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Did you know that the word igloo in Inuktitut means house ?

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News after 9 months ! The Ivirtivik Center opened its doors on April 19th and since this time everything has been moving quite fast. We had our Grand Opening on June 22nd with lots of visitors, journalists, friends and family. Over the course of our journey, we have organized a variety of activities, outings and workshops. So, after 9 months of learning, we decided to ask the participants what they thought of the Ivirtivik pilot project ?

not know before and it gives me hope. I am learning new things.

about one month and three weeks ago. For me, the cen-

Elisapee Pootoogook Participating since April

What I have learned from the center is how to manage stress slowly. I also learned how to solve problems. I like coming to the center because I am learning more English and also get to socialize with other Inuit people. The conference that I enjoyed the most was when Frederico the clown was here and he spoke to us about life. It was an inspirational talk. The Ivirtivik center has helped me a lot. I look forward to coming here because I am not as lonely as I was before. I come to the center to learn more of what I did

I’m working on.

One last thing I would like to say is that I have more energy now since starting at the cenMy goal is to obtain a job and ter and every day I learn new to live a happy life. words in English which is my goal. Rosie Ronnie Partridge Participating since October Annie Alashuak I came to the Ivirtivik center Participating since September

My Life at Ivirtivik Amazing Moments


ter is like home because I come here to not stay home. What I like most about the center is that I am able to see people and get help with my learning of essential skills. At the Ivirtivik center, our tutors help us a lot and they teach us many important things. I would like to say more, but my English is still something

I have learned a lot of things since I started at the Ivirtivik center. I started here in September and came here to improve my English mostly. I like the center because I learn everything in English and the activities in the classroom help me in a lot of ways. The Wellness workshop has helped me a lot and I really enjoyed the subjects taught in this workshop. What I also appreciate about the center is that the tutors are always there to help us when we don’t understand something. I really love the teachers at the center. They help me with a lot of things. My dreams are to learn more English, learn everything about life skills and get a job. I love movies and taking care of my daughter and I love the center. I would like it even more if there were evening activities as well!



Individual Goals At Ivirtivik, we are working on a goal setting programcalled A Dream that Walks. Everyone has a dream, and we want that dream to come true ! Partridge, Kitty Participating since April AnnieLeah Kusudluak at the Education Fair trying different construction careers

What I learned at the center in the last 6 months First of all, I would like to thank KRG and the Kativik School Board for the opportunity to be part of this new centre for urban Inuits living down South. What the centre represents for me is that I have a place to work on my English, computer skills, and numeracy skills and to be able to complete my education.

Annie Alashuak trying to be a plastermaker

Laura Adams putting lots of information pamphlets in her bag at the Education & Job Fair of Montréal


What I enjoy the most at the centre is that I have the opportunity to work on improving my English and other essential skills. I also really enjoy the teachers that are working here with us. I know I have to work really hard to complete this course, because it’s challenging to try to find a job in the city when you don’t have a high school diploma. Also, being a single parent adds to the challenge. Throughout my time at the center we have had many different speakers. I really

enjoyed our guest speaker Stephanie Nochasak from Nain Labrador (who is also Inuit). Stephanie studied in nursing and she works with elders in home care. Right now she’s working at the Montreal General Hospital, thanks to her taking a home care course here in Montreal at PACC Lasalle. My goals while at Ivirtivik Center are to complete more essential skills upgrading and obtain a job by early 2011. Jarvis Usuituaryuk Participating since April My name is Jarvis Usuituaryuk and I am originally from lovely Salluit. I have lived in Montreal for 7 years. Montreal has everything I need and it’s a lovely city to live in so that is why I like it. I came to the center to upgrade my French, gain more confidence and find a good job. I have been at the center since April 19th 2010. I would like to work in an office environment where my life can fit and the position is one I like. My goal is to become an actor and I believe I can reach my goal, with hard work and dedication. I really enjoy coming to the Ivirtivik Center. What I appreciate most about the center is having my own work station, all the help I

get with learning, and being around other Inuit people. AnnieLeah Kasudluak Participating since May My name is Annieleah Kasudluak and I am originally from Inukjuak. I have lived in Montreal for more than 10 years. I live with my mother Sarah Novalinga, and my brother Raymond. What I like about Montreal is that there are so many opportunities and activities around the city. I love going for walks around the boardwalks, and going to the theater for movies, but what I love most is being with friends and family. When we get together, we like to play board games, card games, and go out for dinner to restaurants. My goals at the Ivirtivik center are to practice and learn all the essential skills necessary to study Fashion design at the college level. To conclude, I really enjoy coming to Ivirtivk center. What I appreciate most about the center is having my own work station, all the help I get with learning, and being around other Inuit people. I also really appreciate having Dominique, and Janet as my teachers.



