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About Us COMPREHENSIVE MULTIMEDIA SOLUTIONS / CELOVITE MULTIMEDIJSKE REŠITVE Quality photography or multimedia content can generate up to 40% more interactivity and web sales that is why it's crucial to present your business or facilities on modern, popular and above all effective way. Experienced, creative and friendly 360° Photography team offer comprehensive multimedia solutions: -

360° Photos 360° Virtual Tours 360° Spin photography Professional photography Video production 360° Video production

We are absolutely aware that a business web page is a face of the company and that is why we will adjust our creative and quality service to client needs yet we will add our innovative ideas from many previous successful projects.

Our approach ... we think and work differently. We dedicate our time to creativity and thus we exceed our and your imagination. We ask the right questions and most important: we listen! In addition to energy and fresh ideas we offer comprehensive support all year long. We want our clients to have a partner which they can rely on no matter a season. Our support is 24/7/365.

Why to choose 360 Photography? We are much aware that we create destiny by ourselves. Customer satisfaction ranks top of our company values. We try hard every day to follow latest technologies on all the fields we work on thus we always surprise our clients with something fresh, new daring, beautiful.

360° Photos 360° Photos 360° Photos are the core business of our company. Up until now we have made more than 2000 360° photos which present the best ration between price and quality. High level of flexibility allows us to change the order of pictures, to add or erase pictures, to change the dimension of the player and to share our pictures on partner's web pages. 360° Photos are suitable for companies which want to present their business or a building on innovative, different and above all effective way with lowest costs possible. 360° Advantages: -

Designed for fast internet showcase Small size increases the speed of the player (up to 400 Kb) Tailored to work on HTML 5 Works on Smartphones and Pads No additional plug-ins / programs needed Fast and quality production Possibility of fast panoramic photos creation Easy implementation on the website with »iframe« code Low price Lease or buy possibility

360° Virtual tours 360° Virtual tours Virtual tours represent revolution on the field of interactive photography. High resolution 360° photos connected into virtual walk present a unique virtual experience which can be upgraded with music, video content, moving objects, interactive maps, object descriptions, links to other web pages and a lot more. Virtual tours are suitable for businesses which want to show their business and facilities on the exclusive level of quality. While making virtual tour we listen to client desires and we move the limits of possible. 360° Virtual tours advantages: -

Exclusive resolution Tailored to work in HTML 5 Works on Smartphones and Pads Quality production Background music and videos on screen »Stop Motion« animation possibility »Hot spot« creation Panoramic photos creation »Pop-up« information »Floor plan & map« upgrades Easy implementation on the website with »iframe« code

360° Spin photography 360° Spin photography 360° spin enables user to observe an object from every angle, from bottom or top and to close-up a part where he wants to see details - completely the same as he would hold an object in his hands. Unforgettable virtual experience which can set your web store way ahead from the competition. Our team will soon be able to provide this service for you to target your customers on innovative and interactive way. 360° Spin photography advantages: -

Higher user interactivity which can increase the conversion »seen-boutght« up to 50% Enables the view from all angles of the product Additional information upgrade possibility Modern approach with target group Innovative solution for web stores Easy implementation on the website with »iframe« code

Profesional photography Professional photography Photos are the face of the company and need always to be up-to-date and quality. Professional photos made by our photographers are the result of years of experience, numerous trainings and hard work. With our service you will get photos which you can use to present your offer on the web site, catalogue or in menus, brochures, posters or elsewhere. Photography service is offered in two ways: photos can be bought with full rights or with partial rights which reflects in the price of an end product. Professional photography: -

Quality photos attract more attention from potential customers Affordable price Additional processing possibility Modern approach in market communication

Video production Video production Video presentation is a very effective way to attract users who can get to know your business, service, product on a modern yet interactive way. Conventional videos are the past, today we need to overwhelm and animate our user and to show him something different. Video presentation is suitable for businesses who want to show their work dynamically, expose secret details and with welcome speech touch the hearts and minds of potential clients. Our ideas reach the sky that is why we're convinced to we'll easily harmonize our ideas with client's wishes and present their business effectively. Video production advantages: -

Innovative and modern approach in market communication Thoughtful scenes which play with audience mind to attract their attention Fast scene change possibility Easy implementation on the website with ÂťiframeÂŤ code Lease or buy possibility

360째 Video 360째 Video Have you ever thought about watching a video and be able to turn around? Interactive video shots are almost unknown to general public but are becoming more and more popular among professionals. Our team is doing the best we can to gain all the needed experience to deliver 360째 video production to our valuable customers as soon as possible. We'll take the user into virtual reality where pictures are shown from all possible angles. 360째 Video advantages: -

Higher video reality Innovative interaction with a video Better stimulating experience Presentation of information on a unique, innovative and simple way Modern approach to target group

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Slovenia 360 photography ang brošura  
Slovenia 360 photography ang brošura  

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