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Greetings from District 11 Director Hello Awesome 11th District Leaders!


hope this letter finds all of you doing well and still making great strides with your fellow Board officers, school system leaders and membership.

For many of you, February and March are the months of Nominating Committee elections. If that is the case, please remember to follow the guidelines in your Bylaws, and start looking around for those dedicated members who possess the type of leadership skills necessary to lead your LUs and Councils to the next level of success.

As leaders we have a responsibility to ensure that our members fully understand the true meaning of PTA, and more importantly, the mission of PTA! Providing information at our LU, Council and District events would certainly help them begin to absorb the impact PTA has had on children and their families worldwide. Although we do a great job of supporting our schools with fundraising, let’s make sure we balance that with powerful Advocacy efforts!

Volume 1, Issue 2 | Spring 2012



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“Endless Possibilities” 11th District Board of Directors DEIRDRE PIERCE District Director 404-243-8960 (h) 404-291-8960 (c) THOMAS RAYTON Asst. District Director PATRICIA WOODARD Secretary/Treasurer EVELYN JOHNSON Parliamentarian & Membership Chair SANDY PURKETT Legislation

PTA Day at the Capitol proves that our voice is being heard in the legislature and is an event well worth attending; hosting Legislative Forums where all candidates

MARCIA COWARD DeKalb Council President

and/or legislators are invited to share their views with constituents proves to be an effective event and PTSA Day at the Capitol, that was held recently, is a great way of introducing our youth to the power of Advocacy. The larger the numbers, the greater the impact!

STEPHANIE MOORE Rockdale Council President

When transitioning with your new officers, please encourage them to include a funding line item for District, Council and state (CLT) training sessions and those advocacy events mentioned earlier. Training and adherence to protocol are your keys to success! If help is needed, please remember that we are here to do just that. In closing, and as always, thank you for your dedicated service to your local units, Councils and our 11th District! I hope to see you at our Spring Conference on Thursday, March 22 at the Rockdale Career Academy.

ABDUL AKBAR Diversity – National Ex-Officio (District) ADRIAN W. COX Health/Wellness Chair GA PTA Ex-Officio (District) MAMIE BUTTS Newsletter Editor

PowerPoint: If you lead with integrity, purpose and professionalism, your legacy will speak for itself! Lead Well! Sincerely,


11th District Director, GA PTA

everychild. onevoice. cadaniño. unavoz.

District Superintendents

Greetings from DeKalb County Superintendent Excellence in Education Plan

Dear students, parents, educators, and all of our partners in the DeKalb community: n January 24, we marked our first ninety days as the new leadership of the DeKalb County School District and the completion of our Ninety-Day Plan: The Ninety-Day Plan was designed for us to listen and learn about our school system and our community, and included meetings to encourage feedback from students, parents, teachers, employees, and community leaders. This process has been critical, as it has informed our strategy for moving the school system forward. In addition to the Ninety-Day Plan, members of the community have met to discuss school system goals through our strategic plan process. We have also learned important facts from audits of key departments. At the same time, we have heard input and counsel from members of the Board of Education.


These efforts have culminated in a draft framework of the Excellence in Education Plan, our blueprint for improving our schools and our students’ success. Our next step is to take the next few weeks to go back to the community for further feedback. This version of our plan is a draft. As we accept feedback and suggestions from Dr. Cheryl L. H. all of those who touch the school system, Atkinson we will complete a final version to be submitted to the Board of Education for approval at some time in February. We look forward to hearing the community’s feedback and sharing our plans to make DeKalb County Schools a districtwide school system of excellence.

