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Mental Health and Mental Illness

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AUGUST 1, 2018


Is The Church In Chaos: Ask This Group Of Pastors!

Toledo Area Pastors

Toledo Area Pastors By Interfaith Gazette Staff If you have spent anytime in a church service during this time of transitioning, you might have a series of questions that you could possibly consider asking someone who has been commissioned to serve the people of God: The Pastor! As the church transcends and churchgoers attempt to make sense of what is real, relevant, and experienced in weekly gatherings in God’s house, it has become

Toledo Area Pastors significantly difficult to gain a mutual response to the fragile, sensitive topic of today., The Chaos, The Challenge, The Church. Ask this group of Pastors, Preachers, and Leaders for their perspective and continue to pursue the topic with another group of Leaders In the Making: Our Youth! Compare the responses, contribute to the discussion, and reveal your insight. See THE CHURCH, on page 3

2 editorial interfaith gazette

InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, AUGUST 1, 2018

The Dilemma Of The Black Man

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The black man's dilemma in America is that he is caught between who he is, and where he is. Africa is his heritage, where he came from; but America is his experience; where he is. His heritage says that he is an African. His experience says that he is an American. Unfortunately, he has an American mind in an African body. His mind takes him to American communities, schools, and colleges, but his African body is rejected. His American mind tells him that he is an American. However, a diner is not a diner simply because he is sitting at the table. He is a diner only if he is eating. He is, therefore, torn between his African heritage and his American experience. He was brought here against his will, and those who willed to come here rejected him. This is his dilemma. As Africans, we preserved many of our sacred ceremonies, even as we took on our American expediencies. Our singing and dancing are uniquely African. Nobody can sing, dance, and yes, preach like us. Although most of us profess the Christian faith, and give our allegiance to Jesus Christ, we do so through the eyes of our African Heritage. We are Africans, and must not be ashamed of it.

For most of my early life, I attended schools for the descendants of Africans, where I was welcomed by a black principal, and black teachers, who lived among us. They attended church with us, were members of the Parent Teacher Association that was governed by men and women of African descent. After I attended black elementary, high school, and a two year junior college, my American mind took me to a white senior college, Abilene Christian College, where my African body was rejected. So, like my other African brothers and sisters, I found myself "Standing At The Edge of Night," Looking for "A Brighter Day," "Without a Guiding Light." Some of my brothers are "Rich men " and some are "Poor Men," Some of us are "Young and Restless," Some of us live in the " Pent House," and some of us live in the "Little House on the Prairie, "always trying to keep up with the "Jeffersons."

Whether we are rich men or poor men, whether we live in the "Pent House" or the little house on the prairie, or are trying to keep up with the Jeffersons, we have only one "life to live." And we must always "Tell the truth or pay the Consequences." And the truth is, we are all somebody, made in the image and after the likeness of God, by whatever name we call Him. Jesus said to His Jewish brothers, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free," And only the truth shall set us all free, whatever our color, or creed, race, or religion. There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us that it does not behoove any of us to talk about the rest of us." Floyd Rose Senior Servant Serenity Church



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InterFaith Gazette

Mental Health/Mental Illness: Is The AA Church Open For Change or Closed To Its Dilemma? By Interfaith Gazette Staff Much has been said about the dilemma facing people with mental illness but it does not appear that much has been done throughout communities across this country, and especially the CHURCH, to address this apparent insurmountable issue. All too often eyes are closed to the world of Mental Health and the illness, implications, and stigma that are attached to it. The National Alliance of Mental Illness, NAMI, states that nearly 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness each year. Some believe that Mental illness is taboo in the church and the African American community. In the eyes of some whom have faced challenges and struggles with their loved ones, it is definitely a barrier that can turn into a nightmare if it goes ignored. This became a reality for Pastor Timothy

