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Vippie Now Facilitates Free Call Anytime and Anywhere to its Users Vippie is a new age mobile app that culminates the barriers en route to communication and now facilitates users with the benefit of free calls anytime and anywhere. In addition to free calling, this app also provides messaging and video calling facilities wherein the quality of voice and video is superlative minus the usual haziness. Since this innovative app routes all the calls over the internet and does not use the routine mobile operators’ services, it remarkably reduces the phone bills and helps in extending the hours of communication both personal and professional. Vippie is a groundbreaking development in the world of VoIP solutions that is revolutionizing the medium of connectivity and interaction between people. An outcome of the high innovation skills of experienced developers and technicians, this avant-garde messenger shares unique compatibility with the user's communication needs. Supported by Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, iPhone and other prominent mobile operating systems, Vippie empowers users with its free voip services. Vippie brings the benefit of Pay as you go, as one of the representatives of mentions, “Vippie allows you to make free calls, video calls, send free messages with attachments. Everything is free for Vippie users. If you want to call or write to non-user, it’s not a problem. Besides – sometimes – it will cost you even less than your mobile operators’ prices. No connection fee. Only great opportunity to call landlines and mobile numbers.” Besides free calls online, with Vippie, users get Social Hub integration and enjoy free chat from Facebook and Google Talk. Users can create personalized profiles complete with photos and status wherein the application displays contact list with offline, online and push notifications set up. The contact list can also include non Vippie users too if they have internet connectivity via 3G or Wi-Fi.

About Vippie Vippie is an instant messenger. It allows making free calls, free video calls, sending free text messages and any kind of attachments (video, photo, audio) to other Vippie users. In addition, “Vippie Out” calls can be dialed to any mobile or landline number globally at very competitive rates. For any further information, please visit

Vippie Now Facilitates Free Call Anytime and Anywhere to its Users