Greetings from Decatur City Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Edwards – City Schools of Decatur — Superintendent's Beliefs

All students will be successful learners if we: • Create a comfortable and supportive learning environment. • Provide them with work which is energizing, challenging, and relevant. • Strive for student engagement which is “minds on” not only “hands on.” Use appropriate techniques which are cognizant of a variety of learning styles. • Hold high expectations and provide ongoing assistance. • Have a “whatever it takes attitude.” Guiding Tenets:

• Treat every student as if they were your own child or the child of someone very

important to you. • What we do and how we act in every situation speaks volumes above what we say. • A rapport of caring and fairness must set the groundwork for academic success. • Creating an authentically engaging learning environment for all students must be the work of the schools. Informal Goals:

• To see improvement in academic achievement for the overall student population and each subgroup of students. • To provide a safe and secure campus for all of our students and employees. • To be fiscally responsible at both the school and district level

• To treat every child, parent, community member, and staff member with respect and dignity • To cultivate a spirit of loyalty, commitment, and teamwork among all district employees • To make every decision based on what is best for students not on what will make our lives easier.

Greetings from Rockdale County Superintendent Dear 11th District Rockdale Leaders…

It takes the continued support and involvement of all stakeholders to garner results such as the following. We truly value the role of the PTA and are delighted with recent expansion and engagement at the high school level in our district. We urge all parents to stay involved in their child’s education and joining the PTA is a great way to start! Rockdale County Public Schools Receives More State Honors


ockdale County Public Schools has recently received a host of state recognitions for student achievement throughout the district. 2 | Endless Possibilities

Beginning with elementary, Pine Street Elementary was named a Georgia School of Excellence by the Georgia Department of Education and had a special visit from the state superintendent to deliver the award. Lorraine Elementary was recently awarded the Silver Award for Highest Performance from the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement. Heritage High School received two awards from the same office, a Platinum Award for Greatest Gains and a Bronze Award for Highest Performance.

Samuel T. King, Ed.D. [Continued on page 3] Spring 2012

Georgia PTA

Greetings from Georgia PTA President

Greetings from Georgia PTA President-Elect

Dear PTA Leaders, Colleagues and Friends,

Greetings! As you all know, when National PTA was founded on February 17, 1897, it was the beginning of a nationwide child advocacy movement. We have emerged into the largest and oldest child advocacy association on this planet! District 11 is definitely a moving force behind the advocacy work of our association. How do I know that? Take a look at the following: While attending the Student Advocacy Day a couple of weeks ago that was hosted by the Georgia PTA Legislative Committee, I had the privilege of observing some remarkable legislative presentations by a very special group of young people out of your District. Sandy Purkett organized the following group of students from District 11 schools that spoke at this event:


s President of the oldest child advocacy association, I am inspired by every PTA leader I meet, whether in person or read about in a newsletter or report. The work we do to-

gether is vital, relevant and collaborative and is focused on equity, empowerment and excellence in education for all students. As we wind down this school year, we know that there is still much to be done and accomplish! The successful and powerful events that we have had – just in February – are PTA Youth Advocacy

Day, the Family Engagement Conference, and PTA Day at the Capitol. Dynamic, incredible and impacting are just a few words that capture the spirit of each event. My hope is that you were there to be a part of the history that was made. If not, connect to someone who was and in that dialogue you have with that person – become better connected to this team called PTA. March is a strong rally month! Our final membership campaign of the year is focused on the men in our lives. Men – we are asking you to stand and be counted! Become a part of this support system for all children in our school communities. The elementary, middle or high school PTA/PTSA with the most Male Members submitted during the month of March will receive an Atlanta Braves autographed baseball and bat and four (4) game tickets. Submit a list of male members and their email addresses with the Dues Transmittal Form, postmarked by April 2 – as our way of saying congratulations and thank you for joining us! The final leg of this school year’s journey is transitioning, which simply means doing all the closing activities in preparation for the upcoming school year. If you are not sure what all those activities are – ask your Council and District PTA teams. These folks are your first direct line of support to your Local Unit PTA leadership. Finishing strong is our only course of action! Thank you for all you continue to do for the students, families and communities in Georgia! Together, we can make every child’s potential a reality!