Pastor Timothy Clark

and Felica Clarke, who Pastors the Harvest Christian Center, but even more than that, is the father of a son who struggles with mental illness. Pastor Clarke states that when we talk about mental illness, that it really does not strike you until it hits your house, that often times one's eyes are closed when others are experiencing it. He further believes that when you see family members struggling with extreme behaviors that this is a time to seek out help for that individual. Lady Felica believes that the challenges that a family deals with are frustrating if you close your mind to what you have seen down through the years and refuse to see it for what it is. Pastor Clarke states that the difficulty comes when the new mental illness embraces the face of intellectuality. His son is very intellectual and offered extreme challenges for them because of his intelligence. He shares his belief in God and his faith that

took him to a place to experience “casting out demons” that initially gave him his preemption about his son's eradication of this illness. He further realized that one of the variables that may exist is when there is a chemical imbalance that can cause extreme behaviors in individuals; he saw this in his son. Lady Felica believes that since they are people with strong faith, that their encounters with their son's behaviors rest solely on what the power of God could do for them. However, they recognized that there was something more going on, as was identified in his perception of whom he thought he was, a witch. They don't believe that God did it to him, rather that God is using it for good because they are able to have conversations with people of faith about it now. Some of which she says still don't believe. She See MENTAL, on page 9

Is The Church in Chaos, Ask This Group Of Potential Leaders!

Toledo Youth and Potential Leaders By Interfaith Gazette Staff The youth of today has a myriad of relevant thoughts, decisions, and perspectives that make sense, at least to them. However, I believe that we can learn a lot from their thinking and responses to behaviors that often times require little thought to, it seems, when the results are either announced or experienced.

Ask this group of potential Leaders for their perspective and continue to pursue the topic. Compare responses and have fun with discussions of relevance as the Church continues to flourish, transcend, and become as relevant in this hour, as it was always suppose to do. Bless you as you ponder your responses to this meaningful topic of the day!


Lady Debra Brock


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“ A Unified Church With A Warm Fellowship”— I Cor. 1: 10


InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, AUGUST 1, 2018

A Holy Convocation That Rebounds With Fervor!

T. O. P.( Tabernacle Of Prayer) Fellowship Convocation Attendees Goldsboro, N. C.

Family Members Of the Late Chief Apostle Lawrence Bogier, Jr.

Chief Apostle Willie Bogier, Presider

Room Dedicated with Memorabilia Of Late Chief Apostle Lawrence Bogier, Jr.

By Interfaith Gazette Staff On a recent trip to Goldsboro, N. C., it was evident that something good was happening at 1007 S. John Street, that brought hundreds of people together for a day and time that they vow to never forget July 25th thru 29th. Tabernacle Of Prayer Fellowship, Inc. International, was Host to one of their greatest gatherings that they have witnessed, not because they have not been meeting on an annual basis, rather when they met this year a new excitement and reverence for their previous Leader of the Fellowship, was remembered in a Dedication of the LBJ Center. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place in front of the room that was dedicated to the Late Chief Apostle Lawrence Bogier, Jr. who had been the Leader of this Fellowship for years. Family, Friends, and well wishers gathered in the annex of the building to witness this momentous occasion. And when speaking with his eldest daughter, Stephanie Jones of Jamestown, N. C. , who also serves as the Secretary to the Fellowship, she remembers and celebrates the blessings that God provided her father who served for 38 years as the Pastor and Leader of the T. O. P. Fellowship. She believes that the dedication will serve as a time of remembrance for churches in the U. S. as well as Trinidad, West Africa, and foreign Missions. She spoke of the blessing that it was for her to return, after much hurt and pain of losing him, to see what is happening in remembering the labor of her father. She believes that what her father taught them as children will forever stay with them.

Late Chief Apostle Lawrence Bogier, Jr.