My Dream Janet Enooagak Participating since September My name is Janet Enooagak and I’m originally from Pond Inlet, Nunavut. I have lived in Montreal for eight years. I lived with my boyfriend and my daughters for the first four years of living in the city. But the girls went back up north to be with my dad and also to be closer with family. I came to the center to upgrade my computer and math skills, build confidence and find a good job. I have been at the center since September 21, 2010 and I have been enjoying my studies. My dream is to learn to speak French fluently. My goal is to improve my office skills. My desire is to achieve my goals and dreams before I finish my stay here. I plan to work in an office again one day, so I have to work hard. To conclude, I really enjoy coming to the Ivirtivik Center. What I appreciate most about the center is having

my own work station, working at my own pace, all the help with learning, and

especially being around my fellow Inuit. I also enjoy all my teachers and their guidance. I appreciate having been given the opportunity to participate in such a positive place and I also made new friends. Saimata Manning Participating since April

that best suits me. To conclude, I really enjoy coming to the Ivirtivik Center. What I appreciate most about the center is having my own work station, all the help I can get with learning, and being around other Inuit people. I also really appreciate the people that work here and the funders for this program for all the support they have offered.

Rosie Ronnie Partridge at the Halloween party trying to be Brad Pitt !

Mary Sharky Participating since September

My name is Saimata Manning and I am originally from Nunavut. I have lived in Montreal for two years. I live with my boyfriend, and what I like about Montreal is that it’s a really multiculturally diverse city and one that holds lots of opportunities. I came to the center to upgrade my education. I would like to advance my computer skills, reading and writing abilities, and also I would like to learn more about myself and my abilities. I am also here to build my confidence and to find a good job. I have been at the center since the end of April, 2010. I would like to achieve a lot of things in the future but my goal is to learn and speak French and find a job

While at the Ivirtivik center, I have learned about math, wellness, active reading skills, dreams and goal setting and communication. These workshops really help me in my day to day life. My favourite conference while at the center was when Sergeant Sanchez, the Army guy came to speak with us. He was a good and outspoken person and he made me think about joining the Canadian Forces.

Mary Sharky trying to figure out who she is ??

My goals while at the Ivirtivik center were to upgrade and improve my essential skills and high school course knowledge. The Ivrtivik center has helped 100 % because here they let me learn the way I like. Everyday I learn more. My dream and goal is to join the Army.

Jarvis Usuituaryuk was Pamela Anderson at the Halloween party








New Experiences At Ivirtivik, we offer the chance for the participants to discover career possibilities by trying them out first-hand. Don't really know what a full time secretary, nurse or a beauty therapist does? The best way to find out is to try ! Our participants can join the program student-for-aday at various places or work in a real business for up to several weeks.

Creations as a general helper and assistant sewer. Nunavik Creations is a company who designs traditional Inuit clothing. The garments and accessories are all hand made

in a very unique fashionable style. This company works under the Makivik Corporation; where the mandate is to build and develop the Nunavik region.

Sarah really enjoyed the experience and she appreciated the chance to participate in this opportunity. At Nuvanik Creations she learned a lot of new things about all the different techniques of sewing. She is now familiar with all the spest Since November 1 , Sarah cialized sewing machines for Aupaluk, an Ivirtivik particileather and fur. She also works pant, started a work experithere with Louisa Arnamissa, ence program at Nuvanik one of her fellow participants Sarah Aupaluk and Louisa Arnamissa sewing who found a full time position at Nunavik Creations at Nunavik Creations.

Did you know that an aurora borealis is a natural light display in the sky, particularly in the polar regions, caused

Upgrading Skills

by the collision of charged particles

Mark Pijogee Participating since August My name is Mark Pijogge. I’m from a small village on the north coast of Labrador. I had been hearing stories about Montreal from a friend who had spent a few years here and decided to visit; that was in 2002. I had been given a business card from someone who got it from a native centre downtown. On the business card, it explained that if I was interested in going back to school and was an Inuit living in Montreal, I could attend there and upgrade my essential skills. So, I phoned, and decided to come and check things out. Everything went well and I started classes on August 2nd of

this year. My dreams are totally different from my goals I might be wrong on my interpretation, but my goals are to finish high school and hopefully take some post secondary courses after I complete my high school. I haven’t decided what I will study next or what I would like to do after finishing at the center yet. I’m hoping that being here at the centre helps me finish my education. I’m happy I have the chance to continue my education. I’m hoping to at least complete my grade twelve. For me, the Ivirtivik centre gives me a sense of purpose, and another chance at finishing school. I’m glad the centre is here to help Inuit people realize

their goals and helps gives them a sense of pride knowing they’re doing things that are important such as getting an education, finding work and giving themselves a chance for a better quality of living. I enjoy the people here at the Ivirtivik centre, the teachers do their best to make sure everyone gets the help they need, and the students help each other whenever possible. Everyone at the centre treats each other with respect and keeps busy with their individual studies I hope everything continues smoothly, or at least until I finish my objectives.

directed by the Earth's magnetic field ?






