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Find new confidence to be yourself You want a great smile and to be confident in all aspects of everyday denture wear. We understand the importance of this, so we want you to benefit from the many years of research from our dental professionals, university partners and research and development scientists from around the world. The Eat, Smile and Talk with Confidence guide to private dentures is here to help you make an informed decision about our denture products. At Ivoclar Vivadent we are passionate about our products and techniques, and are committed to providing innovative dental solutions for our customers so their patients can smile with confidence. We have an established reputation for excellence within the dental industry, which is based on our core philosophy to provide only the highest standards in terms of quality and customer care.

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You want your teeth to look natural and so do we. That is why we are proud to tell you that we are considered, by many dental professionals, to produce the world’s most realistic denture teeth. By using our denture products and systems your dental professional can, through well fitting correctly designed dentures, offer you numerous lifestyle benefits. We hope that you find our guide useful, however should you require more information on our products please ask your dental professional or alternatively visit us at

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Your guide to private dentures Contents 2

Eat with confidence


Smile with confidence


Talk with confidence


Complete dentures


Partial dentures

11 Why choose private dentures? 13 The benefits 15 Find your new dentures 16 Looking after your dentures

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Eat with confidence Good food is often a pleasure and we want to ensure this is still the case when you have any of our denture teeth.

• A stable and secure fit of your denture to your gums

Chewing is the first step in the process of digestion as your denture teeth and your natural teeth are used to compact the food for swallowing. A certain amount of biting force and muscle coordination is required to chew effectively. Sometimes dentures can reduce your bite and chewing forces especially complete dentures. This can mean the denture wearer restricts their diet, reduces quantities of food they consume and even where and with whom they dine.

• A bite comparable to your own natural teeth

We want you to be able enjoy your food, when and where you want to, so make sure you choose high quality denture teeth that can help with the digestion process - by keeping as much chewing efficiency as possible. Ask your dental professional which range of Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth will suit you best and whether our Biofunctional Prosthetic System can be used to improve your biting force and chewing ability. The combined use of Dental Implants with Ivoclar Vivadent denture products ensures that a complete denture wearer can greatly improve their bite force.

• Improved taste with less denture base • Improved digestion and wellbeing • No pressure points, sore spots – and no more denture tilting when eating • Restored chewing ability with greater enjoyment of food

I now enjoy the confidence I had as a young man. My new dentures are worth every penny Mr Atkinson, Leicester

Dental implants resolve the many issues experienced by denture wearers by holding dentures firmly in place. Dentures retained by dental implants offer the following advantages:

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Last Christmas I ran from the camcorder, whereas this year I shall be smiling straight at it Mrs Cousins, Birmingham

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Smile with confidence A smile is an important social asset but many people suffer from visually poor and ill-fitting dentures that look unnatural and as such avoid smiling and laughing altogether. Your dental professional can show you our life like denture teeth and discuss the best colour for you. Whether you prefer the more natural look of the unique ‘Pearl Effect’ surface finish of our SR Vivodent PE denture teeth, or if you are looking for a gender and age specific design of the next generation SR Phonares II denture teeth, your dental professional has the knowledge to guide you through your choices.

The shape of your face, the shape of your jaws, your age, gender and personality, it all plays a part in choosing the right denture teeth for you. The Ivoclar Vivadent denture tooth ‘Form Selector’ is a reliable method for choosing the right replacement teeth for you. It helps your dental professional select teeth according to your individual characteristics and offers young, universal or mature tooth designs.

Ivoclar Vivadent uses a state of the art manufacturing process that produces denture teeth in the many layers that nature intended. Incorporating the very latest in computer aided design and manufacture we can ensure that the many characteristics of the natural tooth are perfectly replicated in each and every tooth we produce. Bonded together under high heat and pressure for the utmost in durability means our denture teeth also come with a quality guarantee against excessive wear.

Gender, age and personality Your denture teeth will look their most natural and part of you if the denture teeth used replicate the size, shape and colour of your natural teeth. Your dental professional has many charts and communications tools from Ivoclar Vivadent to help with the choice of denture tooth to ensure a completely realistic smile time after time. Photographs of your smile before tooth loss can help when deciding on the teeth for you and your dental professional can even tell from the anatomy of your mouth where and what size your once healthy natural teeth used to be.

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Talk with confidence Unstable dentures that move and wobble when you speak have a huge effect on your confidence as well as your social life. Often denture patients are looking for ways to reduce the need for denture fixative sometimes finding its use in the lower jaw totally ineffective.

lost natural dentition and recording the functional movements of your jaw, facial muscles and tongue, your denture instability can be reduced. By positioning your Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth correctly your dental professional can minimise any speech discrepancies.

Many complete denture wearers have experienced advanced bone loss in the lower jaw and have none of the retentive elements necessary to keep their denture in place. Even joining in with simple conversations can be a difficult task because the denture instability affects the person’s speech.