Daughter, Stephanie Jones

Eld. Douglas Barnes, Coordinator Of Convocation

He taught them how to walk with God, love, have compassion, and develop character. She stated that his greatest sentiment was for them to know most of all that Jesus loves them. Speaking with the present Chief Apostle Willie Bogier of the Tabernacle Of Prayer Fellowship, he stated that he was selected by his brother who was confident that he could carry the vision on. However, he took the reign with some inhibitions, even though he knew that his brother had spoken out of obedience to God. He accepted the responsibility with instructions to move ahead with what God had given him to do as the Leader. The Late Chief Apostle Lawrence Bogier, Jr. passed away in 2014. The Convocation had PURPOSE written all over it. There was a presence of the Holy

Spirit moving all week in the building that had been garnished with daily prayer morning and evening, as the Saints from all points south, east and west, as well as the Caribbean, assembled. The Theme , United In Christ, was carefully selected to reflect the newness in God and each other as they forge ahead in finishing the work that begun years ago. Speakers from across the country had been chosen to celebrate the gathering. Some of which were Apostle Michael Artis, Snow Hill, N. C., Prophet Andre Cook, Jamaica, N. Y. , Elder Derrick Council, Bossier City, LA, Apostle James D. Council, Bossier City, LA. The Official Address was given on Sunday morning by Chief Apostle Willie Bogier. The Holy Convocation took place July 25th thru July 29th.

The T. O. P. Fellowship has five Executive Board Members, two Administrative Secretaries, Treasurer, National Mother, and a Coordinator. It also shares that of twelve Fellowship National Leaders. Chief Apostle Willie Bogier, is the third Leader of this Fellowship. He sees growth, dedication and commitment from those churches who are divinely connected to the Fellowship. He states that he is eternally grateful for those churches who stayed on board, worked together, and became UNITED IN CHRIST, Ephesians 4:13. The Late Apostle Johnnie L. Washington was the Founder and Visionary of the Tabernacle Of Prayer Fellowship. May God continue to bless this Fellowship as they move forward in the things of God!



InterFaith Gazette

Publisher Mourns Loss Of Brother, New York Statesman!

Children, L to Rt. Christopher (Hannah), Lisa & Daughter, Jordan

Former F. B. I. Director James Comey presents Social Justice Award to Supt. Cornelius “ Neal” Clark By Interfaith Gazette Staff On July 1st, the news of losing a brother, a confidant, a friend, Community Activist, and Eldest Statesman of Publisher’s family reached far and near to family members who were gathering for a Family Reunion in Miami, Fl. When the news broke, the spirit of family members broke ushering in an unusual grief that tore into the hearts of family. At a time of benevolence, anxiety as well as disbelief, shattered the unity of a family who has been blessed to experience strength among its siblings of 10 without any losses until now. Superintendent Cornelius “Neal” Clark of Cohoes, N. Y. shared his life with not only his immediate family but his Church family Holy Serenity C. O. G. I. C. in Troy, N. Y. and the communities of Cohoes, Troy, and Schenectady, at which he so graciously served

Gravesite Ceremonies as wife Dr. Carolyn looks on

Cousin, Marva Campbell

for many years. When the news broke of his death, local and State of New York officials expressed their grief and expressions of losing a devout Leader who served on many

relevant Boards, Commissions, Committees, and local affiliations directly impacting the lives of families in these communities. Pastor See STATESMAN, on page 6


InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, AUGUST 1, 2018

Family Of Supt. Clark at Repast

Siblings, L to Rt. Lagretta, Yvette, Cassandra

Statesman from page 5 Clark was known as “ the man who didn’t mind getting his hands dirty”. One such citizen spoke affectionately of our brother stating that he was a special kind of man to the people. The Union News also reported that “a great man has been lost in their community”. Former F. B. I. Director James Comey awarded Pastor Clark with the Social Justice Leadership Award in the State Of New York

for his diligence and commitment to dealing with and passionately providing leadership to the people of New York. He leaves to mourn his passing, wife, Dr. Carolyn Tyson Clark, 5 children, and nine siblings, Marion, Bishop Marjorie, Jerome, Yvette, Danita, Llewelyn, Cassandra, Michael, and Lagretta. The family requests continuing prayers for the comfort and strength needed during this difficult time. We feel the missing link in our chain. 11/20/46........Sunrise 07/01/18.......... Sunset

Eulogist, Pastor A. R. Williams


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Who Are You to Judge?

