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MAY 16, 2018


Hundreds Celebrate The Life Of Patriarch Rev. Dr. I. J. Johnson Sunrise: July 14, 1927— Sunset: May 4, 2018 Rev. Dr. Isiah James Johnson

Sis. Arielle Johnson, Granddaughter

(Front Row) Pastors In attendance at Memorial Service

B y I nterfaith G azette S taff

Pastor Johnson migrated to Toledo in 1955 with the sole intent to serve a community that he had little knowledge of and a people that he knew not of. However, that soon changed as he became rooted and grounded in Toledo and made himself known as a man of action. In an interview with him in December, 2015, as one of the first to be in the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper upon its inception, he

Hundreds gathered at Indiana Baptist Church on Friday evening to celebrate the life of a man whose history dates back in the early years of his life growing up in Troy, Alabama. And on Saturday, May 12th, hundreds filled the temple at St. Mark Baptist Church to say their last goodbyes to a man so deserving of such respect and love.

shared many intimate stories about people who had become members of his congregation, Pastors in which he had become co-laborers in the gospel with, politicians whom he had sat face to face with, and those whom he had come to know just through his bigger than life personality when he met the working class people on the street, daring to not leave them the same way that he found them.

This celebration of life for this great man of God, who was a friend to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., served the St. Mark Baptist Church, of which he founded, for 62 years. He was also one of the longest serving Pastors in the country at one church. Many showed their respect with words of comfort, stories about their relationship with See JOHNSON, on page 3

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InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, MAY 16, 2018

Paving The Way For Others

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By Rev. Floyd E. Rose When was 12 years old, I traveled to Conway, Arkansas in the company of the legendary Marshall Keeble, the most well known preacher in the Church of Christ. Marshall Keeble always drew large crowds of whites to his revivals, but he never said anything that he thought would offend them. It was hot and humid in Conway, and a rope was drawn down the center of the open-air revival. Whites sat on one side and the "colored people," as we were called then, sat on the other. When the invitation to discipleship was extended, the white preacher stood in front of the whites to welcome them, while Marshall Keeble stood in front of the colored people. The whites who came forward to be baptized were taken to the white Church of Christ, but the colored people were taken to the black baptist church where

we were greeted warmly by the same people that Marshall Keeble had been telling were going to hell so fast that they were going to get a ticket for speeding. After we returned to Nashville, Tennessee, where I was attending the Nashville Christian Institute, and where Marshall Keeble was president,. He and his wife, Laura, stayed in the boys' dormitory. I said to the man that we all affectionately called "Pop," why don't you just tell them?" They have to know that this is wrong, and they will listen to you. Why can't you just tell them? His wife came out of his room and said, "Floyd, let him alone. Let him alone."I said, I'm sorry, but I don't understand why he can't just tell them. I looked back at him and he was crying, and he said to me. "You think I like this any better than you do. So, you want me to just tell them. Then how are these boys going to school. Colored people don't have any

money. It's the people that you want me to just tell that are keeping these doors open." It was several years later before I understood what the 66 year old black preacher was trying to tell me. He was willing to sacrifice his integrity as a colored man then so that I didn't have to sacrifice my integrity as a "black man" later. Other blacks, like Marshall Keeble, went without so that others, like me, could have. They said nothing then so we could say somehting now. They had nothing then so we could have something now. My father, Alonzo Rose, who was a Georgia share cropper and my mother, Georgia Mae Rose, had twelve children. He gathered us together one day and said to us, "I want all of you to get an education. Learn all that you can, and whites won't walk all over you." We did, and they don't.


TOLEDO, MAY 16, 2018

Local News 3

InterFaith Gazette

For The Burneys: Two Drs. Are In The House

(Standing) Dr. Tashlai Burney & Dr. Calvin Burney By Sheila Howard Life offers many opportunities for growth, rewards and celebrations. Successful marriages, thriving careers and higher education are a few that many seek after. Well leave it to Calvin and Tashlai Burney

Johnson from page 1 Pastor Johnson, and conversations that they had remembered with him. Local politicians, Friends, Cohorts in the gospel, all shared in the Memorial Service at Indiana Baptist Church. Remarks were given by Former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, Commissioner Pete Gerken, Sheriff JohnTharp, Auditor

Celebration Cake

Bishop Patricia McKinstry & Eld. Luther McKinstry, Grandparents of Dr. Tashlai

to achieve all three – simultaneously. With hard work, commitment and a tremendous support system, at the ages of 30 and 31, together the Burney’s crossed the stage as Doctors of Education! Both in their 20’s at the time, this amazing power couple met at their doctoral

program orientation and bonded over a few commonalities, one being they were the youngest in the session. This meeting led to an undeniable connection, dating and ultimately partnership in business and life.