Donna Kosicki, President Georgia PTA - 2011 —2013

Sydney Seabron (8th) Redan Advocacy Topic: School Nurses Tiffany Jennings (8th) Redan Advocacy Topic: Arts in Education Zhane Ford-Carter (12th) Redan HS Advocacy Topic: Lowering Drop Out Age Uchenna Redding (12th) Redan HS Advocacy Topic: Increasing the Graduation Rate Marcus Kirkpatrick (12th) Redan HS Student Legislative Coach

During my tenure as 2009-2011 Georgia PTA Membership Chair, one of Redan High School’s students, Marcus Benning, served as the student representative on the Membership Committee. I am so very proud of all of Marcus’ accomplishments. He was a Bill Gates Scholar and received a full ride to Duke University when he graduated in 2010. He is currently a sophomore Political Science major. He won both Freshman and Sophomore Senate nomination and spent the summer of 2011 as an intern on Wall Street in New York City, NY. If all of this is not enough, guess what else I learned about District 11? The January 2012 edition of Atlanta Magazine featured the high schools that were named the BEST in the city. Out of the top 50, the DeKalb School of the Arts is no. 6! In the category marked, “percentage college prep,” they [Continued on page 4] received a 100% rating.

Greetings from Rockdale County Superintendent [Continued from page 2] Continuing with high school recognitions, all high schools and the Rockdale Career Academy were named AP (Advanced Placement) Honor Schools by the state superintendent. Specifically, Rockdale County High School received awards in three categories, AP Access and Support, AP STEM, and AP STEM Achievement. Heritage High School was awarded Spring 2012

with AP Access and Support and AP STEM, and Salem High School and the Rockdale Career Academy were given AP STEM awards. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics which are fields of study with high demands in the current and future global workforce. All RCPS high schools have significantly increased Advanced Placement class offerings and enrollment in

these classes. Research shows that students who take AP classes are more likely to enroll in and complete higher education. In addition to the recent honors, for six consecutive years the district has made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) with its highest graduation rate in the era of accountability at 86% and a low dropout rate of 2.9%. Endless Possibilities | 3

Greetings Georgia PTA

Greetings from Georgia PTA President-Elect [Continued from page 3] There is something else remarkable about this school – As of the January 2012 YTD membership report, they had a 3% increase from last 2010-2011. I do not know about you, but it sounds to me like they are also busy with the work of advocating. In the eloquent words of your District Director, Deirdre Pierce, “and the children will lead.” In closing, keep in mind that advocacy efforts are much stronger when we have the membership numbers backing it up. For any of you students that have not yet joined the PTSA, please take steps to do so immediately. To all of the PTA leaders in the Mighty District 11 – “keep doing what you are doing.” I will be speaking at your upcoming District 11 Conference in Rockdale County and am looking forward to meeting many of you there! Rita Erves/President-Elect/Georgia PTA 114 Baker Street, NE | Atlanta, GA 30308 404-314-3583 | |

Greetings from Georgia PTA Office Staff Greetings District 11 from the State Office Staff! Thank you for all you do to serve the parents, teachers, and students in your school communities. It is our pleasure to assist you with your duties and help you solve problems. As you start to think about wrapping up your PTA responsibilities, we would like to give you some reminders and helpful hints: We need for you to complete the IRS 990 Filing Verification Form and forward to us when you submit the 990. See page 106 of the Leadership Resource Guide or go to the following web address for help If you have missed your filing date, file anyway! Filing the 990N on-line postcard for PTAs grossing less than $50,000 takes less than 10 minutes. This is what we use to check off your PTA for Good Standing requirement. We need both pages of the PTA Audit/Financial Review Form. If information is not complete, we can’t mark as received and Karen send you an email. If your local unit is incorporated, be sure Shiree receives your annual renewal payment by next week. The Secretary of State is not as nice as we are and doesn’t allow any wiggle room. DECA, DESA and DSA, Flat Shoals (Rockdale), Flat Shoals (Decatur), Stone Mountain ES, Stone Mountain MS, Stone Mountain HS….HELP! Please give us your PTA name and local unit number. We get so confused! Reports are due March 9. You may not be interested in receiving recognition, but reports are an important part of PTA work. Reports are a record of your work, programs, and accomplishments. They provide incoming officers a documented history of work completed, what worked, what did not work, and why. If you are not working on your report(s) already, we hope you will consider doing so. We would love to see the outstanding work and efforts of District 11. One more thing we want you to know. Training makes all the difference in your experience as a PTA leader. It is important for you to take advantage of every training opportunity. We can always tell what PTAs send their leadership to Convention Leadership Training and we can tell what PTAs participate in council events and programs. We wish you much success in the coming months. As always, let us know how we can help you. Debbie, Shiree, Karen, Doreen, Kaitlin and Pam 404-659-0214 |