Popular author shows readers how to talk about morality in a world that no longer believes in truth SAN FRANCISCO, -- What do you say to a family member or friend who calls you a bigot for respecting the sanctity of marriage? How do you respond to someone who says, "Abortion is wrong ... for me"? Is it possible to show love to a neighbor without appearing intolerant of their lifestyle choices? Is morality just random rules from religion? Dr. Edward Sri equips us to engage relativism with truth and love, appealing to both the head and heart, in his new book, WHO AM I TO JUDGE?: Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love. Relativism is undermining Christianity. Pope Emeritus Benedict once said, "We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one's own ego and desires." And Pope Francis called relativism "the spiritual poverty of our time." Sri explains how to address relativism, why Catholic morality is all about love and making a judgement is not judging a person's soul, and how, in the words of Pope Francis, "relativism wounds people," in his latest book. He addresses real

Mental from page 3 further states that people will take a pill for everything else but when it comes to mental illness they won't do it. Lady Felica attributes this to the years of slavery and how faith played a role in believing that if God brought a people through those Jim Crow days, that he certainly would handle mental illness of a family member; that we think of it as a weakness instead of an illness. Both Pastor Clarke and Lady Felica believes that self medication and masking can be problematic if it goes unnoticed. The African American Church has to break the

freedom and real love, sharing truth with compassion, and why "I disagree" doesn't mean "I hate you." Sri also presents the Catholic moral tradition in a way that's

captivating and compelling, especially to young people, many of whom think of morality as a bunch of arbitrary rules from religion, assume each individual should

be free to make up his own morality and balk at the slightest hint that someone might be trying to tell them what to do. In WHO AM I TO JUDGE?, Sri encourages us to face the truth about ourselves - our faults, weaknesses, our sins - in light of the truth about God's unwavering love for us. Indeed, the Catholic moral life is the pathway to human flourishing. Only by living the way God intended for us, by living in union with Christ, can our hearts' deepest desires be fulfilled. "Too often our culture confuses love with moral relativism, and it is a dangerous misunderstanding," says Jennifer Fulwiler, author of Something Other Than God. "In this much-needed book, Dr. Edward Sri shows us that true compassion can never be separated from moral realities." For more information, to request a review copy, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Edward Sri, please contact Kevin Wandra (404-788-1276 or KWandra@ of Carmel Communications.

silence and be open and willing to speak out and ask for help when mental illness is eminent in one's family. He believes that PRIDE is an issue in the AA community. Asking for help is not a weakness, it is a strength. He believes that “ you have to act in faith and then act on your faith “. Shame cannot be the determining factor when it comes to mental illness. It is real and can be devastating if not taken serious and looked at it for what it is. Their thoughts about barriers in leadership in the AA church in an effort to break the silence, reveals that this generation is calling for authenticity and transparency, and therefore those who are willing to

acknowledge it will eventually accept the challenge to speak out about it, with the intent to change the mindset believing that breaking the silence will open the door for change. He believes that the new generation is able to deal with it better because they talk about it. When asked about a remedy or solution for the dilemma, Lady Felica believes that the cultures of organizations and the culture of the churches need to collaborate understanding each others language. Each operates differently because of what they believe to be appropriate and fitting in dealing with mental illness. She believes that two factors that contribute to this is

ignorance and possibly mis-trust. However, being open to dialogue with the intent to change, modify, and alter thinking, has to be the key if there is going to be a change in the AA church and community. It is with a strong commitment that Pastor Clarke and Lady Felica advocates for families who are willing to seek out resources for a loved one with a mental illness. They believe that every family has someone who experiences this condition and are encouraged to support and openly communicate what their needs are, with the sole intent to be Open For Change and to get rid of the Dilemma!


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