday evening was designated as Men’s night, which was described as an opportunity to lift up the men who were in attendance, as well as to help them understand the importance of getting in and staying in their rightful place, at home, the church and in the community. Overseer Rosetta Haynes, Pastor of MT. Hope, had called in a powerful speaker to walk in those shoes on this night. Elder Greg LeFlore of Deliverance Temple, Chicago, Il. who fulfilled that

(L to Rt) Bishop M. Holt, Min. Vanessa Powell & Attendees at Convention

See RESTORATION, on page 5


InterFaith Gazette

Local News 5

Bro. Harold Haynes@Podium and Praise & Worship Team

Restoration from page 4 position and brought a powerful word to the men as well as other attendees in the house. The Convention certainly set the bar high for those hearing the word and being a part of such an impactful service. The message was taken from Nehemiah and Mark suggesting that strength is possible when one relies heavily on God when encountering difficult situations and not on themselves, realizing

that with all that one might have, he/she still needs the Lord to survive. The services had many power pack Preachers for the week. Pastor Patricia Smith of Trinity Deliverance Center, Pastor David King of Living Word Community Church, and others. Overseer Rosetta Haynes closed out the convention on Friday night as the Keynote Speaker. MT. Hope Church of Jesus Christ is located at 1122 Bronson St. May God continue to bless Overseer Haynes as she and the congregation move forward in God!

Overseer Rosetta Haynes & Son Bro. Harold Haynes praising God


InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, AUGUST 15, 2018

Christians: Take God to Work Pastor and Christian Businessman Encourage Christians to Let Their Faith Hang Out at Work WASHINGTON, Aug. 10, 2018 / Christian Newswire/ -- Despite mounting pressures for Christians to keep quiet about their faith, a new book by Pastor Steve Reynolds and David L. Winters recommend just the opposite. "At this point in our nation's history, every institution needs strong leadership to survive and thrive," Winters said. "There are many forces seeking to tear down authority and keep faith out of the marketplace. Christianity and the Bible are all about showing leadership under fire." In their new book Taking God to Work: The Keys to Ultimate Success, Reynolds and Winters share biblical principles about lasting success: • Link faith to caring for others through work • Learn how to resist temptations that sink careers

• Find the job that maximizes your potential • What to do when your job is driving you crazy • How to recover from a big mistake

• Ways to deal with incompetent leaders and co-worker bad behavior • How Christians should prepare for retirement In his role as Pastor of Capital Baptist Church for over 30 years, Reynolds hears every kind of story about Christians in the workplace. "We spend close to one-third of our waking lives at work," he said. "If we draw a self-imposed line stopping short of taking God to work, we give up a huge opportunity to help our customers, our co-workers and employees." Taking God to Work includes 13 Spotlight Features about real Christians in the workplace. With work as varied as private airline pilot, stay-at-home mom, information technology manager and school teacher, each explains how they exercise their faith at their job. These people encounter problems very typical of those Reynolds hears about regularly, he said. If Reynolds and Winters have their way, more Christians will step out in faith and use their vocation to care for God's world.

Response from page 3 could serve as a conduit to change. Just my suggestion. As a reminder Evangelist King and other supporters, it might well be just as significant if one would be pointed to the very last

King from page 3 In a perfect world, we would always want to say nice things about people. Since Omarosa and President Trump were supposed to be friends, this is a tough one. "It is not an enemy who taunts me-- I could bear that. It is not my foes who so arrogantly insult me-- I could have hidden from them. Instead, it is you--my equal, my colleague and close friend." Psalms 55:12-13 It's easy to fight people you don't know but since they were colleagues and were on a first name basis, this one will require much prayer.

Steve Reynolds has served as the senior pastor of Capital Baptist Church in Annandale, Virginia, since 1982. He is the author of the best-selling books, Bod4God: Twelve Weeks To Lasting Weight Loss and Get Off The Couch. He is the co-author of The Healthy Renegade Pastor and Wise Up! His books have been featured in local, national and international media, including FOX News, CNN, Nightline, Saturday Night Live, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune. Steve is a graduate of Liberty University and Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. David L. Winters is an author and speaker from Kensington, Maryland. He worked for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Navy for over thirty years, acting in management functions for the last 20 years. His first book, Sabbatical of the Mind: The Journey from Anxiety to Peace won several awards. dcover: 278 pages Publisher: DAVIWIN Publishing; (August 15) ISBN-978-0-9977-747-7-1

scripture in Palm 54:7 which reads “ For he hath delivered me out of all trouble, and mine eye hath seen his desire upon mine enemies”. Thank you, and may God bless this America as we seek to make truth great again in America! Marjorie Holt As to the allegations? So what? Where's the proof? It didn't seem to bother Omarosa so much when she was cashing the paychecks. No matter the outside pressure; she could have walked away any time. Or she could have been a better friend and pulled him to the side and said so if something was being done that was inappropriate. We can respect people like that. We can also respect what we know for sure about President Trump. He is keeping his campaign promises. The job market is better for everyone. Unemployment is at an alltime low. Babies and children are safer inside and outside the womb. Justice and prison reform are happening. Prayer is returning to the public square...