Sneak in fitness! No time to sneak in fitness? No time for the 30 minutes of exercise a day proven to help protect against colon, breast, endometrial, prostate and lung cancers? Sneak it in with a little vacuuming and scrubbing: In an Indiana University study, the most-fit subjects were the ones with the cleanest homes! “If you’re busy, it can be hard to get exercise,” notes Dr. Katz. “Yet brisk bouts of housework can be an inexpensive, convenient and surprisingly easy way to meet your fitness goals.” 4 | Endless Possibilities

Spring 2012

Legislatively Speaking

Legislatively Speaking District 11 PTA Legislative Chair: Sandy Purkett

February 2012 — Senate/House Updates In House Rules HB 673, Georgia's Return to Play Act, also known as the concussion bill HB 705, amending the definition of direct classroom expenditure related to the requirement to spend 65% of all funds in the classroom HB 896/HR 1150, Constitutional amendment to limit the SPLOST distribution between city and county school districts to an FTE basis HB 705 has been held up in a dispute over including transportation funds in the calculation of expenditures. The state apparently has a dire need for more schools free of all these rules, but cannot manage to let go of that one for traditional schools.

Nine School Districts Receive Striving Reader Literacy Grants February 24, 2012 — The State Board of Education last week approved State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge's recommendation to award nine school districts, representing 63 schools and centers, a Striving Reader Comprehensive Literacy Grant. “I offer my sincere congratulations to these school districts for receiving a Striving Reader Comprehensive Literacy Grant,” said Superintendent. “These grants will provide funding necessary for schools to build literacy plans for their students. Research is clear that students, who are reading on grade level, especially after 3rd grade, will be more likely to graduate from high school and be prepared for college and careers. Districts submitted literacy plans and were granted a portion of the $24,752,919.00 in Federal funds: Fulton County, Clarke County, Bartow County, Jeff Davis County, Morgan County, Jefferson County, Rome City, Brantley County, and Cartersville City. Winning Schools and School Districts: =359021&MID=21842 Matt Cardoza Director of Communications

In Senate Rules SB 381, amending the school budget information that must be sent to the Vinson Institute SB 403, school nurse funding recommendation from the Education Finance Study Commission plus an expenditure control on the funding the Commission did not recommend (Can they just not help themselves?) SB 404, staff development funding recommendation from the Education Finance Study Commission

Praise for our own in Legislation Our very own Otha Thornton, Former Legislative Chairperson, Georgia State PTA now National President-Elect of National PTA is recognized in Atlanta Journal & Constitution. From military ranks to PTA President-elect! Way to go Otha! See the complete article at

SB 49, raising the mandatory age of attendance to 16.5

Children’s Day at the Capitol

SB 87, extending the current voucher program to include dependents of military personnel, students with a 504 plan, and students who are or have been in foster care

Children’s Day at the Capitol was Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 9 am to 2 pm! The Voices for Georgia’s Children and 24 partner organizations hosted the first-ever Children’s Day at the Capitol. Children’s Day is an opportunity for elected officials, decision makers and the public to learn more about the issues that affect Georgia’s children— issues ranging from early childhood to education.

