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IVINGHOE PARISH COUNCIL 11 HIGH ST – IVINGHOE – BUCKS – LU79EP Parish Council Clerk – Lisa McCarthy – Tel 077959 70671 – email

MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD AT Brookmead School Hall, 8.00pm ON January 3rd, 2012 Present

Cllr K. Groom Cllr G Snowdon Cllr Peter Miles Cllr S Bexson Cllr C Boersma Cllr Hetherington


Miss L McCarthy

Parish Council Clerk

Mr Neil Ashby Mrs Claire Thompson Miss Moira Hegarty Apologies

Cllr A Davies Cllr C Poll

________________________________________________________________ The meeting was called to order by Cllr Groom at 8.00pm

1. Attendance and apologies - Please see above 2. Receive questions from members of the public and press – None given 3. Receive Declarations of Interest pertaining to this agenda from councillors – None Stated 4. Local Policing and related issues 4.1 – PCSO Jackie Dobson addressed the meeting, relating that this Christmas period had been thankfully quiet, but for all to stay vigilant 5. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on December, 6th, 2011. To resolve that the minutes be signed as a correct record of that meeting. 5.1 – Following review, a motion that the minutes be signed as above was PROPOSED by Cllr Snowdon, SECONDED by Cllr Bexson, CARRIED.

6. Parish Council Clerk’s report – To receive an update to matters arising, for information only 6.1 – Received with thanks 7. Planning applications 7.1 – 11/02494/APP. Down farm, Aldbury lane Erection of Agricultural Building for storage of farm machinery fertilizer and crops 7.1.1 – Following discussion a motion of NO OJECTION was PROPOSED by Cllr Snowdon, SECONDED by Cllr Miles, CARRIED. 7.2 – 11/02656/APP. 3 YewTree Close, Ivinghoe. Side and rear extension to Garage 7.2.1 – Following discussion, a motion of NO OBJECTION was PROPOSED by Cllr Boersma; SECONDED by Cllr Bexson; CARRIED 7.3 – 11/02667/ACL. Old Brewery Stables, Ivinghoe. Erection of detached storage building. 7.3.1 – During discussion, note was made of the following;  The large size of the building  -The possibility that the proposed building lies within either the Chilterns AONB or the Ivinghoe conservation area  The possibility that building may be subject to an application for change of use to a residential dwelling in the future  The potential impact upon the view from the village and church  The possibility of a site visit  Whether in fact the application, as an “ACL” or Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness” was actually subject to public comment Following discussion of the above points the following actions were agreed  LM to approach the planning officer in charge of the application and request a deferral of the deadline to allow Parish Council comment  LM to contact Mr Geoffrey Legge to gather information in re the legal status of the land in question and any other information pertaining  A further meeting to be held at 8.00 pm on Thursday 5 January at the town hall to discuss and agree further action. It was therefore agreed by the Parish Council to defer comment on the application pending clarification of the above. 8. Highways Streets and Transport - Including lighting and safety, to progress ongoing issues and to identify new points to progress

8.1 – Cllr Boersma reported that following assurances that the “Area 13” speed review recommendations would be in place by year end 2011, in fact, this deadline has now been put back to March 2012. It was NOTED by the meeting that this would be a final deadline, as the funds will only be available to Financial Year End, as well as the disappointment that the work had not been carried out within the time assured by Cllr Tett. 8.2 – Cllr Groom requested that LM contact Paul Foot urgently in re the broken and uneven footing outside the bus stop adjacent to St. Mary’s as this issue is still problematic and a definite hazard to the safety of those using the foot path. 9. Update on Ivinghoe village centre – To receive an update 9.1 – Cllr Boersma made the comment that it would be desirable to show more support to the SOS action group and their efforts in re the Old School. It was largely agreed, that should the recently submitted business plan succeed at the first meetings in March, that the Parish Council should be pro-active in supporting the SOS action group. 9.2 – Cllr Groom has received a copy of the business plan for the SOS project and it was included with the monthly information pack for the councillors to review during the month. 10. Allotments Report and Update 10.1 – Cllr Snowdon reported that, due to the time of year, activity at the allotments is at a minimum, although some pathway and fencing maintenance is taking place. 11. Provision and maintenance of bins provided for the disposal of dog waste in Ivinghoe Aston. Update and action. 11.1 – Cllr Bexson requested that the Dog Waste Bin adjacent to the children’s playground be moved as this is not the best place for it – it was agreed by the Parish Council to move the bin to a site adjacent to Grove farm to allow footpath users/dog walkers to use it. 11.2 –LM to ascertain whether we can move the bin and continue to have it emptied at no extra cost, or whether it will be necessary to purchase a new one 12. Footpaths, Bridleways and playgrounds – Report and Update 12.1 – It was reported that the two wooden posts at the bottom of the Ivinghoe/Ivinghoe Aston footpath have been dislodged, allowing cars to park and potentially block the right-of-way. It was agreed by the meeting to keep cost to a

minimum that Cllr Miles would re-install the posts using spares from Cllr Groom’s property. 13. The Vale of Aylesbury Plan – Update and results of the Ivinghoe Parish Survey. 13.1 – These have been received at AVDC and the Parinsh Council awaits the results/action to be taken 14. Local Area Forum Update – Workshop to be held during February 2012 14.1 – It was NOTED by the meeting that there will be a refresher meeting during February to re-address priorities and the needs of stakeholders. This will take place on Feb 29th 18-30 to 20-30 at Edlesborough Memorial Hall. 15. Diamond Jubilee Celebrations – commemorative mugs update 15.1 – Cllr Hetherington requested ideas and concepts from all councillors to brief the designer, and, these being supplied, she will submit a definite design at the February meeting. 16 – Beacon Villages Library – Update 16.1 – There have been no developments on this issue through December, this item to remain on the agenda 17. Financial Matters – 17.1 – Receipts and Payments December 2011 Payments and receipts January meeting 2012 Receipts

Allotments Allotments and Wayleave

Snowdon Wynne

Chq Chq

Sub – Total Payments Payments E-On Mrs P Roach Salary Almar Stationery Tring Mazar Llp Aylesbury Mains Ltd

Streetlighting Litter Pick pay for Dec Parish Council Clerk Office supplies Audit 2011-2012 Street Lamp repairs

DD Chq Chq Chq Chq Chq

£ £

26.00 25.00



£ 72.21 TBC £ 411.00 £ 57.65 £ 480.00 £ 161.54

£ 1,182.40

17.2 – Parish Council Signatories and updated mandate 2012 – Resolved to complete and progress 17.3 – Balances and reconciliation 2012 17.3.1 – The November Bank reconciliation was supplied to the meeting (See Appx. 1) and will continue to be so supplied, the council being satisfied with the format etc. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was CLOSED by Cllr Groom at 21.40.

Signed _______________________, Date____________________________