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Cllr K Groom - Chair

Cllr Carol Bennitt Cllr S Bexson Cllr C Boersma Cllr J Hetherington Cllr Peter Miles Cllr G Snowdon Cllr C Poll Mrs Maxine Hayes - Clerk Also Present: David Nicholls

___________________________________________________________________________ The meeting was called to order at 8.00 by Cllr Groom 1. Attendance and apologies 1.1 – No apologies received 2. Receive questions from members of the public and press 2.1 – no questions. 3. Receive Declarations of Interest 3.1 – Cllr Snowdon declared an interest on agenda item 13 allotments report and update. 4. To receive reports from Cllrs Poll and Davies. 4.1 – Cllr Poll reported that the housing numbers for the Aylesbury Vale Area Plan over the next 20 years had been reduced to 9000. Discussions were continuing with the Cabinet and there was a possibility that the figure could be further reduced to 6000. 4.2 – Cllr Poll reported on a recent article in the press about Councillors using their parking permits in town centre car parks for when not on Council business. He assured the meeting that no Councillor would ever use their passes inappropriately. 4.3 – He reported on Council Tax Benefits which were being devolved locally and this would mean that Aylesbury Vale DC would lose £1 million in the next year. Decisions on benefits and cuts would have to be made apart from benefits to the elderly which had been protected. 5. Local Policing 5.1 – Nothing to report

6. Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 16th April, 2012. 6.1 – It was PROPOSED by Cllr Snowdon; SECONDED by Bennitt; CARRIED that the minutes were approved in principle to be signed at the Annual Parish Meeting in 2013. 7. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 1st May, 2012 7.2 - Following discussion a motion to accept the minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting was PROPOSED by Cllr Snowdon; SECONDED by Cllr Bexson; CARRIED. 8. Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 21st May 2012 8.2 – It was agreed to approve and sign the minutes at the July Parish Council Meeting as a copy was not available at this meeting. 9. Planning Applications 9.1 – 12/01056/APP – Diblocks Orchard, Ivinghoe Aston, Two storey side and rear extensions and demolition of existing garage. After discussion it was PROPOSED by Cllr Bennitt; SECONDED by Cllr Miles; CARRIED No Objections. 9.2 – 12/01072/APP – 20 High Street, Ivinghoe, Demolition of existing entrance porch and replacement with single storey front extension. After discussion it was PROPOSED by Cllr Snowdon; SECONDED by Cllr Bennitt; CARRIED No Objections. 10. Planning Applications Past – Update and Report 10.1 - Cllr Bexson reported that the retrospective planning application for Coppice Cottage Ringshall Road, Dagnall was refused. The applicant will have the opportunity to appeal to the Secretary of State, AVDC would advise the Parish Council if this occurs. AVDC may also start enforcement procedures against the applicant. 10.2 – The planning application for 17 High Street was reported to the development control committee recommended for refusal and the committee upheld the officers recommendation. The reason for refusal being “The local planning authority considers the proposed change of use and associated extraction equipment would result in unreasonable levels of noise, smell and disturbance which would be harmful to the amenity of occupiers of the adjacent residential properties and which would be contrary to policies GP8 and GP95 of the Aylesbury Vale District Local Plan”. 11. IPC Website 11.1 – Cllr Boersma informed the meeting that Elke Hegarty could not attend this meeting but would provide the Council with screenshots of her website proposals in due course. 11.2 - Dave Nicholls attended the meeting and set up a demonstration of the Ivinghoe and Pitstone Website which has been updated and would include an area for the Parish Council. He explained the different areas of the site which would rely on each individual organisation updating their own area of the site. It would include as many local organisations as possible, an events calendar, information on local businesses and local news. 11.3 – Councillors raised their concerns that this was 1) a Ivinghoe and Pitstone website and that residents of Ivinghoe Aston may not feel part of it and would not be inclined to use the site and 2)

the Parish Council would not have enough control over the site if there with the number of possible users being able to upload information. 11.4 – Mr Nicholls was thanked for his time attending the meeting and the Council would get back to him in due course when further research had been undertaken. 12. Highways Streets and Transport 12.1 – Cllr Boersma reported on the Community Speed Watch sub group of LAF which had now been set up and required volunteers to be trained in the use of the speed watch equipment. There was an option to use the equipment that was owned by Cheddington Parish Council at a cost of approx £75 per week. Cllr Poll reported that LAF had been looking at purchasing their own equipment which each village would be able to use on a rota basis. This proposal had not yet been agreed. 12.2 – More volunteers would be required from both villages and they would require a 2 hours training session. Dates had not yet been set so it would not be possible to advise volunteers on the dates the speed watch would take place until nearer the time. ACTION; to advertise the need for volunteers and organise the training. Cllr Boersma would action this. 12.3 – Cllr Poll reported that there may also be a possibility the Police would join the volunteers . 12.4 – Cllr Groom reported that the lights at the Kings Head were still not working and she would continue to chase this. Action: Cllr Groom to chase Aylesbury Mains on this issue. 13. Allotment Report 13.1 – Cllr Snowdon reported that the hedge had been trimmed back alongside the footpath by the allotments making it much easier to use the footpath. 13.2 – Two allotment holders had been written to about the poor state of their plots and asked to tidy them. 13.3 – Cllr Snowdon reported that there was no one on the waiting list and an area of allotment near the trees was available that she would like to rent for her hens to be housed on. Cllr Snowdon declared an interest and took no further part in the discussion. It was PROPOSED by Cllr Groom; SECONDED by Cllr Hetherington; CARRIED that Cllr Snowdon be allowed to rent this area. 14. Footpaths, Bridleways and playgrounds 14.1 – The Clerk reported that ROSPA would be undertaking an inspection of both play areas at a cost of £240 plus VAT for playground 1 and £63 plus VAT for playground 2. Cllr Boersma had received an example playground equipment inventory sheet which would be used to check the play equipment in both villages. Cllr Bexson reported that the kick wall would be installed in the play area in Ivinghoe Aston in the next few weeks. She agreed to check the regulations on the position of the kick wall to ensure that it met regulations.