They married and together have formed and operate non-profits, mentorship programs, a student leadership foundation, a consultant firm and the Rise and Shine Academy of Toledo. They have a strong

Anita Lopez, Teresa Gabriel of Board of Elections, Lt. John Hicklin Of TPS, Representative Mike Ashford, Councilman Tyrone Riley, and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. Praise and Worship was conducted by granddaughter Arielle Johnson; selections by Darius Coleman and grandson Tawann Gaston. Pastors Fred Alexander, Jr. from Albion, Mi. shared stories of growing up with his father and Pastor Johnson as

close friends. He brought a burst of laughter when he shared that he wore Pastor I. J.’s suit when he was in the eight grade, size was the notion of the joke. Pastor James Willis provided the prayer of comfort; Ministers from St. Mark read the Old and New Testament scriptures. The Officiants were Pastor Willie Perryman of Jerusalem Baptist Church and Dr. John Roberts, Host Pastor.

Persons unable to attend the Memorial Service sent letters of consolation and condolences. They were Ohio State Senator Edna Brown and U. S. Senator Sherrod Brown. The funeral took place on Saturday at St. Mark where Pastor Charles Jones of the Christian Temple Baptist Church was the Eulogist. The service was

Pastor Willie Perryman, Officiant. L to Rt. Rear, Pastor John E. Roberts, Pastor James Willis, Pastor Charles Jones

See BURNEY, on page 4

See JOHNSON, on page 5

4 local News

InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, MAY 16, 2018

Project Homeless Connect Is Making Real Connections at Bethlehem!

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

Some people have no idea what it is like to be outdoors or without a permanent address. It is estimated by the National Alliance To End Homelessness, that there are approximately 553,742 people in the United States experiencing homelessness on a given night, as of January, 2017. This represents a rate of 17 people per 10,000 people in the general population who lived in some form of shelter or in transitional housing. It was estimated that approximately 34 percent (192,875) people lived in a place not meant for human habitation, such as the street or an abandoned building. Single individuals comprised 66.7 percent of all people experiencing homelessness, with the remaining 33.3 percent being people in families (adults and children). One group in the Toledo has a mission and a passion about the perils of homelessness and are putting their efforts where their hearts are. The Bethlehem Baptist Church hosted their 4th Annual Project Homeless Connect, a National event focused on ending homelessness. During the year 2015, more than 100 people received food, clothing, toiletries, haircuts, and a host of services from more than 40 Vendors who

Burneys from page 3 desire to mentor, encourage and equip youth to become strong leaders. When asked what were some of the challenges they faced as a couple in a doctoral program they both agreed it was prioritizing. The Burney’s quickly learned that in order to successfully manage business, school and their personal life, there needed to be balance and were sure to give ample time and attention to each other while dividing time with work and school.

The Burneys, Parents of Dr. Calvin

were on site to participate in this initiative. Bethlehem reports that each year they have seen the numbers growing and certainly saw the results in this year’s event as individuals, families, and vendors made their way through the one-stop shop that provided concrete services, support, and quality of life resources.

It is the goal of this event to focus on fostering community partnerships, along with volunteers whom all strives to END HOMELESSNESS! The event also connects individuals and families to housing, employment, health coverage, welfare benefits, veteran services, transportation, counseling, triage, ears and more. Transportation to the event was

The pursuit of higher education comes with challenges on many levels. The Burney’s encountered naysayers that, due to their young ages, expressed doubt that they could achieve such an enormous goal. Up for the challenge, the Burney’s used this to fuel their determination. With a supportive family, church and community they forged ahead and kept the end-goal in sight. Calvin’s advice to others who desire to achieve a life goal is to simply “Take the leap. You have to remember that regardless of whatever takes place you have to constantly tell yourself ‘I’m going all the way.’ If we continue to push,

push and PUSH, nobody can stop us from getting what we’re destined to get.” Tashlai advises that the key to success when faced with adversities and trials is to “Stay the course. While you’re doing that schoolwork it may not seem like this is going to be beneficial. Although it may look that way, in the long run you just have to stay that course. You know what you set your mind to do, so just keep going!” Seven degrees between them, Tashlai holds Bachelor in psychology, a Masters in Special Education and a Doctoral in Education with a Specialist License in Curriculum and Instruction. Calvin holds

