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ò 1. My Name ò 2. My Neighborhood ò 3. Games or Favorite Toys from my Childhood ò 4. A Time I Got Into Trouble ò 5. A Time I Saw Someone Else Get Into Trouble ò 6. Advice From an Adult ò 7. A Positive Story From My Experiences at School

ò 8. A Negative Story From My Experiences at School ò 9. A Special Family Member ò 10. A Happy Time For Me ò 11.Going to Work ò 12.A Special Holiday ò  13.A Special Birthday ò  14.A Birth ò 15.Being Jewish and living in Mexico.

IVONNE,MY NAME In the Jewish religion there is a very special tradition regarding to names. This tradition consists on naming your child with the names that your parents own. The first two names will come from the paternal grandparents and then the maternal grandparents. That is the reason I hot named Ivonne. When I was little I asked my mom what my name means, she responded me with something that fascinated me. She told me that Ivonne was a French name and that there used to be a very beautiful and important princess in Israel that was named Ivonne. I will never forget this day, I was so exited because of this fact that my mom told me about. I carry this name with pride and my head up, my grandmother is a strong, working, responsible and loving woman; I hope one day they will talk about me, this Ivonne, the way they talk about her.


MY NEIGHBORHOOD ò  My neighborhood has a very interesting and long history. My neighborhood was first created when my grandparents got married. Everyone use to live in techamachalco and my grandparents were one of the first families to move into bosques. They bought a big house for them and their 5 children, including my father. They lived there for over 20 years until all of my uncles and aunts got married they moved to a department. They left this amazing house to my father, since he is the only boy in the family. That is when I come in; they remodeled the house and my mom and dad moved in two years after they got married. I’ve been living in that house on Alamos street my whole life. I don’t really talk with by neighbors, but they respect me and I respect them.

When I was little I liked to play all day long, I sang, I created choreographies, I would dress up as if I were my mom and many other crazy stuff. But I liked to do something more than anything in the world, I loved to play with my elastic band. I can remember when I used to invite my best friend, Daniel Cervantes, and we would play this game all day long. We would use a chair to put one end of the elastic band and then Daniela would hold the other end. Then we would put music on and start playing. We knew and even invented hundreds of songs so we could play along. This game was very famous when I was little, everyone played it. It was also a great sport, you would end up sweating. I can remember that the most difficult step was to jump and land making a spin at the same time.

I think I will never forget this day, I had disappointed my whole family, specially my mom. We were in bachelor trip with all my aunts and girl cousins. We went to San Diego for about a week. Then the last day of the week came and the trouble started. My friends that lived in San Diego called to invite me to a party. A party that is made once a year; everyone waits for this moment the whole year. I knew that my mom would not let me go; so I lied to her. I told her I was going to go to a bar-mitzvah, she let me go. So I went to this party and I really had a blast, we danced all night long. I got to know other people and I got to be with my friends. When I got home my mom asked me how it was, and I suddenly felt a word vomit. I couldn’t resist the lie, so I told her what I had done. She started yelling at me, I got grounded for a month and I lost their trust. But I guess I learned not to lie again.


This story is hilarious, we were in the school generation trip to Israel. And we were staying at a hotel 30 minutes away from Tel Aviv beach, so they were thinking about getting out of the hotel and going to a night club. They were trying to escape, knowing that if they got caught they would be sent back to Mexico right away. So it the clock turned to 1:30 a.m. and they were ready to leave. There were 13 people trying to escape, and thank Gd I wasn’t one of them. Just when they were about to get into the cab, Raquel arrived and saw them. They all ran to their rooms, they were all trembling. Raquel was furious, she started shouting and told them all to stop. They were out in the hall the whole night, they were grounded for the rest of the tri. They were separated from the whole generation. Fortunately they didn’t got sent back to Mexico.

ADVICE FROM AN ADULT I would say that the adult that has always given me great advice in all the aspect has been my cousin Jaime, he is always there for me, specially when I’m sad or when I’m having a bad day. I can remember this day when I just broke up with my 3 year boyfriend. And he gave me the best advice someone could ever give me. He told me that sometimes we have to let go. That feeling sadness or fear is not bad, it is just a process and that we have to feel it so we can grow as persons. He told me to always smile, that life is too short to be sad. He is always giving me advice that make me feel much better.


A POSITIVE STORY FROM MY EXPERIENCES AT SCHOOL When school began I entered the UN workshop, I went to many different debates through out the year. But I was waiting for one in special, we were planning a trip to NY, the the Cornell university. They told us that we compromised with the workshop we would go to debate. And as they promised, we went to NY to debate. This was one of my favorites trips, we had so much fun. We got to learn about many things and we got to make friends from all around the world. We got to know the Cornell NY university and the whole campus, the students there were amazing and had really great ideas about how to solve the world’s problems.


