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Viney Chronicles January ­— December 2010

Vineys survive the EARTHQUAKE!

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Steph, Nicola, Simon, Laura, Adam and Richard in the earthquake-ravaged ground

At 4.35am on 4 September 2010 a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Christchurch, lasting for 40 seconds. Kathy had cleverly gone to Wellington for the weekend, but Laura, Richard and Ian were shaken awake and, fearing that the house might fall over, ran outside on to the front lawn. Apparently that's not what you're supposed to do: having previously earthquake-proofed your house to make sure nothing will fall on you, the recommended procedure is to lie in bed until it's all over! This method only works if your house doesn't fall over, as some did in inland Canterbury. The Viney house survived very well, with virtually no damage, even to contents. Much damage occurred to some parts of the city. The Vineys went sightseeing with friends and posed for photos in a hole in the road that the earthquake had opened up. Many people’s houses became uninhabitable, and several hundred stayed at a welfare centre set up nearby at Addington Raceway. Laura and Ian helped by doing people’s laundry for several days. Nicola celebrated her 22nd birthday a week afterwards, so ‘earthquake’ was the theme of the party. Several thousand aftershocks kept the city rocking for several months after the main event; the Vineys are now blasé about anything less than a 5.0.

Nicola and Lisa at Nicola’s birthday party

Vineys clock up 25 years For Ian and Kathy’s silver wedding anniversary in March Richard went behind the scenes and arranged for over 100 people to send messages of congratulations that he compiled into a book to give to Ian and Kathy. This amazing gift was very much appreciated. (It can be viewed online here.) When asked the secret of being married for so long, Ian replied, ‘It’s quite simple really: you get married and then you just avoid death and divorce.’

Jonathan, Kathy, Ian, Laura, Richard, Nicola and Simon at cousin Natz’s wedding near Matakana

Youngest Viney spreads her wings Following the big trip through Africa and Europe in 2009, Laura has caught the travel bug. In May she travelled to Alabama to go to NASA’s ‘Space Camp’ with 20 other schoolmates, where they met real astronauts and performed simulated missions. They also went to Florida and saw a launch of the space shuttle. These trips resulted in ‘Air Dollars’ which Laura used to pay for trips to visit extended family in Auckland and Brisbane in January 2011. She is very proud of her ‘silver’ status with Air New Zealand. Laura had a flying lesson on her 16th birthday, though she may have to be satisfied with being flown by others until she saves up enough money to get her pilot’s licence.

Laura’s first flying lesson on her 16th birthday

Oldest Viney gets half a century not out Ian turned 50 in October and had a party at the café to celebrate. (The party was shared with friend Adam who was turning 40.) Richard and Jonathan had their 25th birthday in December, so Ian’s and their ages cumulatively totalled 100.

Laura making rockets with her team at Space Camp

Viney accommodation If you’re thinking of visiting Christchurch you’re welcome to stay with the Vineys. The Viney sleepout now boasts a kitchenette with a microwave, fridge and sink, and is considered finished. (Though officially the sink is a laundry tub, due to council regulations.) In February Maurice Gardiner (Lisa’s Dad) built an extra bedroom in the corner of the Viney garage to help accommodate people who come and stay. Ian with Nicola and Tess at his 50th party

Vineys in work and study Nicola, having graduated from university, worked in the café doing the accounts and serving behind the till. She has been accepted into Jazz School for 2011, where Simon is doing the last year of his degree. She and Simon now do their own gigs, with Nicola singing and Simon on guitar. Laura achieved excellence in NCEA level 1 at Cashmere High School, and worked a Saturday shift at the café. Richard did fourth year at medical school, based in Christchurch so he has been living at home. He continues to do contract programming for Savant, a local computer games company. Jonathan completed fourth year at medical school in Auckland, and continued doing contract website development. He came home for the summer holidays with his girlfriend Alice. Kathy helps with the café management and spent a lot of time dealing with the Australian Taxation Office and banks to facilitate the expansion of Freeset T-shirt sales into Australia. Ian is back at CTCT (the joint venture between Trimble and Caterpillar) after taking a year off in 2009. He is working half time there, with a title of ‘Strategic Projects Manager’. He is also a director for the café and does the financial reporting. The Addington Coffee Co-op café has got busier and busier: 30 people are now employed (some part-time). Turnover in 2010 was 38% more than 2009, so it is now one of the busier cafés in Addington Coffee Co-op Christchurch. Both customers and staff seem to enjoy being there.

Vineys on holiday The year started with a pleasant week in Wainui with the whole family (and various friends and relatives). The whole community had weekends away in Hanmer and Governors Bay, and Ian and Kathy also had a very relaxing week by themselves in Omarama in November. In December Jonathan and Alice went for a holiday round the South Island, including walking the Routeburn track. Richard joined them in Wanaka to walk on the glacier at Franz Josef, and they were all home for Christmas and New Year. Then Jonny and Alice went kayaking in the Abel Tasman and skydiving near Nelson on their way back to Auckland. Ian with whale near Kaikoura Ian and Kathy near Lake Ohau

Jonathan and Richard at Franz Josef glacier Kathy on holiday with her sister Delwyn in Wellington, avoiding the earthquake

Alice and Jonny

Viney disabilities In July Kathy slipped in the laundry and fractured her left elbow. Although she was greatly frustrated by not being able to do her usual tasks, the elbow healed over several months and became fully functional again, helped by Celia, our friendly local physiotherapist. Ian had ongoing problems with his lower back and left hip that stopped him jogging and playing squash for over a year. Thanks to his osteopath, he’s now back jogging every day, though still with some discomfort.

Nicola, Simon, Laura and Richard at Wainui

Kathy demonstrating her sling

Vineys in community The Vineys live in Addington with other friends who also want to be followers of Jesus. Due to the community expanding, smaller ‘hubs’ of two or three households were created. The Vineys’ hub has three households with eleven people in it: Ian & Kathy, Richard and Laura from Spencer St, Catherine & Caleb (and baby son Ari), Shauna, Tess and Christy from Parlane St, and Andy & Pauline (and very recently baby Millie) from Poulson St. Usually the hub gets together each week for a meal, and in October they went to Diamond Harbour for the weekend. For a few months earlier in the year, the Parlane St crew lived in the Viney household, as well as their friend Nikee. The house was very full, but memorable times were had together in the chaos. Shauna recently moved into the Viney sleepout, where she will live for a few months.

Kathy grows her own celery, tomatoes, strawberries, lettuces and herbs.

Nikee with Ian at Eastercamp

Making dumplings with the hub at Diamond Harbour

With Addington friends on holiday in Hanmer in October

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