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October / November 2017

PrograMill PM7 Powerful and unrivalled

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PrograMill PM7 Powerful and unrivalled PrograMill PM7 sets new industrial standards for the digital production of restorations in the dental laboratory. The powerful performance and dynamics of this unit make it a highlight in the PrograMill portfolio. The high-power machine is capable of processing a variety of materials in wet and dry mode and is suitable for a wide spectrum of indications. The high dynamics and efficiency of the machine result in precise and fast production results. The 5-axis machining process is controlled via the integrated PC with touch screen monitor.

YOUR BENEFITS - 970 Watt power for excellent results - Servomotors for the highest level of speed - Intuitive operation and touch-screen display - Integrated CNC PC and intelligent machine management - Ioniser and automatic self cleaning Active Air Suction



- Inlays, onlays, veneers

- IPS e.max® CAD

- Partial crowns, crowns

- IPS e.max® ZirCAD

- Bridges

- IPS Empress® CAD

- Hybrid bridges

- Telio® CAD

- Digital complete dentures

- Colado® CAD CoCr4 - Colado® CAD Ti2 and Ti5 - SR Vivodent® CAD - IvoBase® CAD - ProArt CAD

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PrograMill Base Functional and aesthetic PrograMill Base combines functionality and aesthetics. A powerful, low-noise suction and coolant system is integrated inside the modern lower cabinet – the optimal base for PrograMill milling machines PM3, PM5 and PM7. The PrograMill suction unit filters harmful particles using various filtration levels.

Hybrid operation: Automatic change between wet and dry operation

Integrated ioniser and automatic cleaning function

20-position tool changer for independent processing

Fully automatic materials management

Intuitive user interface for convenient operation

The PrograMill tank, with a 15L capacity, ensures continuous operation during wet processing. The drawer contains a specially designed insert for materials, tools and accessories.

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Crown & Bridge

IPS e.max® ZirCAD MT Multi

The aesthetic disc

• For highly aesthetic monolithic restorations • Fewer manual process steps • Possibility of fabricating 3-unit anterior and posterior bridges


IPS e.max® ZirCAD MT

The creative disc

• For aesthetic monolithic anterior and posterior restorations • Maximum customisation due to individual characterisation before sintering

Crowns customised by advanced-scheme infiltration

Crowns customised by basic-scheme infiltration

Try your own infiltration with an IPS e.max ZirCAD LT Colouring Liquid Starter Kit

Programat S1 1600 ®

The exceptional sintering furnace A compact furnace for the sintering of frameworks made of IPS e.max ZirCAD and other zirconium oxide materials at temperatures up to 1,600°C. Single zirconium oxide frameworks sintered in 75 minutes and bridges of up to four units can be fabricated in only 90 minutes.

The 1 Programat S 1600 offers a ng speed sinteri programme!

NEW Programat Dosto-Tray Sintering capacity can be increased by up to 40% compared with the standard sinter tray.

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Crown & Bridge



1mm prep


High strength, high aesthetics

The IPS e.max® you know, but even more versatile! • 1mm minimally invasive preparation • New translucency options • 500 MPa for maximum confidence For your next case choose the trusted, most prescribed** all-ceramic in the world. IPS e.max... all ceramic – all you need. **Based on sales figures

IPS e.max® Press MT The bright one! MT provides the ideal intermediate translucency for situations requiring more brightness than HT (High Translucency) and more translucency than LT (Low Translucency). With 470MPa flexural strength which has been a cornerstone of the 10+ years of clinical success with IPS e.max® Lithium Disilicate. Available in 7 shades.

Jota Bur Kits


#1407 Special Ceramic Kit

#1433 LS Gloss IPS e.max® Kit

#1434 ZIR Gloss Zirconia Kit

From Gérald Ubassy - specially for reproducing natural surface textures.

Easy preparation and high gloss polishing of high-performance IPS e.max ceramics.

For perfect zirconium oxide restorations using just one set.

Prices exclude GST, freight & installation, and may change without notice.

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Metal Ceramic

IPS Style


IPS Style is the first metal-supported ceramic to contain the patented oxyapatite crystal. These crystals in combination with leucite and fluorapatite crystals and the matching glass phases are responsible for the excellent handling characteristics and optical properties of this low-fusing mixed glassceramic. The IPS Style ceramic system is designed for the classical CTE range. It comprises components for layering and press techniques, which can be combined as required. IPS Style Ceram and IPS Style Press are not only easy and efficient to use, but also highly aesthetic. They are coordinated with the components of the versatile IPS Ivocolor staining and glazing assortment.