14.2 – Discussion took place over the lawn hire fees and it was PROPOSED by Cllr Snowdon; SECONDED by Cllr Bexson: CARRIED; that: The cost of hiring the Lawn would be £25 to residents (half day) and £50 to non residents (half day) effective from 1st July 2012. Prices for a longer slot would be available on application to the Parish Council. A deposit may be required depending on the type of event. All current bookings would be honoured. Action; The Clerk would do notices for the boards. 14.3 – Cllr Snowdon reported on her meeting with John Lowe. She now had a report on every tree on the Lawn and the work required. Some crowning and thinning work to several trees would be required in the Autumn . Soil needed to be removed from the base of the chestnut trees. Discussion took place over replacing the beech tree and Mr Lowe had recommended replacing with a lime tree. The report would be circulated to all councillors. Action; to add the purchase of a sapling to replace the beech tree on the July agenda. 14.4 – Cllr Miles reported that he had cleared and mowed all the paths. Cllr Bexson asked about the ownership of the triangular area of grass in Ivinghoe Aston that required cutting and was informed that this was not Parish Council land. The Council were awaiting quotes for the grasscutting in Ivinghoe Aston. It was reported that the owners of two properties in Ivinghoe had been asked to cut back their hedges. If no work was done Highways would undertake to get the work completed and bill the owners. It was reported that the gulleys in Ladysmith were cleared and working well but the gulleys in Church Road required clearing. Action; Cllr. Boersma would action this. 15. Beacon Village Library 15.1 – Cllr Groom reported that the leases had all been signed and were ready to go to the solicitor. 16. Grass Cutting at Church yard, Ivinghoe 16.1 – It was reported that the Parish Council had in the past cut the grass but it would now be done by A J Groom and they would directly bill the church. 17. High Street Litter Bin 17.1 – It was reported that this bin was always overflowing and required some repairs. Discussion took place over replacing the bin and it was agreed to look at whether it could be repaired first. Discussion took place over whether it would be possible to lock the bin to stop people vandalising it. Action; Cllr Miles to look at bin and report back whether it could be repaired. The Clerk to research costs of replacement bin. To include as agenda item at the July meeting. 18. Ivinghoe Parish Council Noticeboard 18.1 – It was reported that Cllr Miles would install the notice board. 18.2 – Cllr Boersma reported that the notice board in Ivinghoe Aston needed a refurbishment as it was difficult to see the notices through the plastic which has discoloured. Action; Cllr Miles agreed to take a look.

19. Library and Town Hall Leases 19 – This had been discussed under item 15. 20. Ivinghoe Village Centre Agreed to defer to the July meeting. 21. Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 21.1 – Cllr Groom had circulated a copy of the video recording of the Beacon lighting. All the events had been excellent and gone very well. 21.2 – Agreed that Cllr Snowdon would take the surplus Jubilee Mugs to the fete to be sold. 22. Financial Matters 22.1 – Cllr Snowdon reported that the internal audit had all been agreed and passed and the assets register updated. The Annual Governance statement had been completed. The notices had been posted. All financial records would remain with Cllr Groom for the time being. Copies of the annual accounts were given to each councillor. Cllr Snowdon reported that the P45 for the previous clerk had been completed along with her final salary cheque. These would be passed to her after receiving her confirmation in writing to honour passing on all Council papers and post received in future to the Council. 22.2 – Cllr Snowdon presented the final accounts for 2011/12 and the Annual Governance Statement for adoption by the Council. It was PROPOSED by Cllr Snowdon; SECONDED by Cllr Groom; APPROVED that these be adopted and signed by Cllr Groom as Chairman and Cllr Boersma as Acting Clerk. 22.3 – Paperwork needed to be completed to add the new Clerk to the bank account details. 22.4 – Cllr Snowdon reported that the agreements for Wayleave needed to be renewed and this would be deferred to the July meeting. Action; to add this item to the July agenda. Cllr Snowdon was thanked by the Council for all her hard work in getting the accounts up to date and ready for audit. 23. Receipts and Payments 23.1 - The following accounts were approved for payment: Payment 2304 2312 2313 2306 2307 2308 2310 2311

Name McCarthy May salary issued in May John Wallis Audit A D Ball Picnic Tables A J Groom Inv IPC0112 A J Groom Inv IPC0212 Peter Miles Rec Maintenance Moren Associates Almar b/f 108.29 + invoice 4393

Cash/Cheque Cheque Cheque cheque cheque cheque cheque cheque cheque

Amount 328.80 50.00 660.00 117.60 235.20 24.29 200.00 153.29

2315 2305 2314 d/d 2316 2317 2318 Receipts BACS 100782

Snowdon Office Sundries Roach Litter Pick McCarthy final salary E-on Monthly Street Lighting Beacon Library Lonsdale inv 160630 BALC 212998

cheque cheque cheque cheque cheque cheque

HMRC refund received in May (since LM left a further £3909.45 identified and claimed) Leighton Lawn Hire Cash cash

Bank Balances Current account Reserve account Bonus Saver account

39.78 90.00 719.99 72.67 2250.00 376.50 25.00 3891.79 25.00

2215.49 2870.06 30665.49 _________ 35751.04

23.2 – Agreed to contribute £35 towards the cost of a place on the Financial Management training course in July 2012 for the Clerk. The meeting closed at 10.10pm