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IVINGHOE PARISH COUNCIL 11 HIGH ST – IVINGHOE – BUCKS – LU79EP Clerked by Cllr Christabel Boersma – Tel 07786 065 101 – Email


Cllr K Groom - Chair Cllr Carol Bennitt Cllr S Bexson Cllr C Boersma Cllr Peter Miles Cllr G Snowdon Cllr C Poll Mr Brian Dale PCSO Nathalie Hall


___________________________________________________________________________ The meeting was called to order at 8.00 by Cllr Groom Cllr Groom proposed that Cllr Boersma act as temporary clerk for the purposes of discharging the meeting PROPOSED Cllr Bexon SECONDED Cllr Snowdon; CARRIED 1. Attendance and apologies 1.1 – No apologies received 2. Receive questions from members of the public and press 2.1 – Mr Dale raised questions regarding implementation of Speed Limit review. IPC is investigating a temporary speed camera as provided by the LAF. The PSCO has advised that they must wait until one month after the implementation of a new speed limit. Again IPC will pursue. Discussion ensued surrounding the HGVs driving inappropriately through the village and the negative impact of speeding drivers. Arrival of PCSO Nathalie Hall. Cllr Groom updated her on the issue. NH informed the meeting that she spoke to Bucks CC who informed her that nothing could be enforced until the road speed had been adopted. Cllr Groom informed NH that this infact took place on 31 March 2012. A request was made that NH inform IPC when they may be undertaking an enforcement programme. Cllr Boersma to make a request form Cheddington PC to hire the civilian speed monitor and to liaise with BD on set up of programme. Cllr Boersma to contact Paul Foot of BfT with regard temporary sign informing of new speed limit. BD suggested Community Speed Watch programme be set up. Cllr Groom informed the meeting that a rota would need to be set up in the first instance. BD passed the council a draft note requesting volunteers to man a CSW programme. 3. Receive Declarations of Interest pertaining to this agenda from councillors

3.1 – None received 4. To receive reports from Cllrs Poll and Davies where Councillors attend the meeting 4.1 – Cllr Poll reported on the speed awareness LAF subcommittee. He reported that the meeting was the initial meeting to determine what the parishes would like to do in regard this issue. The outcome was the possibility of buying a Speed Watch System, buying two mobile VAS systems, more bin stickers, possible speed awareness poster competition. He talked of the Make the Commitment campaign as sponsored by the County Council. 20mph limits are not county policy but will be discussed at the end of the year where they will decide to review this policy. 4.2 – Cllr Poll informed the meeting that to set up a Community Speed Watch Programme the PCSO will need to undertake a risk assessment along with designated CSWP co-ordinator. PROPOSED Cllr Hetherington SECONDED Cllr Snowdon that Mr Dale be the co-ordinator. Duly accepted and CARRIED 5. Local Policing and related issues 5.1 – Nothing to report 6. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 3rd April, 2012. To resolve that the minutes be signed as a correct record of that meeting. 6.1 – Following discussion a motion to accept the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting was PROPOSED by Cllr Snowdon; SECONDED by Cllr Bexson; CARRIED. 7. Planning Applications 7.1 – Response sent in on 17 High Street, Ivinghoe. Outcome is now awaited. Comments can still be made by parishioners up to the day of the Committee meeting that will decide the outcome. Cllr Bexson made request of AVDC to direct all planning correspondence to her in lieu of Clerk. 8. Highways Streets and Transport - Including lighting and safety, to progress ongoing issues and to identify new points to progress 8.1 – Cllr Groom reported on the clearing of the footpath from Station Road to Great Gap which has greatly improved the safety and access along this stretch of road. 8.2 - Cllr Boersma to follow up with Paul Foot with regard progress on pot hole at Station Road and road sweeper 9. Allotment Report – Cllr Snowdon to contact two allotmenteers regarding payment and work of plots. Wild area has now been strimmed by P Snowdon. 10. Footpaths, Bridleways and playgrounds – Report and Update 10.1 – Cllr Boersma is in receipt of Cheddington PC playground inspection routine to be managed by Cllr Miles to keep a file of playground inspection reports. Cllr Miles has greased swings and birds nest swing and repaired fence. 10.2 – Cllr Snowdon will contact John Lowe with regarding a tree inspection.

