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Ivinghoe Parish Council Minutes of A Meeting Held on 8th January 2013 at Brookmead School, High Street, and Ivinghoe. Present: Cllr. Karen Groom (Chairman) Cllr. C Boersma, Cllr. S Bexson, Cllr C Bennitt, Cllr. G Snowdon, Cllr J Hetherington, P Miles. District Cllr. C Poll and 14 members of the public. Mrs Maxine Hayes- Clerk Items on Agenda 1.

Receive Questions from members of the Public

Action by 1.1. Several residents had attended the meeting to raise their concerns over the planning application for Laurel Cottage, Ivinghoe Aston (12/02731) which was being discussed later in the meeting. Cllr Groom reported that she had visited the site and reminded the meeting that the Parish Council had to consider the application from a planning point of view and could not get involved in individual neighbour concerns. They would be able to put their views directly to the District Council. This application was for an additional 5 touring caravans/mobile homes and the site already had planning permission for 5 pitches. This was also covered by the Caravan Act which had additional powers to normal planning regulations. The immediate neighbours voiced their concerns over increased noise, effects on their privacy and the detrimental effect on the village. The Council thanked them for attending the meeting and advised them to put their views in writing to the District Council. 1.2. Some residents had attended to voice their concerns over the application for the proposed two storey office building and associated car parking (12/02747) at Grove Farm, Ivinghoe Aston but it was agreed that this application would not be discussed at this meeting as there were some details on the application which were incorrect. The Parish Council would be asking for the District Council to clarify these issues before making any comments. 1.3. Mr Dale asked the Clerk to chase British Waterways and get the results of their findings on the bridge which was reported after being struck by a lorry several months ago.


Attendance and Apologies

2.1 None


Declarations of Interest

3.1 None


To Receive Reports from District and County Councillors

4.1. Cllr.Poll reported on the District Councils position regarding the increases to Council Tax which would be agreed at the next meeting of the Council. 4.2. He advised the meeting that the consultation for the London Luton Airport Expansion was now available to comment on for the next 6 weeks. The Application no. was 12/01400/FUL. Rachel Webb from Stewkley attended all the meetings and reported back through the LAF. It was agreed to ask Rachel if she would be willing to attend the February meeting of the Parish Council to give a short presentation on the consultation. This would still leave two weeks for the Parish Council send their response.

5. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on th 4 December 2012 .

5.1. It was PROPOSED,SECONDED AND unanimously carried that the minutes be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

6. Planning Applications

6.1 12/02759/ACL – Poppetts Farm, Beacon Road, Ivinghoe – Continued use of dwelling without compliance with agricultural occupancy with condition 3 of planning permission 49/00043/WG – No Objections 6.2 12/00312/APP – 6 Windmill Close, Ivinghoe – Erection of one detached dwelling house and detached garage – No Objections 6.3 12/02507/APP – Creation of New Marina Basin including facilities – Support with the following conditions added to the approval (1) that when the work is taking place and in particular when the soil is being removed from the site the vehicles are only permitted to turn left into the site and right out of the site to ensure the traffic does not go through the parish of Ivinghoe and surrounding villages and that (2) that investigation and consideration is given to a pedestrian access from the site to the village for the safety of pedestrians. 6.4 12/02731/APP – Laurel Cottage, Ivinghoe Aston – Change of land to create a second site for five touring caravans/motor homes – Following lengthy discussion on this application the Parish Council could not see any planning grounds on which to object - a vote was taken; 6 for and 1 against. No Objections. 6.5 12/02747/APP – Unit 2, Grove Farm, Ivinghoe Aston – Erection of two storey office building with associated car parking and landscaping – The Parish Council were not able to comment on this application as it had been brought to their attention that details on the application were incorrect. They had been told that the access road was not in the ownership of the applicant but




was held by the residents of the barn conversions and there was also a public footpath along this road which was not shown on the plans. In addition, there is an existing access shown between the application site and the residential barn conversions which it was understood was also in the ownership of the barn residents and the applicant had not right of access over. The Parish Council would ask the District Council to investigate this further before any comments could be made. 7. Highways, Streets And Transport.

7.1. Cllr. Boersma reported that the new give way sign at the junction in Station Road had been damaged and was still not illuminated. This would be reported to Highways. 7.2. It was reported that the school sign on the bend coming into Ivinghoe was damaged and this would be reported. 7.3. It was reported that the potholes in Vicarage Lane had been repaired. Cllr Boersma was still waiting to meet with Paul Foot from County Highways to look at possible traffic calming schemes and to look at the problems of traffic in Vicarage Lane.