SR 480, urging healthy options in school vending machines SR 590, relating to CPR training

Spring 2012

Endless Possibilities | 5

Legislatively Speaking GA PTA Legislative Recap — Feb. 19, 2012 Update on the Charter School Resolution: HR 1162, the constitutional amendment that would allow the state to create charter schools was held while changes to it were negotiated. Language from HR 1335 was added to help define the funding restrictions and to clearly define what constituted a charter school. The funding restriction reads: “The state is authorized to expend state funds for the support and maintenance of special schools in such amount and manner as may be provided by law; providing, however, no deduction shall be made to any state funding which a local school system is otherwise authorized to receive pursuant to general law as a direct result or consequence of the enrollment in a state charter school of a specific student or students who reside within the geographic boundaries of the local school system. (Italicized areas are the changes.) The intent is that no funds earned through QBE or otherwise could be withheld as an offset to funding the new charter schools. A new line item expressly for funding the new charter schools would be added. The charter school definition is identical to that which is already on the books for other charter schools. Language added to HR 1162: “Special schools may include state charter schools; provided, however, that special schools shall only be public schools. A state charter school under this section shall mean a public school that operates under the terms of a charter between the State Board of Education and a charter petitioner; provided, however, that such state charter schools shall not include private, sectarian, religious or for profit schools or private educational institutions. Under discussion still is the language of the ballot question. While the first two changes were seen Thursday, the ballot question language has yet to be seen. Also not seen yet is the enabling legislation that will be incorporated into HB 797. On a related note, at the State Board of Ed meeting, the Amended Charter School Report for 2010-11 was released detailing the performance of the charter schools. The bottom line is that charter schools are no better than public schools in educating children of similar demographics and have made similar levels of AYP. HR 1162 will likely come up for a vote this Thursday. While the changes that have been made, thanks in part to the advocacy of our members, have resolved some of the major issues with this legislation there are still issues that need to be addressed: The enabling legislation has not been seen or discussed. The wording of the ballot question is still misleading. And the question of funding is still not really addressed. If the state can’t afford to fully fund public education (the state still underfunds public education by over $1B annually) where will they get the funds to fund new charter schools? Until these questions are addressed support for this amendment should be withheld. Legislation Update: School Maps: Every school district and commission district must be redone to account for changes in population since the last 6 | Endless Possibilities

census. While several districts passed their maps during the special legislative session this summer, the majority of the maps are being redrawn and submitted for approval during this legislative session. Each county delegation (comprised of all house and senate legislators who have a portion of that county) has the final say in how the district lines are drawn and may or may not take input from the local officials whose districts are being redrawn. PTA members are urged to pay attention to the proposed changes. SB 183: School nurses may contact offsite medical assistance remotely (telemed) and must follow proper medical protocol. Passed both House and Senate. HB 824: Equalization. Changes the calculation of equalization so that every county is now compared to a state average rather than being equalized to the 75th percentile. In calculating the state average the top and bottom 5%, the outlier, (which equates to nine systems at each end) will be removed from the averaging numbers. The remaining counties average property wealth is then averaged to create a state average. The intent is to create a more stable mechanism so districts can better predict if they will be recipients. The intent is also to have the earned equalization more nearly align with what the state has to pay out though its collections. Donor counties are not affected by this legislation. Passed House SB 289: Students starting high school in the 2013-14 year would be required to complete at least one course online. By 2014-15 EOCTs would be taken online. One issue not addressed is what happens to a student who doesn’t own a computer and doesn’t wish to take the course at school. Passed Sen. Ed. SB 127/HB 641: Child Protection and Public Safety Act: Comprehensive revision of the juvenile code. Reorganizes the code and brings it into compliance with federal law applicable to juvenile court proceedings. Covers: juvenile court administration, delinquency, dependency, children in needs of services (CHINS), termination of parental rights, parental notification, emancipation, independent living services and child advocate for the protection of the child. Passed Senate Judiciary (HB 641 which will get heard this week in committee) SUPPORT