10.3 – Cllr xx and Cllr Miles to provide Cllr Boersma with a playground equipment inventory so that our own inspection file can be set up. 10.4 – Cllr Miles reported fly tipping of gardening refuse at top of Golf Course Footpath. Cllr Snowdon to put notice up reminding people that garden refuse must not be left here. 10.5 – Cllr Miles has ordered for personal use a heavy duty grass cutter. He will use it to mow the footpaths with it and bill accordingly for fuel and repairs. 11. Ivinghoe Parish Council Website 11.1 – Cllr Groom proposed that we ascertain when P and I website will be up and running and if he could invite him to give a demonstration to the council on 12th June so that IPC may determine its best course of action regarding formation of a website for the council. Cllr Hetherington proposed that an alternative supplier also give a demonstration so that the Council can move forward. Cllr Poll arrived at 8.55pm to join the meeting 12. Diamond Jubilee Celebrations – commemorative mugs update 12.1 – Alloted time for Beacon to be lit has been given as 10.15pm. Press have contacted Cllr Groom re interview on date of lighting. Cllr Groom to manage this. Cllr Groom to contact Graham Cannon regarding the attendance of participants to view the lighting itself. The Beacon itself will be dispatched to IPC on 18 May 2012 and a working party will work on the set up of it. The working party consists of Cllr Groom, Cllr Miles, Graham Hollands and other members of Ivinghoe Entertainments. 12.2 – The commemorative mugs are selling well. Cllr Groom advised the meeting that the mugs for 0 – 11 year olds will be distributed at the official launch of the Beacon Villages Library and this has been arranged and residents will be informed by flyer. Cllr Boersma to draft a flyer informing residents of this arrangement. 12.3 – Letter of thanks to mug designer, Christiana Thomas to be drafted and sent with John Lewis voucher, Cllr Groom proposed £30 voucher. Cllr Hetherington to draft and send. 12.4 – Discussion around commemorative bench to mark the Diamond Jubilee. Cllr Groom suggested a maker. Cllr Bennitt proposed that benches be brought for both villages. PROPOSED Cllr Bennitt SECONDED Cllr Hetherington; CARRIED 13. Review of the Annual Parish Meeting 13.1 – Overall consensus was that the meeting was well prepared and attended. 13.2 – Cllr Groom suggested that a letter of thanks be drafted to the young ladies who assisted with the meeting refreshments along with £10 voucher each. PROPOSED Cllr Bexson, SECONDED Cllr Miles; CARRIED. Cllr Snowdon to draft letter and send vouchers 14. Preparations for the Annual General Meeting

14.1 – Cllr Groom discussed jobs for individual councillors. List attached as Appendix 1. 15. Recruitment of Clerk to Ivinghoe Parish Council 15.1 – Recruitment process attached as Appendix 2. To accept and ratify the attached Recruitment process PROPOSED Cllr Groom SECONDED Cllr Hetherington; CARRIED 16. Grass Cutting at Church yard, Ivinghoe 16.1 – Further details to follow 17. Financial Matters 17.1 – Laptop and mobile phone agreed as at previous meetings 17.2 – Audit internal and external 2012. By the AGM all accounts will be upto date to March 2012 and ready to go to internal auditor John Wallis and once signed of will be ready to go external audit. The minute book must go with the set of accounts to internal auditor. 17.3 – Contact needs to be made with Inland Revenue with regard tax return regardless of tax paid or not. £200 fine if not done 17.4 – No VAT has been claimed since 2009/2010. Cllr Snowdon will be undertaking a review of the status of this. 17.5 – Precept monies have arrived. £8000 from current account to go into saver account. 17.6 – Cllr Snowdon suggested that she manage the accounts until the appointment of a new Clerk. PROPOSED Cllr Bexson SECONDED Cllr Bennitt; CARRIED 17.7 – Aylesbury Mains have been contacted re the Kings Head street light. They informed us that there is no electricity going to that pole. E-On have been contacted by Cllr Groom who rectify this situation and they will contact Cllr Groom once the matter has been resolved. 18.4 – Investigation and conclusion of electricity overcharges 18.4.1 – Cllr Groom to meet with Robert Ellis from Bucks CC. RE will be attending with an electrician who will undertake and investigation of which fuse box relates to which electricity bill. Steven Swinbank from the Town Hall Committee will be invited to attend this meeting. 18.4.2 – Cllr Groom meeting with ex Clerk and an IT specialist to obtain remained of IPC financial information on Wednesday 2 May 2012 at 1pm 18.5 – Receipts and Payments during March 2012 Payments and receipts Meeting 1 May 2012 Receipts Payments

Insurance Council Beacon light SLCC Electricity Jubilee Litter

Broker Network AVDC Bullfinch Gas Equipment Book Aylesbury Mains Whitbourne Mugworks P Roach

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22.7 - Balances at 30 April 2012 £28,230.53 Meeting concluded at 9.57pm by the Chair Cllr Groom

Signed _______________________, Date____________________________

£812.26 £434.62 £370.80 £22.00 £123.32 £1300.00 £98.95 £