A NEGATIVE STORY FROM MY EXPERIENCES AT SCHOOL I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach when I found out that I was going to go to Math extraordinary. The ugly part of it is that I went to this extraordinary because I was sick. And I was absent for 5 days in a row, and many things happened in this week. They presented a new topic, they made about 4 homework and tons of classwork, the thing that most affected me was that they did two important tests that week that I couldn’t do because Marissa the math teacher had to upload the final grades. So I had to go to extraordinary. I went to math classes for over three weeks and I knew I was ready, I did the exam. Two weeks later they told me I had passes the test. I was very happy, but it really took time and effort to do all of this just because I was sick.


I love all the members that make up my family, but I have to admit that my favorite member is my younger sister. Before she was born I was the only girl in the family so I felt all alone. My two older brothers wouldn’t play with me because they said that I was too little to do what they do. I will never forget the day that my sister came into my house, she was wrapped in a pink blanket and it was a Saturday when she came in for the first time. She is the most special family member because she is more than a sister for me, she is my friend and my confident. She is always there for me and always smiling. She gives energy to all my family members, she is always dancing, singing and laughing.


A HAPPY TIME FOR ME I would say that I have had lots of happy time in my life, but I think that the one that is like a highlight is when I graduated from lower school. That was one year before I came into this school. I can also remember this day as if it were yesterday, I was dresses with a brown dress, some skin color shoes and I had straightened my hair. I can also remember how I got about 7 awards, because I used to be one of the students with best grade. The award that exited me the most was the one of ¨ honor role¨. They called my name out loud and every one was applauding. Y dad´s face was like I never seen before, he was so exited, my mom as well. Knowing that next year you will get to middle school is a really exiting feeling, I hope I could repeat this scene again.

GOING TO WORK I don´t go to work now a day, because I have like hundreds of ballet classes and extra-curricular activities. But when I was little I loved to go to work with my dad. He made me do any kind of stuff, I can remember how I was so exited to go to work with him. I spent a lot a time with him on those days and I learned tons of stuff, because he explained everything about he’s work. Then I waited in my house anxious to receive my payment, when I got it I felt so good for me. I never used that money because I thought that that money has to be used for something that I really really wanted. I hope that one day I can get back to work with my father and spend time with him.

A SPECIAL HOLIDAY A special holiday for me was when I had my birthday on Rosh-Hashanah. Because as you might know this holiday is very important for the Jewish people. It new years for the Jewish, but no t only this, it means you can start all over again, a new beginning. It is when G’d makes a judgment and says what luck will you have this year. So having my birthday on this day really meant something. I was turning another age and this really meant like a new beginning for me. It meant that I could start all over again and just when I was turning 15; a age that every girl wants go have and waits their whole life to have. This is why this holiday was so special for me.


A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY I had two really special birthdays, one was when I turned 15 and most important was when I turned 17. I was so exited for this day to come, I was trying to organize a a party with Elias Kalach that turned 17 as well the same day as me. So we started planning and the party was a success. We made it one day after our actual birthday, we invited brothers, sisters and all the friends that we knew. When we got to the party we saw that there were no speakers, we started freaking out because everyone was starting to arrive. We were lucky and got some speakers for 1000 pesos. We connected them and the party started. I had a great time with all my friends and family. I hope I can repeat it this year, because I am turning 18 years old.


TH 17


A BIRTH I would say that the birth that most affected my life positively was when my younger sister was born. As I explained some chapters before, my little sister is one of the most important people in my life. When she wasn’t here I felt so lonely, I didn’t have anyone to talk to nor to tell my stories. I can remember how my parents sat us down in the living room and suddenly my dad told us that my mom was pregnant. We were all shocked and so exited; I can remember that the first thing that my dad told us was that we couldn’t tell anyone about this news. And what he told us not to do, that what I did. I went running to the kitchen and told my nanny Mary. I waited anxiously for 9 months, and finally on October 26, 2000 she was born, mi life changed since then.


BEING JEWISH AND LIVING IN MEXICO Being Jewish and living in Mexico, it is a very extended topic; there are good and bad things. But I think that the positive things are more than the negative. Being Jewish is not easy in part of the world, but Mexico makes it easy. I like Mexico because when my grandparents escaped from the world war II they came directly to this country and they were welcomed without any problem. The government gave us permission to recreate our communities, we had the job opportunities as well. Living in Mexico as a Jew is easy; the difficult part is trying to stay together so the communities don’t get extinct. I would also love to live in Israel because the communities are much bigger and I would feel at home. I think that my grandparents chose a good place to live in.


My life final project  
My life final project  

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