New Legislation to Watch: HB 981: Would allow guns in many areas not currently allowed including schools. OPPOSE Karen Hallacy, Georgia PTA - Legislative Chair The information contained in this communication does not represent the opinions of the 11th District GA PTA Legislative Committee but is information relative to Legislative Issues affecting Education. Questions and concerns relative to the information in this article may be directed to Sandy Purkett @

Spring 2012

DeKalb Council News

The VALUE of Establishing COMMUNITY Collaborations s a council we have spent a great deal of time talking about all of the needs of our students and families. However, the unfortunate reality is that while we have tons of great ideas, there is never enough financial resources to carry out our grand plans! A creative way in bringing additional resources (financial and otherwise) to your organization, is building collaborative partnerships. We can begin to make this happen by recognizing the value of Community Collaborations . The fact that Community leaders expect schools to prepare students to become productive members of society, they too have a vested interest in becoming a part of the process.


Each collaboration brings its own unique resources; each can reach students and families in ways the others cannot; and each influences young people’s behaviors in different ways. Together, as partners in a well coordinated effort, we can provide programs and resources that would not normally be possible. Community partnership with clear, concise responsibilities and expectations for each participant which allows for flexibility in organization and implementation, can only result in a win-win for both sides. We must also acknowledge that partnerships require a time commitment and that initial gains may be small. The benefits of Collaborations

• • •

Develops shared resources and authority among the organizations. Achieves goals which would not normally be achieved independently because of financial restraints Improves the delivery of educational and human services

Here are some of the great Community Collaborations the DeKalb County Council has forged this past year: K&G — Sponsored our “Dress Up To Win” program by providing speakers for assemblies as well as a commitment to $36,000.00 in gift cards, as incentive to the students who participated in the program. General Mills — Contributed box tops for education bonus points to schools that participated in the “Feeding The Dreams” program. Local units were able to recognize and celebrate everyday community volunteers and local heroes and were awarded product gif t packs for all attendees Spring 2012

Sevenanda — We are participants in their “Be The Change” program that allows us to participate in capacity building training and other healthy foods demonstrations and lectures,, as well as advertising in their monthly magazine. We also benefit financially by way of in store donations from patrons and a 10% register donations from a selected day’s proceeds to benefit our health initiatives. Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Art s — This collaborative effort affords us the opportunity to expose our students who participate in our Culinary Competition , to real world experiences in a world class culinary facility. JC Penny — Serves as a resource outlet for our Jim Cherry Clothing Fund that provides financial support for our families experiencing catastrophic events 100 Black Men of DeKalb County — Collaborates on efforts delivering programs that directly benefits our male Youth population with our schools. Most recent activity was the delivery of the “So You Want To Be Rich” Seminar for our middle and High School boys. DeKalb County School System — Provides office, meeting and event spaces as well human resources at no additional cost to the council DeKalb Board of Health — provides access to the many program offerings relating to Tobacco and Alcohol prevention, safe routes to school initiatives, dental programs for school aged children and other preventative services for families. They have allowed us to tap into these services and brings the services to our local PTAs. At its core, creating and strengthening Community Collaborations is more about equity and can prove to be more valuable than the total sum of Dollars in your bank accounts. Additionally, by partnering with an organization that is providing grass roots community programs and projects such as ours, a company can increase its social standing and knowledge of the community. The increased knowledge can lead to an improved ability to develop products and services to meet community needs. Without our community partnerships, we would not have been able to afford the many great programs we have brought to our DeKalb schools countrywide. Marcia Coward DeKalb County Council of PTAs

Endless Possibilities | 7

DeKalb Council & District News

11th District PTA Spring Conference & Awards Gala Thursday, March 22, 2012 | 6: 00 PM Hosted by Rockdale County Council Directions: Rockdale Career Academy 1064 Culpepper Drive SW | Conyers, GA 30094 Legislative Leaders, dedicated community PTA supporters, Principals, Teachers, schools with increased membership and our City Schools of Decatur, DeKalb and Rockdale Superintendents. Refreshments provided by Career Academy Culinary students. RSVP no later than March19, 2012 to 11th District Secretary/Treasurer, Patricia Woodard - 8 | Endless Possibilities

Spring 2012

District News

Membership Reminder! Congratulations to all schools that have met their 10% increase over last year. We look forward to honoring you at the Spring Conference

“Join Us, As We Grow 11th District Membership By Leaps and Bounds!”

