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Enjoy Hosted VoIP Switching with With an aim to bring the complete hosted VoIP switching in a nutshell, has framed a complete turnkey VoIP solution with an integrated billing system designed for Internet Telephony Service Providers, from start-ups to well-established Enterprises and Telecom Carriers. In fact, it contains all necessary elements required for successful implementation of various VoIP services. This software platform provider focuses primarily on delivering affordable next generation hosted voipswitch servers to Internet Telephony Providers (ITSPs) and businesses located in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Their VoIP Softswitch can also be enriched with additional modules such as the IP PBX, Reseller’s Module, Call shop and Mobile dialers; helping businesses to develop and expand by conquering new markets while being equipped with state-of-the-art software. Moreover, it is the experience that plays an important role, therefore when looking VoIP switch for rent, trusting is best. While elaborating further, a spokesperson stated, “VoIP Switch have many years of experience in providing VoIP Phone Systems and solutions, which is why our Class 5 Softswitch platform, as well as all our additional modules, represents such high quality products.” In fact, by renting their VoIP Softswitch, one can be guaranteed of receiving a fully scalable solution with advanced routing, flexible proxy methods, network protection and quick, convenient reporting. They provide system supports SIP protocols, and a transparent protocol conversion, so their solution can be adapted to the diverse requirements of customers. About is the hosted branch of, a London-based software platform provider focusing primarily on delivering affordable next generation services to Internet Telephony Providers (ITSPs) located in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Products include VoipSwitch, a custom modular all-in-one Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform, SIP softphones for mobile devices, and communicators for Windows and consultancy services for Telecom operators. For more information, please visit

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