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IVINGHOE PARISH COUNCIL 11 HIGH ST – IVINGHOE – BUCKS – LU79EP Parish Council Clerk – Lisa McCarthy – Tel 077959 70671 – email


Cllr K. Groom Cllr G Snowdon Cllr Peter Miles Cllr S Bexson Cllr C Boersma Cllr Hetherington


Miss L McCarthy

Parish Council Clerk

Mr Neil Ashby Mrs Claire Thompson Mrs Carol Bennitt Cllr C Poll Mr C Bull Apologies

Cllr A Davies


1. Attendance and apologies 2. Receive questions from members of the public and press 2.1 – None Received 3. Receive Declarations of Interest pertaining to this agenda from councillors 3.1 – None Received 4. To interview, elect and Co-Opt a new Parish Councillor for the ward of Ivinghoe Aston

4.1 – The report given to the meeting by LM was read by the Councillors, and no further questions were asked at this time. 4.2 – The candidates were addressed by Cllr Groom, who stated her regret that only 1 of the candidates could be chosen. The procedure was explained (see appx 1, to be included as an addendum to the parish council standing order). 4.3 – the candidates were invited to retire to the entranceway and the vote was cast by the councillors. Candidate Bennitt was selected by a clear majority and was invited on behalf of the council by cllr Groom to join the parish council as the second councillor for Ivinghoe Aston. 4.4 – Cllr Bennitt accepted and was thus co-opted, the declaration of office and a copy of the revised standing order to be supplied by LM in the interim for the next meeting. 5. Local Policing and related issues. 5.1 – It was suggested by Cllr Groom, and agreed by the councillors, there being no police or representative thereof present and no report supplied, that Cllr Poll would be invited to address the meeting, and that going forward Cllrs Poll and Davies, where attending, should address the meeting at this point on the agenda. This item to remain on the agenda going forward. 5.2 – It was also suggested and accepted by the meeting to discuss the funds available to Ivinghoe Aston for renewal or improvement of recreational facilities, also known as “106” monies. 5.3 – Mr David Bull and cllr Bexson addressed the meeting. Opinion in I.A. is in favour of a proportion of the funds going to provide a “Kick Wall” to enhance existing facilities for children and youth of the village, the remainder to be spent on improvements to the I.A. Village Hall. Works to include lagging of pipes in the Village Hall, and structural and decorative improvements to result in a considerable upgrade, making the town hall an asset to the village. In line with accepted good practice, 3 quotes for the work will be sought and the decision made according to good value, pricing generally, and guarantees given/quality of work. It was suggested that Cllr Bexson should be the point of liaison between the town hall committee/Mr Bull and the parish council. 5.4 – it was NOTED by the meeting that of the £20 094 net funds available, £5 644 would be needed for the kick wall, the residual £14 516 to be spent on the Hall improvements. 5.5 – a motion was PROPOSED by Cllr Groom that the 106 submission should go ahead on the above basis, and progressed as necessary, Cllr Bexson to liaise between

the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council; SECONDED by Cllr Snowdon; CARRIED. 6. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on January 2nd, 2012. To resolve that the minutes be signed as a correct record of that meeting. 6.1 – Motion in favour of the above PROPOSED by Cllr Snowdon, SECONDED by Cllr Boersma, CARRIED. 6.2 – It was agreed by the meeting that LM will provide Mr Geoffrey Legge, a parishioner who is partially sighted, with copies of the DRAFT minutes going forward until such time as the minutes can be posted to the new PC web site, as and when prepared for the councillors. 7. Parish Council Clerk’s report – To receive an update to matters arising, for information only 7.1 – Received with thanks 8. Planning applications 8.1 – 11/02667/ACL. Old Brewery Stables, Ivinghoe. Erection of detached storage building. Update only 8.1.1 – This application has been refused 8.2 – 11/02400/APP. Coppice Cottage, Ringshall Rd, Dagnall, Bucks HP41ND. Part t two Storey, part single side and rear extensions. 8.2.1 – It was requested that LM obtain further information on the following points  Visual impact – would the building, given the size of the alteration, have detrimental effect from the nearby public High way or any rights of way nearby?  What are the precedents given designations of AONB or Conservation area on the property and the size of the proposed alteration? 8.3 – 11/02527/ACL. Diblocks Orchard. Minor Amendment – for information/to note only. 8.4 – 11/02560/APP. The Pump House Lock, 33 Horton Rd Ivinghoe LU7 9DY. Replacement roof to pitch roof to existing single storey rear extension. 8.4.1 Following review, a motion of NO OBJECTION was PROPOSED by Cllr Boersma; SECONDED by Cllr Snowdon; CARRIED.