Christmas Wishes Special holiday wishes to Dominique, Janet, Leetia, Pierre, Réjean, Judith, Solange, Richard, Lisa, Kim and Frida, the core of the Ivirtivik Centre. Your involvement, commitment and dedication have truly made the Centre what it is today. We look forward to the opportunities that the New Year has in store as we move toward the next chapter.

Writing by Janice Callahan Pedagogical counsellor Centre Ivirtivik It is difficult to believe that the holiday Season is fast upon us. In this time of reflection and gratitude, I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and best wishes to all of those who have touched our lives over the past year. After just nine short months of operation, the Centre continues to thrive and adapt to the everchanging needs of its environment. As we continue to function at full capacity, we are confident that we are making a difference in the everyday lives of those around us through our training and educational opportunities as well as the continuous support and encouragement from our biggest fans and supporters.

Allow me the opportunity to thank all of those who continue to support and encourage us. It is because of your involvement, dedication and commitment that the Centre is such a huge success. On behalf of Ivirtivik, its entire staff and participants, we would also like to extend our best wishes during the holiday season and many happy returns for the New Year.

To our participants Your efforts to make a positive change in your life have not gone unnoticed. You truly are making a difference for yourselves and your fellow participants. Don’t ever stop trying. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

La Culture Inuite Écrit par Dominique Nadeau Conseillère pédagogique Centre Ivirtivik Le centre Ivirtivik est un lieu trilingue. Les participants peuvent communiquer entre eux en Inuktitut, lire en anglais et écrire par la suite en français. Nous tenons de répondre à leur besoin le plus adéquatement possible. Pour cette raison, j’ai décidé d’écrire cette petite note en français. Je suis fière de faire partie de la très dynamique équipe d’Ivirtivik. Depuis le mois d’avril, nous avons mis tout notre cœur dans ce projet pilote pour aider la communauté inuite de Mon-

tréal. Janice, Janet, Leetia, Pierre et moi-même désirons augmenter les compétences essentielles des participants par le billet d’activités, d’ateliers, de rencontres, de conférences et de sorties pour qu’ils puissent retourner sur le marché du travail. Tous les jours, nous apprenons en riant et en nous amusant. Le centre est un lieu où règne le respect, la courtoisie et la gentillesse. Personnellement, j’apprends beaucoup de choses sur la culture des inuits, les participants sont extrêmement généreux et j’adore cela. Ivirtivik est un lieu de partage culturel extraordinaire et je suis heureuse d’être impli-

quée dans un si beau projet. En terminant, je désire remercier tout le personnel de KRG et de KSB pour leur aide constante depuis l’ouverture du centre. De plus, je souhaite à tous les participants et les membres d’Ivirtivik un joyeux temps des fêtes; et une très belle année 2011 s’annonce pour nous tous !


Amazing Moments where it is safe and happy. For others, it is the chance to study, work on and improve their essential skills, before returning to work in the job market environment. I do whatever I can to help each participant move towards achieving their unique goals and assist them in any ways I can to help them to keep pushing ahead towards the kind of life they want and deserve to have.

Writing by Janet Rignall Pedagogical counsellor Centre Ivirtivik

As a coach and facilitator at the Ivirtivik Center since June 2010, I have been able to experience many amazing moments with our adult participants. Each day is a new day at the center and every day I get the joy of learning new things about the participants as I coach them individually and facilitate workshops. I am also blessed to work along side an amazing team of supportive and enthusiastic individuals both in house- including Janice, Pierre, Dominique and Leetia, as well as Lisa, Kim and Frida who offer phenomenal assistance as employment counselors at their office on In order: Kitty Partridge, Mary Kadjulik, Dominique Nadeau, Janet Rignall, Annie Alashuak, Mary Sharky and AnnieLeah Kasudluak going to the 2010 Galt Street. Pow Wow at McGill University.

Here at the Ivirtivik center, I watch as the individual participants, each like a growing flower, strives towards taking important daily steps in achieving their own distinct and very personal goals. For some, this goal is to experience a sense of calmness and peace away from the chaos in their personal lives by coming to the center,

For me, knowing that my coaching and support is helping the participants gain confidence in themselves, learn more knowledge and ways to be happy and prosper in our ever changing modern society, as well as upgrade their skills, gives me a sense of purpose. I love coming to work and seeing the participants’ smiley faces and knowing that I am making a positive impact on some incredible people who inspire me daily with their resilience and hope for a brighter future. Working here is a blessing in disguise as it not only gives meaning to my own life but hopefully, positively impacts the lives of our participants and their families and friends, as well.

Success Story Tina Nochasak Participating since April At the beginning of September, we received a call at Ivirtivik form the Kativik School Board. KSB needed a receptionist for a day. Tina wanted to try to work in an office, so she offered to help. Since then, she has been working at the reception desk and thoroughly enjoying it.

Ivirtivik She loves meeting new people every day and answering and transferring all of the incoming calls. Congratulations Tina!!

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News after 9 months !  
News after 9 months !  

This is the second Newsletter of the Ivirtivik centre. Just before christmas...