InterFaith Gazette

M. H. HAWKINS DISTRICT Church of God in Christ

DISTRICT MEETING Theme: “Standing in Time” Joshua 24:15 Monday, September 24, 2018 Good Shepherd Night Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Official Night 7:00pm Nightly Greater St. John C.O.G.I.C. 2127 W. Sylvania Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43613 Superintendent Johnny M. Hobbs, Jr. Host Pastor


InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, AUGUST 15, 2018

LOSE 5LBS in 5 Days Call Artina mccabe at 567-225-4902


401 No. Detroit Ave. • Toledo, Oh. 43607 • 567.315.6865

n Sunday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM n  Wednesday Bible Study

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

“ A Family That Prays Together Stays Together”

Overseer: Eld. Ethel Jennings Pastor: Eld. Troy Thomas




InterFaith Gazette

New Faith Baptist Church Has A New Home!

New Faith Baptist Church (Former Bethesda Christian Center)

New Faith Praise & Worship Team

New Faith Services Signage

(L to Rt) Superintendent Johnny Hobbs, Jr., Guest Speaker and Pastor Sandi Wells By I nterfaith G azette S taff The summer is a special time for special events to take place by all who looks for opportunities to enjoy months of sunshine, and in the case of Toledo, much rain. However, with all of the joys, smiles, and hugs provided, New Faith Baptist Church, who has been in existence for 8 years, has found a home that they want to call HOME! In a much sought after time of prayer, Pastor Sandi Wells stated that he had been seeking God after many years of even starting the church in his own home, as

to where he could lead the people of God, out of storefronts into an erected church building with all of the appearances of being a church. He found one. Because of the change and excitement about what God had done in the lives of the congregation at New Faith, Pastor Wells, under the leadership of his Astor for years, Superintendent Johnny Hobbs, Jr., had the church building dedicated on Sunday, August 12th. In an evening service, Pastor welcomed the saints and friends who had gathered to witness this great celebration.


Upon entering the building, it was evident that New Faith had made themselves comfortable in their new home. Smiles greeted you at the door, Music was inviting, and the ambiance said "you are welcome"! As the services progressed, it was the time to share the excitement with the congregation as Greater St. John C. O. G. I. C. choir had rendered songs of praise which served as the prelude into the introduction of the Speaker for the day by Evangelist Beverly Lyles. She presented the MOG who would bring word, Superintendent Hobbs. He focused a lot on why it is important to smile when one enters the house of God and how it opens the door for others to feel embraced and welcomed. He also stated that it was a joy for him to dedicate the building for one of his sons in the gospel.

New Faith has an Outreach Ministry that provides food and clothing on a monthly basis. They also provided a free for all neighborhood barbecue on Saturday where the neighbors attended and were welcomed to also attend the church services. Pastor Wells stated that he is open to those of you whose looking for a friendly group of people to worship with on Sunday morning. Now the NEW HOME is located at 705 Lodge Ave., the past home of Bethesda Christian Center. The order of service is Sunday School at 10:00 A.M. followed by Morning Worship at 11:30 A. M. We celebrate Pastor Wells and the congregation of New Faith Baptist Church. May God continue to bless you.

10 Business Spotlight

InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, AUGUST 15, 2018




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Managing The Inter-Generational Church In The 21st Century

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Call: 419.699.0447

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APPROVED Daycare space and fenced-in play area for rent. If interested please call 419-973-3869



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THE PADUA CENTER is seeking an enthusiastic person with

experience and leadership abilities to be a Special Programs Director. This position will be full time, with benefits. The Special Programs Director will direct the Nia After-School Program and the Emerging Young Ladies Program. A Bachelor Degree in Education or related field is required, with experience in administering programs. Complete job description will be furnished upon request. DEADLINE to apply is August 17, 2018. EOE. TO APPLY: Send resumes or inquires to Special Programs Director Search committee: email or The Padua Center, 1416 Nebraska Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43607.