Grandparents Of Dr. Calvin

provided by PHC providers who visited the downtown area and local shelters to accommodate attendees. Volunteers and donations were accepted at the church. Some of the donations included non-perishable food items, toiletries, (toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant), coats, blankets, underwear and socks. Bethlehem Baptist Church has been open for 100 years with their primary mission to serve people from all backgrounds. It is a multi-cultural Church located in Central city Toledo with the goal to make disciples for Christ by infusing God’s love into people and families. You may contact Dawn Chong, Community Liaison, if you have an interest in this Initiative. She can be reached by calling the church office at 419.241.9360. You may also feel free to visit the website at http://www.bbctoeldo. org The church wishes to thank each of the individuals, families, organizations, vendors, volunteers, and participants for making this year’s event a success in serving t(e people in this community. The Pastor at Bethlehem Baptist is Dr. Derek Arnold. May God continue to bless the family at Bethlehem! a Bachelor in Psychology, a Masters in Divinity and a Doctoral in Education. Congratulators assembled for a grand banquet to celebrate their tremendous accomplishments. In attendance were their parents, grandparents and a host of family, friends and church members. What’s next - where are the Burney’s going now? “To the top!” exclaimed Calvin. On their journey to the top are plans for expansion of their school and programs. Their goal is to build a culture of success and excellence here and beyond Toledo.

TOLEDO, MAY 16, 2018

Local News 5

InterFaith Gazette

Johnson from page 3 truly one of celebration of the life of a man well deserving of its kind. Songs of inspiration and words of comfort to the family served to remind each one in attendance of the “greatness of this man”. We pay homage and tribute to Pastor Rev. Dr. I. J. Johnson. He served his community and the people of God very well. We pray continued blessings upon First Lady Johnson, Co-Pastor Curly Johnson and family, and the St. Mark Church Family as they forge ahead during this time. May God bless the fruit of his labor, as we know that it has not and will not be in vain!

Former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

Children belong in families, and Lucas County Children Services believes that every child should have a caring family. Foster parents fill that role when kids are separated from their birth families. Whether it’s for a few days, a few months, or forever, LCCS needs foster parents who can give a child something –and someone–to hold on to.

Train to become a foster parent

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6 local News

InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, MAY 16, 2018


401 No. Detroit Ave. • Toledo, Oh. 43607 • 567.315.6865

n Sunday 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM n  Wednesday Bible Study

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

“ A Family That Prays Together Stays Together”

Overseer: Eld. Ethel Jennings Pastor: Eld. Troy Thomas

Liberty Ministries Celebrates 15 Years With Pastor William L. Lucas By Interfaith Gazette Staff Many people have a testimony but all testimonies are not the same. And this is what we can find when speaking with one Pastor whose history sprang from Vance Street to Nebraska Avenue and beyond. It is no secret when you speak to Pastor WILLIAM L. LUCAS, that his foundation is rooted and grounded with the legacy of the great late Bishop William Morgan James of the St. James Holiness Church of God In Christ. When looking back in time and reflecting back on the making of giants and great men and women of God, Pastor Lucas falls in the list of those whom were mentored by Bishop James. He had a unique role with Bishop, he was his Adjutant and was commissioned to preach the gospel through the many years of teaching and training that prepared him for his fifteen years of Pastoral Leadership at Liberty Ministries. This year the church chose to select a theme that is reflective of how Pastor Lucas leads the people of God and how he prepares them for service. The theme selected was BORN WITH A PURPOSE, HAS A VISION AND PLAN, taken from the scripture Ephesians 1:11. And on May 6, the echoes of the saints were “ Let the celebration begin”! Many family and friends gathered at the church on Markway Dr. to celebrate the life and love of this man of God. Co-horts in the ministry gathered from far and near in an effort, collaboratively, to pay homage to Pastor Lucas. One of those who traveled to spend this time with him was Overseer Rodney L. Thomas, Overseer from Lorain, Oh. and Pastor of The Body Of Christ Church, stated that it was a blessing for him to share in this occasion. He has known Pastor Lucas and First Lady Elaine for about five years and they have developed a relationship that has blossomed into them sharing in each others lives. He

Pastor William L. Lucas stated that he believes that it was just God that brought them together because he had spent several years attending the Latter Rain services under the leadership of the late Bishop William M. James. This celebration was the beginning of a time of fellowship that will continue throughout the month. On May 27th at 2:00 PM, at Black Pearl Restaurant, 4630 Heatherdowns, family and friends are invited to share in a meal with Pastor Lucas, First Lady Elaine, family and the Liberty church Family. Pastor Lucas expresses great appreciation for those who shared in his service and those who will attend the Dinner of Celebration on the 27th of this month. It appears from all indication that the Lord blessed the services and the fellowship of the saints getting together. May God bless you Pastor Lucas and Lady Elaine as you continue in the work of the Lord. Your labor has not been in vain. Bless you!

TOLEDO, MAY 16, 2018

InterFaith Gazette

THE TOP TEN THINGS YOU WON’T HEAR IN CHURCH 10. F  orget the salary we voted on, let’s pay our Pastor so he can live like we do 9.