The use of dental implants often means much less denture base and tissue coverage will be required which will help with speech.

Using the methods of the Biofunctional Prosthetics System your dental professional can minimise the movement of your lower denture. By correctly recording your bite, by choosing the right denture teeth for your jaw, replicating the face height of your

Many denture patients find that dentures often help to improve speech overall and speaking without wearing them an impossible task. As your tongue and lips get used to the shape of your new dentures, any initial difficulties you experience will soon subside. Reading aloud is very effective and can help improve speech. It is common to salivate more (which can affect speech) when your new dentures are fitted. As your mouth gets used to the presence of your new dentures, this will soon subside. Try sipping water to thin down your saliva and try swallowing more often.

Everyone says that I look great, but only I know why Mrs Brooks, Kent

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Complete dentures At Ivoclar Vivadent we appreciate that the loss of all natural permanent teeth can reduce the quality of your life and your selfimage. It is well documented that people who have lost all natural teeth experience many social and physical limitations as a consequence of poorly made dentures. If you have lost all of your natural teeth no matter what the reason, then complete dentures make the ideal choice to act as replacements. A complete denture replaces all the lost natural teeth and adjacent tissues in either the upper or lower jaws. You may be a candidate for the Biofunctional Prosthetics System which is a well researched technique that offers numerous benefits to patients who have experienced total tooth loss. The systems methods ensure you will look and feel good again with next generation denture teeth that perfectly replicate nature’s own, restoring your self-esteem and confidence - helping to improve your quality of life.

Everyday benefits include: • More confidence when eating and chewing • More confidence when smiling and laughing • More confidence from improved fit and denture function

Complete upper dentures usually stay in position using suction, whereas the complete lower denture is kept in place by correctly fitting to your gums and muscles. If you want your denture to be more stable, an injection moulded denture base may be a great solution along with the benefits of correctly positioned denture teeth and improved biting force. Ask your dental professional whether a denture made according to the Biofunctional Prosthetic System would be suitable for you. When you lose all of your natural teeth your jaw bone naturally shrinks away to a lower level especially in the lower half of your face. This can cause a problem for denture stability and retention, particularly when eating. Ivoclar Vivadent’s denture teeth: SR Orthoplane® DCL and SR Ortholingual®DCL have been specifically designed to improve denture stability in this situation allowing you to enjoy the foods you love. Remember it may take a while to adjust to wearing new dentures.

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Implant retained complete dentures Complete dentures can be retained in the mouth by the use of dental implants. These are small titanium screws that are placed in your jawbones that replicate the function of the lost roots to which the denture is then attached. Dental implants offer high strength and durability and last a lifetime. They help denture wearers avoid unstable dentures, gum irritations, pressure points, sore spots, taste impairments and poor speech.

No matter what your decision though, your dental professional will be able to discuss an Ivoclar Vivadent solution that will work for you.

Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth and denture base materials are designed to work in combination with dental implants. Just two dental implants in your lower jaw, used to secure a complete denture in place, are proven to significantly help overcome the social and physical limitations experienced by complete denture wearers by making dentures more secure.

After a few days I felt like I had never lost my natural teeth. I still can’t believe they are artificial Mr Tomlinson, Harrogate

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Partial dentures Even if you have just got a few teeth missing it is important to get them replaced - a partial denture can be a great solution to: • Prevent further damage to your remaining teeth • Prevent your remaining teeth from tilting and moving • Restore your smile and general appearance • Improve your speech • Make eating more comfortable and enjoyable

There are lots of options available to you as partial dentures can be made from gum coloured plastic or a mixture of plastic and a light metal alloy base, which then hold the replacement teeth, firmly in position. Metal alloy partial dentures are far less bulky, so can be lighter and more comfortable in the mouth. Alloy clips and precision attachments can be incorporated to secure the denture in place. Due to the time and specialist skill that is required to design and construct alloy partial dentures, they can be more expensive than the plastic alternatives but they often prove a great long term investment.

If you want enhanced strength, longevity and improved support for your denture teeth, ask your dental professional about using impact resistant SR Ivocap® denture base material for your partial denture Combined with Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth you can be sure that your partial denture will look completely natural.

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I now enjoy the confidence I had as a young man. My new dentures are worth every penny Mr Atkinson, Leicester

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Why choose private dentures? Private dentures

Economy dentures/Standard dentures

Private healthcare is more affordable than ever with access to dental care at a time that suits you. Whether you choose to receive your treatment from a Dentist or a Clinical Dental Technician, you can rest assured that if they use Ivoclar Vivadent denture products the results will be natural looking with a smile that lasts. Dental professionals that choose to use Ivoclar Vivadent products do so with their patients firmly in mind and only wish to offer the most innovative solution. Private dentures take time to manufacture and are costly so this is generally reflected in the cost of treatment.