Membership Goal: 34.787

11th District Membership Awards for 2011-12 Certificates to all schools with 10% membership increase over last year’s total. Plaques to the Elementary, Middle and High School with the largest percent of increase over last year’s total in the Decatur City Schools/DeKalb Council, and Rockdale Council. Note: Your school must be in good standing.

Parliamentary Tips As you enter the final months of the school year here are a few reminders of things to do. > Continue to use your PTA resources from Georgia and National PTA to help you have a smooth transition from this year to next year > Continue your membership drive throughout the school year and send the dues to Georgia PTA at the end of each month > Elect your nominating committee at least a month before your election month > Refer to your bylaws to know who are your officers and how many members makes your quorum to conduct business > Refer to the Georgia PTA resources on the website on Nominations and Elections to follow the procedure for conducting an election(contested/non-contested). > Secretaries, send a copy of the new officers to Georgia PTA by May 1, 2012 > Schedule a transition meeting with the newly elected officers as soon as possible after the election meeting to go over all policies and procedures, success and failures, and pass on all procedure books. Remind new officers that beginning next school term the amount of dues to Georgia PTA will be $3.75. ($2.25 for National PTA and $1.50 for Georgia PTA) > Treasurers, arrange for the Audit of the treasury books to be done immediately after the last day of school with the forms required by Georgia PTA. > Send as many officers as possible to the Convention and Leadership Training in Athens, July 12 -14, at the Classic Center (amend your budget if this is not a line item for this year) > Refer to the parliamentary procedures in your Resource Guide and Robert's Rules of Order, newly revised 10th edition as you conduct the business of your PTA/PTSA Submitted by, Evelyn W. Johnson, parliamentarian

Spring 2012

Endless Possibilities | 9

Health Tips & District News


to School Programs...Growing in Georgia! Erin Croom, Georgia Organics Farm to School Coordinator Kids eating kale, popping radishes like candy, hands-on cooking classes with local chefs, field trips to local farms and learning math in the school garden. These are just a few things you and your child may experience in school this next year, as farm to school programs continue to grow in popularity. These programs are a fast emerging trend in Georgia-- already over 10 districts including DeKalb County Schools and City Schools of Decatur are serving fresh, local food regularly in school meals through “Harvest of the Month” programs. In the classroom, more teachers are incorporating food, farm and nutrition into their standards based lessons.

Here are a few farm to school activities you can do to support your school:

Arrange a field trip to a local farm or garden

Coordinate a taste test of fresh, local vegetables

Help promote the Harvest of the Month day at your school.

Research other farm to school programs online to see what works in other communities—there are over 2,000 programs in 48 states!

While most parents intuitively understand that their kids should be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, many struggle to find the time to cook with their kids, or simply don’t want to force their kids to eat broccoli. Farm to school programs can help with this challenge — re• Plant a few seeds or seedlings with your search shows that kids who that have an opportunity to grow vegetachild and incorporate it into a meal tobles, are more likely to prefer them… and ultimately eat them. While it gether— try radishes, they grow in just 30 takes an entire community of school nutrition staff, teachers, princidays! pals, farmers, and students to build a farm to school program, parents play a key role in supporting these efforts at school and reinforcing good eating habits at home.