8. Allotments

8.1. Cllr. Snowdon reported that the sheds at the allotments had been broken into and a bush cutter and rotivator had been stolen. Fortunately they had managed to recover the rest of the tools that had been taken. Some of the hens had also been deliberately let out of their runs but had been rescued. 8.2. Cllr Snowdon reported that there was one new allotment holder who had taken over one of the vacant plots.

9. Footpaths, Bridleway, Trees and Playgrounds.

9.1. It was reported that the overgrown sycamore on Middle Path had been cut back. 9.2. It was agreed to report the trees on Station Road to County Highways as they needed to be inspected. Branches had fallen from these trees recently. 9.3. Cllr. Bennitt reported that there were no problems in the play area in Ivinghoe Aston. 9.4. The Clerk was asked to report the dog bin at the entrance to Diblocks Farm on the C72 in Ivinghoe Aston which had slipped down the post and was on the ground.

10. Beacon Villages Library

10.1 Nothing to report

11. Ivinghoe Village Centre

11.1. Cllr Groom reported that they had received £50,000 in Lottery Funding for the Old School and would be applying for further funding.

12. Clerks Report/Items for Action Correspondence

12.1. Light Give Way sign Rose and Crown Junction – this light had been repaired. 12.2. Printer - The Clerk reported that the printer she was currently using was very old and struggling. There was a printer in PC World that had also been recommended which costs £49 and the toners although slightly more expensive than the current ones last a lot longer (approx 1500 sheets). The Clerk asked if the Parish Council would be willing to contribute £15 towards a replacement printer. It was PROPOSED, SECONDED and CARRIED that the Clerk purchases a new printer and the Parish Council would contribute £15 towards the cost. 12.3 The Clerk reported that following the letter sent to Sylvia Simmonds and Barbara Cummings from the Parish Council expressing their sadness that they were leaving the Beacon Team Cllrs Boersma and Groom had attended the planning meeting for the February issue of the magazine. After that meeting they had discussed the Parish Council taking on the production of the magazine until a new team of volunteers could be found. The Clerk had agreed to take on the administration and finances. It was PROPOSED, SECONDED and CARRIED that the Parish Council would take the magazine on and continue to produce it until a new team of volunteers had been found. It was reported that Nigel Thompson had agreed to come back on the team and help with the production. The Clerk would contact Sylvia Simmonds and Barabara Cummings to ask for the details of the advertisers and any other relevant information.

13. Local Area Forum (LAF) Community Speedwatch Scheme – Purchase of MVAS signs

13.1 Cllr Poll reported on the LAF initiative for the villages to contribute towards the cost of the Mobile Vehicular Activated Signs (MVAS) which could then be moved around the Parishes. Mr. Dale had taken photographs and provided information on where the signs could be put in Ivinghoe and Ivinghoe Aston and volunteers would be required to collect the data, charge the batteries and move the signs to the new locations. It was agreed that they could be located either end of Ivinghoe Aston, Great Gap, Ford End, at the T Junction at Lords Cottage and on the road coming from The Beacon. It was PROPOSED SECONDED and CARRIED that £700 from the money held in reserves for traffic calming be spent on these signs. 13.2 Cllr Poll reported that the LAF group had agreed that in the next financial year money would be concentrated on activities for young people.

14. Play around the Parishes

14.1 Cllr Boersma had received a letter from AVDC asking the if the Council would like to book the play sessions over Easter and the Summer holidays. It was agreed that there were not really enough children around in the villages and the Council would not book any sessions this year.

15. Middle Path 15.1 Cllr Boersma had reported at the last meeting that there was money available to improve Footpath Improvement footpaths and it had been agreed at the last meeting to apply for funding for the footpath that

Cllr. Boersma Clerk

Cllr. Boersma



Cllr Boersma Cllr Groom Clerk

Cllr Boersma

Cllr Boersma

Cllr. Boersma

runs alongside J & A Lords which was very narrow. It was PROPOSED, SECONDED and CARRIED that an application be made for this footpath which would create a safer path and provide a circular walk. 16. Financial Matters

16.1 The following accounts and expenses were submitted and UNANIMOUSLY approved for payment.

Total Paid



Mrs M Hayes

Clerks Salary


Mrs M Hayes

Office Costs


Mrs M Hayes

Clerks Expenses





P Roach

Litter Clearance


84 d/d


Rubbish bags

Income AVDC Play inspection S106

Allotment Rents



6.49 45

(Wicksteed) 51.49

Current a/c BMM a/c

9632.2 34,003.07 43635.27

17. Date of Next Meeting


Tuesday 5 February 2013.