What’s special Make it fast. IPS Style’s low shrinkage saves you time. Make it easy. The material’s ease of use ensures reliable results. Make it natural. The patented oxyapatite controls the translucency and depth effect.

Fine needle-like fluorapatite Natural-looking basic brightness, vitality and vibrancy (10,000-fold magnification)

Crystalline leucite Controlled expansion and strength (8,200-fold magnification)

Needle-shaped oxyapatite Selective control of translucency and opacity (10,000-fold magnification)


Introductory Kit when you on spend $1,000 ent Ivoclar Viva*d Alloys! * Not in conjunction with any other offer. While stocks last. $1,000 spend excludes GST

Prices exclude GST, freight & installation, and may change without notice.


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Programat EP 3010 速

速 IPS e.max Press

IPS e.max速 Press

NEW FEATURE: tion Fully automatic press func

Fully automatic press function Due to the new patented and fully automatic press function, pressing is now even easier and more economical. All you need to do is put the investment ring into the furnace and press the start button - everything else is performed by the furnace itself.

QTK2 muffle technology with SiC bottom reflector The new QTK2 muffle together with the SiC bottom reflector ensures optimum temperature distribution. Due to the uniform temperature distribution, even difficult-to-press restorations can be processed.

Programat速 P710 Integrated in the new Programat P710 furnace, the patented Digital Shade Assistant allows reliable tooth shade determination in a snap.

Here is how it works: The software compares the shade of the tooth to be analysed with three pre-selected shade guide teeth on the screen. Special image processing software automatically recognizes which tooth to analyse and which three shade guide teeth to use. The shade guide tooth that comes closest to the tooth that is being analysed is shown on the tooth. No further devices are required.

Includes FREE VP5 PUMP (# 666308BN)

P Pre-select hr h ee des.

2. Take e a photo og graph of e teeth h an nd shad de guide d e and sfer f the he d data to the fu furnace an SD ca car ard, USB flash drive, * or WL WLLA AN* A AN*. *by means of the P Prro ograBase X10 X software

3. Import port the photos and start st the dig digital tooth shade determination determination. ation The result result (e.g. B B1) is displayed. d

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3Shape E Scanners Digitalisation for every laboratory With the new 3Shape E series, you can take the first step towards digitalising your laboratory workflow. Benefit from the intuitive design software, simple handling and the latest scanner technology. The E series from 3Shape ensure reliable scanning results and high scanning speed.

Copings and bridge frameworks

Full-contour crowns and bridges

Inlays / onlays / inlay bridges

Prep and non-prep veneers

High scanning speed The high scanning speed increases productivity in the laboratory

Digital temporary restorations incl. bridges and pontics

Latest technology Blue LED and multi-line scanning ensure the highest accuracy and detailed recording

Virtual diagnostic wax-ups including physical models

Reliable scanning of impressions Digitalization of impressions, without complicated model casting – saves time and money

Post and core build-ups

Auto-start function

The scanning process starts automatically, as soon as the model is placed inside

Contact your al local Technic ialist Product Spec for more information!

Telescopes incl. secondary telescopes

WIDE RANGE OF INDICATIONS MORE OPTIONS FOR DIGITAL DENTAL TECHNOLOGY 3Shape Dental System allows laboratories to constantly expand their range of services and maintain their position in a highly competitive market.

Be a TRIOS® Ready Lab – it’s easy Digitisation for every laboratory The 3Shape TRIOS Ready program cloud connects dental practices and labs. The faster and simpler the connection to your customer, the better for your business. Dentists using TRIOS can find a lab and simply share scans, discuss cases and much more. Labs listed can receive and work with TRIOS digital impressions. Dentists can easily find you. ®

Individual abutments incl. positioning key

Implant bridges and bars incl. secondary structures

Implant planning with drilling templates

Removable partial dentures

Complete dentures incl. impression tray


Orthodontics and appliances

Model BuilderTM (crowns and bridges / implants)

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3D Dental Printers

Offering precise and affordable digital manufacturing for your laboratory High Impact Hood

Wifi Enabled

UV blocking with excellent clarity

connect wirelessly

Open Material System use any suitable 3 party material rd

Single Point Calibration calibrate in under 30 seconds


Auto Power-Off energy saving mode

Lifetime Technical Support

Contact your al local Technic alist Product Speci for more information!

free and unlimited




Environmental Control

reliable performance with every print

Quick Release

fast material change-over

Touch Screen Display

Composer Software

intuitive user interface included


for greater user convenience


High Power UV LED

Internal Radiometer

for long term reliability

automatic LED power calibration

WhipMix Generative Resins VERICAST


For crown & bridge burnout patterns and model casts. • Light Blue

For drilling guides and splints. • Clear/Transparent



For production of dental models. • 71089 White 71083 Violet

For custom tray impressions. • Neon Green

DETAX Freeprint Materials

biocom ++

Freeprint® tray UV


Materials for fabricating cast objects, dental models, orthodontic apparatuses, implantology, X-ray templates and occlusal splints, temporary crowns & bridges, individual impression and functional trays and base resin plates.