n RAISE THE ROOF GOSPEL CONCERT Corinth Baptist Baptist Church Location: 2283 Putnam St., Toledo, Oh Featuring: God's Way from Detroit, Spirit of Truth. The Newsome Family,Servant's Heart Church Choir & Victoria Voices, Jeff Lewis 5:00 P. M. Tickets: $15.00 can be purchased from Damon & marquisa Horton, Ronnell McKinney or online at or you may call 419.214.0529 for more information. This service is a Fundraiser in helping the church to be repaired. Your help is needed to fulfil this mission. Thanks much. Pastors Damon & Marquisa Horton


THE PADUA CENTER is seeking an educator with experi-

ence with culturally diverse children and with leadership abilities to be Educational Leader. This position will be full time, with benefits. The Educational Leader is responsible for development and implementation of the Padua Possibilities program. A Bachelor Degree in Education and five years teaching experience is required, with experience in administering programs. Complete job description will be furnished upon request. EOE DEADLINE to apply is August 17, 2018. TO APPLY: Send resumes or inquires to Educational Leader Search committee: email or The Padua Center, 1416 Nebraska Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43607.

LOSE 5LBS in 5 Days Call Artina mccabe at 567-225-4902



CANCER PATIENT In an effort to continue to assist Phillip and his family in this effort, we want to share information with the community. Please, as your help is truly needed, send any financial donations/assistance to: Pathway Community Church, C/O Phillip Pettaway Fundraiser, 2160 Eastbrook Dr., Toledo, Oh. 43613 or email Thanks so very much for your help. Submitted by: The Friends of The Pettaway Family


n Women WHO IMPACT, IMPART, and EMPOWER Women, are you hearing your name being called? Is the voice an unfamiliar voice?

n 5726 Southwyck Blvd., Ste 140, Toledo, Ohio 43614. You can call 419.724.2390 for more information about this gathering of great WOMEN!

n Don’t recognize the voice or who it is that’s trying to get your attention?

No Limits Women’s Support means just that. No barriers . Just come and network with other great women. A helping hand of Bishop M. L. Holt Ministries

n Unsure of where you want to go or whether you should go? Come on WOMEN! Meet me each Tuesday at 7:00 pm

SUPER SALES TEAM The Interfaith Gazette Toledo multi-cultural faith-basedcommunity news­ paper is building a super diverse sales team. We are seeking sales executives to service Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas. We are looking for people who are seeking to earn an above average income. The right person must be a team player, professional, aggressive, creative, earnest, able to think outside of the box, have reliable insured transportation, committed to working and great communication skills. Contact Ms. Marjorie Holt at 419.724.2390 for ap­pointment and interviews.

12 church spotlight - your ministry matter Second Baptist Church 9300 Maumee Western Rd. Monclova, OH 43542 Email: Phone: 419.867.0903 Pastor: Rev. J. L. Boose, D. Div.

Holy Spirit Apostolic Church 3700 Dorr St. | Toledo, OH 43607 Pastor: Bishop W. T. Myers

Kingdom Community Christian Ministries 2160 Eastbrook Dr. | Toledo, OH 43613 Bible Study: Saturday.....10:00 A M Sunday: 12 Noon Phone: 419.277.5700 Email: Pastor: Lorene Pettaway, B.S., M. Div. The Rock Church 4112 Airport Hwy. | Toledo, OH 43615 Email: Pastor: Richard Brown, III Searchlite Community Baptist Church 200 E. Broadway @ Gibbs Sts. Maumee, OH 43537 Office Phone: 419.297.6016 Pastor: Rev. Lee Williams Website: Trinity Faith Tabernacle Deliverance Church 1302 N. Huron St. | Toledo, OH 43604 Phone: 419.246.4585 Pastor: Elder Patricia Smith First Church of God 3016 Collingwood Blvd., Toledo, Oh. 43610 Phone: 419.255.0097 Fax: 419.255.0099 Pastor: Bishop Robert A. Culp website: Harvest Time Holiness 2621 Monroe St., Toledo, Oh. 43620 Phone: 419.244.6239 Email: Pastor: Elder Donald Brooks, Jr. Indiana Avenue Missionary Baptist Church 640 Indiana Ave., Toledo, Oh. 43604 | Phone: 419.246.3850 Pastor: Dr. John E. Roberts