I was so captivated by your sermon, I didn’t even notice you went 45 minutes over time


I would love to volunteer as the permanent teacher for the junior high Sunday School class


Pastor, we’d love to send you to a Bible conference in Hawaii


I’ve decided to give the church an extra $600 a month that I used to put in savings


Nothing makes me more excited than our Annual stewardship drive


Let’s sit in the very front row today


I find door to door evangelism much more enjoyable than golf


I love it when we sing songs that I’ve never heard before


Since we are all here a bit early, why don’t we go ahead and start




COMMUNITY PARTNERS COMMUNITY SPONSORS Questions call True Vine MBC 419-726-8148 Fair moved to Woodward HS cafeteria in the event of rain

8 national NEWS

InterFaith Gazette TOLEDO, MAY 16, 2018

The GMA Foundation Honored Legacy Artists and World Changers with Special Tributes at 5th Annual GMA Honors and Hall of Fame Ceremony The 5th Annual GMA Honors and Hall of Fame Ceremony was held Tuesday night at Lipscomb University in Nashville. CCM artist Carman, awardwinning Southern Gospel artist Karen Peck Gooch, legendary Gospel family group The Staples Singers and acclaimed producer Greg Nelson were inducted into the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame. The event also honored individuals and organizations that are impacting our culture both past and present. This year’s honorees were Chonda Pierce for Branches Counseling Center, Bishop Marvin Sapp, Ryan Lampa for People Loving Nashville and Lipscomb University. Rick Founds was presented with the 2018 Milestone Song Award for “Lord I Lift Your Name on High.” The event featured heartfelt tributes and memorable performances by Christian and Gospel music all-stars and special guests, including Scott Hamilton, Steven Curtis Chapman, Dr. Bobby Jones, TobyMac, Larnelle Harris, See GMA, on page 9

Bishop Marvin Sapp


TOLEDO, MAY 16, 2018

InterFaith Gazette

GMA from page 8

National NEWS 9



Jekalyn Carr, The Isaacs, Jason Crabb, Steve Green, Nashville Super Choir and many more. GMA Honors will return next year on May 7, 2019. For more information, visit Event Highlights “I don’t believe God called us to be popular. He called us to be effective. Popularity is transient but when you stand on stage in front of people, whether it’s 5,000 people or 50,000 people, the important thing is to be effective. Are your songs of praise causing people to praise God? Are your songs of salvation getting people saved? Are songs of revelation turning on a light inside people?” – Carman

“I cannot tell you how many times I have failed the Lord, but he has spared me and he’s forgiven me and because of Him I know what it means to be restored from mindlessness. I know what it means to be healed from cancer. I know what it means to be rescued from the rubble of a disquieted childhood because I was. So if there is any credit or any glory or any hint of my wantonness for significance, I wish it be washed away in a flood of the glory of Christ.” – Greg Nelson “At my house every night, my family and I eat dinner around the table and we tell stories. Many times, I have asked ‘Who is the dopest man you know?’ Dopest means most inspiring. I can promise you this, from my 9 year old to my 19 year old to my wife and I, we all say Ryan Lampa.” – TobyMac presenting Ryan Lampa

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n TOLEDO SINGING QUARTET CHAPTER 70 - 1 CELEBRATES NIKKI D & THE BROWNS Location: The Ark Church, 2500 Nebraska Ave., Toledo, Oh Time: 6 PM Guest Groups: Victorious Voices, The Gospel All Stars, 3rd Generation, The Newsom Family Singers M C: Pastor Perry Harris Host Pastor: Bishop Nolan & Pastor Tabitha White


n TOLEDO SINGING QUARTET CHAPTER 70 - 1 CELEBRATES NIKKI D & THE BROWNS Location: The Ark Church, 2500 Nebraska Ave., Toledo, Oh Time: 6 PM Guest Groups: Victorious Voices, The Gospel All Stars, 3rd Generation, The Newsom Family Singers M C: Pastor Perry Harris Host Pastor: Bishop Nolan & Pastor Tabitha White

SATURDAY, June 9, 2018 n 8th ANNUAL FATHERHOOD WALK & 5K RUN Restore Fathers, Restore Families, Restore The City Location: Central Catholic High School, 2550 Cherry St., Toledo, Oh. Time: 8:00 AM 5K Run registration begins 9:00 Race begins 9:00 The Fatherhood Walk registration 11:00 Walk begins Cost: $20 entry fee by May 26 and $25.00 day of event Free food, live entertainment, free fun, giant inflatables, face painting & more Call Mark Robinson @419.377.1488 for more information

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