A lesser standard of denture can often lead to patients experiencing visually poor dentures with a false look. A more basic selection of tooth shapes are offered and the techniques used are less advanced with little time for more personalised denture care. Little thought is given to your individual needs with average positioning of teeth and reduced functionality of the dentures. More complex work for partial dentures or dentures requiring stabilisation using dental implants cannot be undertaken due to a reduced budget and the use of basic techniques. Economy dentures do not offer any of the advantages of dentures produced using Ivoclar Vivadent denture products and techniques.

Private dentures made with Ivoclar Vivadent products offer – • A wide range of natural looking gender specific tooth shapes and colours • Durable state of the art next generation materials • High impact injection moulded denture bases in a wide choice of gum colours • Guarantees against tooth wear • Well researched and proven methods • Solutions to more complex cases

You can expect an acceptable standard of workmanship with an average looking result.

Have you considered all your options? Ask your dental professional about Ivoclar Vivadent denture products today and experience the difference for yourself.

Quality is paramount so you can expect your dental professionals to be accredited to use our denture systems via the many training courses we offer in the UK and abroad.

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A lifetime of smiles

Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth

SR Phonares II - a range of tooth moulds to suit you. Expressive aesthetic denture teeth Our experts are constantly looking for new ways to offer you and your dental professional the very best results. As a world leading dental manufacturer, we are committed to improving the performance of our unique product ranges which now include the SR Phonares II tooth line. These gender and age specific denture teeth bring truly outstanding results to every denture solution. Each mould has been sculpted to deliver the ultimate lifelike result creating dental restorations inspired by nature


Natural layering


2 Life like surface texture 3

Gender specific moulds


Next generation material


Wear resistant





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SR Vivodent PE - beautiful denture teeth for everyone Pearl Effect for the perfect finish With Ivoclar Vivadent’s SR Vivodent PE tooth moulds for complete, partial, implant-retained, immediate and copy dentures, you will enjoy greater freedom to lead your life the way you want. The natural looking ‘Pearl Effect’ finish ensures the perfect result every time and with a range of back teeth to suit even the most awkward of bites, SR Vivodent PE are the preferred denture teeth for professionals and patients worldwide.



4 layered ‘Pearl effect’

2 Darker necks 3

Natural colourisation


Life-like opalescence


3 4

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Find your new dentures Your new dentures and new smile can be created for you in a couple of ways. What is important is that you know the choices you have and how that allows you to decide what is best for you. At Ivoclar Vivadent our aim is to support the dental professional and to ensure they deliver to their patients the best possible solution, so everyone is happy. The traditional way of obtaining dentures was to see your Dentist who would then usually instruct a Dental Technician to make your dentures, to their exact specification. This is still a route available to obtain your new dentures. A new route to obtaining dentures is via a Clinical Dental Technician or CDT who is a legally registered dental care professional, trained and qualified to provide a range of denture services direct to patients – services that were previously only available through your Dentist. Whichever route you take though, your dentures will be fitted by a dental professional who will have been able to make the right choice from our world class products, so you receive the dentures you need to Eat, Smile and Talk with Confidence.

Learn more about Ivoclar Vivadent denture products today:

Everyone says that I look great, but only I know why Mrs Brooks, Kent

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Looking after your dentures

Ivobase System

The new IvoBase Injector produces exceptional results using the most advanced techniques in dentistry. You can relax knowing that the IvoBase system, alongside SR Phonares II produces dentures that are comfortable to wear due to excellent fit with outstanding aesthetics.

Looking after your smile is as important as choosing your perfect dentures. Ivoclar Vivadent have a wide range of professional care products that can help you maintain all teeth, be they natural, restored or artificial, in good condition.

Cervitec Gel Crowded teeth, fixed braces or tooth replacements make it difficult to clean certain areas: Harmful bacteria settle and multiply in these areas. They may cause inflammation of the gums, damage to the teeth (tooth decay) and odours. Other factors may also play a role in the case of inflammation and gum bleeding. Your dentist and his or her team will advise you on the possible causes and initiate the suitable therapy.




• Very comfortable to wear due to excellent fit, dimensional stability and superb surface finish. • Confident feeling due to the low residual monomer content and reduced fracture risk.

Patients with denture stomatitis are also able to use Cervitec Gel which contains chlorhexidine. Due to the viscosity of the gel it can also act as a suction for your denture, therefore it treats the infected area as well as keeping your denture in place.

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eat smile talk

For more information about Ivoclar Vivadent products please contact us: Ivoclar Vivadent, Compass Building, Feldspar Close, Enderby, Leicester LE19 4SD Tel: 0116 284 7880 Email:

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Eat Smile Talk 2013  

Your guide to private dentures

Eat Smile Talk 2013  

Your guide to private dentures