Liberty Ministries 3225 Markway Dr. Toledo, Oh. 43606 and BeforeAnd Phone: 419.467.7252 Pastors: William & Lady Elaine Lucas Resurrection Baptist Church 1402 Indiana Ave, Toledo, OH 43607 Phone: (419) 340-7222 Email Address: Pastor: Rev. Randall Carter St. Mark’s Baptist Church 2340 N. Holland Sylvania Rd. Toledo, OH 43615 Phone: 419.535.1105 Website: Pastor: Rev. I. J. Johnson Co-Pastor: Rev. Curly Johnson New Life C.O.G.I.C. 1215 Oakwood Ave. Toledo, Oh. 43607 419.242.3278 Pastor: Bishop Edward T. Cook Greater Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church 2901 N. Detroit Ave. Toledo, Oh. 43610 Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 A M Pastor: Rev. Clarence Coleman Phone: 419.255.7629 Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church 1203 Girard St. Toledo, Oh. 43605 419.693.6698 Email: Bible Study: Wednesday@12:00 Noon & 6:00 PM Pastor: Rev. Venson Simpson Corinth Church 2283 Putnam St. Toledo, Oh. 43620 Phone Number:419.214.0529 Email Sunday Morning Worship: 11:45 AM Pastor: Elder Marquisa Darden

InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, AUGUST 15, 2018 The Armory Church Services held at THE RADISSON HOTEL UTMC, 3100 Glendale Ave. Toledo, Oh. 43614 11:00 A M, Sunday Morning CONTACT INFORMATION: P. O. Box 12583, Toledo, Oh. 43606 419.537.9736 ( Leave a message) Email: Pastor: Dr. William James. Braden United Methodist Church 4725 Dorr St., Toledo, Oh. 43615 Sunday Morning: 10:30 A.M. Phone: 419. 386. 2700 Pastor: Wynston Dixon Warren AME Church 915 Collingwood Blvd. Toledo, Oh. 43604 Phone: 419.243.2237 Fax: 419.243.2501 Email: Pastor: Dr. Otis Gordon Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church 2269 Upton Ave. Toledo, Oh. 43606 Phone: 419.472.3369 Pastor: Eld. Earnest Morton, Sr. End Time Christian Fellowship 2902 Auburn Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43606 Phone: 419.472.5993 Pastors: Bishop James & Pastor Coretha Williams People's Missionary Baptist Church 1101 Heston St. Toledo, Oh. 43607 Morning Worship: Sunday@11:00 AM Bible Study: Wednesday@6:30 PM Pastor: Elder Michael Key Co-Pastor: Elder Alisa Key Word of Faith Ministries 2916 Stickney Ave. Toledo, OH 43608 Pastor: Bishop Kevin and Terry Sutton Friendship Baptist Church 5301 Nebraska Avenue -Toledo, Ohio 43615 Phone: 419-531-3242 Fax: 419-531-5795 Worship Service - Sunday at 9:45 am Christian Education - Sunday at 8:30 am Weekday Bible Study: Wednesday - 6:00 am - 12:00 noon - 6:00 pm Website : Pastor: Bishop Duane C. Tisdale

Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching. — Hebrews 10:25

WORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES WHEN VISITING IN AND NEAR THESE CITIES Word of Life C.O.G.I.C 2675 E. Trinity Mills Rd. Bldg 300 Carrollton, TX 75006 214.514.9147 Pastor Prophet Gregory Voss Living Word Community Church 1900 E. Grand Blvd. | Detroit, MI 48211 Phone: 419.944.5439 Email: Pastor: Elder David & Vivian King

Promised Land Christian Fellowship 5617 Wesconett Blvd. | Jacksonville, Fl. 32244 Office: 904.551.1752 Email: Website: Pastor: Elder Phillip and Daphne Brown St. Paul Tabernacle of Divine Prophecy 530 Clinton Ave. Newark, New Jersey 07108 Pastor: Bishop Eddie Cannon Office: 973.643.8700 Email:

ORGANIZATIONS N.A.A.C.P. Collingwood & Dorr Sts. (In the African American Legacy Project building) Mailing Address: P. O. Box 9388 Toledo, Oh. 43697 Phone: 419.214.1551 Follow them on FB at Toledo NAACP President: Ray Wood

Martin Luther King, Jr. Kitchen For The Poor 650 Vance St. | Toledo, Oh. 43607 Harvey Savage Jr., Executive Director Phone: 419.241.2596 U.M.A.D.A.O.P. of Lucas County “Creating Extraordinary Lives” 2447 Nebraska Ave. | Toledo, Oh. 43607 John Edwards Sr., Executive Director Phone: 419.255.4444

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive — Matthew 21:22

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Interfaith Gazette 0815  


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