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Ivinghoe Parish Council Minutes of A Meeting Held on 3rd September 2013 at Ivinghoe Aston Village Hall. Present: Councillor Karen Groom (Chairman) Councillor C Boersma, Councillor J Hetherington, Councillor G Snowdon, Councillor P Miles, Councillor C Bennitt and Councillor S Bexson. District Cllr. C Poll. Mrs Maxine Hayes- Clerk 24 members of the public. Action by

Items on Agenda

1. To receive questions from the public.

2. Attendance and Apologies 3. Declarations of Interest

1.1 Several allotment holders had attended the meeting to discuss the issues raised in the email from Mr. A Hetherington(allotment holder) which had asked for a committee to be set up to include a parish councillor, and the provision of additional water to the site. Mrs Simmonds (allotment holder) expressed her concerns over the provision of water, especially to those allotments at the top of the site and asked that the Parish Council consider providing additional standpipes. She also asked about the setting up of an Allotment Society. The issue of setting up an allotments committee had also been raised. The Clerk informed the meeting that not all allotment holders wanted a committee and after seeking advice from the Buckinghamshire Association of Local Councils, the body that provided legal advice to Parish Councils, she had been advised that there was already a mechanism in place for allotment holders to raise concerns through the Allotments Officer or the Clerk. An additional committee would not be representative of all the allotment holders and would create more work for the Parish Council who were already dealing with a heavy workload. Mrs Farrington (allotment holder) spoke and said that she thought the allotments were looking amazing and that she did not see the need for any changes to be made to the way the allotments were being managed. The Clerk advised the meeting that several quotes had been sought for additional water to be provided and they would be discussed at the October meeting. Allotment holders were invited to send their views to the Clerk before the October meeting for consideration. The Clerk agreed to look into the setting up of an allotment society so that they could be affiliated to the National Allotment Society and receive the benefits such as reduced seed costs. She would report back to the next meeting. 1.2 Several residents from Ivinghoe Aston had attended to raise their concerns over the application for the Swan Inn Public House. The nearby residents had concerns over the increased traffic, the additional strain on the shared drainage system which already flooded and being overlooked by the new rooms. They were advised to contact the District Council directly with their objections as the Parish Council could only comment on planning issues. None. Councillor J Hetherington declared an interest on Item 8 on the agenda as her husband A Hetherington had written the email.

4. To Receive Reports from District and County Councillors

Councillor Poll reported that the District Council would be electing a new leader within the next week.

5. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on th 6 August 2013 .

It was PROPOSED, SECONDED and CARRIED that the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on th 6 August 2013 were a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.

6. Planning Applications Report from Planning Committee

6.1 13/01640/APP – Swan Inn Public House – Ivinghoe Aston – Demolition of existing single storey and first floor beer/cold store. Erection of single storey and first floor extension to provide 5 no bedrooms for Bed and Breakfast use; two dormer windows to front elevation and roof lights to front and rear elevation and single storey glazed entrance. – Councillor Bexson explained to the residents present at the meeting that if the Parish Council objected to any application it had to be on planning issues. The Council were then expected to go the the Development Committee meeting and argue the case for an objection. If the objections did not fall within the specified criteria for planning reasons then the Parish Council objections would be ignored. She informed those present the grounds on which objections could be made. Although the Parish Council sympathised with the residents’ concerns over this application they could not find any planning reasons on which to object and a vote was taken 5 for and 2 abstentions. – No Objections. 13/01762/APP – The Tack Room, Grove Farm, Ivinghoe Aston – Demolition of existing single storey



shed and erection of two storey rear extension – No Objections 13/02208/APP – 6 Hartop Close, Ivinghoe Aston – Erection of first floor rear balcony – No Objections 7. Highways, Streets And Transport.

7.1 Councillor Groom reported on her meeting with Paul Foot. (1) Regarding the query over a weight restriction on Vicarage Lane it would only be possible to have a width restriction which would be a blue and white sign and this would have to be mounted on a wall. A No Entry sign at the entrance to Ladysmith was discounted. (2) Concerns had been raised over the location of the MVAS signs in Ivinghoe Aston and this had been checked out and confirmed by Mr Foot. (3) Letter from Mrs Robinson regarding the pole in her garden had been investigated and she had been informed that this was the property of EDF energy and she would need to pursue way leave payment with them (4) He had agreed to contact the owners of Shiel House regarding their overhanging hedge. 7.2 Brian Dale reported on the new Mobile Vehicular Activated Signs (MVAS). He had now received training in how to load the software for the laptop to operate the MVAS and record the data. This information would be provided to Bucks County Council as supporting evidence for a reduction in speed limits and speed monitoring vans to visit the Parish. He reported on the recent th th data gathered from the sessions. Between the 6 August and the 20 August there were 32500 traffic movements past the location of which 27500 vehicles were travelling 35mph or faster. 82% of vehicles were exceeding the speed limit. He agreed to pass the information from all the sessions to the Parish Council so it could be publicised. He was thanked by the Parish Council for all of his hard work, and to pass on their thanks to all the volunteers involved.

8. Allotments

8.1 – As previously discussed in Public Time the email from Mr. A Hetherington had been received and the Parish Council had considered the comments made. The Clerk reported that she had contacted the Bucks Association of Local Councils for guidance. It was agreed to get the quotes for additional water to the site and to bring them to the next meeting in October to be discussed and approved.

