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To Start, I can say that my Canton has a lot of beautiful natural places to visit and have fun.

The Arrayan is a tree very special which grows in the highland , this tree is beautiful and it has a delicious fruit . There are a few arrayan forests in the world, so a lot of people want to save this special tree, . One of these forests is located in Montúfar; it is about 8 kms to the south of San Gabriel, near Monteverde town. The Montufareños conserve this forest like a natural reservation. You can go to this place by car, on bicycle , also riding a horse and sometimes the people go jogging to the forest, but if you like, you can walk with the family, go for a picnic to relax in the nature and breathe in clean air. By: Josue Morillo: 6th.F.& M. “B”

One of them is Paluz waterfall, it is wonderful place, and some montufareños have written poems about it. It is located in Chutàn Bajo, 4Km. from San Gabriel, it is about 25metres high, moreover if you like to go to Paluz, you can walk with friends; also you can swim in the pool, other wise, you can enjoy its natural landscape. Finally, I believe that you should go to Paluz, because it is a great experience, the waterfall is very attractive, and you will be surprised with its beauty. By: Pamela Cadena Mafla. Class: 6th. F &.M. “A”.

THE GROTTO of peace


There are many tourist places in Montufar, these places make up our canton very attractive; my canton is perfect to know the nature and enjoy its beautiful sceneries. The Paz grotto is one of these tourist places, it is located 16 Kms from San Gabriel. To continue, I can say that to visit the Paz grotto, you should travel by car, which you take on central park of San Gabriel, but if you like you can go walking. When you are in the grotto you can listen to the mass, moreover pray to the virgin, and the tourists can enjoy in the swimming pool. In addition the people can see and buy souvenirs with the virgin image printed of them, things as pencils, cards, etc. you can also see the chapel, convent and the more attractive the grotto, where is the Virgin, there is also a river under to the statue of the Virgin, finally I can say that the grotto is a place where you’ll find tranquility, piece and fee in God.

It is a small lake located near San Gabriel.; according to a legend this place is an artificial lake created by the owner of a farm called “el Salado”, You can go there walking or by car, having a walk it takes approximately 2 hours and by car 20 minutes. Once in the lake, ducks can be observed, but remember it is banned to hunt them or other animals there, however you may try fishing. Around the lake there is a plant called totora which is used to make handicrafts or the traditional mats. In addition, for its natural charm and the exotic vegetation the “Salado” lake is one of the most attractive tourist places of our Canton. At present time the municipality of Montufar is investing on this place in order to have one of the greatest sightseeing attractions in the province.

By Oscar Escobar Class 6th. F & M “A”

By Juan Ágreda. Class 6th. F & M


One day that I went to visit my grandfather, he told me that when he was a young, on Holly Week Days, he used to go to the main church of San Gabriel to adore the Christ’s crucify and after the ceremony he had to return to his house for a dark and narrow road. One night, when he was going back to his house, it was around 11 pm., when suddenly he looked lights of different colours and he watched a strange black car, it threw flames for its windows, so he remembered that some people used to say that in the night of Holly Thursday, while the procession of The Virgin In Solitude walking into the church, the procession of the other life, with a strange creatures and a horrible car used to pass too; and if somebody crossed on their road they usually disappeared, so my father started to walk quickly to get his house before 12 pm.

Katty Trejo: Class sixth F.& M


When I was a child, my father told us, that in his child hood, once upon a time when he returned with his friends from gather blackberries, in a curve of the San Luis river, where there were trees that covered a big place of the water, it seemed that somebody was playing, running and jumping, happily, then they listened noises of drums, guitars and others, so they walked toward the noises, and they looked a group of short children whit hats. Those children were dancing and playing the drums, and they walked on the water. My father and his friends, cried with surprise and suddenly those children disappeared in the water. After that he returned to the house and told the adventure to my grandfather, who advised him: “ don’t play on this place because the children that you looked were goblins, and in that occasion you weren’t bewitched because you first looked goblins”.

Chicango Diego Clas 6th. F. & M. “A”



Hello I'm Vero. I'm going to write about a legend that my grandfather used to tell us One day, my aunt Maria saw a short man in a small stream , it was about 5:00 pm. After some days her parents saw that their daughter was very sick and she was delirious. Then her father asked: “What happens Maria?”. After Maria said "Look to that child, he is crying, he also has bread for me.” So, her mother understood that her daughter was enchanted, so she went to buy some garlic, hair of some animals and other special things and put them Maria’s face, head and the whole body as a result of that action the goblin said: "dirty, 1 don’t have bread for you; I don't play with you anymore", it was because a Goblin had entered into the girl, but after that healing Maria was quiet and relax because the goblin had quit her and the next day she was cured.

1. All students should help people with special needs. 2. Share your things with them 3. Cooperate with the Centers that look after people with special needs. 4. Help people who suffer any kind of illness 5. Don’t discriminate people with special needs 6. Organize campaigns to help them 7. Older people should have time to play with their children. 8. Children with special needs have right to study 9. Practice the friendship forever, everybody are brothers and friends. 10 Remember they are waiting for your help.

Verónica Andrade 6th. F & M “A” COORDINATOR:

CLAS 5th. Physic and Math and Social Science Lic. Ivan Fuertes



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