Georgia Organics is currently partnering with DeKalb County School System to offer hands-on training for teachers and cafeteria staff, and recently awarded 8 mini-grants to implement farm to school projects in schools this Spring. In addition, DeKalb County School System is currently revising its School Wellness Policy and is considering adopting language that supports farm to school in its revision. For more helpful tips and tools for parents, teachers and students, check out our website at

March Madness

Male Initiative District-wide “Dunking” Doughnuts & Discussion with Dads and Guardians was held on Friday, March 16, 2012, 8:15 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. The discussion was about “Men being involved in PTA!” The Basketball Selection day and First-Round event have past. The Championship Game is scheduled for April 2, 2012, Louisiana Superdome (New Orleans). 10 | Endless Possibilities

Spring 2012

Rockdale Council & District News

Rockdale PTA Council Rockdale Council has had a good year. We have added two new local units, Salem High School and C. J. Hicks Elementary. We have 10 qualifying units. We just Celebrated Rockdale PTA Day at the State Capitol, with State Senator Ronald Ramsey. We have also had our second meeting of the year with Rockdale Superintendent. We are looking forward to hosting the next District meeting here in Rockdale at The Career Academy, as well as Our Annual Recognition Luncheon in April.

Hello 11th District Leaders…Become a Community Alliance Partner!

My name is Randall Ware. I am the CAP Coordinator, for the Community Alliance Partner (CAP) program in Georgia. As our schools brace for more budget cuts and local businesses in the community struggle to remain profitable, the need to work together to achieve our unique goals is needed now more than ever before. For these reasons and more I would like to invite your PTA to participate in the CAP program. The objective of the CAP program is to increase the value of the PTA membership card for all PTAs in Georgia.

Click on the link below to see how the CAP program can benefit your PTA and businesses in your community: To sign up for the CAP program go to: • •

Once your PTA’s CAP account has been setup; Log into your account and print out your PTAs customized coded business invitation letters

Hand out your PTA’s business invitation letter to businesses that your PTA currently works with and businesses in the community

When businesses in your community use your PTAs business invitation letter to join CAP program your PTA gets $50 residual income every year for as long as the business remains signed up with the CAP the program. See sample business invitation letter:

See some of the CAP Benefit Providers in your District: If you have any questions please give me a call at 678-732-4315 or email me at I look forward to working with your PTA!

Spring 2012

Endless Possibilities | 11

For Your Information

PTA and the World!

2011 Georgia Educator Delegation to China Featuring District 11 and NPTA Rep Abdul Akbar

The San Wan Chou Primary School Band Shanghai, China

The average class size at San Wan Chou Primary School

The Chinese calligraphy class at San Wan Chou Primary School

The Principal of San Wan Chou Primary School

12 | Endless Possibilities

Spring 2012

For Your Information

PTA and the World!

Yangzhou University Kindergarten

An English language musical dance at Yangzhou University Kindergarten

Part of the Summer Palace complex in Beijing

Visiting the students of Xinhua Middle School

The Principal of Yangzhou University Kindergarten

The Principal of Xinhua Middle School

Spring 2012

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PTSA Day at the Capitol was held on Feb. 9, 2012 Youth across Georgia attended the PTSA Day at the Capitol!


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The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes Nominate a student (age 8-18) who has been the prime mover of a service activity. Each year, the Barron Prize honors 25 winners nationwide. Half of the winners have focused on helping their communities and fellow beings, while the other half have focused on protecting the health and sustainability of the environment. The goal of the Barron Prize is to celebrate such heroic young people— and to inspire others to do their part. If you have solid knowledge of a young person’s heroic activities, and you are not related to the nominee, please tell us all about your young hero. That student could be awarded $2,500 to be applied to his or her higher education or service project.

ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award Nominees for the ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award should be preK-12 education professionals, 40 years of age or younger, and demonstrate exemplary commitment and exceptional contribution to the profession. The winner will receive a check for $10,000, be profiled in Educational Leadership Magazine, and be honored during a general session at the ASCD Annual Conference. The winner will also receive an ASCD Institutional Membership for his or her school or district. Application deadline: August 1, 2012 For more information:

Application deadline: April 30, 2012 For more information: 14 | Endless Possibilities

Spring 2012

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Spring 2012

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Spring 2012

PTA National Standards

“The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs Spring 2012

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PTA National Standards

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Spring 2012

PTA National Standards

Spring 2012

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PTA National Standards

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Spring 2012

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