8.5 – 11/02821/APP. 4A Vicarage lane Ivinghoe LU7 9EQ. Repair Failing rear wall and roof of Garage. First Floor extension and conversion of garage roof to form ancillary accommodation. 8.5.1 – The Council expressed concern in re the following, and LM was requested to communicate this to the planning officer concerned.  There should be a legal condition that the accommodation should only ever be ancillary in nature 8.5.2 – Given this condition, the parish council had no further objection. A motion confirming the above was PROPOSED by Cllr Snowdon; SECONDED by Cllr Hetherington; CARRIED. 8.6 – 12/00098/AGN. Land at Ford End Farm, Ford End, Ivinghoe LU7 9EA. Agricultural Storage. 8.6.1 – Following review a motion of NO OBJECTION was PROPOSED by Cllr Miles; SECONDED by Cllr Hetherington; CARRIED. 8.7 – 12/00140/APP. Beacon Cottage, Ivinghoe Aston, LU79DP. Demolition of existing garage and replacement with new garage/car port. 8.7.1 – Following review, a motion of NO OBJECTION was PROPOSED by Cllr Miles; SECONDED by Cllr Boersma; CARRIED. 9.0 - Highways Streets and Transport - Including lighting and safety, to progress ongoing issues and to identify new points to progress 9.0.1 – The Light outside the Kings Head in Ivinghoe is still not operational. LM to progress. 9.0.2 – Cllr Bexson to check street lighting in I.A.; LM to assist in progressing any issues arising. 9.1 – Parking and Speed in Ivinghoe Village 9.1.1 – Following discussion of this issue it was agreed that Cllr Boersma should set up an informal meeting with Simon Dudley and Paul Foot of BCC to initiate some form of traffic/ parking management for the village. Cllr Boersma to progress. 10. Update on Ivinghoe village centre – To receive an update 10.1 – Cllr Groom has been in contact with Mrs Corn and the SOS action group and reported the following – that there had been issues with obtaining the grant from the lottery fund; that the business plan had been very well received by the authorities;

and that should the plan be realised that the VC and groups and individuals involved would provide a valuable community asset. 11. Allotments Report and Update 11.1 – Cllr Snowdon reported that, predictably, there is very little activity taking place other than routine winter maintenance and that there is one prospective allotment holder currently on the waiting list. 12. Provision and maintenance of bins provided for the disposal of dog waste in Ivinghoe Aston. Update and action. 12.1 – Cllr Bexson to progress the re-locating of the bin assisted by Cllr Miles 13. Footpaths, Bridleways and playgrounds – Report and Update 13.1 – It was reported that the GG footpath has been strimmed by person(s) unknown. No other issues to discuss. 14. The Vale of Aylesbury Plan – Update. 14.1 – This item has joined with item 15, reported below; 15. Community Environmental Toolkit – Introduction 15.1 – Cllr Boersma reported that Ivinghoe has been invited to become a Test Case for a “Community Environment Toolkit”. Further information to follow, to be progressed by Cllr Boersma assisted by LM. 15.2 – It was suggested and broadly agreed that initial introduction would take place at the PC meeting on March 6. Cllr Boersma assisted by LM will invite relevant people. 16. Local Area Forum Update – Workshop to be held during February 2012 16.1 – Cllrs attending to report to the March meeting following the LAF meeting 17. Community Impact Bucks – Liaison, Participation and and Survey 18. Diamond Jubilee Celebrations – commemorative mugs update 18.1 – A design has been drafted for the cups; Cllr Hetherington to progress and report to, or prior to, the March Meeting 19. Beacon Villages Library – Update

19.1 – No new information on this point; this item to remain on the agenda 20. IPC Website – Update 20.1 – Cllr Boersma reported that the web site design has now been passed to one of her contacts in order to conclude this as it has been ongoing for some time, at a cost to the PC of approximately £10. 21. To discuss the Annual Parish Meeting 2012 21.1 – An initial discussion of items to include for the APM included AVDC recycling changes; Councillors agreed to bring ideas to the March meeting to enable timely planning and relevant invitations. 22. Financial Matters – 22.1 – Receipts and Payments During January 2012 Payments and receipts February Meeting 2012 Receipts Sub – Total


Payments Payments Street Lights Mrs Pat Roach Salary Information Commissioner Lonsdale Print


E – On Litter Pick Paid February for January PC Clerk




Chq Chq

TBC £ 411.00

Subscription 2012 157784 for Feb Beacon

Chq Chq

£ £

35.00 305.50



22.2 – Parish Council Signatories and updated mandate 2012 22.3 – Training For Clerk and Councillors – Audit £45 23 March, also Councillor Induction £30 7 March 22.3.1 – These amounts were discussed and a motion agreeing to whatever training is necessary for LM and the new councillors was PROPOSED by Cllr Groom; SECONDED by Clrr Boersma; CARRIED. 22.4. Balances and reconciliation to Dec 2011

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