Light-curing, biocompatible 3D resin for the generative fabrication of individual impression and functional trays and base resin plates.

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IvoBase System ®

The fully automatic injection unit With the IvoBase Injector, you can benefit from a fully automated injection and polymerisation process for special PMMA resin materials which are coordinated with the system.

Operating Status Display Know the current operating status at any time: thanks to the optical OSD.

Futuristic design Easy to clean.

See-through safety door

Robust metal housing

Unobstructed view of the polymerisation chamber.

Sturdy and longlasting.

Waste water container

Controlled polymerisation shrinkage

RMR key

Easy to empty

By pressing this key, you can reduce the monomer residue in PMMA resins to below 1%.

A power connection is all you need.

Large programme selection IvoBase programmes, programmes for the Ivocap material and spare programmes.

Complex installations (compressed air, water connection) are not necessary.

Focus on the system idea Injector and material – a well-coordinated system: This is the key to success. With the IvoBase system, you can fabricate high-quality denture bases for both conventional and implant-retained dentures – just push the button. The fully automated process furthermore renders the injector highly efficient.

Ivoclar Vivadent has the teeth range you need!

Swap out Deal!

Swap out 100 sets, Buy 100 sets AND Get 100 sets FREE + Tooth Cabinet FREE + Scanner FREE to manage your stock YOUR CHOICE OF TOOTH RANGE, YOUR CHOICE OF SHADES AND MOULDS Ivostar/Gnathostar | SR Vivodent DCL | SR Vivodent S PE | SR Phonares II

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Prosthetics | Equipment Quickstone Lab Stone 25kg

Orthodontic Stone 22kg

Orthodontic Plaster 22kg

With consistent handling properties and smooth creamy mix.

A hard, accurate dental stone with super-white colour for optimal aesthetics.

Harder and whiter than ordinary plaster, it has a long working time and trims easily.

NEO Super Cascom Ceramic Heater Casting Machine • Produces casts with high quality, dense and razor sharp margins • Features a specialised spiral ceramic heater element which precisely melts the alloy at desired temperatures • Programmable casting process for each type of metal • Casting various types of alloy such as precious, semiprecious, and non-precious (except for titanium)

Silent Power CAM EC

ResinRock 25kg Resin fortified, low expansion die stone.


Powerful extraction unit with EC motor, bag-free, fine filter technology, suitable for frequently used CAM systems. • No dust bag change due to bag-free fine filter technology, including automatic filter cleaning • Very low operating noise of 54.3 dBA

Silent V4 $19,950 RRP $25,698.50

Compact, bag-free four-workstation extractor provides individual suction power setting, adapted to actual requirements. • All functions can be set via an intuitive, convenient control panel with LCD display

Cascom SE Induction Casting Machine

Erio Sole 1

• Features high-frequency induction heating of the alloy and vacuum and pressure casting • Does not use direct flame during melting process so the alloy does not absorb gas, minimizing porosity • Casting various types of alloy such as precious, semiprecious, and non-precious (except for titanium)

Single place workstation with height adjustable from a minimum of 86cm to a maximum of 100cm. Supplied with: • Two drawers with plastic trays for the working place • Service drawer unit with three drawers • Includes light shelf, stainless steel protection plate, compressed air nozzle and integrated vacuum extraction

Ex. Demo Special Prices exclude GST, freight & installation, and may change without notice.

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Professional Development 2017 ®

BPS & Suction-Effective Mandibular Complete Dentures Learn BPS system protocols to produce two complete dentures.

Mastering Wax-ups & Diagnostics 7 CPD 1-day Hands-on Workshop for Dentists and Technicians

Szabolcs Hant T

2-day Certification Course

OU October SOLD30 Brisbane Monday Sydney Wednesday 1 November

Arnie Jabour Stephen McGlynn

CAD/CAM Master Course

Adelaide Tues 14 - Wed 15 November

1-day Hands-on Workshop for Dentists and Technicians

Szabolcs Hant T OUOctober Brisbane Tuesday SOLD31 Sydney Thursday 2 November

Book your course online at:


Digital Denture is a complete manufacturing process for the rapid digital production of removable full-arch dentures. This innovative process integrates the treatment steps in the dental practice with the digital manufacturing processes in the lab.

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