9. Footpaths, Bridleway, Trees and Playgrounds.

9.1 It was reported that Middle Path had been strimmed. A large damson tree had fallen down in this location and had been cleared away. There were a few more trees heavy with fruit that would need to be monitored. 9.2 It was reported that concrete slabs had appeared in the children’s play area. A letter would be sent to the village hall committee asking if they knew who they belonged to. A third bench had also appeared. Councillor Bexson would let the Clerk know who to write to. 9.3 Councillor Groom reported that she was looking into the fencing around the play area following the playground inspection report. 9.4 It was reported that there were trees overhanging the footpath in Maud Janes Close and the vegetation growing out from under the fence was slippery under foot. Councillor Groom would speak to the house owner and ask them to cut this back.

10. Beacon Villages Library

10.1 The Clerk had received details of the AGM being held on Saturday 19th October at 10.00am.

11. Ivinghoe Village Centre

11.1 Nothing to report.

12. Clerks Report/Items for Action Correspondence

12.1 The Clerk gave the following report to the meeting: Actions from Previous Minutes 9.6 – The hedge has been cut. A letter had been sent reminding the school that they have not written to the Parish Council regarding the use of The Lawn. 9.8 (3) – I reported the findings of the playground inspection relating to the toddler climbing unit Clerk/ and the birds nest swing to Monster play and they sent the following reply: CBennitt/PM 1. Toddler Climbing Unit – “There is not a horizontal guard rail that we could supply specifically for this play unit and purpose. We could have a look at making a bespoke rail but it would be fairly costly to do this as we would need to invest design time into it and manufacturing time etc. As this has been rated as a low risk then we would suggest that unless you have had any particular incidents on this unit, then you continue to monitor use”. – It was agreed as advised to continue to monitor this piece of equipment. 2. Cantilever Swing – “A site visit to look at the cantilever (birds nest) swing would be required. We have installed a number of these units and this finding has not come up before now, and I believe it hasn’t been picked up on in previous inspections that Ivinghoe have had. I have attached a set on installation documents in case it helps determine whether the fixings have been fitted incorrectly. A site visit would be charged at £250.00 plus VAT but this would not include any work. A separate quotation for any parts or labour required would be submitted following the initial site visit”. – It was agreed to look at the installation documents and to continue monitoring this piece of equipment. October Meeting th It was agreed to change the date of the October meeting to Tuesday 8 October.

12.2 The following correspondence had been received and had been actioned or noted: By email:              

Community Impact Bucks – e newsletter - Noted A Davies – quarterly report – This had been included in the Beacon Magazine Bucks CC – Notification of road closure multi order - Noted Karen Jones – Future Dates of LAF meetings, 12/9 and 21/11 – 2014 12/2, 13/5, 4/9 and 26/11 - Noted Monster Play – Response to inspection report – this was discussed under clerks report Bucks CC – emergency road closure – Aylesbury Road Wing and Wingrave - Noted A Hetherington – Allotments – this would be discussed under the Allotments agenda item Aylesbury Vale – Details of growing together conference 25/11 – details will go in homework pack S Swinbank – Details of new hire charges for Town Hall - Noted AVALC – details of briefing 25/9 - Noted Info request from Donna Halsey on grandmother born in Ivinghoe – passed to Karen to deal with Vale of Aylesbury Plan – preparation of VAP delivery policy – details would be included in homework pack Colin White – Notification of Chilterns Conservation Board Conference – Princes Risborough 9/10 – Agreed that Councillor Bexson would attend. Ivinghoe Entertainments – requesting permission to use the Lawn for the fireworks display on the 2nd November (and also booking the 3rd just in case of poor weather) – permission granted


By Post:  

Bucks CC – A guide on traffic calming measures – a copy would be included in the homework pack Thames Valley Primary Care Agency – Notification on decisions for Rothschild Pharmacy Application, JT Health Ltd Application and Day Lewis Plc Application. All 3 applications were refused and have the right of appeal. – details would be included in the homework pack.

13. Beacon Magazine Update

13.1 After considering the quotation received for the layout of the magazine it was PROPOSED by SB and SECONDED by JH and CARRIED that the quotation of £250 from Breeze Design was approved. They would take over the layout of the magazine from the November issue. Councillor Boersma would liase with them over the artwork. 13.2 It was agreed that any future editing of articles received for the Beacon Magazine would be made by the full Council.

14. LAF - update

14.1 It was reported that the next meeting of the Local Area Forum (LAF) was being held on th Thursday 12 September at Overstone School, Wing. Councillor Groom, Boersma and Bennitt would attend.

KG,CB, C Bennitt

15. Website

15.1 Councillor Boersma reported that there had been some problems with loading the Beacon Magazine on to the website. The Parish Council may have to pay a small additional fee to expand the space on the site.


16. Financial Matters Payment of Accounts

The following accounts and expenses were submitted and approved for payment: Clerks Salary, Expenses and Office electro Salaries Costs nic £ 416.68 electro HMRC PAYE nic £ 106.44 Eon





P Roach

Rubbish Collection





Grasscutting IA




A J Groom



£ 235.20

A J Groom



£ 120.00

Income Beacon mag adverts Town Hall Rent



Beacon mag adverts


Balances Community a/c BMM a/c Beacon A/c

17. Date of Next Meeting

£ 1,738.26 £ 44,021.48 £ 879.13 £ 46,638.87

Tuesday 8th October 2013.